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Gesture Quotes

We’ve collected the best Gesture Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Virginia Satir, Dave Filoni, Luis Videgaray Caso, Jiddu Krishnamurti, Anthony Bourdain. Use them as an inspiration.

Every word, facial expression, gesture, or action on the part of a parent gives the child some message about self-worth. It is sad that so many parents don’t realize what messages they are sending.
Virginia Satir
I think, sometimes with fans, what a lot of studios miss is it’s just the gesture: it’s the idea of knowing that they do matter, that we do care about what they think.
We obviously don’t like the idea of a wall. It’s not a friendly gesture. And my own personal opinion is that it might not even work for the purposes that it’s meant to work for.
It is violence when we use a sharp word, when we make a gesture to brush away a person. So violence isn’t merely organized butchery in the name of God, in the name of society or country. Violence is much more subtle, much deeper.
I often look ridiculous in Japan. There’s really no way to eat in Japan, particularly kaiseki in a traditional ryokan, without offending the Japanese horribly. Every gesture, every movement is just so atrociously wrong, and the more I try, the more hilarious it is.
Each single gesture of art must be daring. One must not be concerned with the side-effects.
Toni Servillo
When you do something for society, however big or small the gesture may be, you must tell people around you to follow it as an example.
I really like the structure of my body. It moves well, it looks good, it photographs well, it understands gesture and nuance.
Carrie Mae Weems
We see that every external motion, act, gesture, whether voluntary or mechanical, organic or mental, is produced and preceded by internal feeling or emotion, will or volition, and thought or mind.
Helena Blavatsky
Remembering people is the most fundamental gesture of love and respect. For me, there are people in my life who are no longer with me, who have died, who are with me as much as any living person because I remember everything about them. My great-uncle, who I got a lot of guidance in life from, meant so much to me.
Unfortunately, you cannot let your neck be kind of cut as a gesture for your neighbor, even if it’s a good neighbor.
There’s just no concept of layering a thick-sleeved sweater under a coat in L.A. A coat is more of a gesture than a necessity. You know, in case the temperature goes down to 55 degrees.
The smallest gesture can mean to much to those who may need a little lift in their lives.
I have always been surrounded by women with strong personality and feminine: my mother, my sister, my aunts, my friends. I am fascinated by the look they can have – simple details such as a step, a way of speaking, a gesture, a way of wearing a garment.
So many of the things I talk about in ‘Reality Hunger‘ seem to be the things that ‘The Thing About Life’ does – things like risk, contradiction, compression, mixing modes of attack from the memoristic gesture to data-crunching.
A poem in form still has to have voice, gesture, a sense of discovery, a metaphoric connection, as any poetry does.
Participation in and of itself is an act against hopelessness. Speaking up is a gesture against hopelessness.
As governor, when I visited our troops in Kuwait and Iraq, I served them Thanksgiving dinner. It was a small gesture compared to their sacrifice.
You’re telling me Beyonce is a revolutionary? Thirty years ago, you had those guys who raised their fists at the Olympic games, and they paid 30 years of their lives because of that gesture. And you’re telling me a superstar who put one fist in the air is a revolutionary? But that’s the superficiality of this time.
The gesture of taking the watch from the pocket and looking at the time is very elegant for a man, but if I was going to create a pocket watch, I wanted it to be very modern. I didn’t want to do old-fashioned.
Richard Mille
The highest of the world‘s mountains, it seems, has to make but a single gesture of magnificence to be the lord of all, vast in unchallenged and isolated supremacy.
George Leigh Mallory
The raised arm and the clenched hand was a symbol of unity with the fingers coming together and a symbol of strength. It was never – I don’t believe it was ever meant as a threatening gesture.
Peter Norman
Whether I’m doing a routine where I want to move people, or if I want to feel moved myself, I definitely tap into those moments where it’s not just dancing or movement. It might just be a hand gesture or just a slow look, or even just the way you slightly tip your head forward. These subtleties speak volumes.
For me, the ‘Three Stoppages’ was a first gesture liberating me from the past.
I am different because I have better schooling, better understanding of the line, gesture, how feet working, positions. They taught me modern things… and I wanted to give what I had: my schooling.
Natalia Makarova
I think it is the fact that birds are two-legged, like us, which gives them something of our balance and gesture and makes them nearer to us.
Most of the people who are given these Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame things sell millions of records, so it’s kind of like a trophy for them. But for the Ramones, it really was a symbolic gesture of, ‘Yes, you guys are special and are important to rock n’ roll.’ So in that sense, the Roll Hall of Fame served its purpose.
Postmodernism surely requires an even greater grasp of symbolism, as it’s increasingly an art of gesture alone.
Andrew Eldritch
I am dancing all the time. Every gesture, the body line of every pose, the way I get from place to place, the movement in the actingnone of it would be the way it is if I weren’t a dancer.
Ray Bolger
No two composers were more totally at home in front of the piano than Debussy and Chopin, hands to keys to strings to sound waves to pen and paper in one perfect gesture of inspiration.
Call it my little gesture toward social conscience, but I like to think I’m teaching a certain number of people to read. Now that sounds pretentious!
David Eddings
There is no question I owe Mia a great deal for adopting me. For that gesture, I still love her.
Soon-Yi Previn
If you want a symbolic gesture, don’t burn the flag; wash it.
