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Fist Quotes

We’ve collected the best Fist Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Jim Cummings, Indira Gandhi, Eddie Alvarez,, Michael Bisping. Use them as an inspiration.

I started out doing multiple characters from day one, when I got my fist job in ‘Dumbo’s Circus.’ I’m used to getting in an argument with myself, throwing myself off a cliff, patching myself up and brushing myself off with an arm around my shoulder.
Jim Cummings
You cannot shake hands with a clenched fist.
It’s a fist fight – the idea is to go out there and impose my will.
There are five issues that make a fist of a hand that can knock America out cold. They’re lack of jobs, obesity, diabetes, homelessness, and lack of good education.
As a fighter, you know when you connect with a really good shot because you feel the impact on your fist.
A basketball team is like the five fingers on your hand. If you can get them all together, you have a fist. That’s how I want you to play.
I grew up in the northernmost parts of New Jersey, known more for lush forests and old farmland than industrial wastelands and fist pumping.
I love the way the Cardiff fans get behind their team, which is why I do that clenched fist action at the end of games. They get really up for the match, I can hear them and I just help offer my own support in return.
A day-time song like ‘Word Starts Attack,’ I want to make your heart blow up and make you want to punch the air with your fist. It can’t be ponderous.
The Way Of The Fist’ is not quite a Shakespearian depiction of anger and revenge. This song was more my way of releasing all the pent up aggression I felt against some people who wronged me beyond the point of any kind of forgiveness or mercy.
I’d love to feature for the Barbarians. I’d love to win a Champions Cup, and I’d love to get to another World Cup and make a fist of it: get to a World Cup final at least and see what could have been, particularly after 2011 when Wales reached the semi-finals.
It’s hard to dance to really fast music. All you can do is pump your fist to it, and after a while, you’re going to have a seizure.
I am a huge, raving fan of writer Matt Fraction. His semi-indie ‘Casanova’ series is an ongoing masterpiece of 21st-century American comics – and his run on ‘Immortal Iron Fist’ with Ed Brubaker was pure, yummy martial-arts-fantasy deliciousness.
It was my dream that I had clenched in a fist of discontent and wouldn’t release. But time had now pried every finger open. There is peace in an open and upraised hand that isn’t grasping for anything.
Laurel Lea
If you shake your fist, the other guy will shake his too. But if you extend your hand to shake their hand, then they will extend theirs also, and you’ve made a friend.
Ricardo Montalban
I have a stunt double; his name is Glen Levy, and he has the hardest punch in the world. Seriously, it’s actually been recorded by ‘National Geographic.’ He calls it the Hammer Fist.
Craig Horner
My grandfather was a very strong personality. He certainly ruled his household with an iron fist, even though it was often gloved in velvet!
The main difference to me with Lyft is the sense of community and social experience. The pink mustache, fist bump and strict screening have fostered a strong sense of community with many stories of new friends, discovered jobs, and even some Lyft hugs after a tough break up.
Honestly, it was just tiring going straight from one show to the other. I filmed ‘Iron Fist,’ and then I had a two week break, and I went straight into ‘The Defenders.’
I did my fist show, ‘Godspell’, in my freshman year of high school.
James Snyder
I don’t lead with an iron fist. I don’t yell at people. I have a way of making my opinion clear.
My family has been in the wrestling business for over 70 years. I’m a third-generation wrestling promoter, and years ago, when I fist started, there was a wrestling audience in the United States in 22 regions.
The five separate fingers are five independent units. Close them and the fist multiplies strength. This is organization.
Do I think there’s a fight against the media and the Democrats? Yes, but I think it’s one that’s done with our heart and our minds. I don’t believe that it’s ever something being done with the fist.
Leadership in today‘s world requires far more than a large stock of gunboats and a hard fist at the conference table.
There is no one who is more conflicted in the Marvel Universe, in my opinion, than Matthew Murdock. Is he his father‘s son, or is he the son of his father? Is he someone who is going to solve the world’s problems in a court room, or is he someone who is going to solve the world’s problems with his fist?
Jody Hill, who I created ‘Eastbound And Down‘ and ‘Fist Foot Way’ with, was my best man at my wedding.
