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Federal Judge Quotes

We’ve collected the best Federal Judge Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Coretta Scott King, Neil Gorsuch, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Rachel Lindsay, Bill Flores. Use them as an inspiration.

For the last decade, I’ve worked as a federal judge in a court that spans six Western states, serving about 20 percent of the continental United States and about 18 million people. The men and women I’ve worked with at every level in our circuit are an inspiration to me.
When I graduated from law school in 1959, there wasn’t a single woman on any federal bench. It wouldn’t be a realistic ambition for a woman to want to become a federal judge. It wasn’t realistic until Jimmy Carter became our president.
My dad is now a federal judge, but when he started off, he graduated from the top law school in Texas and couldn’t get a job.
I would never criticize a federal judge, particularly if I had a court case in front of him, but you would certainly never, ever criticize them based on their ethnic background.
As a former federal judge, I am cognizant of the legal issues. As governor, I am forced to deal with their ramifications.
Just because you’ve seen ‘My Cousin Vinny’ doesn’t qualify you to be a federal judge.
It is a sad day for our country when the moral foundation of our law and the acknowledgment of God has to be hidden from public view to appease a federal judge.
In my life, I’ve seen everything, and one thing I know for sure is you can’t win in the federal court. You’re going against the government of the United States. You don’t beat a federal court, a federal judge, and the FBI – there’s no way.
I’m glad I made the decision, although the practice of law – and particularly serving as a federal judge – was a part of my life that I really enjoyed and treasured and look back on it with fondness.
I was the United States Attorney for Maine for three years, and then was appointed a federal judge.
One day after laying a wreath at the tomb of Martin Luther King Jr., President Bush appoints a federal judge who has built his career around dismantling Dr. King’s legacy.
I am the leading federal judge in the country – the leader in the entire country of promoting women law clerks to get Supreme Court clerkships.