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Empowered Quotes

We’ve collected the best Empowered Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Julien Baker, Andrea Jung, Rickie Lee Jones, Salim Akil, Tatiana Schlossberg. Use them as an inspiration.

My music is not always about getting my ideas heard, it’s about letting other people feel empowered to have their ideas heard by example.
There’s obviously a correlation between an economically empowered woman and the investments she makes. That leads to her social and moral conscience for bettering her community.
I would like to be a part of a community of women, and help women be empowered, but I think I’m not necessarily political. I say that because I really hate politicians, so I don’t fancy sitting around and thinking about them all the time.
I remember, as a kid, wearing the Batman costume for Halloween and feeling empowered by that as a kid.
I think people who speak and write about climate change and environmental degradation need to convey how interesting and important this topic is, because I’m not sure people will feel empowered to help if they don’t feel engaged and called to action.
The Indian youth needs to be empowered, and it can be done through good education and vocational training.
Pallam Raju
If consumers were more empowered, they would take more responsibility for their health.
To allot God a secondary place in life was, to me, inconceivable. Though He is the sole Owner of the cosmos, silently showering us with gifts from life to life, one thing yet remains which He does not own, and which each human heart is empowered to withhold or bestow – man’s love.
My job is to hire the best and brightest employees and empower them to do their best work. As a manager, I am not a mind reader nor an expert at every job function. Therefore, it is incumbent on all hires to feel empowered to tell me what resources they need to do their job.
Sounding like I have agency in a song is important to me. I want to feel empowered by the music.
I learn every day what it means to love myself, and I’m constantly figuring out what makes me feel empowered.
The Obama administration deserves credit for quickly ending the housing free fall. In particular, Obama empowered the Federal Housing Administration to ensure that households could find mortgages at low interest rates even during the worst phase of the financial panic.
Unfortunately we live in a world where I think women aren’t actively encouraged or at least not empowered to make good work in every creative sphere, particularly in comedy.
The intersection of political analysis and Internet theory is a busy crossroad of cliche, where familiar rhetorical vehiclesdecentralized authority, emergent leadership, empowered grass roots – create a ceaseless buzz.
You don’t have a lot of women doing things for women, so when I’m rapping I gotta talk all this mess so the women can feel as confident and empowered as the men.
When women are empowered to contribute more fully, we all benefit.
You could summarize everything I did at Apple was making tools to empower creative people. ‘QuickDraw‘ empowered all these other programmers to now be able to sling stuff on the screen. The ‘Window Manager,’ ‘Event Manager,’ and ‘Menu Manager.’ Those are things that I worked on that were empowering other people.
Bill Atkinson
I feel our brides are empowered women who know what they want and have a strong sense of their identity. Obviously, they love fashion and glamour.
One could imagine a day when empowered and experienced representatives of liberated areas will sit with the regime‘s representatives and work to negotiate to reunify a more democratic Syria.
I see a minimum living wage as a long-term solution, but I’m not sure that’s my favorite. I think society benefits if all the human race is empowered and aspiring to do great things. Giving people the skill sets to do great things will take work.
My intention when I created Labs was that the people that used our products would be empowered to explore a fearless, daring attitude towards makeup – that’s why we always write ‘Use Without Caution‘ on everything we make.
Some men think that if you’re empowered and sure of yourself then you’re a man-hater, but it’s like, ‘No, I’m just the same as you are, but maybe just a tiny bit more confident.’
For me, I analyze the modern girl, the girl that I’m friends with, and they’re empowered: They pay their own bills. They have their own style. They wear clothes – the clothes don’t wear them.
For a ‘GOT’ premiere, I wore a white dress by Antonio Berardi, which fitted beautifully. And I felt empowered by the Jenny Packham gown I wore for ‘The Last Witch Hunter‘ premiere. That is the beauty of the designer – to help a woman or man feel that way.
