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Hesitate Quotes

We’ve collected the best Hesitate Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Benjamin F. Wade, Martha Beck, Brene Brown, Simon Greenleaf, Kate Thompson. Use them as an inspiration.

Sometimes it leads me even to hesitate whether I am strictly correct in my idea that all men are born to equal rights, for their conduct seems to me to contravene the doctrine.
Benjamin F. Wade
I hesitate to use a pathologizing label, but underneath the so-called narcissistic personality is definitely shame and the paralyzing fear of being ordinary.
But if, on the other hand, we should be justified in rejecting it, if there testified on oath, then, supposing our rules of evidence to be sound, we may be excused if we hesitate elsewhere to give it credence.
What I tend to get from America is very enthusiastic letters and e-mail from librarians and schoolteachers, the gatekeepers, though I hesitate to use that word. I’ve never been a huge seller.
Kate Thompson
I hesitate to say because it sounds silly, but the first play I did was ‘The Caucasian Chalk Circle‘ by Brecht.
I hesitate to get into the gutter with this guy.
Chet Huntley
I’ve made tons of mistakes over the past years, but if there’s anything I’ve done well, if I see an opportunity, or if I see God moving or going in a direction or opening a door for me, I try to take it; I try not to hesitate.
I hesitate to deposit money in a bank. I am afraid I shall never dare to take it out again. When you go to confession and entrust your sins to the safe-keeping of the priest, do you ever come back for them?
I really hesitate to say that any of my shows influenced other writers.
It is even better to act quickly and err than to hesitate until the time of action is past.
Carl von Clausewitz
On my watch, Iran will not become a regional power. And I will not hesitate to use force when needed.
Shakespeare often writes so ill that you hesitate to believe he could ever write supremely well; or, if this way of putting it seem indecorous and abominable, he very often writes so well that you are loth to believe he could ever have written thus extremely ill.
William Ernest Henley
If I had challenges in my company, I would not hesitate to sell assets to remain afloat, to get to the better times, because it doesn’t make any sense for me to keep any assets and then suffocate the whole organization.
Aliko Dangote
We hesitate to call liars out in professional environments because we feel guilty for being suspicious. Calling someone a liar for no good reason is a frightening proposition for most.
I wish that my life could be like the movies, like ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ or ‘The Hunger‘ or ‘Harold and Maude.’ And… it can be! It maybe just takes somebody else who is as fearless as you. It takes a person who will not hesitate.
Anyone who’d sell out a whole town wouldn’t hesitate to double-cross one man.
Arnold Rothstein
I’m drawn to almost any piece of writing with the wordsdivine love’ and ‘impeachment‘ in the first sentence. But I know the word ‘divine’ makes many progressive people run screaming for their cute little lives, and so one hesitates to use it.
By the way, the secret of speaking French is confidence. Whether you are right or wrong, you don’t hesitate.
Joseph Epstein
It’s all right to hesitate if you then go ahead.
The Deep South has the friendliest people in the world. They will do anything for you. They also want to know what’s going on and won‘t hesitate to ask questions.
I will not hesitate to take up good film offers.
I meet so many business women who shy away from the limelight or hesitate to put themselves forward for promotion, despite the fact they are brilliant at their jobs.
We mustn’t hesitate to cut corruption at its roots.
Felipe VI of Spain
People are afraid to ask musicians to be involved in projects because they anticipate being turned down. Young artists hesitate before contacting me. People in my position don’t get approached often enough.
David Sylvian
There are many persons ready to do what is right because in their hearts they know it is right. But they hesitate, waiting for the other fellow to make the make the first move – and he, in turn, waits for you.
Marian Anderson
If you ever need anything please don’t hesitate to ask someone else first.
I never hesitate to go into a tackle, and I don’t go onto the pitch to pull out of a challenge.
If I saw and if I really sincerely thought that what Putin is doing is harmful for my country and for my people and it needs to be stopped, I wouldn’t hesitate to do that.
I don’t want to change who I am or where I’m from and online I don’t hesitate to delete and flex the block button.
These deserters were our undoing. I shall have a good deal more to say about them before I finally lay down my pen, and I shall not hesitate to call them by their true name, the name with which they will be for ever branded before all the nations of the world.
Christiaan Rudolf de Wet
The time to hesitate is through.
Robby Krieger
Good companies do whatever it takes to make sure apps are great and don’t hesitate to add features.
I’ve been fortunate in life to benefit from family, educators, work colleagues, and a set of mentors and sponsors, all of whom did not hesitate to offer and support me with every opportunity to achieve what I set out to do.
I would say that when I came into this chapter of my filmmaking career, starting with ‘The Fighter,’ there was this sense that you have to go from your instincts and you have to go from your gut, and you have to not hesitate and you have to not hedge.
People in Chandigarh should not hesitate and get vaccinated. We all should work together in the fight against coronavirus.
I know from my own experience that there is much more to ‘intelligence‘ than an IQ number. In fact, I hesitate to believe that any system could really reflect the complexity and uniqueness of one person’s mind, or meaningfully describe the nature of his or her potential.
I never want my children to ever feel like they need to be a SEAL, or that they need to go into medicine, or be an astronaut in order to please me – because I don’t think that’s very fair. I just want them to live their own lives. I don’t hesitate at every opportunity to remind my children of that.
