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Heavyweight Quotes

We’ve collected the best Heavyweight Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Joseph Parker, Christopher Meloni, Cesaro, Brin-Jonathan Butler, Oleksandr Usyk. Use them as an inspiration.

If I train hard and have a great training camp, and I’m as prepared as I can be, I can take any heavyweight in the world.
But when you‘re a working actor – and that’s what you keep saying in your head, how blessed you are to have a job – and you are working with heavyweights, working with the best guys in TV, it’s pretty cool. Exhausting, but cool.
My dream would be fighting against whoever the WWE World Heavyweight Champion was at WrestleMania.
At a certain point, Mike Tyson and I reacted to violence a little differently. I was afraid to leave my house for three years while he became the heavyweight champion of the world. The thing was, at first, we reacted to it the same way, and our cowardice and trauma defined us.
A lot of people don’t believe in me. They think I’m too small for heavyweight. Just like a lot of people told me long ago that I shouldn’t box. That I wasn’t going to make it. I just knock my head and say I’m capable. I can do it.
People don’t like to see a sloppy fight, to see heavyweights wallow around. They like to see exciting fighters.
There’s very few people that ever have a chance to become World Heavyweight Champion.
I don’t have any doubt in my mind: I could knock out any man in the heavyweight division.
I eat tall, chinny, Eastern European heavyweights for breakfast.
I train with faster, lighter guys, I train with guys from my category. I also train with heavyweight guys.
I buy the UFC pay-per-views that are on OnDemand, DirectTV, and DISH. As far as quality, come on. These are the best heavyweights in the world. I think everybody knows that.
I would love to have gone there, fight at Madison Square Garden or a casino in Las Vegas, but there are no American heavyweights now who can pose a challenge to me.
I’ve been a heavyweight in boxing, in kickboxing. I’ll do it in again in MMA.
I can’t explain it, but from the first day I stepped into a wrestling ring, I knew that one day I was going to be a big superstar. I knew that one day I would be the NWA World Heavyweight Champion like my hero, Lou Thesz.
I feel like a lot of fans would like to see me with the heavyweight championship.
I love fighting big guys because I’m fast. I’m not a big, light heavyweight. I can move. I can get inside on them. I’m inside, I’m wrestling with them, and they’re just wrestling, but all the time, I’m chopping; I’m slapping.
To be recognized as one of the best, you need to win that WWE title or the World Heavyweight Championship.
Me becoming the first Mexican heavyweight champion of the world, it’s a blessing.
Joe Frazier’s life didn’t start with Ali. I was a Golden Gloves champ. Gold medal in Tokyo ’64. Heavyweight champion of the world long before I fought Ali in the Garden.
I would mark 2015 down as the best year of my life. Now, I beat a couple of legends, became World Heavyweight Champion, ascended to the very top of the industry; I got two cats – that was a big deal in 2015.
Ethan Carter III
I was at a book convention, in a cab. On one side of me was Arthur Schlesinger; on the other side was William Manchesterreal heavyweights. All they were doing was asking me about Charles Manson. The only thing that enables me not to be bored is the people talking about it – they’re so interested.
Anyone that holds a championship you are on a list of a very few people that have had that special honor, and it is really incredible to say that no matter what you say about my wrestling career I was a World Heavyweight Champion and you can’t take that away from me.
When I was a kid in New York, long before saturation sports coverage, the world heavyweight championship was, with the baseball World Series, the great national event.
The only things that matter to me are the TNA World Heavyweight Title, my bank accounts, my family, and those who support me.
I was thankful that TNA saw the potential in me and put me in a position to fulfill something like winning the World Heavyweight Championship.
Every boxer needs to be able to punch, but none more than me, and that’s because I’m not that skilful, and I’m one of the smallest heavyweights you’ll ever see.
My dad was a three-time world heavyweight champion, so I want to be a three-time world heavyweight champion.
I always told everyone I’d be heavyweight champion of the world one day. They’d say, ‘All right, whatever.’ I said, ‘OK, you’ll see.’
Everything in the business is based around the idea of a World Championship. WWE, World Heavyweight Championship, Universal Title, the ROH Title, or the IWGP Title – they are all World Championships. The best of the best.
I will always find something to challenge myself. I will go up to heavyweight or down to middleweight.
