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Gestures Quotes

We’ve collected the best Gestures Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Rebecca West, Joshua Bell, Kaia Gerber, Ben Okri, Jane Hirshfield. Use them as an inspiration.

There’s nothing more frustrating than seeing a conductor say, ‘Play softer,’ as they’re waving their hands in huge gestures.
My mom and I have the exact same mannerisms – the way we talk and the gestures that we made.
The higher the artist, the fewer the gestures. The fewer the tools, the greater the imagination. The greater the will, the greater the secret failure.
I see poetry as a path toward new understanding and transformation, and so I’ve looked at specific poems I love, and at poetry’s gestures in the broadest sense, in an effort to feel and learn what they offer from the inside.
Jane Hirshfield
All the gestures of children are graceful; the reign of distortion and unnatural attitudes commences with the introduction of the dancing master.
Joshua Reynolds
When you are young, you admire the people you see on TV and you want to have the same gestures and the same attitudes and behave in the same way. It is a responsibility.
I was certainly a better actor after my five years in Hollywood. I had learned to be naturalnever to exaggerate. I found I could act on the stage in just the same way as I had acted in a studio: using my ordinary voice, eliminating gestures, keeping everything extremely simple.
Walter Huston
Often, organizations need bold, grand gestures to galvanize people towards a new mission or refocus their attention.
The political, social, and spiritual impact of the life example set by Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela might be measured in part by the profound and unique gestures made by people in different countries to honor his life upon learning of his death.
Things like dressing, postures and gestures are under the artiste‘s control. If I’m performing, my safety is primarily my responsibilityso I shouldn’t end up doing anything that would infuriate the audience.
One of the things I really like about Victorian novels is the close anatomisation of character. People’s gestures and mannerisms and the quality of their thought is very closely identified and analysed.
Our strength is not just in the size of our defense budget, but in the size of our hearts, in the size of our gratitude for their sacrifice. And that’s not just measured in words or gestures.
All of my fights are planned. I study my opponents from A to Z. How he walks, how he looks, how he speaks, gestures of the human body, which is a certain language that provides you lots of information if you have the ability to read it. You just need to pay attention to it and gain experience over the years.
Usually I’m frustrated when I look at my films and I don’t believe that I’ve made a real transformation beyond my usual sets of gestures and expressions. I still have this nagging feeling that it’s me, that I didn’t create a unique character.
One of the great things that playwright A.R. Gurney does in ‘Sylvia’ is he gives language to the emotional gestures and energy that our dogs give to us when they’re communicating.
I discovered that it’s not really about the language. It’s about how the words are pronounced and the delivery. We have plenty of good English-speaking comedians. It’s O.K. if I have my accent, my gestures, my way of speaking.
Big romantic gestures are only as strong as the relationships they happen in.
Businesses have to make gestures that go beyond words. Persuasion no longer works.
John Gerzema
There are endless consumer applications, but what excites me is how this can help people. A man who cannot speak communicates with sign language, but the average person doesn’t know that language. SixthSense, if equipped with speakers, can recognize the gestures and form the words – it will speak for him.
If you’re cast right you can actually just let yourself go because all your gestures will be right, all your intonations will be right because you just somewhere understand who this person is.
Susan Sullivan
I try to do romantic gestures all the time.
I don’t make big grand gestures, generally.
I honestly can’t think of many more truly romantic gestures than a really well-thought-through prenuptial agreement.
When you’re doing voice work, you’re in a bubble where you just think about the story and the words. They record you on video while you’re doing the voice work, so they capture how your face is moving and the gestures you make.
Be simple in words, manners, and gestures. Amuse as well as instruct. If you can make a man laugh, you can make him think and make him like and believe you.
Al Smith
We can’t equate spending on veterans with spending on defense. Our strength is not just in the size of our defense budget, but in the size of our hearts, in the size of our gratitude for their sacrifice. And that’s not just measured in words or gestures.
I’ve got a quick mouth, and I set my boundaries. Nothing ever happened that I couldn’t handle. Once when a guy came on stage making rude gestures, I hit him over the head with my guitar.
I have kids, so I can understand the image that footballers have. They are fans of some players; I see in their eyes. They admire and try to imitate their gestures, their words, their celebrations. They love Ronaldo and Messi. Since Euro 2016, though, they have no right to pronounce the name of Ronaldo!
