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Happily Quotes

We’ve collected the best Happily Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Harold Ramis, Thich Nhat Hanh, Fahadh Faasil, Peter Heller, Simon Helberg. Use them as an inspiration.

I would happily have done any of the ‘Bourne Identitysequels. There are good sequels, but I’m not good at making them.
It is possible to live happily in the here and the now. So many conditions of happiness are availablemore than enough for you to be happy right now. You don’t have to run into the future in order to get more.
I will happily sit at home and take care of the house.
I had to make a living, so I got happily diverted into writing about expeditions and adventures.
I’m deeply insecure. I ask my wife all the time, ‘Was that OK? Are people lying?’ I’m not as happily oblivious as I’d like.
He was happily married – but his wife wasn’t.
Victor Borge
Pent-up white racism did fire Mr. Trump’s candidacy, and he happily fanned the flames.
If we could honestly promise young couples that we knew how to give them offspring with superior character, why should we assume they would decline? Common sense tells us that if scientists find ways to greatly improve human capabilities, there will no stopping the public from happily seizing them.
I always advise young women to have a career irrespective of how happily married they are. In fact, their in-laws and husband will value them more if they have an independent side to them.
May nothing entice me till I happily make my way to Jesus Christ! Fire, cross, struggles with wild beasts, wrenching of bones, mangling of limbs – let them come to me, provided only I make my way to Jesus Christ.
I would rather be an aware citizen, and if an opportunity were to arise where I would have to make a statement, I would happily do that.
Sticking to a diet required me to have a permanently low self-esteem. But happily, I developed other skills beyond a fluctuating weight, eventually building up a different source of self-worth.
I’m a happily declared chocoholic. I keep it everywhere, even my nightstand.
I won’t miss Monday morning rehearsals in a freezing studio at 8 A.M. I will happily never do that again.
I moved to Lucerne, where I have lived happily with my family ever since.
Carl Spitteler
Some are short, others are tall, others are thin, others are stocky. But we are all human beings. Can we not live together and happily within one border?
‘I am a bad mother.’ Every Christmas, this is what I think because the holiday season fills me with such anxiety. I’m sure that other mothers are happily baking cookies, decorating trees, and finding perfect gifts for everyone.
The British were white, English, and Protestant, just as we were. They had to have some other basis on which to justify independence, and happily they were able to formulate the inalienable truths set forth in the Declaration.
I’ve seen many imitations on ‘Gag Concert‘ and other programs, too, and I’ve been watching happily.
To me, Steve was my Prince Charming. He was my happily ever after, and we got that. We got 14 years of marriage; we had the best, most fantastic, adventurous, wonderful life that you could imagine. And I was very happy with that.
There are many things that people do happily that I can’t imagine why they would do it… But I have to say that even though I am critical or judgmental of society at large, I’m not critical of people individually. We are who we are.
In a lot of ways, success is much harder than I thought it would be. I figured that you’d get here and then everything would be happily ever after. But, it’s hard work, almost harder once you’re successful because you’ve got to maintain it.
One of the many falsities of fiction that we accept quite happily is the non-ageing of characters as they appear across series and sequels.
It’s just as hard… staying happily married as it is doing movies.
I come back to the theatre happily knowing that while it won’t make me rich, it will provide me with fun.
I write in the morning from about eight till noon, and sometimes again a bit in the afternoon. In the morning I start off by going over what I had done the previous day, which my wife has happily typed up for me.
Gene Hackman
I’ve been happily dedicated to the same woman for a number of years. I never even look at other women.
Sometimes, it is precisely when you discover that you are living very happily that you suddenly find yourself in danger. To be happy means to discover that you are exposed to being hurt.
Siegfried Lenz
I have never been given to envysave for the envy I feel toward those people who have the ability to make a marriage work and endure happily.
I’ll happily pay more taxes if we all have equal human rights.
I applied for funding to embark on an overseas field trip in Iceland, and spent six weeks there happily holed up in the national archives, museums and libraries, sifting through ministerial and parish records, censuses, maps, microfilm, logs, and local histories.