I know how to use my fist, but only to punch people.
She was a lioness. She was described as an iron fist in a velvet glove. She needed that culture and background to survive in the world of Hollywood where you have to fight for everything.
When I left boxing in 1977 to be a preacher, I couldn’t make a fist after I learned about Jesus Christ.
I don’t have a temper. There’s no fist through the walls.
Something I worked very hard on, especially last year, was being more outgoing on the court: recognising good points I’d played and trusting myself and my skills on the court. The fist pumps weren’t necessarily to let my opponent know I was here, more to let myself know that I’m here.
In order to land a punch, you need to bring your fingers together into a fist. We need to join all of our forces together. That is the only way that we can win.
We’ll hold out our hand; they have to unclench their fist.
One thing is certain, You can’t shake hands with a fist.
David Allan Coe
If student A ‘impacts‘ student B with a fist, they shouldn’t ‘dialogue as equals.’ Student A should be disciplined. When you assault your co-worker or curse out your boss, you don’t get a ‘restorative circle‘ – you get fired.
Any fighter who’s willing to step up, I’m willing to fight them. I’m ready to rule with an iron fist.
I moved to L.A. at 17, and for the fist time, I had to realize that if I run out of money, I’m moving back to Ohio – and I didn’t want to do that at all.
On campuses, where Liberal softies still rule with an iron fist, feminism is as safe as a city with no women drivers. That is the only thing I support about Saudi Arabia, by the way.
This may sound funny, but as much as the ‘Today’ show matured me, it also was something of a cocoon. I’d been happy there. I never went into the boss’s office and pounded my fist on the desk, saying, ‘Give me more money! Give me a prime-time show!’
Hand any four-year-old a fist full of crayons, and it is a very, very few who don’t get busy with them, drawing, coloring, scribbling. I have not stopped scribbling.
To Southerners like my mother, ‘Gone With the Wind’ was not just a book; it was an answer, a clenched fist raised to the North, an anthem of defiance.
I got the stern end of the stick. It was kind of that iron fist. I am who I am today because of my mother.
I grew up on genre. If it had a dragon on the cover, I was interested. But horror, especially, really gripped me in its bony fist.
Benjamin Percy
I started reading seriously after I was in college. I read comic books. I read every ‘Power Man’ and ‘Iron Fist’ that ever came out. I had a teacher introduce me to poetry, and that kind of woke me up.
Ross Gay
Giving a 10-year mandatory minimum for a second offense fist fight is not going to reduce the chance that someone will be stabbed 16 times when you are not funding any of the programs that are desperately needed to actually reduce juvenile crime.
As a kid spending weekends in the Ozarks, I remember my granny‘s preacher shaking his fist, his jowls waving in the wind not unlike a bloodhound’s, excoriating the congregation and condemning it to hell.
Being an activist is about getting things done. It’s not about standing around shaking your fist in anger.
Power is a tool, influence is a skill; one is a fist, the other a fingertip.
For me, playing hurt was a battle in itself: a mind-over-matter head game I refused to lose. Often, I was barely able to bend my knees or elbows, flex my feet, make a fist, bend forward or turn my head. Heck, it hurt to blink.
People like rumors. They’re going to say things like, ‘You was at the club with Lil’ Kim, and you and Kanye West got into a fist fight.’ You can’t get upset. You’ve got to keep hope alive.
One meal option is a piece of poached chicken the size of your fist with a green salad sprinkled with lemon juice, carrots, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, and celery. Another is a cup and a half of quinoa with minced veggies, all cooked at once so the quinoa absorbs the nutrients.
One night in 1974, I made the comment, ‘Here I am, this fat kid, the son of a plumber. I don’t look like a body builder; fist fight in a parking lot, it doesn’t matter. I’m getting ready to sell out this building. I’m going to sell out Madison Square Garden one day. This is the American Dream. I’m living it.’
Gadhafi was a monster who ruled his country for 42 years with an iron fist and became an international pariah as a result. However, he found religion once he recognized his perilous position when the U.S. adopted an uncompromising response to international terrorism following 9/11.
Time is compressed like the fist I close on my knee… I hold inside it the clues and solutions and the power for what I must do now.