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We’ve collected the best Exclusive Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Richard Dawkins, Jonathan Van Ness, Emanuel Celler, Alex Shoumatoff, Emily Ratajkowski. Use them as an inspiration.

What’s wrong with being elitist if you are trying to encourage people to join the elite rather than being exclusive?
I want to show straight men and gay men alike that self-care and grooming isn’t mutually exclusive with, like, femininity or masculinity.
I had taken on the color of the climate around me and had driven back all the emotion that rose from the Brooklyn streets so that I could belong to the exclusive club of Congress.
In the ’70s, Florida-style golf communities started to be built for America’s baby-boomers who were doing well and taking up the game but couldn’t get into exclusive golf and tennis clubs and were looking for a nice place to live and raise their families.
The world should not be exclusive of the ideal body. It has to include all ideals, all bodies.
Judaism boasts of no exclusive revelation of eternal truths that are indispensable to salvation, of no revealed religion in the sense in which that term is usually understood.
Moses Mendelssohn
I’ve always loved pinup art, and I’ve always enjoyed drawing women. I think it was a conscious decision that has resulted in me getting almost exclusive work on comics where the main character is female.
Adam Hughes
I now know that my dreams and my identity are only mutually exclusive if I don’t try.
In the hands of the ego, marriage is a prison. It is exclusive. It is a place where people are constantly reminded of their failures and limited by the energies of another person. It is rife with judgment and blame.
I think the work that they do and the style of 3D graphics is absolutely fabulous and I think it’s a great brush to use for some stories. And there are other brushes that I think are exclusive to a different kind of story.
Imagination is not the exclusive appanage of artists, but belongs in varying degrees to all men.
You can be both progressive and want to get things done – they’re not mutually exclusive and that’s what I bring.
To some degree, as I move outside of the exclusive genre audience, the exclusive genre issues don’t bother me as much. Maybe that’s just speculation.
It would be a mistake to believe that environmental protection and economic growth are mutually exclusive.
Khalid A. Al-Falih
Theatre is an exclusive place that tends to be dominated by white men, or dying white men.
Some people argue that we should limit choice in favour of good local services. My response is simple: why should we assume those two concepts are mutually exclusive?
I’ve said numerous times how proud I am to be Scottish and how proud I have been to compete for Britain, too, and I don’t think these two things necessarily have to be mutually exclusive.
Opera is an exclusive art form, so it cannot be that popular. I just do what I love to do.
My career path is the weirdest thing. I was a hairdresser, I worked at Marvel for a few months, and then I was signed to a DC exclusive for eight years.
I’m a free agent. I haven‘t allowed any promoters to have exclusive options on my fight. I don’t need a promoter.
Reading and writing isn’t supposed to be this exclusive club; it’s just supposed to be entertaining.
As a reader and a writer, I’m happiest when apparently mutually exclusive states can somehow coexist.
I believe we’re making a mistake if we regard job creation and job safety as mutually exclusive or inherently in conflict; they can and they must go hand-in-hand.
All border crossings in and out of Iraq must be under the exclusive control of the federal state.
You know he‘s invested when he doesn’t treat his ‘friend time‘ and ‘girlfriend time’ as mutually exclusive.
I recognised that femininity and strength are not mutually exclusive, and I think that femininity has often been equated with weakness, but we know it’s not.
Kmart appreciates and supports exclusive brands.
My worry about this exclusive focus on Trump – the personality and how all of this is so unprecedented – is that then the solution seems to be, ‘Well, we’ll just get rid of Trump.’
Governmental intervention and personal responsibility are not mutually exclusive issues, but they do frame a ‘do it ourselves‘ vs. ‘what are you doing for us’ debate. For the black community, that’s a debate that’s been raging at least as far back as the W.E.B. Du Bois, Booker T. Washington philosophical grudge matches.
Boycott is not a principle. When it becomes one, it itself risks becoming exclusive and racist. No boycott, in our sense of the term, should be directed against an individual, a people, or a nation as such.