The horror genre is vast and full of brilliance. Stephen King, Shirley Jackson, Herman Melville, the book of Esther. I’ll happily join that list.
Happily, researchphilia is not the problem it once was. The Internet makes just-in-time research very practical.
I don’t sleep with happily married men.
I’m happily married; I love to spend time with my wife going to movies, restaurants and travelling.
Not only am I a spender, I have had a couple of business people in the past who have been spending my money quite happily.
Now that President Trump is a reality, I happily have been giving him a chance to see how he does.
I believe religion is a branch of spirituality, often misinterpreted and twisted to suit people’s ideas. In truth, religion and spirituality are meant to co-exist happily.
When I think of my version of a role model, it’s not about being the perfect Samaritan; it’s just being out there and being honest and happily imperfect.
My sister is older than me and would often go off, so I grew up alone in a sense. I had to amuse myself and developed a wonderful fantasy world and quite happily lived in it. I think, in adulthood, that helped me. I love pottering on my own.
I have never been married. I don’t know if I will ever marry, though I hope to. When I am asked why I have not married, I explain that my parents have been happily married for 42 years. The bar feels so very high for that kind of commitment.
I love that very traditional fairy tale where it’s not all ‘happily ever after.’ I like all that old school, bloody, ‘Brothers Grimm’ sort of stuff. So you have all those shades of gray in there.
Throughout any given season of ‘The Bachelor,’ the women exclaim that the experience is like a fairy tale. They suffer the machinations of reality television, pursuingalong with several other women, often inebriated – the promise of happily ever after.
By 1865, all Southern women – the happily and regrettably single, the perpetually engaged, the wives and widows – had tired of the war. The Confederacy was shrinking, and the morale of its remaining men shrinking with it.
Karen Abbott
The relationship between a manufacturer and his advertising agency is almost as intimate as the relationship between a patient and his doctor. Make sure that you can life happily with your prospective client before you accept his account.
You happily give Facebook terabytes of structured data about yourself, content with the implicit tradeoff that Facebook is going to give you a social service that makes your life better.
Rereading A.J. Liebling carries me happily back to an age when all good journalists knew they had plenty to be modest about, and were.
I am confident that, in the end, common sense and justice will prevail. I’m an optimist, brought up on the belief that if you wait to the end of the story, you get to see the good people live happily ever after.
I think I usually play the woman that, after the person tries to go for some extraordinary feat of romantic accomplishment, they happily wind up with me.
Jessica Hecht
I don’t do guilt. Whatever I do, I do it happily.
We all have to live together, so we might as well live together happily.
In this view, the role of the great majority of Americans is simply to buy the products produced, work happily for their wages, and leave all of the significant economic decisions to the capitalists.
I think everyone knows what it is like being in love. It’s never a smooth thing. Whether you are happily together or not.
When I got a call to be a part of the Save Governments School initiative as an ambassador, I happily accepted. I even adopted a government school for a small amount of Rs 5 lakh.
I can’t expect to be playing the lead and romancing heroines, so I’ll do what I’m best suited for and I’m doing that happily.
In my 40s: I had two children young enough to think their parents wonderful, my business was booming, I was happily married and living in the Cotswolds with a veg garden and ponies in the paddock. Who could not be happy?
The adulation or the superstardom is something I could leave out quite happily.
I find it next to impossible to remain politely silent when people prate to me about the glory of being given another chance to live happily ever after!
I’m a nice, happily married wife and mom and I live in Connecticut.
I take life in its stride and accept every single second happily.
What I needed most was to love and to be loved, eager to be caught. Happily I wrapped those painful bonds around me; and sure enough, I would be lashed with the red-hot pokers or jealousy, by suspicions and fear, by burst of anger and quarrels.
Happily, the days when overt racial discrimination and segregation were championed by social conservatives are long past.
Not many people get that ‘happily ever after’ they want in life. There are disappointments every step of the way, no matter how hard one strives for the best.
Cynicism doesn’t have its way in series finales. My emotional desire when I watch a series come to an end is to be crying and laughing and cheering as the final credits roll, feeling like I just got delivered the happy ending, whether the plot ends happily or not.
