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Huge Part Quotes

We’ve collected the best Huge Part Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Aneel Bhusri, Alaska, David Muir, Theophilus London, Shane Dawson. Use them as an inspiration.

We work as a team, and that is a huge part of why we have been successful; we run fast as a team.
I love drag so much and it’s a huge part of who I am but there’s also another side that hasn’t really gotten out into the music and I’m excited to show that.
A huge part of my life is my job, and that’s the highest compliment you can pay to any job.
Image plays a huge part in my music and in my lifestyle.
‘Mad TV‘ is one of my most favorite shows of all time and is a huge part of my obsession with sketch comedy.
The 1957 crisis in Little Rock, brought about by the desegregation of Little Rock Central High School, was a huge part of the march toward freedom and opportunity in America.
Vic Snyder
I’m a video game enthusiast. I love video games! They were a huge part of my upbringing in their early form, when I was all about ‘Dig Dug‘ and ‘River Raid.’ As they evolved, so did my music-making, and we just kind of grew up together like cool friends.
My Facebook fans have become my family in a lot of ways, so when that was taken away from me, it felt like a huge part of me was shut down.
Led Zeppelin is part of my life, a huge part, that I enjoy immensely. But I don’t want people to think this is all that I do. There is a creative side to my brain that needs to be fed, too.
Checking your ego, abandoning it, letting it go, is a huge part of recovery from addiction.
Susannah Grant
I sometimes wonder why I talk about Judaism so much in my act, and the reason is that it’s such a huge part of who I am, and I only make fun of stuff that I care about.
If you drill down on any success story, you always discover that luck was a huge part of it. You can’t control luck, but you can move from a game with bad odds to one with better odds. You can make it easier for luck to find you. The most useful thing you can do is stay in the game.
I was in a competing company and have been dancing since I was fourballet, tap, jazz, hip hop – so it’s a huge part of my life and my music.
I have always loved the Bay Area. I spent a lot of time in the Bay Area. I started my career there. That’s a huge part of the excitement for me.
Chili Davis
The things I learned early on from my granddad, the things he instilled in me, are still to this day a huge part and a huge priority of my own life. Even the little stuff like my granddad always telling me to tuck in my shirt at church. It sticks with you.
I know for me, music was the best drug for anxiety. So that’s why I wanted to write the music that I do, because it always suits my anxiety. It’s a huge part of my life, and being able to make music that can help people with their anxiety is a huge thing for me.
Peer pressure is a huge part of youth behavior, whether one grows up in Washington, D.C., or Cody, Wyo.
Since I was a kid, music has been a huge part of my life. My parents had a pretty solid vinyl collection and exposed me to some amazing artists.
Music is just a huge part of my life. It affects moods. I’ve always found it insane how you can hear one song, and it takes you back to a specific, specific moment in your life, and you remember it vividly like it was yesterday.
Mike Vogel
A huge part of youth is how you behave: I’m always looking for fun and anything that makes me feel alive – that in itself keeps me feeling young.
I believe every one of us has a gift, I believe every one of us human beings has a path in this life, and it is up to each of us, through circumstance, through knowledge, through awareness, through luck – and luck does play a huge part – to hopefully achieve that path and walk the path and realize the gift.
We will have to make a decision, as we go into new environments outside of earth, whether we want to drag along with us all our pathogens. We can, or we can’t – it’s up to us – but I consider that part of genome engineering is how we interact with the huge part of our genome which is our microbiome.
Basketball without Borders made me who I am and it’s just something that is such a huge part of my life.
I started performing with the Boston Children’s Opera when I was 5, and I stayed working with that group until I was about 12 or 13, so that was a huge part of my life. It was, weirdly, an extremely professional environment geared towards kids.
A huge part of my identity is being a woman, and that’s really important for me, and that’s a big part of my self-expression, so I think it’s really interesting sort of exploring what it means if someone doesn’t have that.
Humor is a huge part of the way I operate; if people can’t understand a joke then they should not follow me.
Books were a huge part of my childhood growing up. We would go on vacation, and my mom was always carting manuscripts around.
Our relationships with our computers are almost sexual, they’re so close. They’re just such a huge part of our lives.
In my experience, accountability is a huge part of team success.
I love to bring humour into my work. Because comedy is not a huge part of the art world. And big-business film takes itself very seriously.
I took guitar a while back, and my heart wasn’t in it at the time, but I’m ready to try it again. I sing in the car, at home – it’s a huge part of my life, especially since I’m from Tennessee.
Our WWE Universe is such a huge part of all the positive changes happening for the Women’s Evolution because they spoke up, and WWE heard their voices.
I’ve always been a risk taker. Growing up, I had a lot of freedom and room to roam and do what I wanted, and I think that’s a huge part of my game.
Hair is a huge part of who I am and what I obsess over – I’ve had long hair my entire life.
A huge part of keeping women in their place has to do with creating a really limited definition of what a ‘real‘ woman is like. And a ton of that what-makes-a-woman nonsense is attached to motherhood. Apparently, by virtue of having ovaries and a uterus, women are automatic mommies or mommies-to-be.
I think my fans inspire me a lot. They’re a huge part of my career. I wouldn’t be where I am without them, so I try to feed off what they’re going through. I read their tweets and Instagrams.
My grandmother is a huge part of my life. She’s just a great woman: a woman of the church.
A huge part of swimming for me is I love it, and it is so much fun.
Missy Franklin
I love literature deeply. I view books as sacred things, and in writing my story, I’m going to do my best to honor the form that has played such a huge part in shaping who I am.
I’m so excited to be a Coppertone brand ambassador because as an athlete, taking care of my body is a huge part of my job, and sunscreen is a vital part of that.

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