Women are in a position now to voice their opinion… women are getting empowered. The more power they get, the more voice they get to shift certain things around. Now I have a daughter, I understand. When I didn’t have a daughter, I didn’t understand.
Women are empowered, and they got better jobs than their husbands.
Boosting education will be a direct counterbalance to Boko Haram’s appeal. In particular we must educate more young girls, ensuring they will grow up to be empowered through learning to play their full part as citizens of Nigeria and pull themselves up and out of poverty.
I embrace who I am, and I embrace the fact that I feel empowered feeling sexy.
Moana is such an amazing character. She’s brave; she is so empowered. She knows what she wants, and she’s not afraid to get it, and I think that’s something that I can relate to as well. I just love watching how she goes along in this wonderful movie and grows as a person and helps her culture along the way.
Customer satisfaction has always been the number one goal for retailers, and in the future, customers will be more empowered than ever to drive the change they want, as they get more control over their shopping experience.
Though easy to define, it is important to understand the significance of philanthropy. I believe it is really a state of mind: where one feels empowered and equipped to fill the huge gaps in the existing system.
Producing has empowered me as an artist in a specific way. It’s forced a certain kind of maturity.
Confidence and empowerment are cousins in my opinion. Empowerment comes from within and typically it’s stemmed and fostered by self-assurance. To feel empowered is to feel free and that’s when people do their best work. You can’t fake confidence or empowerment.
When entire companies embrace a growth mindset, their employees report feeling far more empowered and committed; they also receive far greater organizational support for collaboration and innovation.
High school students ought to seek out campus communities where they feel not only empowered to engage their talents, but also challenged to leave their comfort zones. The ability to embrace new opportunities emerges, in part, from a willingness to take risks and to fail.
The directness of my mother is clearly in my voice. Her opinion is always a very strong opinion at the dining room table. I think she empowered me to have the same drive.
Our electoral process has created perverse incentives that have warped our democracy and empowered special interests and a vocal minority.
The big takeaway I got from ‘Thelma & Louise’ was the reaction of women who had seen the movie being so profound, so different. It was overwhelming, and it made me realise how few opportunities we give women to feel excited and empowered by female characters, to come out of a movie pumped.
The Enlightenment diamond-shaped society, with a huge, prosperous, socially-mobile, empowered middle class, is by far the most productive and creative system the world has ever seen.
It will take leaders at all levels to condemn those who gladly call themselves white supremacist and Nazis. We cannot let them feel empowered. They must know they have no safe harbor here – in our commonwealth or in our country.
I want to be with a woman who feels empowered.
I feel like the scripts were so wonderfully written in the sense that my character in ‘1666’ and my character in ‘1994’ mirrored each other in a really nice way. They’re both so strong, empowered, determined, and passionate.
Well the protester I think is a very powerful thing. It’s basically a mechanism of democracy that, along with capitalism, scientific innovation, those things have built the modern world. And it’s wonderful that the new tools have empowered that protestor so that state secrets, bad developments are not hidden anymore.
I would like the world to know that Yemeni women are strong, and if empowered, they can achieve. The world needs to look beyond stereotypes and dress code. In our hearts, we are just human beings who want to live a dignified life. Is that too much to ask for?
Tawakkol Karman
I see explicit covers on magazines, and they’re getting even more explicit, and it’s like, Are women being empowered, or is this just what sells magazines? Are they feeling pressured, or have they really come into themselves and are saying, ‘I am woman, hear me roar?’
Compassion is loving others enough to say or do what is appropriate from an empowered heart without attachment to the outcome.
Working together with our exceptional leadership team, our Ministry of Health was empowered to make smart investments that could unlock our potential by producing long-lasting health and economic benefits for all.
I started in investment banking at Allen & Company in 1991. It was the go-go days of media mergers, and we were incredibly busy with one deal after another. Unlike typical investment banking groups, even in the midst of merger mania, we didn’t have a formal face-time culture – and I felt empowered by that.