Jack Johnson was the first black heavyweight champion, so I took part of his name. I admired Rocky Marciano, so I took part of his name.
I will move up to heavyweight and show them all how good I am.
I’ve trained women to be catch wrestlers. Shayna Baszler’s a catch wrestler, she‘s clearly not a heavyweight. Megumi Fujii, far from being a heavyweight, and she was a fantastic catch wrestler.
I know one day I will be the world heavyweight champion and that Britain will be proud of me.
Becoming the heavyweight champion is not what I’m dreaming of – it’s my goal. It’s what I’m planning to do.
People go on about weight. Mike Tyson wasn’t the biggest heavyweight and he was an animal.
For me, to get any match is fine. For me to be thrown right into the mix and be named No. 1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Championship is a blessing.
When the fans say ‘Werdum is the greatest heavyweight in the world,’ I love this for sure.
It’s no easy job being a World Heavyweight Champion; these guys like Cena, Sheamus, these guys are modeled around that and are champs for a reason.
I believe coming up to heavyweight, I can shine. That’s where I feel the best in terms of being agile, speed, cardio, all that kind of stuff plus I have the power.
One of the biggest obstacles I’ve overcome in my life was thinking I didn’t deserve to be successful. Artistically I’m not as much of a heavyweight as someone like Paul Simon or Joni Mitchell, because I’m not a creator of original music, and I worried about that for years.
It’s the heavyweight division, man: there’s a bunch of big guys, so anything can happen when they hit you. But I have plans, and feel I get better every fight.
Since I was a young wrestling fan, I’ve been fascinated by super heavyweights and was always amazed at Yokozuna’s amazing grace and agility. How could a man who was so large still remain so athletic and retain perfect in-ring timing and spot-on psychology?
My first broadcast partner provided color commentary even though he was totally blind. Leroy McGuirk was a former NCAA Wrestling Champion at Oklahoma State University and long time kingpin of the NWA Junior Heavyweight Division before losing his sight in a car accident in Little Rock in the early 1950s.
To have a heavyweight world champion from Manchester is something you can only dream of.
The only difference between me and Anthony Joshua is that he’s made more money. He’s a heavyweight and thats the blue ribbon division but that’s the only difference.
I want to be the fighting heavyweight of the world. America needs one of those, and I can be that guy for them.
This heavyweight division, it takes just one punch for anyone. It doesn’t matter how hard you train or what.
I got into this business for one reason, and I stayed in this business for one reason: To be the World Heavyweight Champion. I think if you are in professional wrestling, and you don’t have that dream or aspire to be the best and carry that World Heavyweight Championship, then you are in the wrong business.
I want to be more than the heavyweight champion. I want to do great things.
DC is tough and he’s such a good athlete. I think he’s better at heavyweight than he is at light heavyweight. I think he’s stronger, he can eat and he doesn’t have to stress about the weight.
A guy with my size and speed, the technical savate kicks can be very dangerous for a heavyweight.
At the end of the day, when you’re dealing with heavyweights who can punch, anything is possible. When you’ve got a big heavyweight who has knockout power, anything’s possible.
Some of those guys show a lot of promise, especially Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder. Even the kid Joseph Parker, who Joshua is about to fight, shows a lot of promise. I’m looking forward to some really exciting fights in the heavyweight division to come.
WrestleMania‘ was the best day of my life, the greatest opportunity I’ve ever been afforded, but at the same time, no one wants to lose the main event for the WWE world heavyweight championship.
If Dana White said he wanted to fight heavyweight, everybody would watch that fight tomorrow just because they want to watch Dana get beat up or win or whatever it is.
My body size and everything was perfect for being a heavyweight wrestler rather than being a linebacker.
The heavyweight division, if you land a good, good punch in the right place, everybody is going to fall.
I feel great being the first Mexican heavyweight UFC champion.
Once I knock Szpilka out, I want all the Polish fans to come on the ‘Bronze Bomber‘ train as I bring the heavyweight division back to the top.
Florida A&M University was my first real introduction to politics as a heavyweight game.
I tell you very openly: it’s much easier to be the heavyweight champion of the world than to be the mayor of Kiev.
