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We’ve collected the best Instagram Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: SZA, Lori Lightfoot, Huda Kattan, Vogue Williams, Scott Rogowsky. Use them as an inspiration.

I definitely get inspiration from the ‘gram. I mean, Instagram is Google, essentially. I love looking at pictures of beautiful women.
If you really want to make a difference you don’t do it via Tweet, via Facebook, via Instagram – you get down, you understand what the facts are and then you offer a path forward.
Every once in a while I need a break from Instagram; like six hours long.
I’ve met people that I’ve seen on Instagram and thought ‘Oh my God! You don’t look like the person I follow on Instagram.’ It’s important to remember it’s a snapshot of someone‘s life.
I love following my friend Tony Zaret on Instagram. He’s a super funny comedian who makes these parodies of memes, and Instagram skits.
When I started Instagram, I kind of just did what I like to do or to show the things I like, whether it be sneakers or weird flowers, have the little drops of myself and my style kind of fluidly throughout. That was really helpful in starting and carving out my own place.
Instagram is my favorite! It’s interactive and a fun way to stay connected to my friends, family and fans. I love posting photos from family trips, property visits, previews of my collections, everything!
Instagram is an app, it is not a realistic representation of anyone‘s life – do not base your idea of what your body, hair, face, vacation, relationship or meal should be like according to what you see on it.
I got my Gucci nails done for a photo shoot. After the shoot I would be on Snapchat and Instagram​ and everybody was hitting​ me up about i​t.​ ​Eventually that turned into kids sending me photos of them getting Gucci nails.
Instagram. Pictures. Lots of pictures! I don’t really care to read everyone‘s thoughts.
I’m terrible at social media, and it sucks for me, because I know I have fans. But if you go by my Instagram, you would think, ‘No one listens to her music!’ It’s not fair. My Instagram is not my music.
Instagram is my 401k.
I want to encourage the artists that haven‘t made it that social media is the truth. I made it from Instagram to having a most-added song to radio.
I mean, I don’t think the Facebook merger with WhatsApp and Instagram should have been approved. But I’m not for reflexively breaking up tech companies.
I have never been attracted to increasing my popularity or hireability by being on Instagram.
I love Instagram. I find it to be one of the truly positive social media things that exist.
Aidy Bryant
I know you think we are close because you follow me on Instagram and are privy to some of my life experiences. I may even have liked a picture or two of yours. Does that mean I want to be added to your group chat and get updates of you on holiday in Bora Bora in the middle of my night? No!
I’ve met someone on Instagram, and I developed this like, ostensibly intimate relationship with them, and then, turns out, they weren’t who they were.
Quitting Facebook would be like partially erasing myself. Quitting Twitter would constitute further erasure. Pretty soon, I’d be invisible. I was never on Instagram or Tumblr, which I guess means I never completely existed in the first place.
I like Instagram – it’s a good way to keep up with my friends without having to text or call all the time, and I really like Snapchat.
If you go through my Instagram feed, it’s like a flip book of me thinking I’m way more attractive than I am. It’s nauseating.
I’m on Instagram, and all my fans on my Instagram are basketball fans – like 90 percent.
In the Digital Age, recorders also tend to be oversharers, and with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, they can do so on a grand scale.
I get the weirdest comments on Instagram.
I think writing is an act of remembrance, I think that Instagram is an act of remembrance, and I think curating a show is an act of memory, too.
The worst thing to do when I’m feeling insecure or a bit vulnerable is to scroll through Instagram. You only show when life is good on social media. Everyone looks happy all the time.
If I scroll down my Instagram replies, the tenth one down features a racist emoji – which is not unusual. So I follow the protocol, which is to block the user and report the message under the category of ‘hate speech and symbols.’ Then I am told that an emoji with a monkey and a banana is not considered racist.
I was doing Facebook comedy videos; then I moved over to Instagram, and then I hopped on Twitter. That is where I really was a master. That was the first place where I could go viral.
The truth is, in this age of Instagram and Facebook and Snapchat, we know way too much about athletes – and it’s their fault.
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and other economic and social platforms are not trying to build businesses, they are trying to build countries. Countries with laws, law enforcement, borders, and economic policy.
I get messages from people telling me all the time through Twitter or Instagram about how my path has inspired their path. It’s good for them, for people who have a certain amount of mental problems, suffering from depression or anxiety, being able to have someone who recognises them and helps them.
Particularly Instagram, people look like they have a much better life than they really do. People basically seem like they are way better-looking than they really are, and they are way happier-seeming than they really are.
In my view, we need to break up Facebook from Instagram and the other potential competitors that Facebook bought up.
I love people who Instagram story themselves running and they’ll tag me or they’ll send me a message and they’ll be like, ‘Wow this is so motivational and so inspirational.’
Video is just exploding on Instagram – motion is the new filter. We’re going to help people use visuals to tell their stories.
I express myself a lot on Tumblr, especially through my diary entries, but my Instagram is my modeling portfolio. I have my game face on at all times.
I have a private Instagram and an official one, so I’m not opposed to social media.
A lot of people know me from Instagram, and most of the concepts that I post there are my looks or my makeup. They don’t know or remember that, almost every night in NYC, I am running from gig to gig and working hard.
Instagram has really changed the travel industry.
I’m on Instagram more than any other social platform.
I’m like a big kid. But it’s not like a called myself the Instagram King. I put up what people want to see and that just happened.
I was the first candidate to announce my run on Instagram. So that was kind of cool.
I think we are becoming more obsessed about getting a certain amount of likes on our Twitter and Instagram accounts rather than actually living a proper, real, honest and organic life.

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