Those who purify your water, inspect your meat, and test your kidstoys, as well as a huge number of nurses, teachers, and our soldiers, are public employees. The firefighters who don’t hesitate to rush toward danger while you run away from it – they are all public employees.
I am a sore loser. I will be the first to admit that. When I get on video games I am not that good and when I play against somebody and they beat me, I want to rip the game out the wall, that type of thing. So, I really hesitate from playing them.
Were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers, or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter.
In the digital world, he who hesitates is abandoned. So you have to generate 3-D excitement with as many devices as you can find.
Whenever I’m asked who my favourite co-star is, I always hesitate in giving an answer.
For example, I wouldn’t hesitate to sit somebody down if he wasn’t performing, even if he was the No. 1 player in the world. I’ve been sat down before.
He who hesitates is a damned fool.
We are firm on bringing the Navodaya schools to T.N. and if need arises we will not hesitate to agitate.
Familiarize yourself with the resources at hand to combat online bullying, and report offenders as often as you need to. Don’t hesitate to report and block.
I’m quite shy and quite reserved. But when things start heating up, I don’t hesitate to show my character, whether that’s in good moments, like when we won the World Cup, or more difficult moments.
Being superintendent or the superintendent’s chief of staff is important work, but there’s no chance it’s as difficult as being a teacher, and I hesitate to say that it’s as important.
While I do not hesitate to applaud certain aspects of the resolution honoring the sacrifices of our courageous soldiers who are risking their lives in Iraq, I cannot be supportive of capitalizing on these very sacrifices for political gain.
Ed Pastor
I’d say I’m a front foot defender; I never hesitate to go in for a challenge. You have to get one over your opponent and dominate them.
If I were a Negro, I’d be fighting, as Martin Luther King fought, for human recognition and justice. I’d rather go down with my flag flying. If you’re weak or crippled, or you can’t speak out or fight back in some way, then people don’t hesitate to treat you badly.
There comes a time in the history of nations when fear and forgetfulness cause a nation to hesitate, to waver, and perhaps even to succumb. When that time comes, those who love liberty must rise to the occasion. Will you lovers of liberty rise to the occasion?
Piracy was risky business, and injuries were commonplace; a single lost limb or gouged-out eye could end a pirate‘s career. To encourage pirates not to hesitate in battle – and out of a sense of fairness – many pirate crews compensated wounded crewmen in predetermined amounts.
Dali is like a man who hesitates between talent and genius, or, as one might once have said, between vice and virtue.
Andre Breton
Both my parents had heavy accents, and so did everybody they knew. It’s a rhythm thing – people who speak English where they have to hesitate and think of the right word. And I think it rubbed off.
If you start to hesitate with your game, if you start to not go completely with your plan, then it’s tough to play your best tennis.
As a liberal, I would hesitate to propose a blanket ban on any style of dress because of the implications for individual liberty and freedom of choice.
I would not hesitate to vote for a white person as president if I thought he was the best person for the job.
Unfortunately, ‘climate‘ has become a dirty word – obviously in politics, but even to some degree in my world, in venture capital. People hesitate if they see something that’s purported to be green. That’s not a reason to invest for many people.
I am an avid hunter and marksman, and I will not hesitate to shoot anyone who has myself or family in fear for our lives.
You can hesitate before deciding, but not once the decision is made.
When I was ranked No. 11 or 12, they offered me Gustafsson who was the No. 1 contender, and I didn’t hesitate. I was No. 10 when I fought Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson who was the No. 1 contender. We accept fights, but not everyone is like that, I’m beginning to find out. It’s not right.
You hesitate to stab me with a word, and know not – silence is the sharper sword.
I never looked for trouble, but when it found me, I wouldn’t hesitate.
A president either is constantly on top of events or, if he hesitates, events will soon be on top of him. I never felt that I could let up for a moment.
Even a burglar hesitates to go back for more.
I love the Broadway audiences, who relish live drama and don’t hesitate to display their enthusiasm.
Part of the reason why movie bosses are so obsessed with crime movies is because they know that world and the criminals. And that’s what they are – they would not hesitate to act illegally to achieve profit and gain.
He who hesitates is sometimes saved.
We see many sides of her, beyond the ‘Ballad of Mulan.’ We see her as a human being, as a girl, as a young woman. Everybody admires her as a warrior but is there a fragile side to her? Will she sometimes hesitate or be afraid, but still choose to carry on? Yes, and we see that.
I never chased around with the opposition or got too well acquainted with them, because when the time in the ballgame came up where I had to pitch inside, I didn’t want to hesitate.
I am telling you before anything, that the blood of the martyrs and the injured will not go in vain. And I would like to affirm, I will not hesitate to punish those who are responsible fiercely. I will hold those in charge who have violated the rights of our youth with the harshest punishment stipulated in the law.
Hosni Mubarak
Yes, cricket is still the number one choice for youngsters, but today, a child wouldn’t hesitate to tell his parents that they want to be a boxer or anything.
Most people talk; we do things. They plan; we achieve. They hesitate; we move ahead. We are living proof that when human beings have the courage and commitment to transform a dream into reality, there is nothing that can stop them.
Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum
I do not hesitate one second to state clearly and unmistakably: I belong to the American resistance movement which fights against American imperialism, just as the resistance movement fought against Hitler.
Missouri businesses, manufacturers, health care providers, schools, churches, and many other entities across the state did not hesitate to step up and help their communities in the fight against COVID-19.