Welterweights have what heavyweights have but they also have what flyweights have. We have speed and power. We have what it takes to keep a certain tempo but also deliver the hard shots that the heavyweights have.
Wilder is not a big draw in the U.S. He maybe sells 5,000 to 10,000 tickets when he’s fighting in his own town for the heavyweight champion.
I always ask myself why old heavyweights come back, but I plan to stay out of the ring.
Lennox Lewis
Given how majestically slim she always was, it’s a little odd to admit that I can remember bellowing that Whitney Houston was The Heavyweight Champion of the World! on the MTV News floor back in the ’90s.
Chris Connelly
Cain has proven himself as the best heavyweight of all time, and it would be hard to strip him.
Mike Tyson is the most complex person I’ve ever met in my life. I’ve known Mike since 1986. We’re both from Brooklyn. I didn’t know him growing up, but once he became heavyweight champion, I knew him then.
When I started studying for the arias it was like going into training for a heavyweight title fight.
People don’t usually have long careers as heavyweights because they mature into the role. Look at amateur wrestling, you don’t usually see guys go to heavyweight as freshman. I was just blessed that even though I wasn’t as big as some of the other guys, I was able to step in right away at heavyweight.
If I’m watching my favorite boxer, and he’s just won the heavyweight championship of the world, and he retires, it kind of makes the guy a legend.
I will be that guy to change this sport, especially in the heavyweight division. A lot of people have lost interest. I’m the right man for the job… I want to make it bigger and better than it ever have been before.
I think everyone has knockout power. I mean, it’s the heavyweight division.
It’s the most important prize in WWE, the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. You’ll do anything and everything to keep it and to get it, and that includes putting your body on the line and doing whatever it takes.
There’s this idea that because I’m a heavyweight, I’m not supposed to be in condition, that I should take advantage of the fact that I can eat. But I train and eat well, and it shows when I step on the scales.
I set out in the beginning to be the heavyweight champion of the world. From a very young age, I was going to be the heavyweight champion of the world. Nothing else was a problem to me. That’s what I’ll finish doing.
To me, being heavyweight world champion and Olympic sprint champion are the two greatest prizes in sport.
It’s no secret that the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship is a huge dream of mine. There’s been so many guys I looked up to – Pegasus Kid, Owen Hart, Liger, Prince Devitt, Kota Ibushi… the best of the best have held that belt.
I don’t think anyone hits as hard as I do in the light heavyweight division.
The Latino people in the U.S. and the Mexicans in Mexico need a UFC champion. We have a rich tradition in boxing, and to not have a Mexican heavyweight champion is unheard of. We need it. I’m glad I’m able to be in a position to give them that champion they so desperately want.
I have always maintained that Iggy Pop is the Heavyweight Champion of Rock & Roll.
In the old days, when Muhammad Ali was fighting Ken Norton, Joe Frazier and George Foreman, there was a lot of excitement in the heavyweight division, I have to admit it.
I do think Wilder can be a household name in America. He is a good fighter, and he has knockout power and has knockout potential, which is what you need as a heavyweight.
Personally, I think I might end up fighting heavyweight in the future. I can just see myself keep growing. I’ll be 24, 25, growing 2, 3, 4 more inches, and putting on a lot of muscle. I can absolutely see it.
It’s impossible not to dream of Greg Hardy vs. Jon Jones for the heavyweight title after he’s done finishing off the light heavyweight division.
When I was a kid, I wanted to fight Joe Louis. But I think if I had seen Mike Tyson at that time, I would have said, ‘Nah, I don’t want to fight him.’ He’s deadly. He could have been one of the great heavyweight champions. But he goofed.
I think I could be one of – if not the – greatest fight sports heavyweight of all-time. Not even just MMA, just the greatest combat sports heavyweight.
There are hundreds of young fighters whose handlers believe them to be a future world champion or the next great heavyweight or another Sugar Ray Robinson. The young men who inspire these beliefs are known as ‘prospects.’
I fought K-1 at heavyweight.
If you were in the UFC as a heavyweight, you’d be an idiot to not want to fight Brock Lesnar. Whether he’s a good fight for you, that doesn’t matter.
If you look at my career, towards the end you will see I was fighting like once a year. I was not part of the Don King top heavyweights, so I was kind of kept out. His guys were getting three to four fights a year and I could only get one.