My relationship with Pauline is special. She knows I will always be there to hold her hand. We have the same expressions and gestures. I tell her sometimes, ‘you are my mini me.’
Being sensitive to the problem of women is just another symptom of the quality of movies: I don’t think you can do anything that’s very sensitive. Everything’s sort of broad strokes and big gestures – adventure things that boys, guys want to see.
Comedy is more an art of body language and gestures – it is more a performance of an artist than the lines given to him/her.
I don’t believe in materialistic gifts and grand gestures.
Anybody cannot be a dancer. A dancer must have a certain posture, gestures, height, behaviour.
Let us lose none of their humble words, let us note their slightest gestures, and tell me, tell me that we will think of them together, now and later, when we realise the misery of the times and the magnitude of their sacrifice.
Georges Duhamel
I do think grand gestures are a hit and miss, especially for girls.
I believe what matters are facts and behaviours in our daily life rather than formal gestures.
I was worried in the ’80s that the best abstract painting had become obsessed with materiality, and painterly gestures and materiality were up against the wall.
Frank Stella
My family made big sacrifices but little gestures mean a lot. My sister took me to training when she was pregnant.
In Degas’s compositions with several dancers, their steps, postures and gestures often resemble the almost geometric, formal letters of an alphabet, whereas their bodies and heads are recalcitrant, sinuous and individual.
I think men know to seduce women though words and conversation and nice gestures. That’s much sexier than when a man uses muscle.
Language cannot describe the scene that followed; the shouts, oaths, frantic gestures, taunts, replies, and little fights; and therefore I shall not attempt it.
Augustus Baldwin Longstreet
The more words we are allowed to take, the freer we become. If our mouth is banned, then we attempt to assert ourselves through gestures, even objects. They are more difficult to interpret, and take time before they arouse suspicion.
If you sing a song of peace with enough gestures and grimaces, it becomes a war song.
Our vision is to allow users to search for content like movies, music, and songs with your voice or using gestures on the Kinect and sync that with your TV screen, phone, PC, or any other device.
I’m attracted to male gestures and sexuality.
We should be concerned about our immediate environment. Taking care of the leaking tap, not wasting water while washing hands, and other such gestures will go a long way in helping the environment.
For me, the challenge of a period film is that, unlike a contemporary film where the character can be very free-form when it comes to the acting, there’s a burden to acting in a period film because you have to stay within the character’s historical background and the gestures of certain periods.
I’m a very textural composer. I care a lot about textures and gestures. Electronics add so much to that. It’s like a flavor – it creates so much texture.
Du Yun
When you are at the bottom, you find beauty in such little things, and goodness in such little gestures. When I compare any struggle today to ones that I may have had in my childhood, there is nothing that can bring me down.
As much preparation as I had made for the old man Salieri, gestures and so on, the fact is after sitting for hours, your movements are kind of slow.
Without the meditative background that is criticism, works become isolated gestures, historical accidents, soon forgotten.
And I think you understand a little bit more why she falls for him. In a way, watching the French do anything is a little more fun because their gestures are different. And in that way, they make everything interesting.
Adrian Lyne
We created the ‘Like’ feature in FriendFeed because I realized that people wanted an easy way to let others know that they saw what their friends posted and appreciated it. Putting in those simple little gestures is very powerful.
Paul Buchheit
Sometimes in someone‘s gestures you can notice how a parent is somehow inhabiting that person without there being any awareness of that. Sometimes you can look at your hand and see your father.
‘S21’ was a film about corporeal memory and how the same gestures repeated many times years earlier can be reawakened.
A chimpanzee who is really gearing up for a fight doesn’t waste time with gestures but just goes ahead and attacks.
The ministers of Christ should possess refinement. All uncouth manners, attitudes and gestures should be discarded, and they should encourage in themselves humble dignity of bearing.
Madhuri has certain gestures which are typical of her. Make-up and the right hairdo might make me look similar to her, but my performance needs to be up to the mark.
Believe it or not, friendships are difficult to write in fiction. They can easily come across as forced, particularly if they involve too much explication and too many overt gestures of affection.
Steven Erikson
When I watch an actress say a line, I watch how they deliver the lines with gestures.