For me, it’s always been a financial kind of scenario. I was actually the first one who signed the ‘exclusive to Ring of Honorcontract. I was the first guy who ever signed one of those contracts. That was tough for me because I had no one to talk to. I had no examples to go on. I was the guinea pig.
Paying for disasters and being fiscally responsible are not mutually exclusive.
First of all: no one in their right mind would sign an exclusive contract.
I’ve always been into fashion since I was a kid. I love fashion. I appreciate it. I just enjoy dressing up and getting all the new sneakers and all the hot exclusive clothes – I did even when I was young.
Insatiable,’ the album, was more of a project, really… it was more like a songwriting excursion and an exclusive deal that hadn’t really ever been done that often before… me being like, ‘ooh I’m an entrepreneur,’ rather than ‘this is my singing career.’
True conservation provides for wise use by the general public. The American people do not want our resources preserved for the exclusive use of the wealthy. These land and water resources belong to the people, and people of all income levels should have easy access to them.
George Aiken
The bad news is that 50 people died in a hotel fire; the good news is that we got exclusive footage.
The United States is deeply concerned by Turkey‘s announced intentions to begin offshore drilling operations in an area claimed by the Republic of Cyprus as its Exclusive Economic Zone.
Debenhams has a strong track record for developing exclusive designer brands.
Couture occupies the uppermost stratosphere of fashion. It is the holy of holies, as only about 2,000 women globally are fortunate enough to wear these precious garments tailored to their exact measurements, making it perhaps the most exclusive club in the world.
Whatever their relative valuation of the single and married states, most societies in history made sharp distinctions between those who married and those who remained single: They were seen as mutually exclusive ways of life, with different legal rights and social obligations.
It is true that the aristocracies seem to have abused their monopoly of legal knowledge; and at all events their exclusive possession of the law was a formidable impediment to the success of those popular movements which began to be universal in the western world.
Henry James Sumner Maine
The drug or cult has major if not exclusive sources of brain rewards.
There are people who don’t like popularity. It’s much better to be exclusive and remote.
My family has been in the business of manufacturing exclusive handcrafted jewelry for many years.
The Oculus Studio stuff is going to remain exclusive to the Oculus store and platform. That’s not to say that you’ll never be able to play it on other hardware, but it very much is exclusive to the Oculus platform.
Suicidal violence is not the exclusive property of the Muslim world. Suicide bombings were a tactic of nationalist struggles in 19th-century Europe and Russia, the far east during the second world war and the Vietnam war, and in modern Sri Lanka.
In the U.S., the term ‘general aviation’ means its exact opposite, the waypublic schooldoes in England. An English public school is private and, on top of that, exclusive. Likewise, general-aviation airports in the U.S. are for everyone but the general public.
Only if we accept the proposition that the state of Israel is the exclusive and legitimate representative of the Jewish people would a movement calling for divestment, sanctions and boycott against that state be understood as directed against the Jewish people as a whole.
The catch in the industry is that if you want to get a picture made for little money, you have to get a big star. But the two are usually mutually exclusive.
Praising the Lord and passing the ammunition are mutually exclusive ideas.
I just enjoy dressing up and getting all the new sneakers and all the hot exclusive clothes – I did even when I was young.
At the start of the process the idea is just a thought – very fragile and exclusive. When the first physical manifestation is created everything changes. It is no longer exclusive, now it involves a lot of people.
It’s hard to tell if fashion will hold on to its ‘exclusive’ attitude, or change completely. Only time and Instagram will tell.
Blind stealing is not exclusive to late position play. You can steal blinds from any position, and you should!
The one exclusive sign of thorough knowledge is the power of teaching.
The decathlon is exclusive company.
In California, we have some of the strongest consumer protection laws in the country. While it is easy to conceive of innovation and regulation as mutually exclusive, California is proof that we can do both. We can innovate responsibly.
Exclusive homosexuality is not very common in nature.
When I was pregnant during my time in Parliament, I was frequently asked by the media how I would manage being an MP and a mum, as if the two are somehow mutually exclusive.
News and images move so easily across borders that attitudes and aspirations are no longer especially national. Cyber-weapons, no longer the exclusive province of national governments, can originate in a hacker‘s garage.