The match with Taka Michinoku for the Light Heavyweight title was in fact my first match with the WWE, but I didn’t know about it until I got to the building.
I want to be the light heavyweight champion of the world.
There’s no other heavyweight in the division like me, especially when it comes into the athletic department. I’m the most athletic heavyweight in the division.
You don’t know what it is to be heavyweight champ of the world until you become the heavyweight champ of the world.
When I created the Cruiserweight division in WCW, nobody called them cruiserweights in the industry at that point. That was a boxing term, not a wrestling term, but I did not want to call them junior heavyweights, light heavyweights, or anything that made them sound diminutive. I wanted it to sound special and cool.
What had brought me to New York in the autumn of 1972 was a letter of recommendation written by Norman Mailer, the author of ‘The Naked and the Dead’ and American literature‘s leading heavyweight contender, to Dan Wolf, the delphic editor of ‘The Village Voice.’
I think the best thing I’ve written is a story called ‘The Boxer and the Blonde.’ It’s a piece about Billy Conn, the white would-be heavyweight champion of the world, who lived in Pittsburgh.
I’m really excited about my future plans, as I’m doing things differently and currently training like a Trojan in pursuit of becoming heavyweight champion of the world.
Me, Shinsuke Nakamura, and Lyoto Machida, former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, all shared a two-bedroom apartment together.
There are 7 billion people in the world, but there’s only one heavyweight champion of the world, and that’s me.
I say it all the time: it’s different when two heavyweights, especially when they are the size of Ben Rothwell, face each other in the Octagon. Even the leather – right in the back seat of the arena, they will be able to hear the sounds of the punches.
I was brought into the life of one Bas Rutten in 2001 at a grappling tournament that I was attending to support a friend of mine. I had never met Bas before but, of course, knew who he was: the King of Pancrase, UFC Heavyweight champion, and the commentator with Pride.
I always loved Evander Holyfield because people think of him as a small heavyweight, but of course from the waist up he was a pretty good-sized guy, but he just had these little skinny legs and no booty and it made him look like he was small.
I’d love to face Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. I would love nothing more.
By the time 2020 comes around I expect to be world heavyweight champion.
For me, the people who doubt me only fuel me to prove them wrong. I want to prove to them that I am better than they think I am and that I deserve to be on top and I deserve to be World Heavyweight Champion.
In the heavyweight division, if you get clipped, you’re going to sleep.
David Haye was the perfect opponent for me because he was a small heavyweight with a big name and we were about the same size.
As far as working against Finn Balor, I always idolized him. I looked up to him. When I was in Dragon Gate Pro Wrestling, he came to Dragon Gate, and was the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion.
I think the National Football League needs a new union. The heavyweights of this union are not heavyweights enough.
I wanted to show the world what Deontay Wilder is all about. I’m a heavyweight, and I’m exciting.
I was champion in Dream at middleweight, I’m champion in Strikeforce at light heavyweight, and my final goal is to be heavyweight champion of the world.
Would I take Conor McGregor? No, he’s a lot shorter than me. I don’t think we’d be allowed fight – a heavyweight and a lightweight.
I don’t think I need to pick a weight class. I feel like I’m that perfect in between. I have the strength, I have the power to fight at heavyweight and I can drop down to 205.
The mission I set out on in the beginning – to become heavyweight champion of the world, undisputed, lineal champion – you could say that mission is complete.
Lennox Lewis
In boxing, Mike Tyson fascinates me. The attitude and confidence that he could not be beaten when he was heavyweight champion of the world was interesting. He came across as very mild-mannered, and much of what he said made sense.
If I can be heavyweight champion of boxing, I have to try. That is why I want to train myself in professional boxing.
I’ve worked hard and accomplished what I’ve accomplished in the heavyweight scene.
Lennox Lewis
I love to fight, and I’m looking forward to being back in the ring, getting the victory, and moving on to challenge for the World Heavyweight title.
A fight with Tony Bellew would be a momentous occasion. He is a good boxer and a good person, and I also have the option to move into the heavyweight division.
I’m the best heavyweight outside the world champions, and let’s not forget that.
And it’s a big honor to be fighting for the title and to put a Mexican-American on top of the heavyweight division. I can give a lot of people some kind of inspiration by winning this title.