The press in India, I believe, is more free, and happily so, than perhaps media anywhere in the world. Right? Which is a good thing.
At its best our age is an age of searchers and discoverers, and at its worst, an age that has domesticated despair and learned to live with it happily.
Flannery O’Connor
A peace agreement isn’t like a fairy story. You don’t live happily ever after.
Look, I’ve got incredible pride for my family. I’ve absolutely fallen into that cliche of a dad who could just happily talk about my daughter endlessly.
If I happily smile and play around and laugh ‘ha-ha, hoo-hoo, yay,’ laughing like that, I think the photo looks cooler. If I just stand there like this, like ‘Oh, I’m a model,’ well, I don’t think that’s what it means to be a model at all.
A sense of freedom is something that, happily, comes with age and life experience.
The man who makes everything that leads to happiness depends upon himself, and not upon other men, has adopted the very best plan for living happily. This is the man of moderation, the man of manly character and of wisdom.
By age 19, I was married to a high-profile, much older musician and was mother to a baby girl. Since then, I’ve been divorced, been a cheater, been cheated on, gotten happily remarried, and raised a couple of great kids.
I grew up on Laurel and Hardy. I’m aware from my own experience that comedy has got quite a fierce sell-by date, but that doesn’t seem to apply to them; they made films I can remember laughing at when I was five that I’d still happily watch today.
I will happily work anywhere they need me to if they pay me well.
One of the most common criticisms of romance is that the genre is too prescribed: If every romance novel ends happily ever after, don’t the stories lack complexity? Don’t the readers get bored?
It would absolutely suck if you paid a few bucks for a book only to find that on the first page it said, ‘Once upon a time they all lived happily ever after’ and the rest of the book was blank.
Simon Travaglia
I’m extremely proud of ‘Hollyoaks.’ No one could be flying the flag more happily.
I’d happily describe myself as a TV presenter now.
There is, happily, a non-redistributive approach to address income inequality – one that doesn’t rely upon government. It’s to grow the pie. That is, create more decent jobs that pay more.
The one thing more important to my parents than my career is that I am happily married.
It is difficult to survive as an author in Sweden, so for commercial success, it is good idea to write crime, get yourself translated, and live happily ever after.
Hakan Nesser
Process does matter; you need a process. What it is is up to no one but you. But if you can’t sit down, write once upon a time, and go through however many hundred thousand words to get to happily ever after, you’re never going to get anywhere.
In all life one should comfort the afflicted, but verily, also, one should afflict the comfortable, and especially when they are comfortably, contentedly, even happily wrong.
I want to get married and have children and live happily ever after. That’s important to me.
As fiscal constraints impinge on defence and diplomacy, governments find themselves increasingly homebound, even if diplomats happily travel to summits.
I wroteHealthy Sick,’ from our first LP, when I was 19. I’ll happily play it till I’m 91 because it always feels good and truthful.
No matter how happily a woman may be married, it always pleases her to discover that there is a nice man who wishes that she were not.
I would love to do film someday, but I think we are all so happily in tune with ‘Glee‘ that we are sticking with that right now.
I’ve three children, three grandchildren, I work, I travel, and I’m very happily married. I’m very satisfied and happy with my life and there really isn’t anything I want.
If Bigg Bosslocks me inside the house, I would happily spend my days.
Falling in love is awesome, but I’m never drawn to happy songs per se, so whenever you sit down to write a heartbreak song and you’re happily in love, it’s like, ‘OK, now I have to go back to a sad place to get something good.’
We got a lot of gay fan mail when the show first started. Something to do with being in San Francisco and being a big, burly guy with a big moustache. But we’re both happily married. To women.
Writing the first draft of a new story is incredibly difficult for me. I will happily do revisions, because once I can see the words on the page, I can go about ripping them up and moving scenes around. A blank page, though? Terrifying. I’m always angsty when I’m working my way through a first draft.
I had a girlfriend when I was about 13 but we didn’t stay together for very long and I’ve not really been out with many people since. I’ve still never had a serious girlfriend but I would happily go out with someone if the right girl came along.
