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German Quotes

We’ve collected the best German Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Conchita Wurst, Brendan Hunt, Jack Steinberger, Roy Hodgson, Franka Potente. Use them as an inspiration.

There’s a big difference between when I’m Tom and when I’m Conchita. Conchita uses very proper German; Tom talks in an Austrian dialect. Conchita gets mad if she is kept waiting; Tom is lazy.
It sounds cheesy, but have a hobby you like. Fill yourself with that, distract yourself, get away from it completely – go hiking, play scary German card games, or create things.
In 1934, the American Jewish charities offered to find homes for 300 German refugee children. We were on the SS Washington, bound for New York, Christmas 1934.
Jack Steinberger
I can get by quite well in Italian or German, though if the discussion got to a high level, I’d run out of vocabulary. I’m stronger in French and Swedish.
People look at me as an exotic person, which is great, because whatever Hollywood is, it seems very dogmatic to me, especially when you’re a woman. But I always get excused because I’m German.
Russians call me German, Germans call me Russian, Jews call me a Christian, Christians a Jew.
Anton Rubinstein
Based on German prototypes, green walls and roofs are a natural idea in Singapore‘s tropical environment, where mosses, ferns, philodendrons, orchids and other epiphytes literally grow on trees.
I have seen and drawn dying, poisoned worlds. I published a book of drawings called ‘Death of Wood’ about one such world, on the border between the Federal Republic of Germany and what was then still the German Democratic Republic.
I feel privileged to have grown up in Germany so it was a heavy blow for me to be portrayed as somebody who isn’t integrated and who doesn’t live his life according to German values.
Consideration of any kind are a crime against the German people and the soldier at the front.
Wilhelm Keitel
In World War II, a British mathematician named Alan Turing led the effort to crack the Nazis’ communication code. He mastered the complex German enciphering machine, helping to save the world, and his work laid the basis for modern computer science. Does it matter that Turing was gay?
I’m from Limburg, near the German border.
I was away in France, as I was studying French and German, and a friend of mine bumped into a guy called Richard Curtis, who was producing the Oxford Revue that year. Two people had dropped out and he asked me to step in.
Angus Deayton
As a German, in view of the history of World War II and the terrible deeds of the Nazi period, I feel a special obligation to help as much as I can to develop European-Israeli relations and thus contribute to ensuring Israel’s future and existence.
I hope that the German people will never again make the mistake of believing that because the American people are peace-loving, they will sit back hoping for peace if any nation uses force or the threat of force to acquire dominion over other peoples and other governments.
On my mother’s side, I’m English, so that’s where the freckles come from. On my father’s side, I’m German, and he has the fantastic olive hues… I was given mum‘s skin, whereas my brothers and sisters were given my dad‘s skin. I do tan up quite well, but it takes me a bit longer.
Dan Feuerriegel
European operetta and German singspiel provided the American musical its combination of spoken dialogue and song; the inclusion of dance traced a lineage to French baroque opera. But what a difference!
It is particularly moving, and I can say this also as a Protestant Christian, that a German – one of us – has been made Pope.
Horst Koehler
My father, Reginald Francois, was a D-Day veteran. He never submitted to bullying by any German, and neither will his son.
Mark Francois
Thirty percent of Americans have German blood in their family. I don’t see any major difference in the engineering abilities of Americans and Germans.
Great architects like Taut, Mendelsohn, and Gropius built some astonishing buildings which were to change the way architects around the world thought. Brecht and Weill forever changed musical theatre; Kaethe Kollwitz and others changed German perceptions of the purposes of art.
I’m all self-taught. I never had a teacher. Even for English, and French, and German, I hardly went to school.
When I went to Germany, all I knew were German swear words.
I speak French, German, English, and Dutch, and I can say a few words in Spanishnone of these languages have anything to do with Valyrian.
It’s a challenge, but every single German or Canadian I want to beat, I still have to love them. That means competing the way God wants me to compete and helping my opponents if they have a need.
The Fuhrer alone is the present and future German reality and its law. Learn to know ever more deeply: from now on every single thing demands decision, and every action responsibility.
Brodsky was born in May, 1940, a year before the German invasion. His mother worked as an accountant; his father was a photographer and worked for the Navy Museum in Leningrad when Brodsky was young. They were doting parents and much beloved by Iosif Brodsky, who was their only child.
Rammstein’s music demands German lyrics.
Till Lindemann
In fact I enjoyed every minute of my life at King’s, especially the discovery of French and German literature.
Patrick White
My family history, like that of many Polish, German and Jewish families from Central Europe in the 20th century, is complex.
Donald Tusk
Sweden is a small country, and a Swedish writer can barely make a living as an author. We were able to quit our jobs as journalists only after we had been translated into, among others, German.
Maj Sjowall
In the German concentration camps, Jews wore yellow stars while homosexuals wore pink lambdas.
The cliches that circulate in the German media about Joachim Sauer are a total fallacy. The fact is that he’s his own man. He’s witty, he’s profound, he can be incredibly funny, and he’s an extremely bright guy.
I studied classical opera, so I was always singing in Italian and German and French.
Wang Leehom
I speak five languages: English, Swedish, French, Italian, and German.
More reforms will give more impetus to German industries to invest in India. German companies want to be treated on par with Indian companies, and creation of an equitable market is crucial for investments.
Playing in the German Bundesliga gave me the platform to excel in my football career.
