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Geniuses Quotes

We’ve collected the best Geniuses Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Jurgen Klopp, John Updike, D’Arcy Carden, Anthony Hopkins, John Kennedy. Use them as an inspiration.

I am a normal guy from the Black Forest, and I do not compare myself with the geniuses.
All cartoonists are geniuses, but Arnold Roth is especially so.
The thing about Drew Goddard and Mike Schur is that they are legit geniuses, and they love storytelling. They love creating worlds, love messing with the audience; they love doing things that we don’t expect. To get to be a part of that is too good to be true.
D’Arcy Carden
I wouldn’t use the wordscared‘ for my role as Hitchcock, but it was my most insecure. Taking on such a formidable, giant personality such as Hitchcock; he was one of the great geniuses of world cinema. Sheer genius.
Our country was founded by geniuses, but it’s being run by idiots.
Between their rise in the thirteenth century and their sudden fall in the seventeenth, when the line abruptly ended, the Medicis produced three popes, two queens, and many Florentine rulers, and they supported the work of Galileo, Michelangelo, Leonardo, and Botticelli – a veritable parade of geniuses.
I loved Stephen Wright, and I loved Mitch Hedberg, but they seemed like geniuses you could never emulate. You’d just be ripping them off.
Anthony Jeselnik
What basically happens is that when a company becomes great, and I’m being a bit rude here, people think they’re some kind of genius. So now we can move into all sorts of other businesses because the net bottom line is, it’s because we’re just geniuses. They become overconfident and expand too far.
Jorgen Vig Knudstorp
My dream artists to collaborate with are probably Cee Lo Green and Imogen Heap. They’re completely out of my genre but they’re both musical geniuses.
Kina Grannis
I realized what you could do in motion pictures by surrounding yourself with geniuses.
Richard Donner
I feel very fortunate to have been associated with people such as Rodgers and Hammerstein. I think they were geniuses of their time.
Shirley Jones
The market fundamentalist ideology that dominates much of the west has attempted to indoctrinate us with a simple myth: that we all rise or fall according to our individual efforts alone; that billionaires amass vast amounts of wealth because they are entrepreneurial, plucky, go-getting geniuses.
There are some musicians who are talented and see themselves as some kind of natural geniuses or something because of a certain amount of natural ability. But that is often rarely the case over the long term.
I think it’s a thing in France, and I think you see it a little bit in Spain with Atletico: the countries and the cities just absolutely love their football. It’s not because they’re just marketing geniuses; it’s because they’ve made it simple.
I think the American system is incredibly well developed. I think the founding fathers were geniuses.
We allow no geniuses around our Studio.
Messi and Ronaldo are certainly the best in the world. They are both unbelievable. I am very happy to be a contemporary of these geniuses.
I mean, I do love clever and witty, but I think that the ‘Three Stooges‘ were geniuses. They’d have to be for their appeal to have lasted this long.
I went to a very academically competitive high school. So I was always quite studious and quiet, just to keep up with the other geniuses who were in my school.
From the naturalistic point of view, all men are equal. There are only two exceptions to this rule of naturalistic equality: geniuses and idiots.
I know so many women, comic geniuses. Where are the parts?
Melanie Mayron
A few of the sublimest geniuses of Rome and Athens had some faint discoveries of the spiritual nature of the human soul, and formed some probable conjectures, that man was designed for a future state of existence.
We are all losers in comparison to Malala Yousafzai. But we are not all geniuses. Like me.
Fools ignore complexity. Pragmatists suffer it. Some can avoid it. Geniuses remove it.
Alan Perlis
I’m fascinated by the concept of what I call ‘clusters of creativity‘: the Brontes, the Waughs, families with several geniuses. I’m one of four; competition among siblings has to be a factor.
We don’t genuinely need more literary geniuses. One can only read so many books in a lifetime.
Geniuses sometimes end up very unhappy, without a penny.
Anthony Mann
Geniuses don’t have better ideas than the rest of us. They just have more of them.
We have to set our own agenda, we have to set our own standards, we have to be very strong about what we want, we have to be very strong about our passion and if it’s not right for you, you shouldn’t do it just because you’re advised by so-called geniuses.
If bearing a reputation as a weirdo is all it takes to be a genius, I’m a shoo-in. Come to think of it, half the people I know are geniuses – the other half, peculiarly enough, idiots.
I am thankful that geniuses and artists and good people, no matter how hard it is, will eventually be recognized. I am doubly thankful that also goes for idiots.
Great geniuses have the shortest biographies.
Karl Lagerfeld and Tom Ford are both geniuses.
Arizona Muse
I just had the absolute best luck in the world in terms of meeting The Young Bucks, and they might look like wild little rock stars who are irresponsible, but they are business geniuses. They set up the deal with Hot Topic, and they’re going to be the first 7-figure downside characters that New Japan Pro Wrestling has.
My books are like water; those of the great geniuses are wine. (Fortunately) everybody drinks water.
The major work of the world is not done by geniuses. It is done by ordinary people, with balance in their lives, who have learned to work in an extraordinary manner.
Our observation of nature must be diligent, our reflection profound, and our experiments exact. We rarely see these three means combined; and for this reason, creative geniuses are not common.
I know people I feel are extremely talented, but I don’t know that I’ve ever heard any geniuses.
I think the makeup and the effects that I saw on ‘The Walking Dead,’ I’d never seen anything like that in my life. Those guys are just geniuses.
Some Italians are geniuses, but you have to find a balance.
What the world needs is more geniuses with humility; there are so few of us left.
People think that computer science is the art of geniuses but the actual reality is the opposite, just many people doing things that build on eachother, like a wall of mini stones.
Working with intelligent people is easy, but we should be careful with geniuses.
Oh, there’s so much ego with men; in their head, they can’t possibly think about Tesco’s when they are doing Othello. Er, why not? They want to think that they are such geniuses they can’t muddy their day with domesticity, and I’ve got no truck with it whatsoever.

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