The market will evolve into two segments: cars that provide ease of access to transport and are shared by many people, and cars that are exclusive, high-end symbols of the owner‘s status and aspirations.
The day you don’t mess with somebody, that would be exclusive rather than inclusive. I strive to be inclusive.
When I look around at Broadway and the West End, theatre is becoming an exclusive club.
It can’t really happen today the way it did back then and part of that is because I think there’s a bit of a competitive scare over at Marvel and DC so they lock guys up with exclusive contracts.
SFL Fitness is a new concept in Fitness Training with our exclusive gyms intended to provide MMA as the new mantra for fitness training, sports and self defense.
Beauty is the sole ambition, the exclusive goal of Taste.
I think religion and science operate in different regimes. Religion is a belief system that tries to give meaning and comprehension to peoples’ lives. Science is more about the mechanics of the universe around us and the way in which it works. And I don’t think those things have to be mutually exclusive.
During the 1990s, luxury became something exclusive and elitist. I think fashion got lost. It forgot about craft and culture.
It is impossible for you to be angry and laugh at the same time. Anger and laughter are mutually exclusive and you have the power to choose either.
All these years, they’ve been giving lip service to saying that we are a party that is inclusive instead of exclusive. We’ve said the Democratic Party has a great big umbrella, and everybody can be comfortable under that umbrella. If they didn’t mean it, then it ought to be pulled apart.
Bert Lance
In trying to mentor and hire, I always encourage people to learn how to sell. We work hard to be profitable; you can do good and do well. They don’t have to be mutually exclusive.
Ilana Kloss
When we say the Black church, we have never meant anything racially exclusive by that. The Black church is the antislavery church. It is an independent Christian witness that literally emerged fighting for freedom and insisting that the gospel is about equality, justice and inclusive humanity.
The duty of government is to leave commerce to its own capital and credit as well as all other branches of business, protecting all in their legal pursuits, granting exclusive privileges to none.
To endure the cross is not tragedy; it is the suffering which is the fruit of an exclusive allegiance to Jesus Christ.
Dietrich Bonhoeffer
I believe Britishness is defined not on ethnic and exclusive grounds but through shared values; our history of tolerance, openness and internationalism; and our commitment to democracy and liberty, to civic duty and the public space.
What took some time for me to figure out was how to have a life outside my career, to find a way to be inclusive rather than exclusive. It came only after years of psychotherapy and deep soul-searching.
There can be nothing exclusive about substantial art. It comes directly out of the heart of the experience of life and thinking about life and living life.
Charles Ives
People don’t come to the stadiums for every match because if there is a game every three days, it is difficult. You need to make games more exclusive and make them more special.
A high standard of living cannot remain the exclusive possession of the West – and the sooner we can help other peoples to develop their resources, raise their living standards, and strengthen their national independence, the safer the world will be for us all.
It’s kind of low brow, but the show ‘Bob‘s Burgers’ is hilarious, and being from the Midwest, I can kind of relate to a lot of the jokes. ‘Orange is The New Black’ is a Netflix Exclusive, I think – that’s really funny.
I think it’s possible to make a blockbuster that is actually emotional. They don’t need to be mutually exclusive.
Rupert Sanders
Corresponding to the image of a monotheistic God is monogamous marriage. Marriage based on exclusive and definitive love becomes the icon of the relationship between God and his people and vice versa.
He took pride in belonging to the world’s most exclusive club: the United States Senate.
Margaret Truman
All religions develop, become exclusive, become divisive and quarrelsome.
The mind gets distracted in all sorts of ways. The heart is its own exclusive concern and diversion.
Malcolm de Chazal
Hey, once a Bond girl, always a Bond girl. It will always be a big deal – it’s an exclusive club.
Carey Lowell
I think it’s an old fashioned notion that fashion needs to be exclusive to be fashionable.
Typically, in France, someone in my position should keep their mouth shut. I’m an entertainer, operating in the realm of pop, and it’s often looked down upon for a pop artist to take a stand, to have convictions or opinions. But I don’t think the two are incompatible or mutually exclusive.
