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Idiocy Quotes

We’ve collected the best Idiocy Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Anohni, Stephen Hillenburg, Stephen Evans, Ann Coulter, Simu Liu. Use them as an inspiration.

As a transgendered artist, I have always occupied a place outside of the mainstream. I have gladly paid a price for speaking my truth in the face of loathing and idiocy.
SpongeBob represents idiocy. He is dumb. Patrick is dumb. Mr. Krabs is greedy. Squidward is a snob and vain.
Death is the welcome cessation of idiocy.
Stephen Evans
Usually the nonsense liberals spout is kind of cute, but in wartime their instinctive idiocy is life-threatening.
I might be tweeting a lot of things in the future, some of which will be absolute idiocy.
Forget artificial intelligence – in the brave new world of big data, it’s artificial idiocy we should be looking out for.
In the absurd idiocy of identity regressive politics, looting is seen as protest, and protecting one’s own property is seen as privilege.
If people buy my books for vanity, I consider it a tax on idiocy.
However, the thought hit me that this was a pretty pathetic way to kick the bucketbeing accidentally poisoned during a photo shoot, of all things – and I started weeping at the idiocy of it all.
In the larger world, tribalism is an enormous problem, as it ever has been: both strength and idiocy borne from belonging.
Jane Hamilton
At the time of the Silver Jubilee, I was a grumpy anti-monarchist. I didn’t celebrate and was appalled by the celebrations. In my idiocy, I missed out! I feel completely differently now compared with that time.
Normally, I’m a grumpy old manwhenever I read about celebrity, I start to grind my teeth and pull my hair; it seems synonymous with idiocy.