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Inception Quotes

We’ve collected the best Inception Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Anthony Foxx, Joss Whedon, Pavel Durov, Nita Ambani, Rowan Ricardo Phillips. Use them as an inspiration.

The gas tax has been the backbone of the transportation system since the inception of the Interstate highway system in the 1950s.
I do listen to music. Movie scores, exclusively, because it’s all about mood and nonspecificity. I love the way modern movie scoring is all about nonspecificity. You know, if I shuffled the tracks from ‘Inception,’ I challenge you to tell me which is which.
WhatsApp has a consistent history – from zero encryption at its inception to a succession of security issues strangely suitable for surveillance purposes.
Sachin has been an integral part of Mumbai Indians and a source of inspiration for the team ever since the inception.
A strange potion runs through the basketball blood of Portland. It’s stayed hot from the days of games at the Memorial Coliseum, where the Blazers played from their inception in 1970 until 1995.
Rowan Ricardo Phillips
When I started The Shins, it really was just me, alone, but it was still The Shins. I was totally recording stuff and writing songs as The Shins and all of that. So the beginning inception of the whole thing was some sort of a lie, I guess.
I have a tendency to drift toward action. Some of my favorite films are ‘Mr. & Mrs. Smith,’ ‘The Dark Knight,’ ‘Inception,’ ‘The Fifth Element,’ and ‘Pirates of the Caribbean,’ and ‘The Avengers.’
I’ve traveled with Jack Murtha to Iraq three times to learn more about the region, talk with our diplomats and military leaders, and meet with our troops. Those visits are the main reason that I opposed the War in Iraq since its inception.
John B. Larson
Since our inception, Youku Tudou as the leader in the multi-screen video space has helped transform how video and entertainment-related content is distributed and marketed.
We invited HP executives to participate in the management and in the board. HCL had this concept of corporate officers since inception in 1999. We had a remuneration committee. Now everyone is talking about nomination and remuneration committee. We had this from 1999.
A lot of the motivation for doing the ‘Make ‘Em Laugh‘ on SNL was because I had just finished shooting ‘Inception,’ where there were zero-gravity scenes and I got into really good shape and was training and did all these stunts. Coming off of that, that instilled me with the confidence to do ‘Make ‘Em Laugh.’
Black people have been fighting for basic citizenship rights since the inception of the country.
Gucci has great potential worldwide. Since it’s inception in 1921, the brand has had a big visibility and many followers.
That TV show, ‘After Thought,’ is really exciting. It’s a cross between ‘Inception’ and ‘CSI’ that I’m working on with Melissa Rosenberg from the ‘Twilightmovies.
I think the inception of my interest in arts was when I was around 9 or 10 and I started dancing. I was really convinced that I was going to go to New York and be onstage in ‘A Chorus Line.’
I tried to watch ‘Inception,’ but I fell asleep.
‘Interstellar’ is a thematic sequel to Christopher Nolan’s last original film, ‘Inception’. It drops us into a dark future full of otherworldly landscapes and time distortions.
Since its inception, HCL’s core focus area has been technology and product development, and hence, we continued to remain in the high end of technology throughout the ’90s.
If, to the end of its existence, America harbors white supremacy, I don’t know how remarkable that would be. France has dealt with anti-Semitism since its inception.
From its very inception, Lenny Letter set out to create a supportive, positive, inclusive space on the Internet that does not shy away from complexity and nuance.
Conservatism has had from its inception vigorously positive, intellectually rigorous agenda and thinking. That agenda should have in my three pillars: strengthen the economy, strengthen our security, and strengthen our families.
I’m trying to make the poems as musical as I can – from the inception. So that whether they’re read on the page, or people read them aloud, or I read them aloud, the musicality will be kind of a given.
Fringe‘ is one of my favorite television shows, from its inception. I absolutely love all of the science fiction of it, the mystery of it, and the science in it.
The U.S. has been in control of the domain names of the Internet since its inception. If we relinquish this control, it goes possibly to the U.N.
During the inception of ‘Zindagi Gulzar Hai,’ we studied the characters and the script in depth so that we could imbibe the essence of it in our performance.
A weird thing is a strange loop, what some of us call ‘an object.’ Thus it is looked down on by the constructivist spokespeople of anti-art, which is also an anti-products movement – the dominant mode of high art since the inception of the Anthropocene.
Since its inception, the government has broken and coerced treaties with hundreds of Native American tribes. And this is even worse when you realize that the native peoples of this land are negotiating for land that is, by all common sense and elementary school logic, their land.
Laws on hate speech and hate crimes do important work in a world that has been rooted in racism and bigotry since the inception of this country, which was not founded on ideals of justice.
I enjoy wearing fragrance every day and have found myself searching for the one signature scent that truly reflects my personality and the things I love, such as Bulgarian rose. I have always wanted to create a fragrance from its inception to fruition and articulate femininity, confidence, and fortitude.
With directing, you’ve got to find something and drag it up from its inception, and I’m at the early stages of doing that again. There’s something all-consuming and addictive about that.
Dexter Fletcher
Youku Tudou has helped transform how media and entertainment-related content is distributed and marketed since our inception.
Everything is so unstable in these times of progress at any cost, and social customs and methods of life alter so rapidly, that a few years now suffice to change completely the face of usages which, at their inception, bade fair to outlive the age – so enthusiastically were they welcomed by the public.
Auguste Escoffier
I like soundtracks. I love Hans Zimmer, the score for ‘The Dark Knight Rises‘ is one of my favourites. I also like ‘Man of Steel,’ ‘Inception,’ ‘Interstellar,’ ‘Braveheart,’ ‘Transformers‘ – Steve Jablonsky with ‘Arrival to Earth.’ ‘Schindler’s List’ too, that’s beautiful.