What is new is that environmentalism intensely illuminates the need to confront the corporate domain at its most powerful and guarded point – the exclusive right to govern the systems of production.
In my opinion, there is one singular problem with religions in general: they are exclusive. To me, this exclusivity is not right.
Majorca is this destination where, you know, you have a lot of money, but you want to go somewhere quite exclusive. And the culture of the island is still traditionally Spanish. It hasn’t been infested by tourists. I think, in the ’20s or something, an extremely wealthy person built this little kingdom of villas.
I find that the ‘moms club’ is a very, very exclusive club! It’s the club of mothers who wear skinny jeans and white button-down shirts and wash their hair twice a day! I do not, and mothers who do make me feel really bad. You know who I am talking about!
Wherever you find ‘men together‘ – writing the rules, as at exclusive golf or other men’s clubs, businesses, and lodges where they wear elaborate robes and funny hatswomen are kept completely outside if possible and, when grudgingly admitted, to highly restricted areas or token status.
Quite honestly, one of the unavoidable considerations in going exclusive with any company is being put on a company’s medical insurance program.
San Diego is living proof that a healthy economy, low unemployment rate and strong international ties are not mutually exclusive.
I really like Adam Curtis’ ‘Century of Self.’ It’s about how artists have failed the general public by being so exclusive, like being in an echo chamber. I was definitely more like that in my early twenties – my music was completely inaccessible.
People feel they are not participating in the decision-making process. Decisions are exclusive to those at the very top. You have grown up with crony capitalism and it creates ever more resentment.
I’ve always been in love with Land Rovers and Range Rovers. I own one and was able to make it a little more exclusive.
Our constitutional system is defined by a balance between the public’s need for transparency and the government’s need to have a zone of secrecy around decision making. Both are important, yet they are mutually exclusive.
Hollywood is a strange, strange thing. I feel like I’ve been invited to a very exclusive ball and I’m just trying to make nice with everybody and hope that if they kick me out they’ll at least give me a ride home.
Whether slavery shall go into Nebraska, or other new territories, is not a matter of exclusive concern to the people who may go there. The whole nation is interested that the best use shall be made of these territories. We want them for the homes of free white people.
Honor is not the exclusive property of any political party.
I am not saying that government has nothing to offer. Government has an important role in fostering an environment conducive to business creation while also protecting its citizens. These are not mutually exclusive.
Sher Valenzuela
I was also dating someone from UCLA and also I had another suitor, Jimmy Caan. So it was between my college boyfriend, Jimmy Caan and Hef. And Hef won. Within a few months, we were exclusive.
President Obama is in violation of Section 3 of Article II of the Constitution by refusing to enforce the employer mandate provisions of Obamacare. The executive branch, which has no constitutional authority to write or rewrite law at whim, has usurped the exclusive legislative power of Congress.
‘Game of Thrones’ isn’t all about magic – it’s way more about political scheming and family tensions – but to be a part of this exclusive magic club is actually really cool.
Public education grants secular worldviews an exclusive monopoly in the classroom.
South Korea first allowed women into the military in 1950 during the Korean War. Back then, female soldiers mainly held administrative and support positions. Women began to take on combat roles in the 1990s when the three military academies, exclusive to men, began accepting women.
It’s time to stop thinking of the Republican Party as an exclusive club where your ideological card is checked at the door, and start thinking about how we can attract more solution-based leaders like Nathan Fletcher and Anthony Adams.
I believe that every family – it doesn’t make a difference who you are or where you come from – deserves to have quality healthcare. It is a universal right. It’s not the exclusive privilege of the elite and the wealthy.
I grew up watching my father work, and learning from him what good quality is. I took from him the passion to create beautiful and exclusive products. He also taught me to persevere if I want to reach my goals.
A double bind is far worse than a straightforward damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don’t dilemma. It requires you to obey two mutually exclusive commands: Anything you do to fulfill one violates the other.
The classical ballet world is so exclusive and small, and a lot of people don’t know about it.
Brand-name drugs have no competition, since the government grants them very long, exclusive marketing rights.