I lived in Germany from when I was 6 until I was 10, so, of course, I played soccer. When I came back to the States, nobody played soccer, and none of the schools taught German, so I couldn’t continue to excel in those categories.
Tom Arnold and I, we have a huge firefight scene on top of a German tank. I get to shoot 50 caliber rounds. We shoot a helicopter out of the sky. That’s the only fight I’m in.
I was very lucky: I started acting in this highly subsidized German theater world, so there was not so much job insecurity. We had great working conditions, long rehearsal times, well paid.
When I was younger, my mother wanted me to look like Claudia Schiffer. I was like, ‘We’re not even German, but all right.’
My whole first season was surreal. My first game was against Detlef Schrempf. There was German media everywhere. It was probably my worst NBA game. It was all a blur.
When we were told Brexit meant taking back powers for Parliament, no one told my constituents this meant the French parliament and the German parliament, not our own.
I have won the most national titles as a German, so what should I do after that? Lay back and take it easy? That’s not how I am.
People always think that the worst time of my life must have been after the German Grand Prix crash in 1976, which put me in a coma and left me with severe burns. But it wasn’t.
I can speak a bit of German.
When I’m in England, I know I’m a visitor, but being a white man in England with ancestry that’s German and Italian, I have a history with the Romans and the Saxons. I feel some connection and ancestry here, as weird as that sounds.
Somehow, German just vanished at some point. We already started at an early stage to translate our albums, and at some point, we started to write only in English.
We couldn’t generalize on the people. Some of them were known to be tough guys and they didn’t say much, but some of them were kind of soft-headed, but they did that. That was an East German film.
New York is the opposite of East Germany, the crown of individuality. That’s why I can work well here and find out what I personally think of the pieces I’m learning. I can lay aside all the baggage of German education. In any case, whatever I do, I can’t lose it altogether.
Jan Vogler
The dark outside world of Paris under German occupation exerted a strong containing pressure.
Gerard Debreu
The United States dollar took another pounding on German, French and British exchanges this morning, hitting the lowest point ever known in West Germany.
Gordon Sinclair
The German car industry has a clear vision of the necessity of stability in the continent that goes beyond selling cars. For Germany, the economy is an instrument in a much wider issue of stability in continental Europe and overcoming the mistakes of the past.
I can be incredibly stubborn and I’m not sure how that reflects in my looks. The family name is German and translates as donkey! If I think I’m right, I hope I don’t seem grumpy.
The joke about SAP has always been, it’s making ’50s German manufacturing methodology, implemented in 1960s software technology, delivered to 1970-style manufacturing organizations, like, it’s reallyyeah, the incumbency – they are still the lingering hangover from the dot-com crash.
I was shooting a German movie, ‘Whatever Happens,’ at the time, and I got the call from my agent asking me to self-tape for ‘Blade Runner.’ That was a no-brainer. I loved the original, and Rutger Hauer was a national hero, and he did such a good job in it.
Under no stretch of imagination can war be regarded as an ethical process; yet war, force, terror, and propaganda were the evolutionary means employed to weld the German people into a tribal whole.
In the ’90s, there was a big wrestling boom in Switzerland with Hulk Hogan, the Ultimate Warrior, and all those guys. It was on television in Switzerland on a German TV station for a year or so. That’s when I saw wrestling for the first time. I was in the fifth or sixth grade and was a fan of it right away.
A university anywhere can aim no higher than to be as British as possible for the sake of the undergraduates, as German as possible for the sake of the public at large-and as confused as possible for the preservation of the whole uneasy balance.
Clark Kerr
In German science, we have a special problem. We lose talented women at the time they get pregnant. Some of it occurs because they are encouraged – by their husbands, bosses and the government – to take long maternity leaves.
Christiane Nusslein-Volhard
I’m German in my mind, but from a Germany that doesn’t exist any more.
The German journalists still ring me and ask me to come back because without me their newspapers are empty – but I’m happy for that.
The only thing the East German system taught us was that we should never do it that way again.
Since the German people, with unparalleled heroism, but also at the cost of fearful sacrifices, has waged war against half the world, it is our right and our duty to obtain safety and independence for ourselves at sea.
Bernhard von Bulow
My father came from Germany. My mom came from Venezuela. My father’s culturally German, but his father was Japanese. I was raised in New York and spent two years in Rio. My parents met at the University of Southern Mississippi, and they had me there, and then we moved to New York. I’m not very familiar with Mississippi.
The previous year it had taken England all their time to beat the full German team in an international and I had taken with me the programme from that match.
Dixie Dean
I’m German! Actually, I love my countr, ;I love the language. The German language is very special because it is so precise. There is a word for everything. There are so many wonderful words that other languages don’t have. It is impressive to have such a rich language, and I love to work in that language.
As a German citizen, as a German professor, and as a political person, I hold it to be not only my right but also my moral duty to take part in the shaping of our German destiny, to expose and oppose obvious wrongs.
Kurt Huber
I started formal piano training when I was 4. From there I had little violas, and I had dancing lessons of every sort and description, and painting lessons. I had German. And shorthand.
Over 30 years ago, Airbus was founded by a European consortium of French, German, and later Spanish and British companies to compete in the large commercial aircraft industry with U.S. companies.
Norm Dicks
When he was twenty-three or twenty-four my father began to learn German and read philosophy in his spare hours, which did not look as though he were destined to remain long on board ship!
Edward Carpenter
The Nazi period could have happened only in Germany because the German education of obedience to any law and order was the main problem.
Heinrich Boll
Learning German will be always kind of hard to me. But I’m getting the basics right.