There was three or four years of my life where I hated myself and you know, would have quite happily ended it.
If I seem to write most happily about the ordinary things that boys do who live in the country, it is because this is the part of my childhood that I look back upon with the greatest affection.
When I was happily married and found myself pregnant, I just thought that this would be just the next, normal chapter. I was absolutely thrilled. So what a surprise it was when it turned out to be the hardest thing I’ve ever done.
I remember reading the script for ‘Dangerous Liaisons’ and thinking that I could quite happily spend the rest of my life watching this film; the story and the writing were so wonderful.
My parents divorced when I was in my early 20s and have both happily remarried, so I have a large extended family.
I would have done it happily, but to be a Bond girl isn’t everything I aim for as an actress.
When I think about it, I’m happily bewildered that people will preorder my books They’ll preorder me. What a lucky guy!
It is time to give city and county regions the powers and resources they need to promote growth, and I will happily work with all of those who are genuinely committed to building an economic powerhouse in the north.
I could quite happily run a florist or a bake shop.
To live happily with other people, ask of them only what they can give.
Tristan Bernard
I never weary of great churches. It is my favorite kind of mountain scenery. Mankind was never so happily inspired as when it made a cathedral.
I’ll read pretty much anywhere and anytime, but for a while now, I’ve really enjoyed reading on flights, especially the longer hauls, when I’m unplugged from everything and can completely immerse myself in the world of a book and submit happily to its rhythms, perspectives, ideas.
I’m a storyteller. I’m always willing to serve the story, a story I believe in, in whatever way is necessary. If I need to write the story I believe in, I will write it. If I’ve been offered to act in a story that I truly believe in, I will happily do that, but I’m a storyteller. That’s something I’m so thankful for.
I don’t eat meat, but I do cook it for my sons, so I’m a slave to expiry dates. I have a different approach to vegetables, since they don’t come out of the ground with a best-before sticker. I have red onions in the fridge which are six months old, but I’ll still happily eat them.
I’m happily single.
The technologists and entrepreneurs I know are generally good people. If they were given a choice, ‘Do your job and eliminate normal jobs’ or ‘Do your job and create abundant opportunities,’ they would choose the latter. Most of them would happily even take a small hit to do so. But this isn’t a choice they’re given.
I’m intelligent enough to survive happily and be compassionate. If I were too smart, I would realize all the ills of the world.
There was never a burning desire to be a top actress in the first place. I happily gave up my career to marry Mahesh.
Happily, there’s a reversal of the brain drain occurring in Ghana now. We’re seeing a lot of – actually in Africa – we’re seeing a lot of African professionals, you know, returning to the continent to contribute their quota.
John Dramani Mahama
It is a rare and difficult attainment to grow old gracefully and happily.
Oh, I’ve had terrible, terrible relationships! The fact that I ever got happily married to a great, normal man is kind of a miracle.
I’ve always – and not always happily – considered myself an outsider. Certainly at Fettes. And then the Scots are always outsiders in England. They are always putting you in your place in one way or another, and there is this pretty rigid class hierarchy.
I had a very outdoorsy childhood. I was athletic and used to ride and do dressage. I could ride almost before I could walk. There is a picture of me at 18 months old sitting happily on the back of a donkey.
Getting people where they want to go, reliably and happily, can make or break their ability to succeed in a work endeavor or to hug a family member at an important moment.
I am very happily employed as a full-time software engineer; I travel a lot, and I write books along with this here weekly TechCrunch column; and I still find the time to work on my own software side projects.
Jon Evans
I could live on challah bread, the Jewish kosher bread, quite happily.
When I finished law school, I had a 10-year plan. My plan was to go to a law firm, fall madly in love, have a baby by the time I was 30, make partner, and live happily ever after.
I’m building this reputation as YA heartbreaker, I know. Some people like ‘happily ever after,’ but I don’t think that’s me.
The good ended happily, and the bad unhappily. That is what fiction means.
People could live very happily without the Turner Prize, but they could not live without real communication and emotion.