Norman Thomas
Every gesture is a gesture from the blood, every expression a symbolic utterance… Everything is of the blood, of the senses.
Henry Williamson
Our cautious ancestors, when yawning, blocked the way to the entrance of evil spirits by putting their hands before their mouths. We find a reason for the gesture in the delicacy of manner which forbids an indecent exposure.
George Herbert Mead
While this debate today is a belated effort to inform the American people, it is nevertheless an empty gesture. It is time to admit our mistake in Iraq and begin to bring our troops home with honor.
Raul Grijalva
You know, in the WikiLeaks cables, the Chinese discovered that Kevin Rudd was urging the Americans to keep the military option open against them. This is hardly a friendly gesture.
Even the smallest gesture can make a huge difference.
In chess, there are some extremely beautiful things in the domain of movement, but not in the visual domain. It’s the imagining of the movement or of the gesture that makes the beauty in this case.
Have you ever heard a good joke? If you’ve ever heard someone just right, with the right pacing, then you’re already on the way to poetry. It’s about using words in very precise ways and using gesture.
These hands which stretch out, implore, beg, then rise to the head in a gesture of calamity.
Frederick Leboyer
It’s one of the most liberating things I experience in writingletting yourself get rid of a gesture or character or plot point that always nagged, even if you couldn’t admit to yourself that it did.
In mid-20th-century America, it could be argued that the novelist still had the most claim of anyone to omniscience. Whatever he/she couldn’t prove, he/she could gesture at.
I want to gesture toward a poetry of ourselves and others under the conditions of twenty-first-century absolutism, making us dimensional in a time when the human concrete is continually erased by state and religious violence and by disingenuous jargon serving state power.
In the end, the gesture of painting becomes almost meditative, like a ritual.
Shahzia Sikander
The Boomers have modeled a set of bad habits, and one grand gesture is not going to unwind all those bad habits.
I’ve learned that in the theater the story is everything. Every lyric, every line and every musical gesture has to propel the journey of a given character or the overall plot.
I want to be clear that I only share passages from the Bible as a gesture of love.
I used to cover track events for my radio show, and one day, as a thank you gesture, Bentley called me asked me whether I would like to test drive the Flying Spur. I was in dreamland.
Women are better at reading body language everywhere in the world. As a matter of fact, it’s associated with the female hormone estrogen. Women are better at figuring out of tone of voice, reading your face and posture and gesture.
How will decent people in the region ever believe in peace if Arab terrorists interpret every gesture of peace as a display of weakness and then act accordingly?
Tom Lantos
Each implementation of human effort, however minute the overall result may be, is summed up in the gesture of the sower – sometimes an awe-inspiring gesture.
Emile Galle
The essential gesture of the contemporary novel is to get people to turn the page, to entertain them, and I hate that. I want a novel where the gesture is towards existential investigation on every page. That, to me, is thrilling.
I was born deaf. I was raised in a hearing world and in a deaf world at the same time. I can’t say that I like one better than I like the other. I like them both. I speak pretty well; I gesture. If I don’t understand something, you know, pen and paper, texting. I use it all.
Sean Berdy
You can gesture at the transnational problem of Islamist terrorism all you like, but it’s just hot air unless you invest in proper security on the ground in your own country, with the right safeguards to civil liberties.
Giles Foden
And the purpose of small talk is not to be controversial, clever or even interesting. It’s simply to fill the silent void with a small gesture of common humanity. It’s a spoken smile, a verbal handshake.
The American birthright belongs, potentially, to everyone. This is unprecedented. Other countries accept migrants on the basis of economic necessity or as a humanitarian gesture. Only in America is it the direct consequence of our foundational ideals.
Few enjoy noisy overcrowded functions. But they are a gesture of goodwill on the part of host or hostess, and also on the part of guests who submit to them.
Fannie Hurst
For the theatre one needs long arms… an artiste with short arms can never make a fine gesture.
Sarah Bernhardt
The first several years of my life were used to upload incredible amounts of fear, and I just became afraid of everything. I was afraid of my parents, afraid of my classmates, afraid of the streets of Washington, D.C. I would flinch at every gesture.
For me, I always have looked at ‘indie‘ as a term of ‘independence.’ Never associated a sonic gesture with that in the same way that pop music has always meant ‘popular‘ to me; you know, it didn’t define a sound.
Sometimes when we think about femininity, we think also fragile. But I think you can be feminine and very strong. I think make-up goes with that femininity. I think it’s a natural gesture for women and one they do more for themselves than for others.
As far as my involvement in the Bajaj family affairs is concerned, it is a friendly gesture.
In a television interview, I said that diversity in our children‘s books should include the adventures of disabled children, travellers and gipsies, LGBT teens, different cultures, classes, colours, religions. It shouldn’t be a token gesture, nor do such stories need to be ‘issue-based’.
Music is the social act of communication among people, a gesture of friendship, the strongest there is.
Malcolm Arnold
The retrospective glance is a relatively easy gesture for us to make.
George Crumb
Why do people always gesture with their hands when they talk on the phone?
Every day I wake up and I really try to pinch myself to take advantage of today and to use that freedom of gesture to do what I really like to do.
If this gesture was the way of getting out of the penitentiary, I’d do it.
Lee J. Cobb