There are probably one million dudes in America called Kevin Johnson, and beating one of them doesn’t make you an all-time great heavyweight.
I believe in myself. I want to be a fighter. I want to be heavyweight champion of the world.
All these other heavyweights are great challenges for me. But they have had their time – and I need to be 100 per cent ready for these fighters – but I don’t fear any of them.
I do practice martial arts, more as a recreational thing, but a lot of my friends have been heavyweight champions the in mixed martial arts world.
I main-evented a sold-out Budokan Arena show; I participated in the first-ever ladder match in NJPW, made the transition from junior to heavyweight, and earned a G1 win with a series full of performances that I’m personally very proud of.
I don’t care if it’s someone cutting down from heavyweight, or moving up from middleweight to light heavyweight. It’s just another opponent, and I have to do a great job.
I know what I am getting into with heavyweights. Not one of them can dictate against me because, firstly, they don’t have feet fast enough. Secondly, while there are far better athletes and stronger fighters than me, even some who are quicker, they don’t have the ring IQ I have. It allows me to dictate.
I always rated Luis Ortiz as one of the best heavyweights.
The heavyweight division is always very intriguing. These are the heavy hitters, you know? Every time when you do a mistake, it’s the end of the fight. So you have to be careful all the time, and this is what makes this division so intriguing, so exciting for the fans.
Marciano was an idol in a simpler era, when professional athletes were heroes and sportswriters were complicit in building legends rather than exposing them. To the public, all that really mattered was that Rocky had 49 wins in 49 fights and retired in 1956 as the undefeated heavyweight champion of the world.
The overall goal is to be a well-rounded fighter. It’s to be the heavyweight Jon Jones. It’s to be Cain Velasquez.
I was sparring with Dan Christison, a big heavyweight. I threw a leg kick and broke my fibula. Before the Florian training camp.
It’s not my place to compare myself to greats like Tyson, Frazier or men like that. But I would look at a fighter like Evander Holyfield. He’s a great heavyweight who worked his way up through the weight classes to become champion and had to beat bigger men along the way.
I have been dreaming about the heavyweight title it seems since I was born.
I’m one of the baddest, hardest-hitting heavyweights in the business. Right here from Alabama, baby.
It don’t matter if I got a broke hand, got a torn muscle: I’m going to fight like heavyweight champions do.
That’s what I’m tryin’ to achieve. I want to be a heavyweight in this game, and I’m tryin’ to get the big money. By the same token, the title ‘Big Money Heavyweight’ applies to everybody in the world. That’s what everybody’s tryin’ to achieve.
Klitschko was the reigning champion for a decade and regarded by many as one of the greatest heavyweights of all time. I’m never going to face another opponent with that legacy.
Oh man, I would love to fight Evander Holyfield. I don’t think any of the other great heavyweights fought four times – that’s history in itself.
I set some goals for myself. I really want to run through this whole heavyweight division.
I’ve been very fortunate to be involved in all the Super Bowls, to see some World Series, to cover heavyweight championship fights; I’ve been to the Olympics and seen every sporting event there is.
Will McDonough
If you learn to sell, it’s worth more than a degree. It’s worth more than the heavyweight championship of the world. It’s even more important than having a million dollars in the bank. Learn to sell, and you’ll never starve.
I had two managers who couldn’t stand each other. I had a promoter, Don King, who couldn’t get any fights, and I was fighting once a year. I knocked out Norton and then didn’t fight for 13 months. Then I fight the heavyweight champion of the world.
I don’t have a problem putting on or cutting weight. I would adapt my training if I’m training for a Light Heavyweight fight by using different techniques and by wearing a weight vest to get used to the extra fighting weight.
In the WWF, or the WWE as they call it now, the one thing that I was not able to capture was that heavyweight belt. I’m telling you, I want a chance to be able to go after that belt, but only if Brock Lesnar has it, or The Rock has it, or Kurt Angle has it.
My brother is much stronger, faster, and when he becomes heavyweight champion again, I will be in his corner. One Klitschko may be gone now, but not the Klitschko name.
For me, I believe George Foreman was a bad example because when he became world heavyweight champion again at 42, that made a lot of fighters think they could also carry on.