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Finland Quotes

We’ve collected the best Finland Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Renny Harlin, Saara Aalto, Teemu Pukki, Harri Holkeri, Christopher Lee. Use them as an inspiration.

I loved movies and went to see every movie I could in Finland.
They haven‘t had ‘The X Factor‘ in Finland for ten years. But because I was on it and it was such a hit, they decided to bring it back and have me as a judge.
My favourite team was always Barcelona. When I was young, I went to see them, my first ever big game. Jari Litmanen was playing there at the time. In Finland, Litmanen is a big hero for all of us.
The Baltic Sea is becoming more and more polluted. Not everybody living near the shore of the Baltic Sea is protecting it. It is the water of life for countries like Finland and Sweden.
My favourite country is Finland because once you get to a certain point, you can drive for hours without seeing a single person. I love peace and quietsomething I don’t get very often.
When I heard the news that Steve Jobs had died, my mind flashed back to 1985, when I began my love affair with computers. I was stationed in Moscow for The Associated Press, and I ordered an Apple IIc – by Telex – from a department store in Helsinki, Finland. They express-shipped it to me, a month later, by train.
Several countries – among them Austria, Costa Rica, Denmark, Finland, India, Israel and Sweden – ban or severely restrict the use of wild animals in circuses. In Brazil, a movement to ban wild animals from circuses started after hungry lions managed to grab and devour a small boy.
I was born in Allied-controlled Pola. At the end of World War II, the victorious wartime Allied powers negotiated the details of peace treaties and borders with Italy, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, and Finland. The Paris Treaty was signed on February 10, 1947. I was born a few days later.
The president in Finland has to understand that there are many different thoughts and opinions and that they must be taken into account so that he could be the president of the whole nation.
Sauli Niinisto
The countries who do the best in international comparisons, whether it’s Finland or Japan, Denmark or Singapore, do well because they have professional teachers who are respected, and they also have family and community which support learning.
Like several hundred thousand fellow Karelians, we became refugees in our own country as great power politics caused the borders of Finland to be redrawn and left my home town as part of the Soviet Union.
When I came here, I was a little bit different and in Finland people didn’t really accept me, and then I came here and I saw Honey G doing so well and I thoughtBritish people are so great, they accept Honey G as she is, so maybe they’ll accept me as well.’
I had my first professional fight was in 2001 in Venezuela – it was also my first international trip away from Brazil. It was a great experience. Then in 2005, I went to Finland and won. The next year there was a tournament in Brazil with three fights in one night. I was the underdog and won all three fights.
I came second in ‘The Voice of Finland’ in 2012 and my career really exploded at home. I had 300 gigs a year.
I grew up in Finland, so it’s cold in Finland, we have ice rinks outdoors.
The Finland of the 21st century can thrive only if women of learning – in common with their male counterparts – are guaranteed the opportunity to use their creative potential to the full.
Tarja Halonen
In Finland and the U.K. you can’t predict the weather.
The thing is, Finland is such a small country. It only has a population of five million, which is half of London. There’s nothing there. I just had to get out. The U.K. is the perfect place to come.
The origins of my career as a peace mediator can be found from my childhood years. I was born in the city of Viipuri, then still part of Finland. We lost Viipuri when the Soviet Union attacked my country. Along with 400,000 fellow Karelians, I became an eternally displaced person in the rest of Finland.
Eventually, in ’84, we made a film for a little over a million dollars – with American actors that was shot in English – that was shown in Finland A little action film called Born American.
To experience the northern forest in the raw, I went to northern Finland and Lapland, travelling on horseback, and sleeping on reindeer skins in the traditional open-fronted Finnish laavu. I ate elk heart, reindeer and lingonberries, and tried out spruce resin: the chewing gum of the Stone Age.
Finland, and all the other European countries, we are too dependent on imported energy. We should be using a broader variety of energy resources.
Tarja Halonen
I’ve travelled to some of the places where Russian language and Russian culture were made part of the fabric of life long before Lenin arrived at Finland Station – and where Russian is now being rolled back, post-1991.
I have sung at Christmas many times in Finland, especially in churches.
My husband is from Finland, so every so often I’ll throw a Scandinavian-themed party.
Sarah Rafferty
People in Finland have also adopted me because of my dad, and that’s great, but it’s the one language I can’t speak.
Nico Rosberg
Finland actually made Internet access a human right a while back. That was a clever thing of Finland. But that’s like the only positive thing I have seen in any country anywhere in the world regarding the Internet.
In Finland, we learned quite a lot from our own civil war. The wounds were visible when I was a boy, but my generation went into the Second World War and it united the Finnish nation, so I do not see any more wounds.
When I was a kid, I remember playing hockey outside and whenever you did, you thought about playing for Finland vs. Sweden. That’s just the way it was.
Teemu Selanne
I haven’t been baptised. My dad’s not in the church and is not a religious person. My mum is more spiritual – she does Thai-chi and goes to Stonehenge and things like that. I’m proud to be pagan. Finland is not really a religious country. I’m still looking for my god.
Living in Finland as a singer of Nightwish, I’m used to having people around me all the time that know who I am. In the Netherlands, people never really knew or cared or whatever.
If you go to Norway, Finland, Russia or Australia, you’ll see Xerox or Fuji-Xerox people, not just the name on the door. We have human beings who live and work and serve customers everywhere around the globe.
I was always the flamboyant one and the one who wanted to be really bubbly and wanted to perform in a big way, but it’s not very typical in Finland.
Finland is a rich country. What have they got? They got Nokia phones and plywood. How’d they get so rich? Because they’re free.
I did some film reviews for small papers in Finland and things like that to be able to keep living here.
I studied to be a car mechanic. That was my plan B. Servicing cars and changing tyres in Finland.
Growing up in Finland, ice hockey was the main sport. But I never played that. I went with footy. I never had any other hobbies.

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