We are in the society of the teacher-judge, the doctor-judge, the educator-judge, the ‘social-worker’-judge; it is on them that the universal reign of the normative is based; and each individual, wherever he may find himself, subjects to it his body, his gestures, his behavior, his aptitudes, his achievements.
So much of what blacks and women contend with is centered in how we view, and how the world views, our bodies. Gestures, voices, affect.
I’m not, like, an English speaker, so I have confidence in my wrestling skills, also, like, body language, hand gestures, facial expressions. I put all of my emotion in my wrestling.
People think about history as all grand gestures or significant moments, but the most valuable lesson we can learn is the enduring legacy of the small, meaningful things in life.
Religion, art, and science flourish best in a free society. True, freedom does not afford much opportunity for grand gestures. It has little room for martyrs. But life is not supposed to be about dying well. It is about living well.
When men attempt bold gestures, generally it’s considered romantic. When women do it, it’s often considered desperate or psycho.
The minor choices we make are themselves a kind of vote. Our words and gestures, or their absence, count very much.
My first job had me miscast as a bubbly shopgirl; I was pathologically shy and, thus, tended to replace human speech with excessive head gestures. It was like being waited on by Harpo Marx.
I think empathy is romantic. I think humor is romantic. Kindness is romantic. I think those kind of gestures of caring and love are romantic.
I only tend to think of the week ahead, to keep my eye on the ball and question whether a full stop is in the right place. It’s easy to get distracted by the wrong things. If you start thinking of grand gestures, it’s going to be a lot of hot air. You have to be logical. The theatre is a very logical place.
Lee Hall
There is something in the micro-gestures in Australia that I just understand. It’s something I grew up with – how people interact, the slight differences in language and gestures, that I just understand and it puts me at ease.
Artists have different responsibilities in different eras. But at this point, I really feel like it’s all hands on deck. An artist that’s fiddle-faddling in opaque, gossamer gestures – I mean it’s fine to do that, totally fine, but there’s no time left. We don’t have the luxury of time anymore.
‘Andhadhun’ is the most challenging film and character. For playing the role, first and foremost I had to learn how to play the piano and then how to emulate gestures of a blind pianist.
Underlings look up to the boss for behavioral cues, subtle signs, hints and gestures.
When I was young, I liked to be acknowledged in class by little gestures such as a small red star for doing something good. Now that I’m older, I still want to be acknowledged for good work.
My parents had a pub and each Sunday there was an accordionist. They have told me that when I was in my cradle, I already was imitating the gestures of the musician.
Toots Thielemans
When you talk about objects, one other thing automatically comes attached to that thing, and that is gestures: how we manipulate these objects, how we use these objects in everyday life. We use gestures not only to interact with these objects, but we also use them to interact with each other.
If the sensitive washout has no taste for extreme gestures, total self-destruction, then his hope for singularity rests in his voice. Tone is everything.
I think it’s important to do a good job and not to feel that you’ve got to make grand gestures, but just to get on and deliver.
I like to read people’s gestures and implement them into my acting.
As an attorney, I could be rather flamboyant in court. I did not act as though I were a black man in a white man’s court, but as if everyone else – white and black – was a guest in my court. When trying a case, I often made sweeping gestures and used high-flown language.
I’m a career prosecutor. I have been trained, and my experience over decades, is to make decisions after a review of the evidence and the facts. And not to jump up with grand gestures before I’ve done that. Some might interpret that as being cautious. I would tell you that’s just responsible.
The late Seventies was the death of the manufacturing age in the United States. It was also a time when the Pictures Generation artists were getting started. They co-opted the language of advertising. The factory disappeared, and weirdly, so did the art object – it was the age of making gestures, not objects.
At the end of the day, I think that a lot of people saw how hard I worked. And I’ve gained a lot of respect from a lot of the fans, when they come out and see me, even people not from the United States, when they come out there and cheer me and give me heart gestures and cheer for U.S.A.
I don’t need to make political gestures or take steps to get re-elected.
I come from a place that likes grandeur; it likes large gestures. It is not inhibited by flourish. It is a rhetorical society. It is a society of physical performance. It is a society of style.
Bond, especially Connery’s Bond, was an existential hired gun with an aristocrat‘s tastes – just right for a time when class was a matter of brand names and insouciant gestures.
Small gestures can have a big impact.