A lot of fans have been requesting that in-your-face song, a sense of feeling empowered. And ‘Good Woman’ is that: a relatable song celebrating the good woman. I’m also really proud of the third verse, which I wrote.
I feel empowered the fact that I can look the way that I do on stage and in photos – I can look that way any time I want. And I feel like it’s important message to other women that they can do it, too.
If the federal government will not enforce the immigration laws, our state and local law enforcement should be empowered to do so.
An empowered public is the foundation for a stronger society, more effective government, and a more successful state.
Robert Zoellick
Women feel empowered when they can do the things that are supposed to be only for men, you know? It breaks boundaries, it’s liberating, and it’s empowering when you feel like, ‘Well, I can do that, too.’
The point is, technology has empowered so many musicians, you know?
Stanley Clarke
I’m sure the hard-core feminist will say we’re trapped, but I think viewers see how empowered we are.
I pride myself on being an athlete and I have muscles, but at the same time I am a woman and my muscles make me empowered as a woman.
I am so confident and empowered by my sexuality; it plays an enormous part in my life.
Most companies target women as end users, but few are effectively utilizing female employees when it comes to innovating for female consumers. When women are empowered in the design and innovation process, the likelihood of success in the marketplace improves by 144%!
I like being a role model – people have told me that I am a role model for empowered women, but I don’t see myself that way.
It’s very important for females to feel empowered. It took me a long time to find that inside me.
Our team has always believed that neither cost and distance should ever prevent people from connecting with their friends and loved ones, and won’t rest until everyone, everywhere is empowered with that opportunity.
It is our job to ensure everyone feels included and empowered. We are living in a world that is increasingly diverse, and part of helping kids develop and be those successful leaders of tomorrow is helping them learn how to embrace multiculturalism and diversity.
Margo Georgiadis
To empower women, power must be given to them, presumably by an entity that already has it. And that entity is the patriarchy. This also implies that women must be on the receiving end, waiting – politely – to be empowered. Very Victorian-era courtship, isn’t it?
I come from a family where I have been empowered.
I think women want freedom. They want to be empowered. They want hope. They want love; they want all the things that I want, and I’m not afraid to say those things and act on them, and I think that’s why they identify with me.
That’s not to say that women’s priorities are better than men’s. Rather, when women are empowered, when they can speak from the experience of their own lives, they often address different, previously neglected issues. And families and whole communities benefit.
I tend to sort of over-accessorize, but to feel empowered, I strip it all down and become minimal so that it’s almost counterintuitive.
When I entered the workforce, I was frustrated. When you’re starting your career, somebody else is ‘The Man’ or ‘The Woman.’ They go into a room and make the decision, not you. You don’t feel empowered. I wanted to break through that.
What Techstars is fundamentally a global ecosystem in which entrepreneurs are enabled and empowered to bring new technologies to the market.
I just love when girls rock short hair, because they can’t hide behind anything. I feel more empowered with short hair.
I think all women in Hollywood are known as sex symbols. That’s what our purpose is in this business. You’re merchandised, you’re a product. You’re sold and it’s based on sex. But that’s okay. I think women should be empowered by that, not degraded.
Megan Fox
The nature of constitutional delegations of power is that they entitle the empowered official to do certain things that other people can’t do.
It’s incredible being a woman. I was, of course, fortunate to have an Irish mother who is an empowered woman. She comes from the western culture where women’s rights and empowerment happened much earlier in the 19th century.
Be empowered as a female, as a woman. Don’t apologize. Don’t lose yourself in another person’s life.
Bands like Arcade Fire finding a larger audience has opened a lot of doors. They’ve empowered a whole community in Montreal.
Very often, we think of leadership being at the very top of an organisation. I think what’s unique about ABG is that we have a very strong cadre of leaders across the organisation who are highly empowered and therefore play a very major role in the growth and evolution of the organization.