I don’t think I have enough German blood in me to get into the royal family.
With respect to the respective French and German traditions you are no doubt correct, although I am reluctant to see individual achievement reduced to archetypes.
I’m third generation. I was born in Germany, grew up in Germany, and many of my friends are German. I love playing for Germany. I’m proud I can play for the national team.
Nudity is no big deal as a German. It’s all rather normal and boring.
Italian is the language of song. German is good for philosophy and English for poetry. French is best at precision; it has a rigour to it.
Maurice Druon
I grew up on a farm in Pennsylvania, where my parents raised German shepherds – we had about 30 dogs at any given time.
Overcoming the Cold War required courage from the people of Central and Eastern Europe and what was then the German Democratic Republic, but it also required the steadfastness of Western partner over many decades when many had long lost hope of integration of the two Germanys and Europe.
‘The White Ribbon‘ had to be in German because of the subject matter, that was clear. But in the case of ‘Amour,’ it could have taken place in any country.
All German women are beautiful.
After the outbreak of war, in April 1940, we left Geneva with our three children aged 4 years, 2 years and 2 weeks only to become part of the disordered refugee crowds fleeing across France from the German army.
James Meade
I think we were born 6 feet tall and then started to grow from there. My dad’s not particularly tall – only 5 feet, 11 inches – but his mother was almost 6 feet and straight as a ramrod: a German woman who used to scare the hell out of me.
Peter Graves
More particularly, having a largely German-oriented education has made me very responsive to 19th-century German literature.
Germany has reduced savagery to a science, and this great war for the victorious peace of justice must go on until the German cancer is cut clean out of the world body.
My first endeavor was to save the core of the German system of justice: the independent judiciary.
Hans Frank
My father is German; my mother is African-American. Growing up, I visited my grandparents in Berlin a lot. I would not see any other person of color for three weeks. People would stare. They would say things like, ‘Oh, you look like chocolate – I want to eat you up!’
My family is from Russia and Poland. We never had that thing with the German Jews.
Reduced to a miserable mass level, the level of a Hitler, German Romanticism broke out into hysterical barbarism.
Bands like Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream, who I respect, have a very robotic, dehumanised approach. They’re almost an apology for machines. It’s very German.
I am half Puerto Rican, a quarter German and a quarter black. That was always a big issue for me – being mixed race – because casting directors tended to be very like, ‘OK, are you Hispanic for this role?’ ‘Or is she going to be African American?’
Naya Rivera
We went to London, did our first video, ‘Girl You Know It’s True.’ We produced it for $50,000 – our producer put up the money. And we said to the people in Germany, ‘I am from New York, he is from Miami. We are Americans.’ And I hide it that I’m born in Munich, that I’m German.
I grew up in the small German village of Bosingen, which is located between Black Forest and the state capital of Stuttgart. And when I say small, I mean small. In our village, there were no more than 1,700 people. And we all loved football, but there weren’t a lot of places for us boys around town to play in.
In the late 1980s the amount of German films was down to four or five percent of the market, and the remaining 95 percent were American. It is now 20 to 30 percent German productions.
It has since been agreed that speeches given in English will be translated into French and vice versa, and even into German and Italian when necessary. No doubt translations into Esperanto will also soon be in demand.
My favorite exhibition of all time was at The Met years ago, called ‘Glitter and Doom: German Portraits from the 1920s.’
Jan Vogler
English may be the fastest moving language in the world, but there are plenty of concepts, sensations and everyday occurrences which lack a pithy word to describe them. Take the clunkiness of ‘the day before yesterday‘ and ‘the day after tomorrow‘: German provides single words for both.
The German Bundesliga is very interesting for me because I was born and brought up in Germany. I’ve never worked in the Bundesliga so that makes it more exciting.
I know that a lot of German clubs are unhappy with the Premier League clubs’ spending, but I think it is something good for all clubs in the end.
But the European Union does not have a concept of national identity. It was set up to abolish that idea, not to abolish German national identity because that was trying to save itself.
Nobody speaks German outside of Germany.
Till Lindemann
I went to Salford Tech. They did a two-year performing arts course. I went there singing and dancing – I had a terrible time. I turned up in green dungarees and German power boots. I was into prog rock at the time – Gong and Hawkwind – and I was clumping around.
I have often heard the statement made by foreign singers, as a demonstrated fact, that the German artists are artists in feeling indeed, and serious in their devotion, but that their singing is crude.
Anton Seidl
You need a lot of words to say anything in German.
The German Air Force was not sufficient to protect the sea crossing on its own. While the leading part of the forces might have landed, there was the danger that they might be cut off from supplies and reinforcements.
Gerd von Rundstedt
How can German music not be represented by an article?
Wassily Kandinsky
As I, as a worker, came to know them, the aims of German trade unions were political, and there were a number of various trade unions with varied political views.
Fritz Sauckel
The best thing I can think of would be to create a union between something as beautiful and powerful and wonderful as Hollywood films and a criticism of the status quo. That’s my dream, to make such a German film.
Rainer Werner Fassbinder
I saw ‘The War Wagon‘ with John Wayne and Kirk Douglas, but it was dubbed into German. And it had Japanese subtitles and then this little strip with some Spanish words, and I’ve never forgotten that weird image. It was so magical and funky.
Freedom from militarism will give the German people the opportunity, if they will but seize it, to apply their great energies and abilities to the works of peace.
When I was elected to head the German government, I was fortunate enough to find a partner in Francois Mitterrand.