Billy Childish
You can quite happily exist in your own version of the world built around you, which you can build for yourself.
The child inside of you knows how to take things as they come, how to deal most effectively and happily with everything and everyone it encounters on this planet. If you can recapture that childlike essence of your being, you can stay ‘forever young at heart.’
I am a collaborator with everyone who agrees that I need to be in control. I happily collaborate with my loyalists.
That Happily Ever After is a great way to tell stories when you’re young but eventually it loses its meaning because it’s just not true.
Marc Webb
There is a type of writer that can happily bury themselves in the country and dig very deep, but I’m not like that.
I’m not the new Cameron Diaz. I’m not the new Keira Knightley, either. I don’t know where these ideas come from. I’d rather be thought of as the one and only Laura Haddock. I’ll happily settle for that.
Laura Haddock
My original business plan? To work hard, get 300 clients in the Rochester area, and live happily ever after.
Nigel Farage has got some strengths. He really connects with people. He is a very good talker. I find him very affable. I would very happily buy him a beer. And I am sure he would be happy with it to.
Randy Johnson had a tell. If he thought you knew what was coming, he would hit you. So that was his tell. That’s probably, that’s a tell. That’s a tell from Randy Johnson. He’d hit you, happily.
There’s always talk about going out on top, unfortunately for me that means going out on a loss but it’s going out at the highest level. I’m happily satisfied and it makes a lot of sense to me.
I wrote that song ‘Black,’ and it was just this idea that I had been married for 10 years. Everyone talks about ‘happily ever after,’ but there’s so much more to it than that.
The relationship between press and politicianprotected by the Constitution and designed to be happily adversarial – becomes sour, raw and confrontational.
Roger Mudd
Hell would freeze over before I saw my parents happily holding hands and ice skating.
We were happily married for eight months. Unfortunately, we were married for four and a half years.
Nick Faldo
I grew up happily immersed in Jewish culture and community.
I always assumed I’d spend my life happily performing in artsy-fartsy little theaters.
There’s no such thing as the contemporary novel. Before I seem the complete reactionary, let me add that I’ve happily joined in many discussions about ‘the contemporary novel’ where what that usually, unproblematically means is novels that have appeared recently or may appear soon.
A game is great, in my view, only if it can be played happily by a sane person of at least average intelligence for several hours a day for fifty years. Both pool and billiards qualify.
Robert Byrne
My goal is to be hosting my own show and be happily married with children, so I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately.
It is not necessary that whilst I live I live happily; but it is necessary that so long as I live I should live honourably.
Happily, I had lots of childhood heroes.
Very happily, I am very fortunate to be able to be where the wind takes me, where the work takes me, and where I want to be.
Nathan Phillips
Acting was always on my mind so when the offer came to me I happily agreed to do it.
Disha Parmar
I feel great, and I’ll happily continue to be at Vicente del Bosque’s disposal, because defending my country is very important to me.
Whosoever, in writing a modern history, shall follow truth too near the heels, it may happily strike out his teeth.
Walter Raleigh
I used to drive a scooter and once a minicab driver pulled a U-turn in front of me and I went flying over his bonnet. Happily I didn’t do myself much of an injury at all. It was straight out of ‘The Dukes of Hazzard’.
I’ve been happily married to Chris for almost 20 years.
Struggling with my finances, nudging toward 50, I sometimes daydream about being happily married to a matching frugaholic husband in a matching Christmas-red tracksuit with matching walkie-talkies as we troll Ralphs, excitedly comparing triple coupons.
I write every day weekdays for about 5 hours, mostly longhand on legal pads. It has gotten neither harder nor easier, sadly or happily.
Daniel Handler
I’d happily cover the British Open every year until St. Andrews slides into the sea or Scotland runs out of beer, whichever happens first.
Sex is the most beautiful thing that can take place between a happily married man and his secretary.
When I first started making comics, I was living with a bunch of guys, old college friends. We had this deal. At the end of each day, they would ask me how far I’d gotten on my comic. And if I hadn’t made my goals, they were supposed to make me feel really bad about myself. They happily obliged.