We want to create a community of girls who will be empowered to become catalysts for transformation in their communities.
Society has changed so dramatically that it’s empowered the individual, and technology has a lot to do with that. Years ago, if you had a bad experience at a restaurant, you could complain to the manager. Maybe you could picket. Now, you go online and write a review that may go viral.
Brad Katsuyama
There are so many layers to what makes you feel empowered. Obviously, self-love. If you can’t get into that, you can’t get into moving to care about others and changing the world.
Freedom is not empowerment. Empowerment is what the Serbs have in Bosnia. Anybody can grab a gun and be empowered.
Moana is definitely a Disney heroine. She’s wonderful, empowered, empowering.
I admit that when challenging times first surface, it’s not first instinct to do a happy dance. But when you take time to pause and add insight to injury, you will immediately start to feel empowered to make those majorly needed life shifts.
Hamas has long been Israel‘s enemy, but in the wake of the Arab Spring, the group is empowered like never before.
Every friend of freedom must be as revolted as I am by the prospect of turning the United States into an armed camp, by the vision of jails filled with casual drug users and of an army of enforcers empowered to invade the liberty of citizens on slight evidence.
When you sit at your desk, if you’re lucky, there’s a moment when you feel empowered to be someone or something else, to leap into another skin.
We know that society is better – more prosperous, more stable, more peaceful, more cohesive – when women’s rights are respected and when women are valued, empowered, and lead the way in our communities.
I am empowered by my friends in the music industry who are other fellow black men because I see them as my brothers; we have similar experiences and relate to each other.
We choose forward. We choose inclusion. We choose growing together. We choose American economic might and muscle, standing strong on the bedrock of the American ideal: a strong, empowered and ever-growing middle class.
When I was a teenager, I felt my life was constrained by rules, school, my parents. I wanted to feel like I was empowered and different; that’s why superheroes, comics, manga, and video games filled my needs. When I got older, I realized power is not free; it comes with responsibility.
Being appreciated for playing a female warrior seems too good to be true. I enjoy playing such empowered roles, and on a related note, that’s why I agreed to become the brand ambassador for the Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao campaign.
I can’t point to a single person or incident that changed my life, but the recognition that there is a certain world order, has been consequential. It has empowered me to do things my way. I found an inner truth by which I abide.
I feel everyone should feel empowered to live their best life.
I think a lot of Americans don’t appreciate just what an incredible country this is, how lucky they are, how safe they are, how empowered they are.
Whether or not cutting my hair was the right decision, it empowered me.
Betty Who
I think if you want to be seen as an intelligent woman, you can’t be someone who feels empowered and sexy. I just don’t understand who makes these rules, and frankly, I’m not interested in them.
Bumble really sets the stage for an empowered and modern way to connect, which educated and forward-thinking groups of people have really gravitated to.
When you think about growing and being empowered yourself, it is what you’ve been able to do for other people that leaves you the fullest.
If Congress does its job in this regard, the residents of Puerto Rico will be empowered to act in their own self-interest and express their future political status aspirations accordingly.
I think we can all agree there’s a kind of beauty myth that as soon as a woman cuts her hair she’s more empowered. Feels strong. Floats down the street feeling like a Parisian woman during fashion week, all carefree. She doesn’t care what anyone else thinks! But that’s not always the case.
I want to empower and love, to be empowered and empower others. Because when we send out good energy, it comes back at us and makes the world a better place.
If you go on a diet and feel constrained, you are more likely to drop it. But if you see your food choices each day as part of a spectrum, then you are more likely to feel free and empowered.
I hope that my daughter grows up empowered and doesn’t define herself by the way she looks but by qualities that make her a intelligent, strong and responsible woman.
Isaiah Mustafa
Only choices made in love are compassionate. There are no exceptions. Do you have the courage to act with an empowered heart without attachment to the outcome? If not, you have no ability to give or experience compassion. That is the shocking truth.