In fact, it is amazing how much European films – Italian, French, German and English – have recovered a certain territory of the audience in their countries over the last few years.
I taught myself German and psychology. Learning about psychology really helped me understand myself and the others around me and it helped keep me sane.
I don’t think German films have to be heavy or intellectual the way they sometimes used to be.
Til Schweiger
There are 1600 German companies active in India, and some of them are more than 100 years old. Our companies value India as a location for manufacturing and as a market.
There’s more than a few remnants left in German welfare policy today. Many Germans eagerly condemn Hitler’s fascism but won’t examine the other reasons why the Third Reich succeeded for a season.
German accents and Hassidic accents aren’t that romantic. They’re more harsh. Although Hebrew, when spoken by certain people, sounds beautiful. There’s this beautiful woman I know who speaks Hebrew, and when she speaks, it’s so attractive. Maybe it’s who’s speaking it.
Well, my first languages are German and Spanish because I was brought up by a Spanish mother and a German father, so I always spoke both languages at home. I’m very thankful that I was brought up in a bilingual house.
Listeners will wonder what an Englishman is doing on the German radio tonight. You can imagine that before taking this step I hoped that someone better qualified than me would come forward.
John Amery
I’ve lived for 10 years in Switzerland, so I speak German.
If I were king of the world, babies born in airplanes, balloons and blimps would, instead of choosing to be German, Maldivian or American, all get special heavenly blue passports with a stork on the cover labeled ‘Sky Baby‘ – and they’d be allowed to come and go anywhere they please.
Robert Krulwich
That Germany was so immensely strong and Austria so dependent upon German strength that the word and will of Germany would at the critical moment be decisive with Austria.
Edward Grey
The first reactions from Germany and German industry was quite negative. People right from the start were saying that we will steal technology and take it away and move the plant to India and use low cheap labor to compete.
I said, yet again, for Germany, Europe is not only indispensable, it is part and parcel of our identity. We’ve always said German unity, European unity and integration, that’s two parts of one and the same coin. But we want, obviously, to boost our competitiveness.
It’s maybe hard to believe, but as a kid I really had a lot of self-doubts. My father was very ill – he was an alcoholic – so there were a lot of things that built up for me. And because I was going to a Catholic school in a small German town, a lot of it was suppressed. I was angry and didn’t know how to get it out.
I am very proud to be the captain of the German national team.
As for the role of France and Germany: French politics is often more self-confident then German politics due to the catastrophe in the first half of the last century. If Berlin and Paris don’t agree, then it is difficult to make progress in Europe.
American economists can’t understand the German fear of inflation and the effects of inflation when dealing with the world economic crisis. They wonder why Germany pursues such a different course – ‘Why can’t they agree with us?’ I would have thought it was fairly obvious.
The German people were not denied, however, the possibility of improving their lot by hard work over the years. Industrial growth and progress were not denied them.
When I first heard Kraftwerk, I thought they were an American band singing in German.
If you analyze the German league, the Spanish league, the Italian league, there are two or three teams that stand out above the rest, and the other teams have a regular level.
A German firm called Friendsurance relies on people forming their own groups, which apply peer pressure to keep claims and costs lower. The result is refunded premiums for customers and profit for the company.
John Gerzema
I speak German, Turkish and English perfectly. And I can communicate in Russian.
My office has a view of low-cost housing, old East German prefabricated apartment buildings. It isn’t an attractive view, but it’s very helpful, because it reminds me to ask myself, whenever there is a decision to be made, whether the people who live there can afford our decisions.
We don’t know how to actually code, but I wish that I did. It’s so much harder than anyone could possibly imagine – it’s like learning German.
Matthaus is a legend of the German game and he can say whatever he wants.
Very little changed fundamentally, except that the proud German soldier had turned into a defeated bundle of misery and the great German army had disintegrated.
George Grosz
I always thought those World War II films with German people speaking English with German accents was weird.
I’ve seen elbows that broke eye sockets. I’ve seen a German goalkeeper just level a French guy. His teammates thought he was dead lying on the ground. This was in 1982 at my first World Cup. But a bite is outside any kind of contact collision: dirty foul play. A bite is a bite.
The Germans have done wonderful work. Not long ago, a German battle group battalion conducted a very impressive counterinsurgency operation in a portion of Baghlan province. I think these are the first counterinsurgency operations conducted by any German element after World War II. And they did a very impressive job.
I herewith commission you to carry out all preparations with regard to… a total solution of the Jewish question in those territories of Europe which are under German influence.
Hermann Goering
When I raced with Mercedes, I thought I’d learn German. But my wife didn’t want to live in Germany.
Juan Manuel Fangio
German and European unification are two sides of the same coin.
I write entirely in English; Tagalog chauvinists chide me for this. I feel no guilt in doing so. But I am sad that I cannot write in my native Ilokano. History demanded this; if it isn’t English I am using now, I would most probably be writing in Spanish like Rizal, or even German or Japanese.
We have to change the way we coach kids in the long-term so that by the time they hit 16, they are better than the Spanish, French, and German players. That is the big challenge, but the No. 1 criteria for me has always been how you are technically judged, from the age of eight, not size or power.
I taught principally German language and literature at Eton. But any master with private pupils must be prepared to teach anything they ask for. That can be as diverse as the early paintings of Salvador Dali or how bumblebees manage to fly.
Germans don’t speak in a German accent, they just speak German.