I have worked out I can quite happily jog the distance to work as long as I hail a cab first and leave my high heels on the back seat.
We Brazilians, happily or unhappily, leave a lot to the last minute.
I do all my films happily, and I enjoy every moment of it.
The acceptance of death gives you more of a stake in life, in living life happily, as it should be lived. Living for the moment.
I have no problem in doing comedy, as I am happily consolidating my image of a comic actor.
I don’t miss anything by being a bachelor. I don’t know any happily married couples, not even my parents.
I’m definitely an American, because I grew up here. But I’ve lived very happily in Britain.
It’s really corny to say, but if you are happily married and have good kids, that is about 98 per cent of what you should be seeking to achieve.
When you think about it, giving up your ‘real’ personality is a small price to pay for the richness of ‘living happily ever after’ with an actual man!
The world has grown suspicious of anything that looks like a happily married life.
Not many people come out of a big band as the lead singer/songwriter and making a record, and all of a sudden we’re all happily sailing at the same pace as we were before.
Every once in a while, a book so possesses me that I happily give up a couple of consecutive nights of sleep – as well as the evening news broadcasts and latenight talk shows – to finish it. That’s what happened when I opened the novel ‘Shadow Tag’ by Louise Erdrich.
Bill Moyers
I like to think I’m fairly grounded, and I have friends who will very happily tell me if I’m ever being big-headed. I know things will change. But I’m hoping it’s nothing too drastic.
Fionn Whitehead
No matter how happily a woman may be married, it always pleases her to discover that there is a really nice man who wishes she were not.
Mary Catherine Bateson
I could never call myself an atheist; my parents could, quite happily. I always felt like there was a little bit more out there, and was always into observing the world from a slightly more spiritual, as opposed to scientific, perspective.
Alex Clare
I was a really picky eater as a child. Because I was obsessed by Popeye, my mum and aunts would put my food in a can to represent spinach and we’d hum the Popeye tune and then I’d happily eat it.
I am proud of my heritage and have happily taken advantage of every opportunity to educate my teammates and Steeler Nation about American Samoa, both as a player and in the community, through the Troy and Theodora Polamalu Foundation Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation.
I’ll happily mentor anyone who wants mentoring, and most of that goes on by internet rather than face to face.
Bernard Cornwell
I am happily married to a wonderful man. He is not in the business.
Erin Moran
When I got dropped for the World Cup, there were times I didn’t want to play anymore. I didn’t want to practise. I couldn’t motivate myself. Then I said, ‘Look what are the options?’ Cricket is the only option. Whether I play happily or sadly, it’s still all I have. There are not a lot of things I am good at.
Yes, if I wasn’t a happily married man with three children, Emma Bunton would definitely be my hot-tub fantasy date.
I’d rather be happily single than unhappily married.
One would like to say in the aftermath of the 2008 election that everyone lived happily ever after. But the American drama, especially when it involves race, is always more complicated than that.
This multicultural approach, saying that we simply live side by side and live happily with each other has failed. Utterly failed.
I’m a happily married man and I think to get married you have to be optimistic.
I ski every three years or so. I don’t have the ingrained confidence that others do, but I’ll happily toddle about a green or blue run.
To get our passengers where they want to go safely and happily requires thousands of us working together with a shared purpose of supporting each other in serving our customers.
A song is a burden that you carry happily.
Once this old lady saw me in airport and just kept smiling at me, and after much hesitation, she came and asked me, ‘Are you Ram? Can I touch your hair? Is it real?’ and I happily obliged.
I will undoubtedly have to seek what is happily known as gainful employment, which I am glad to say does not describe holding public office.
Dean Acheson
My mother died happily of a stroke in her seventies.
I’m quite comfortable being the husband of a woman who’s a big celebrity. And of course a superstar‘s brother. It’s not an enviable place to occupy but it’s the reality. I’m very closely related to two very successful people and I accept that happily.
I didn’t become an actor for the money, so I can’t stay with a job for that reason. I did too many years of theater where you just get by from month to month, happily, to make that a priority.