Leaders thrive when they feel creatively empowered, when they trust the people around them, when their confidence is swelling. Leaders make mistakes when they lose that same confidence, when they’re fretting about their power base, when they’re reacting instead of acting.
Different women feel empowered in different ways, and it’s not right to tell someone what they can and cannot do.
Women have a voice; they’re empowered, and they’re heard.
We can’t be empowered women in our career and strong women in our relationships if it weren’t for the fact that we’re healthy.
Women like to watch women fight because it makes them feel sort of empowered physically and mentally. They feel kind of jazzed and excited by it.
Lucy Liu
We know how hard we’ve worked, we know how our choreography makes us feel empowered. We have our voices, which are incredible and kind of surpass anything else.
People are used to getting a lot of information quickly, and they’re used to being quite empowered as consumers, and they go to governments expecting a similar treatment; they want to find data and they want to influence events quickly, and yet they come into this brick wall.
Trump‘s America means many things, but this much is clear – it means toxic white masculinity is not just permitted, it’s fully empowered – and getting worse.
Being the one woman in the room should not be seen as a victory. If there’s only one of us in the room, we’re still a token; we don’t actually have an empowered voice. If there’s two of us, we’re still a minority. If there’s three, then we’re allowed to have a multiplicity of opinions.
I’ve been very fortunate to work with a lot of directors who understand that actors need to feel empowered in order to really do their job.
John Cabrera
Women need to be empowered to shape their own livelihoods and become CEOs of their own lives. They must be allowed to take control of important life decisions that are so often decided by others.
For me, I feel empowered when I use my body to exercise, play sports, and explore the world. My body allows me to sing, dance, talk, feel – and eat a damn good piece of cheesecake.
I did things like Shampoo and Heaven Can Wait. I don’t know what those films were about. The women I played in them were not very empowered.
Consumers are empowered by Yelp and tools like it: before, when they had a bad experience, they didn’t have much recourse. They could fume, but often nothing else other than tell their friends.
Music has empowered me through poverty, abuse, and mental-health issues.
I believe that when you provide information to people, they become less fearful and they will engage more in their democracy if they are empowered with information.
The characteristics of an authentically empowered personality are humbleness, clarity, forgiveness and love.
Architects feel empowered to give opinions about politics and sociology and philosophy without knowing much about it. Kind of in the same way that they think they can design furniture or fashion or utensils for dining.
Rafael Vinoly
Empowering the youth is our responsibility, and the youth will be empowered with more investment on them.
You have to enable and empower people to make decisions independent of you. As I’ve learned, each person on a team is an extension of your leadership; if they feel empowered by you they will magnify your power to lead.
Tom Ridge
The neutral and level playing field provided by permissionless innovation has empowered all of us with the freedom to express ourselves and innovate online without having to seek the permission of a remote telecom executive.
At the end of my life, is it better to say that I empowered people to make great stuff, or that I died with a net worth of $10 billion? Obviously I’m picking the former, although I would not mind both.
I feel empowered to be a different kind of writer. The longer I stay here, the more light filters into my work. I feel very American. I belong.
I want everyone to feel empowered. Everyone can do something.
I love anything that makes you feel empowered. I’m ’bout that – you can’t be scared.
God empowered him; and my father, when he stood to preach, he wasn’t preaching his message, he was preaching God’s message.
The Caribbean calls upon the enslaving governments of Europe and their national institutions, all enriched and empowered by their crimes against humanity, to return to the region in order to participate in cleaning up their colonial mess.
Hilary Beckles
The young men of India need us to do more for them. And we need to do it for men in their own right, and we need to do it even more urgently if we really want women to be empowered too.
Going to a movie is a two-hour experience; at $7.50 for a ticket, you are valuing your time at far less than the minimum wage. If you don’t understand the film, don’t leave. If you understand it all too well and hate it, get out of your seat and walk up the aisle. You will feel empowered.