I used to wear the German shirt with such pride and excitement, but now I don’t. I feel unwanted and think that what I have achieved since my international debut in 2009 has been forgotten.
I’ve been a fan of ‘Survivor‘ for a long time. I even applied for a season. I made a really stupid audition tape. For some reason, I thought if I spoke in a German accent, whoever was casting would think it was funny and put me on the show. But that didn’t work!
I’m more Filipino than I am German. I guess I shouldn’t be ashamed to say that.
German and English firms operate internationally, while French firms do not. The only place where they all have work is in China. Anybody can sell himself in China!
My friends often tell me how very German I still am.
When has there ever been a government in German history that came to the people and revealed its detailed plans for the coming years? That could not happen before, since German governments planned war and conquest.
Walter Ulbricht
Until the late 1950s Britain‘s leaders were slow to appreciate the social and economic value of motorways. The first stretch of German Autobahn had opened before the first world war, as did the first highway in the U.S. Other countries followed suit in the inter-war years.
I feel German, that’s for sure. I grew up in Germany, I went to school in Germany and most of my friends are there. I play for Germany.
English policy may not yet have made the definite decision to attack us; but it doubtless wishes, by all and every means, even the most extreme, to hinder every further expansion of German international influence and of German maritime power.
Bernhard von Bulow
I obtained a Woodrow Wilson Doctoral Fellowship and entered the graduate program in History at the University of California. With no Greek or French and minimal Latin and German, I was in no position to pursue my classical interests, so I began work at Berkeley with little more than an open mind.
Robert Lucas, Jr.
We should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity. We weren’t punctilious about locating and punishing only Hitler and his top officers. We carpet-bombed German cities; we killed civilians. That’s war. And this is war.
I think if German literature could survive the ’40s and Russian literature could survive Sovietism, American literature can survive Google.
It’s true that many of the best-known composers were German or Austrian, but we should remember how good the music tradition is in Britain, too, because it has an informality and a fluidity that should really be celebrated.
I would be absolutely delighted if I were to have a career similar to that of Schweinsteiger, both at club and international level. We all know what he has done for German football. It is an honour to be likened to him.
My eldest daughter Hiziya always makes fun of my German, and I laugh with her. I did not learn the language in school, but in my daily life, from other people.
The earth is bountiful, and where her bounty fails, nitrogen drawn from the air will refertilize her womb. I developed a process for this purpose in 1900. It was perfected fourteen years later under the stress of war by German chemists.
I have two dogs, a springer spaniel and a German shepherd. One of them’s name is Nolan Arenado.
My grandmother – my mother’s mother – was a German Jewish refugee, an only child who came here from Berlin in 1936 at the age of 17.
When I started in government, I said that children who come here should take German classes before they start regular classes so they can follow what the teachers say. I said it should be possible to be a believing Muslim and a proud Austrian at the same time.
Spotting a rare bird is never worth the bite of a cur. Once bitten by a German shepherd, I knew that I preferred cats, even if they are bird-killers. Life is long enough for more than one chance at a rare bird.
Jurgen Klopp is Shankly reincarnated in a German body, because he gets the people.
All dogs can become aggressive, but the difference between an aggressive Chihuahua and an aggressive pit bull is that the pit bull can do more damage. That’s why it’s important to make sure you are a hundred percent ready for the responsibility if you own a ‘power’ breed, like a pit bull, German shepherd, or Rottweiler.
Rainer Maria Rilke was admittedly not a Dockers tagger, but a sort of European equivalent: a German poet – in many respects, a charlatan masquerading as a genius who turned out to be a genius.
Most American fascists are enthusiastically supporting the war effort. They are doing this even in those cases where they hope to have profitable connections with German chemical firms after the war ends.
From each one of them rose separate columns of smoke, meeting in a pall overhead, and through the smoke came stabbing flashes of fire as German shells burst with thudding shocks of sound. This was the front line of battle.
Philip Gibbs
It is my great good luck the words I use are English words, which means I live in a very old nation of open borders; a rich, deep, multi-layered, promiscuous universe, infused with Latin, German, French, Greek, Arabic and countless other tongues.
Growing up I definitely, definitely had a bunch of things of, ‘Um, am I black enough?’ – and I guess specifically, ‘Am I German enough?’ Why are we measuring blackness?
I scored a movie called ‘Endangered Species‘. I worked on another movie called ‘Staying Alive‘. A German film called ‘Fire and Ice’.
I grew up with WWE and New Japan, but when I started traveling to Germany, I had the chance to train with people like Christian Eckstein and Tony St. Clair. They were two of the cornerstones of the German ‘beer tent‘ wrestling era, when they’d have 30-day tournaments in the same town.
The recent riots in France demonstrate the problem European countries face where second and third generation immigrants still do not consider themselves French, German, or English.
The intellectual bourgeois of the old Empire – tepid and unimaginative, mentally slow, arrogant, and incorrectly trained – has proven his incapacity to be the bearer of German culture. His benumbed world is now toppled, its spirit is overthrown, and is in the midst of being recast into a new mold.
I am waiting for the day when the German Bundestag debates the violation of human rights in Saudi Arabia.
I went to Bethlehem in Christmas 2015 to do a television show for German TV and we filmed in the Church of the Nativity, literally above the place where Christ was born.
Six-hundred-page biographies of German theologians aren’t known to fly off the shelves.
I thought it was quintessentially American – very hip, very late-’60s. I was absolutely stunned when a German production company asked me if I could do a ‘Sesame Street‘ in Germany. It was absolutely the happiest surprise.
