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Figuring Quotes

We’ve collected the best Figuring Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Tiffany Haddish, Clairo, Hilarie Burton, Gene Luen Yang, Erik Prince. Use them as an inspiration.

I’m not really into politics, but if I had my own country, I would make sure all my people were educated and figuring out what they love to do, and focusing on that.
I was like this weird, edgy 10-year-old. I was figuring out who I was, obviously at the worst time. I had braces and bangs, and it was a nightmare.
When you‘re younger, it’s hard because you’re finding your identity, and then for 12 hours out of the day, you have to be a different person. So that’s a tricky phaseas far as figuring who you are out and then figuring out the people that you’re working with.
Figuring out a way to balance the Boxer story with the Chinese Christians was difficult.
I would rather deal with the vagaries of investing in Africa than in figuring out what the hell else Washington is going to do to the entrepreneur next.
I prefer buying things and figuring out where to put them later than regretting not buying them.
I think high school’s very difficult. You’re figuring out your own power and your effect on other people. You look back and see how you spent so much energy on figuring out things with your parents or your peers.
Kelly Rutherford
French cooking is really the result of peasants figuring out how to extract flavor from pedestrian ingredients. So most of the food that we think of as elite didn’t start out that way.
I’m still figuring out why people would want to look at me. Maybe it’s generic beauty, but it’s weird to be valued for something I was born with.
Josie Maran
During my time as a political strategist, one of the most vexing problems was figuring out why so many people vote against their perceived interests.
I was always just like, ‘Standups are making it up.’ A lot of people have that myth about standup. And so it wasn’t until I was in college for theater school in Boston that I realized I can actually start going to open mics and figuring this out.
I started making music by myself and figuring all of that on my own.
We need to make sure we’re bringing in diverse voices and not expecting everyone to be a representation of their ethnicity or their age or their gender, but judge them individually and make sure that we’re figuring out who the person is and not just checking a box.
I object to the hegemony of form in contemporary architecture. We have very advanced technological tools, but ultimately, we create buildings exactly like we used to before: We send the drawings to an engineer and let him struggle with figuring out how to build it.
The vast majority of small business owners want nothing to do with figuring out a website. They are neck-deep in their business trying to keep it going.
For television worth watching, Trump should debate Karl Rove, and both should be tasked with figuring out how to unite Republicans.
I moved to New York and went to a performing arts college, but it wasn’t until UCB that I started performing on the regular, figuring out how I’m funny, why I’m funny, and how to play with an audience.
Figuring out what to wear is much easier if you first think about what effect you want to create.
Tracy Reese
It was hard to figure out what were the good causes, the bad causes, even the good politics and the bad politics. So we started taking requests and figuring it out.
Governing is about making tough decisions, but it’s also about figuring out a better way to do things.
I had been in a band in college. You kind of need to make a choice between going the music route or going the acting route. I chose acting, figuring I could always do the music on my own.
Chip Esten
My sweet spot is figuring out how to make a product that people love and how to refine it to make them love it more. All the rest is business noise.
What’s important for all of us as chip companies is to keep the innovation going: putting out new products, figuring out how we connect these complex systems.
I realized that lab research was the perfect path for me. It allowed me to spend every day figuring out mysteries/puzzles that have to do with what make us alive. What could be a bigger mystery or puzzle?
I do love the idea of people at a certain time in their lives when they’re questioning, figuring out who to be. I find that interesting, but honestly, I think it’s like that at every time in your life.
And, of course, there were some times when I had writer’s block and I had a hard time figuring out how to express what I wanted to express.
Every summer I kept figuring out what I needed to work on to be productive the next season.
I grew up in a single-wide, three-bedroom mobile home with my family. And now I see them, like, half a dozen times a year. Figuring out how to come home and talk to them again and feel like myself has probably been the greatest challenge.
After my divorce, I took some time off from having a romantic life to begin the tough work of figuring out where I’d gone wrong and what on Earth I could do to understand how to be a whole person in a relationship.
When I was a kid, what captivated me about detective fiction were the puzzles more than the detectives or their enemies. And as I’ve gotten older, I see a lot of merit in setting your investigative sights higher than figuring out how someone stole Encyclopedia Brown‘s bicycle.
Ideas are not – ideas come at me all the time; it’s just the way I’m wired. It’s just a matter of focusing it in and figuring out what to do with that.
I think intuition can be a form of answered prayer. You do the best you can – thinking, figuring, planning – and then you pray.
Conrad Hilton
I love figuring out a stranger, sitting down and learning about their loves and struggles and everything. People are my jam.
Comedy‘s all math, figuring out the timing.
If you’re going to spend most of your time in your democracy figuring out how to get oil by intervening into other people’s countries and insuring that you follow it with military might, we think there’s an alternative. Which would be renewable energy.
I liked the challenge of designing and building things, figuring out how something works and how to make it better or apply it in a different way.
The first 10 years of my journey, I was still figuring out who I was, and then I had to redo it all over again when I became bigger. So instead of saying, ‘I’m gay and this is me,’ I started telling the story through my music.
I was trying to write an autobiography using prints and patterns that reference emotional, psychological, and personal development in my work, as a person growing up, figuring out who I was. I used fabrics to stand in for occurrences.
Jim Hodges
More attention and thought goes into naming a character in ‘Call Of Duty’ than all the work that can go into certain movies. Blood and sweat and tears go into figuring out the names because they are so important. The call signs say a lot about you. The brotherhood that’s evoked by the name is quite profound.

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