Gene Siskel
When people sit in front of a microphone, they feel empowered.
I would love to raise a fund or get some awesome empowered women together and put together an advisory board to get behind female entrepreneurs.
I feel confident. I feel empowered. I feel in control.
I believe in women having a voice, being empowered, speaking up, and having ideas.
I’m an e-patient: equipped, enabled, empowered, engaged. I’m no clinician, but I do everything in my power to help them, to play an active role in my own care, and even in the design of care.
Dave deBronkart
The Internet has empowered us. It has empowered you, it has empowered me, and it has empowered some other guys as well.
Patrick Chappatte
I’m all for having an empowered first lady who can really use that position to improve conditions, be a role model and make change.
Rory Kennedy
Patients are empowered by having better access to their own health information, and then by owning their own data.
My dad empowered me and made me believe I could accomplish whatever I set my mind to.
You need to be able to communicate your feelings. We need to be able to do that to feel empowered.
I tell about some of the female characters from the Bible so girls can be inspired and empowered and uplifted.
Real government is about looking beyond the vested to the national interest, setting up the necessary conditions to enable the next, more enabled and more empowered generation to achieve a country as prosperous, a people as content, as ours deserve to be.
A hard Brexit would be so damaging to the true interests of the UK that what might follow – if we are lucky – is a great unmasking, not just of the political fantasists and chancers who peddled the great Brexit swindle, but of the historical delusion that empowered them.
Our system of government works best when there are checks and balances led by independent entities that are empowered to conduct fair and rigorous oversight. These are the same principles enshrined in the founding document of our country – our Constitution.
Remember to use your vote. Remember to speak out and feel empowered.
I think, the young people in the U.K., it’s a vicious cycle of not feeling empowered to do anything within their community.
Young women who come to Rise every weekend range from ages 15-19 years if they’re in school and 19-24 years if they’re out of school. These empowered young women talk about protecting themselves, their friends and communities and how they can educate people to help break the stigma surrounding AIDS.
The best way to avoid bureaucracy is to have small teams who are empowered to make decisions and get their work done.
I feel like some women do get away with doing these sexy shoots and looking like they’re being really empowered. For me, I’d feel really uncomfortable in that situation and a bit like I was being taken advantage of.
I feel, you know, empowered because I gave life. I have a son now. I feel like I’m stronger.
I write about spirituality not so we get strong from within and achieve some state of nirvana and then distance ourselves from the real world. I write about it so we can feel empowered to doing the critical work that this generation of black women are charged with doing.
Modelling, fashion and film have all encouraged me to learn more about issues and to feel empowered enough to do something about them.
We can’t afford to deny our past in a bid to be empowered. But what we can do is contextualize the past.
I think we are always right to worry about damaging consequences of new technologies even as we are empowered by them. History suggests we should not panic nor be too sanguine about cool new gizmos. There’s a delicate balance.
Using my voice has empowered me to take complete ownership of my life. So, in return for speaking my truth, I listen.
You have to have teachers who are empowered to facilitate great teaching.
I was a Green Day guy because the first DVD I bought was Green Day’s ‘Bullet In A Bible,’ the live album. That really empowered me to be not just a drummer but a performer. It’s a really crucial part of why I wanted to be in a band.
Ashton Irwin
I am a teacher born and bred, and I believe in the advocacy of teachers. It’s a calling. We want our students to feel impassioned and empowered.
Erin Gruwell
Most African women are taught to endure abusive marriages. They say endurance means a good wife but most women endure abusive relationship because they are not empowered economically; they depend on their husbands.
I think if women are visible in the media, truly visible, in an empowered role, it empowers us to be more visible in any area of our lives.
They are very different in terms of the solution. Where ‘An Inconvenient Truth,’ you really need countries to cooperate and sacrifice and figure out a solution, with ‘Fed Up‘ you can leave the theater and you can be empowered that very night by cooking dinner in your very own kitchen.