Joan Ganz Cooney
While writing ‘The Orientalist,’ I played a soundtrack that alternated between ragtime and Azeri mugams, Russian operas and German and Italian pop songs from the 1920s and 30s. When I finally finished, I gorged on all my music from the 1960s, 70s, and 80s.
I have to make sure I don’t eat too much chocolate. You can’t imagine how hard that is for a German to not eat chocolate.
I discovered that I didn’t want to be strict like a German composer.
People in the West tend to identify with western victims. So even when they think about the Holocaust, they really think about the German or French victims; they’re not thinking about the Polish, Hungarian, or Soviet victims.
Ninety percent of the members of the Academy of German Law were not members of the Party.
Hans Frank
Consider well this fact: As long as the German people does not arise and use force directed by its own will, the assassination of the people will continue.
Karl Liebknecht
I cooked for the two Popes that were here. Pope Francis I cooked for and Pope Benedict before him. Pope Benedict is German. And I did a little research – his mother was a chef.
The German ueber-photographer Andreas Gursky was the perfect pre-9/11 artist.
I’m ashamed to be German.
Basically, fundamentalism is a modern phenomenon. In the same way that Hitler evoked a mythological religion of German purity and the glory of the past, the Islamists use religion to evoke emotions and passions in people who have been oppressed for a long time in order to reach their purpose.
And imagine where we’d be today if President Franklin Roosevelt had owned apartment buildings in Frankfurt and Berlin. You know, some of us might be speaking German.
‘Gulabo Sitabo’ is the biggest release for me. The film is going to 203 countries simultaneously and it is successfully being subtitled in 20 languages including Portuguese, German, Spanish, Russian, French and many more.
Growing up in Switzerland, you learn German pretty much from day one in school. You learn French and Italian as well. I took English as an extra language because I figured that was the language of the world.
The Spanish and German leagues are of a very high standard. Along with the Premier League, they are probably the best.
At the German FA, they don’t like criticism.
I still have a pretty lively audience in German and across Europe. And I continue to say, ‘Thank you, God,’ for making me smart enough to avoid getting hit by trucks and going out and finding myself an audience abroad. Which includes Asia – from Jakarta to Japan. Working hard at finding an audience abroad.
I was sort of mute when I went to art school. There were two girls there who thought I was German because I only grunted.
I live on the margin of just about everything. I’m a marginal person, and I think that is where I’ve become comfortable. I’m marginally there in my native life. I can do as much as I can, but I’m always German, too, you know, and I’m always a mother. That’s my first identity, but I’m always a writer, too.
Our only president who has died as U.S. commander in chief in war is Franklin Delano Roosevelt – who died of a cerebral hemorrhage or massive stroke on April 12, 1945, only three weeks before the unconditional surrender of the German armed forces he had laid down as implacable Allied policy two years before.
I played on a line with Theo Fleury and German Titov, and I was actually center on their line.
There is a word in German, called gerechterweise, which means fairness. I need to be fair, it’s just the part of my personality.
Israel has said many times – and I also said this to German television in an interview – that we will not be the first country that introduces nuclear weapons to the Middle East.
German writers in the late 18th century were the first to uphold a prickly, literary nationalism, in reaction to the then dominance and prestige of French literature.
Most people have no imagination. If they could imagine the sufferings of others, they would not make them suffer so. What separated a German mother from a French mother?
Ernst Toller
My father was a German architect and graphic designer, who travelled all over the world, teaching teachers on how to teach. On one such visit to the Max Mueller Bhavan in Delhi, he met my mother.
I used to lie in bed and imagine I was performing at the Albert Hall, not that I’d ever been there. I took lessons with a German teacher when I was quite young. But it turned out I had a very high soprano voice, which I didn’t like at all.
After World War I, while France and other Allies were building military defenses modeled on trench warfare, German commanders were shaping a nimble fighting force.
When I was in Paris, all of the German refugees began to flow in and it was a very sad time.
You talk about German technocracy and you get automobiles.
Gordon Sinclair
I listen to lots of music, especially Bach, opera (all periods), German lieder, chamber music, and rock, old and new. I can’t listen to music while I write. It’s too absorbing.
Cheryl Mendelson
I learned to say ‘hello‘ in German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Chinese, Indonesian, and Italian – languages of the countries I’ve visited.
An appeal to fear never finds an echo in German hearts.
Otto von Bismarck
German predominance is not all-encompassing. In foreign affairs and military matters, for instance, France and Britain still play a much bigger role. But across a large swathe of European policy, Germany has become much more than a first among equals.
Having achieved such signal successes in the east, Russia and Roumania being both disposed of, the German leaders planned a campaign designed to crush Italy.
Kelly Miller
I’m very lucky, because it’s a combination of the German, the Hebrew, the Swiss, the French, and that accent helped because as soon as people heard it they knew it was me.
The Cinquecento was an engine of motivation at Fiat. It refurbished the image of the entire company. It’s a symbol for the company, but it’s more than that. It’s a global Italian symbol, as Mini is a global British symbol and the Beetle is a global German symbol.
Ozil is a great player. He’s the brain of the German national team.
Some refugees will find it relatively easy to find jobs. A university-educated Syrian civil engineer arriving in Munich will need to learn some German, but once this is done, he or she is unlikely to have to wait too long before employers come knocking.
The first song I remember listening to in a language other than German was ‘Goldfinger,’ by Shirley Bassey. I was seven years old at the time and I had no idea which language it was or who the lady was singing it, but it touched me and I realised that it was the sort of music I liked.