I’ve already had my happily ever after.
How come I love having an episode of deja vu? It’s akin to an out-of-body experience, I would think. It sits with me, happily, begging me to delve into my memory to find its match point.
Since turning 40 I happily moisturise – I have what’s called a regime – but I’m always in two minds because I have no idea if I’m completely wasting my money. They feel nice when they are on but I can’t stop wondering, ‘Am I succumbing to the same nonsense I try to fight against in other areas?’
We may have forgotten how to feel. Nobody is teaching us how to live happily ever after, as we’ve heard in fairy tales.
Mali exists mostly to itself. Few people go there. Few Malians leave. Most of Mali’s 13 million people live, and seem to live quite happily, off the rice, corn and millet they grow and the long-horn cattle and goats they keep.
You can never tell when an artist really will take up someone’s work and work with it happily.
Peter Porter
I, as prime minister, never went to Washington. Certainly never went to a presidential ranch. I hate to say this, but I wasn’t going to be the pilot fish to the shark, whereas Australia quite happily bobbed along like a happy little pilot fish with a shark who was a messy eater, and I just couldn’t feel like that.
David Lange
My theory is that one needs to be loved completely, unconditionally, and unfettered by parental disapproval, if one is to get happily through life which, after all, presents its own hurdles.
Only as far as a man is happily married to himself is he fit for married life and family life in general.
In order to live free and happily you must sacrifice boredom. It is not always an easy sacrifice.
To some extent I happily don’t know what I’m doing. I feel that it’s an artist’s responsibility to trust that.
I’ve been perfectly happily married for 25 years, and have a nice life. Inane things don’t interest me.
Geezer Butler
Strawberries are like tomatoes for me; I just won’t eat them year round. I’ll happily wait for them to come into season, then I gorge like a brown bear eating salmon before hibernation.
Cheese is one of the world’s great foodstuffs and I speak as someone who would once happily snarf a packet of American-style cheese singles in front of the telly on my own.
I know a lot of companies that have a very well defined post-acquisition process. However, many of them don’t take into consideration the dynamics and personalities of the acquiree. Instead, they assume that everyone will happily be assimilated.
The radio stations will happily recycle a badly worded statement by a politician all day but will steer clear of broadcasting more than once or twice a poem by Tomas Transtromer or Rita Dove.
Being born in Cuba, a country where freedom of speech is non-existent, it’s startling to observe how Venezuela, where I was happily raised, is fast becoming Cuba’s mirror image: Dismantling of fundamental democratic rights deserved by its people and citizens of the world.
Maria Conchita Alonso
As far as my dreams go, all I want to do is be a working actor, and I happily achieved that.
Lucas Grabeel
I am playing the character of a grandmother in ‘Doctor Don’ which is completely different from my previous roles. My character is dashing, carefree and has a bindaas mindset. She loves to live her life happily.
For me personally, I feel that a film that doesn’t end with a happy ending has a far bigger reach. It lingers on far more. Unrequited love stories have much more impact on the audiences. If ‘Romeo and Juliet’ had been happily married and had kids and dogs, I don’t think it would have been a classic.
I’m a writer who stacks cat food for a living. It’s true: I have a master‘s degree in creative writing, I’ve published two critically successful books, and I get paid to replenish the shelves of my local food co-op with pet food, sponges and toilet paper. Nine days out of 10, I do it quite happily.
Ali Liebegott
I’d happily just stay on the road. Getting home from America, sitting in my kitchen with a cup of tea, staring out of the window is pretty depressing. I didn’t have a tour manager to tell me what to do so I had to start reaching out to people and making plans. That was hard. You become very vegetable-y.
There’s a personal story of my own that I will write at some point, and it’s a film that I will happily make. It could very well be the next thing I do, unless someone shows me something great.
My mom was a housewife and a sponge, who would absorb everything and make it all look like a fairytale when he entered the house. For instance, when he came home, I would always be seen studying with my books open. She always made sure that Dad went back to the shoot happily.
I love bread and would happily eat it for every meal of the day.