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Gremlin Quotes

We’ve collected the best Gremlin Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Elijah Wood, Edgar Wright, James Roday, Alexandra Daddario, Alan Rickman. Use them as an inspiration.

I remember the first horror movie I saw – I was five years old; it was a direct-to-video movie called ‘Truth or Dare: a Critical Madness,’ which is sort of badly fantastic or fantastically bad. And then ‘Gremlins’ was an early movie that I saw, and ‘Nightmare on Elm Street 3.’
I remember seeing ‘Gremlins’ and having my mind blown and seeing ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off‘ at 13, and it was this hugely aspirational experience.
‘Gremlins’ is essential ’80s comedy scary viewing.
‘Gremlins’ is one of those eternal movies that stands the test of time and that everyone loves and knows.
I get stage fright and gremlins in my head saying: ‘You’re going to forget your lines‘.
I remember it took us so long to see ‘Gremlins 2’ – all my friends had seen it, but our mom was just like, ‘no PG-13.’
I like something about George W. Bush. A lot. After spending more than a decade having almost physiological-chemical reactions anytime I saw him, getting the heebie-jeebies whenever he spokeafter being sure from the start that he was a Gremlin on the wing of America – I really like the paintings of George W. Bush.
The dynamic is extremely similar to Gremlins and the hero is very similar, plus the small town atmosphere. It really is in a way the third Gremlins movie.
I haven‘t always played nice guys. In ‘Gremlins,’ I was a conceited, pompous braggart, and I was a redneck chauvinist in the TV movie ‘A Matter of Sex.’ But I really prefer sympathetic roles.
While researching the book, I used the Freedom of Information Act to request what the military calls Individual Deceased Personnel Files for all the Gremlin Special‘s passengers and crew.
I’ve remained in touch with more than a dozen descendants of Gremlin Special survivors, victims, and rescuers. I treasured my friendship with Earl Walter Jr., the lead paratrooper who jumped into the valley to protect the survivors.
Couture gowns are like gremlins; you can’t expose them to bright light or get them wet.
I would say ‘Gremlins,’ ‘Die Hard,’ and ‘Black Christmas‘ are all pretty good Christmas movies that aren’t really about Christmas.
If people love ‘Gremlins’ so much and ‘Clueless,’ ‘Yoga Hosers’ is not that weird. It is very weird, but compared to that stuff, it’s not that different.
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