All sensible Army people turned gas warfare down as being utterly insane since, in view of your superiority in the air, it would not be long before it would bring the most terrible catastrophe upon German cities, which were completely unprotected.
Albert Speer
I think that, certainly, most of my operatic roles are in German. I think it happened because, of course, I was lucky in that I was invited to sing, first of all, my operatic debut in Berlin at the Deutsche Oper Berlin, which was West Berlin at the time.
My mother tongue is German.
Though German art can never be Bavarian, but simply German, yet Munich is the capital of this German Art; here, under shelter of a Prince who kindles my enthusiasm, to feel myself a native and member of the people was, to me, the homeless wanderer, a deep, a genuine need.
It was 1988, and I was just finishing a D.Phil at Oxford University on the topic of ‘Nietzsche and German Idealism.’
Temporarily in 1934 I became a department head in the German Labor Front and dealt with the improvement of labor conditions in German factories. Then I was in charge of public works on the staff of Hess. I gave up both these activities in 1941.
Albert Speer
Something new has happened: For the first time in German history our fatherland is guided by a plan that considers only the needs of the people, and aims at building prosperity and reconstructing of our fatherland.
Walter Ulbricht
German is more familiar now since I live part of the year in Rome and part in the German part of Switzerland. But it’s not difficult to sing in German; it’s difficult to feel in German. This takes time. It’s a culture.
It so happened that I was on a German sailing vessel on the way to Australia when the ship was captured, and on the high seas I was made prisoner by the French.
Fritz Sauckel
I have German Shepherds that I train and have brought back to Germany. I love going there.
Ted Shackelford
I’m just as happy to be Polish as I am to be German.
German football is very different to football in South America.
My mother was from upstate New York; she’s of Irish and German descent. My father was from Ghana.
For me, it was pretty hard to go into the studio and sing English for the first time, because I always sung in German, and we’ve been making music for seven years and it’s always been in German.
When I was growing up, I worried that people would dismiss me as a boring swot because I always had my nose in a vocabulary book – usually in French or German.
It is hard finding clothes that fit. At the German Vogue shoot most of the clothes were undone at the back.
The English game is not faster than the German game. Perhaps there are a few more sprints. But there is a different style of football here, partially due to the weather.
I’m getting to enjoy the mentality of the British, the sarcasm, the dry humour. There are so many more ways of articulating yourself than in German.
Warsaw‘s historic heart was deliberately almost entirely destroyed towards the end of the Second World War by the German occupying troops. After the war, it was painstakingly rebuilt and that reconstruction is perceived as expressing the nation’s determination to survive, to conserve its history and its culture.
I’ve worked with a lot of ‘American Idols‘ over there and I’ve worked with the ‘German Idol’ winner and had songs on ‘Australian Idol.’ It’s a place for songs. ‘The X Factor’ U.K. is the holy grail.
I am not a German bitter-ender. I am, though, a German never-forgetter.
I’ve got two little dogs, a little Chihuahua-Pomeranian I’ve had for about eight years – his name is Oliver – and a miniature German Schnauzer I’ve had for about seven years. They’re like little brothers.
Serious drama in a significant degree began at Harvard in the 1880s. In 1881, the Cercle Francais initiated the annual French play, and shortly afterwards the German and Spanish clubs added their productions.
J. Anthony Lukas
It is not in the interest of the German people or in the interest of world peace that Germany should become a pawn or a partner in a military struggle for power between the East and the West.
Few developments central to the history of art have been so misrepresented or misunderstood as the brief, brave, glorious, doomed life of the Bauhaus – the epochally influential German art, architecture, crafts, and design school that was founded in Goethe’s sleepy hometown of Weimar in 1919.
A hundred years ago, of course, the question that the German Composers’ Co-operative asked itself sounded a lot more fundamental: How do you create a fair share for those who ensure that works can actually be performed at all?
Johannes Rau
In Spain, everything’s more tactical, more technical, with more possession. In Germany, it’s more physical; it’s about the runs you make, the counterattacks, and the German mentality is unique: whatever the score, you go to the 90th minute.
A German team could be quite good. But maybe they are a little bit too convinced that they are the best.
I went to a British Council event a while back and there were lots of German professors of literature. About half of them were convinced I had a German sense of humour and the other half were sure it was British. They are probably still arguing about it now.
I feel very German – and who can make himself a judge over what is German and what is not – in my ideas and the ideas of my spiritual brothers of German origin.
The German Doctors say that persons sensible of harmony have one sense more than others.
Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin
I paint German artists whom I admire. I paint their pictures, their work as painters, and their portraits too. But oddly enough, each of these portraits ends up as a picture of a woman with blonde hair. I myself have never been able to work out why this happens.
Georg Baselitz
One of my assistants found this old German machine. It was originally used to make underwear. Like Chanel, who started with underwear fabric – jerseys – we used the machine that made underwear to make something else.
I grew up in Germany for a little while, and all my German friends said that Seattle, weather and energy-wise, is a lot like West Germany. It’s true.
Daniel Breaker
I appreciate that Bayern always wants to have the best German talents.
I know very well that Berlin attaches great importance to NATO and solidarity, in terms of sharing the burden. For this reason, I feel confident that the German government will take the right decision, one that serves both German and NATO interests.
Anders Fogh Rasmussen
The typical German coach wants things done one way – his way.
