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Fluidity Quotes

We’ve collected the best Fluidity Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Luke Rockhold, Adam Yauch, Ben Schott, Jose Mourinho, Max Richter. Use them as an inspiration.

I am a very technical guy. I’m proud of my technique, my fluidity, and my skill; that’s what I work on every day. I try to out-technique guys.
I love the flow of the game. There’s a certain fluidity to basketball. I don’t enjoy watching baseball or football in the same way.
I have always loved the fluidity of language – delighting in dialects, dictionaries, slang and neologisms.
Ben Schott
I don’t say we are a defensive team. I say we are a strong team in defensive terms, but at the same time lacking sufficient fluidity in attack because that will take time to come.
It’s true that many of the best-known composers were German or Austrian, but we should remember how good the music tradition is in Britain, too, because it has an informality and a fluidity that should really be celebrated.
The hardest for me is rings because it is a lot more strength-oriented, while all the other events are about fluidity and flexibility. It’s the one event that doesn’t coincide with the fluidity, which is my strength.
I think, in a lot of ways, celebrities represent the American dream. They have financial fluidity and options at their disposal.
Composing means you have a beginning, middle and end and a fluidity to what you’re doing.
There’s definitely a luxury to the fluidity of not being a mega-star. I’ve done a ton of really, really odd, off-the-wall movies. There’s this movie I did called ‘Queens of Country‘ a couple of summers ago that is so bananas, and if I was at a certain level, I probably would not have done that movie.
It’s my experience that the fluidity of sexuality with younger people is more accepted.
Fluidity and discontinuity are central to the reality in which we live.
Mary Catherine Bateson
The system of racial classification is fiction, and we need to thoughtfully evaluate whether perpetuating it rigidly or allowing fluidity across the spectrum best supports human rights and social justice.
In order to really move toward what people really think of as some sort of Utopian post-racial society or somehow to really challenge the racial hierarchy, we’re going to have to allow some fluidity.
I first wrote about Michael Jackson in the 1980s. His skin was growing paler, his features thinner, and his aura more feminine. Some called him a traitor to his race. Some fussed about his gender fluidity. I saw him as a post-modern shape-shifter. But the shifts grew more extreme and mysterious.
What we really need to look at is gender fluidity and the idea that gender can be customised however you want.
I conceived of a concept, a project, a band. The Tide. The Tide, acting as a sonic exemplar of flow and fluidity. The way of things. The way of nature. Guitars, rock and surf music, psychedelia, transcendence from everyday bourgeois consciousness.
I love when an outfit embodies the fluidity of my gender – it makes me feel the most confident and grounded, especially when attending fashion shows, which can be extremely overwhelming.
The Internet is a giantlab experiment‘ for corporate America, and those companies that recognise this and play well within the rules of ambiguity and fluidity will survive and win.
It’s interesting. I’ve known quite a few good athletes that can’t begin to play a beat on the drum set. Most team sport is about the smooth fluidity of hand-eye coordination and physical grace, where drumming is much more about splitting all those things up.
The directors that I end up having a really good time with are the ones that understand the fluidity of the medium and are interested in catching lightning in a bottle.
Oliver Platt
Actors are actors, and there should be a complete fluidity for anyone to play anything.
Much of the magic of language, of course, lies in its fluidity.
This is the launch of the ‘Doctor Strangefilm interpretation of – in my view – a classic, which has been interpreted many times by other graphic artists, and this is just our graphic interpretation of The Ancient One. I would say the whole approach is about a kind of fluidity.
I think that the same kind of openness and fluidity and willingness to interrogate power that we, as feminists, expect from men in alliance on questions of class should also be the expectation that women of colour can rely upon with our white feminist allies.
I modelled myself heavily after AJ Styles. I’m a huge AJ mark, so a lot of the things he does and the way he does them are very different as far as the fluidity and just his general athleticism.
Cedric Alexander
When I see a wall that’s hung with different objects, framed or unframed, what I like about it is its fluidity and rule-breaking nature. Just experiment a bit.
Everything that I embody is the fluidity of my own consumption.
Most modern Indians don’t stick to their caste jobs any more. There is more inter-caste marriage, more fluidity, more freedom than ever before. But the outcastes are usually still outcastes, because they are still the ones who tan India’s animals, burn its dead, and remove its excrement.
My own experience of gender has been about a lot of fluidity. In drag, I like to combine aspects of masculinity and femininity and rewrite the rules for those.
There is no definitive end to anybody‘s story when you’re dealing with the fluidity of chemistry, because when it gets stale, you want out.