I got married about three years ago again to a wonderful German woman. Her name is Monika and she is beautiful. She is one of the biggest women Zappa fans I have ever met in my life.
There’s so many German songs which are really popular in Germany that I find really bad. It can quickly border on kitsch pop.
In early 2010, we launched our first localized version of ‘WhatsApp‘ for iPhone. It included Spanish and German language translations, to name a couple.
Our fifty principal cities contain 39.3 per cent of our entire German population, and 45.8 per cent of the Irish. Our ten larger cities only nine per cent of the entire population, but 23 per cent of the foreign.
The readership of Victorian novels, when they were published, was much less diverse. People were probably white, and had enough money to be literate. Very often, there are phrases in Italian, German and French that are left untranslated.
German football is like English football. The Germans and the English do not play like a Brazilian side. They have to improve, bring up their young players, who have character.
It’s the misfortune of German authors that not a single one of them dares to expose his true character. Everyone thinks that he has to be better than he is.
I love the German and the Swiss people for their many fine traits of character. I love their language that is so exacting and yet so expressive.
The Italian futurists, the German expressionists, and the British vorticists were fascinated by speed and the ways the modern world was shattering conventions. The old ways of painting, writing, sculpting, and composing no longer seemed adequate to capture the world.
I’d say I’m a good cook. I have a lot of German recipes that I can make – schnitzel, meatballs and things with cabbage. I love cabbage.
I don’t think there is such a thing as a German movie star. There are respected actors, but we are not publicized like TV people.
I’m a very private person who grew up with a strict German mother who believedloose lips sink ships.’
I am not making spiteful assertions now but merely stating the facts-that, for instance, among Hungarian generals there is such a considerable percentage of men of German origin, who of course had, in most cases, to alter their names if they wanted to get anywhere.
Heinrich Himmler
‘Cullum’ is Scottish, but I’m nowhere near Scottish. My mother is Burmese, and my father is of German, Jewish, English ancestry.
I was initially signed to a German label a few years ago.
Emilie Autumn
As a child, I grew up the son of German immigrant parents, so I grew up being teased and called ‘Fritz’ at school. When I married my wife and went to live in Vienna, I was teased for being a Brit.
I said to the German Ambassador that, as long as there was only a dispute between Austria and Serbia alone, I did not feel entitled to intervene; but that, directly it was a matter between Austria and Russia, it became a question of the peace of Europe, which concerned us all.
Edward Grey
The quality of the Neues Museum’s construction is extraordinary even by German standards, and people can smell that quality. The concept would not have been so convincing without it.
I know thousands of German’s who are totally different from me, so we’re not alike, we’re not the same.
Bernhard Langer
There were a couple years when I never went on a date. I would stay at home watching TV with my German shepherd, and when people asked what I was doing, I would make up something. So, yeah, I was lonely.
I can speak a little German, a little Spanish, and I was a psych major, so I’m good at listening to people’s problems.
I’m a big fan of silent cinema and I think that before I got into the canon of European arthouse cinema, the first interesting films I liked as a kid were German expressionist silent films.
My father was killed by a German mine, while I lost other relatives in Allied bombing attacks.
My mom taught me German before I knew English. And I went to French immersion school.
Those of us who have not had the experience of being invaded by the Germans are in no position to criticize those who accommodated themselves to German occupation, with its ferocious punishments for those who expressed even the mildest opposition.
At German unification, we were lucky to get so much help from West Germany. Now, we have the good fortune of being able to help each other in Europe.
I have always been considered to be the most German among Italian economists, which I always received as a compliment, but was rarely meant to be one.
The German decision to fight is implacable. Even if they were given more than they ask, they would attack just the same, because they are possessed by the demon of destruction.
Galeazzo Ciano
In the 20th century, in the darkest period of German and European history, an insane racist ideology, born of neopaganism, gave rise to the attempt, planned and systematically carried out by the regime, to exterminate European Jews. The result has passed into history as the Shoah.
I love the English language, the colors of it, the many, many nuances, the different influences. I find German stilted, in a way, by comparison.
Joachim Frank
What is it to be white? It does mean something to be Norwegian. It means something to be Polish or German or Spanish. But ‘white’ is simply a catchall for ‘light-skinned person.’ It doesn’t really mean anything.
While foreign competitors, French or Japanese or German, merrily bid for contracts abroad, American companies find themselves tangled in a web of legislation designed to express disapproval, block trade in certain commodities, or perhaps deny resources to disfavored or hostile regimes.
Somehow you get past languages. I don’t speak Mandarin. I don’t speak fluent Italian. I don’t speak German. But it’s amazing how when you need to get something done, it finds a way.
It’s my given, full name. Finn’s not short for anything; it’s just Finn Wolfhard. And then Wolfhard means, I think, heart of the wolf in German.
If you want to judge the performance of the Egyptian people by the standards of German or Chinese or American culture, then there is no room for judgment.
When I was younger, I used to hate Germany. I hated the country, the people, the language, the culture, everything! But over the years I’ve grown to really appreciate the German people.
The Imperial German Government will not expect the Government of the United States to omit any word or any act necessary to the performance of its sacred duty of maintaining the rights of the United States and its citizens and of safeguarding their free exercise and enjoyment.
St. Louis has a lot of weird food customs that you don’t see other places – and a lot of great ethnic neighborhoods. There’s a German neighborhood. A great old school Italian neighborhood, with toasted ravioli, which seems to be a St. Louis tradition. And they love provolone cheese in St. Louis.
It took centuries to form the German order.