I have women coming up to me and saying: ‘I love your character! She’s so empowered. She takes control; she gets what she wants.’ That’s another side of her. And I respect that in Joan. She says and does things that I would never allow myself to do.
People want to be empowered to the point where they can thwart their enemies physically.
I feel very confident and empowered before the camera, after working with Arjun Rampal.
An educated patient is empowered; thus, more likely to become healthy.
In America we tell our parents to bring their child home and put him or her in a crib; as they get older, children sleep in they own room not in Mom and Dad’s room. What are we training them for? It’s independence, because that’s what being empowered is all about.
Most drag queens dress up as super women, as an over exaggeration of the female form, because we like women, usually powerful women. I think that’s why we are so over exaggerated; we are an amplification of the women who empowered us in our youth.
I must be the last person online to have been struck with this realization, but it’s amazing how the Internet has empowered hundreds of ordinary people, turning them into little Diane Sawyers and Anderson Coopers as they snap and blog away.
Bryan Burrough
Men are motivated and empowered when they feel needed. Women are motivated and empowered when they feel cherished.
John Gray
The more you trust your intuition, the more empowered you become, the stronger you become, and the happier you become.
Education, leading to financial independence, has surely made women more empowered.
Saks helps to empower women through how they look and feel – and Bumble wants to give all women a platform to connect with other empowered women, whether that’s in dating, friendship, or business.
My only agenda is, I would like to see mainstream America more empowered to set an agenda.
Unfortunately a Constitutional amendment that would have empowered Congress to make desecration of the United States flag illegal failed to pass by one vote.
Kenny Marchant
Digital art software has empowered both the painterly side of photographers, and the photographer side of painters.
As you keep your mind and heart focused in the right direction, approaching each day with faith and gratitude, I believe you will be empowered to live life to the fullest and enjoy the abundant life He has promised you!
I would like to see people more aware of where their food comes from. I would like to see small farmers empowered. I feed my daughter almost exclusively organic food.
The #MeToo and Time’s Up movements have been a roar on behalf of women, and the voices are genuinely empowered now. I really feel that.
In addition to all the good things it’s done, the Internet has empowered an awful lot of people who would have been best off disempowered, including quite a few bloggers on both sides.
Whether you’re six or sixty, if you go on a diet and lifestyle program and feel constrained, you’re likely to go off it sooner or later. Offering a spectrum of choices is much more effective; then, you feel free and empowered.
I always felt like – I mean, I was told, really – I couldn’t go too far with the productions because it didn’t appeal to black radio. It wasn’t until I decided I was going to do what I wanted to do or I was going to quit that I empowered myself. I took my power back.
Women don’t necessarily understand that it is possible to have the same level of ambition as men – they allow themselves to be held back by the obstacles rather than empowered by the possibilities.
American political elites feel very empowered to criticize the American intelligence community for not doing enough when they feel in danger, and as soon as we’ve made them feel safe again, they feel equally empowered to complain that we’re doing too much.
I love comedy; I’m super passionate about it, and thank God it’s super in right now to have female empowered comedies.
Dreama Walker
Prior to passage of Obamacare, Americans spoke out against the individual mandate; they didn’t want to change the health care they had; they didn’t want a 3,000-page bill that empowered 15 Washington bureaucrats to decide the future of the doctor-patient relationship.
No matter what you eventually become – free, empowered – the lingering feeling of ‘once an outsider, always an outsider’ is very vivid for me.
Greatness is empowered in a system where you pass the ball, not pound it.
Bush II’s democracy crusade and Obama’s embrace of the Arab Spring have unleashed and empowered forces less receptive to America’s wishes and will than the despots and dictators deposed with our approval.
When you put an individual on the cover of a big picture magazine, like ‘Life of Look’, their career skyrocketed. As a photographer, you were very empowered; people came to you, bowing to you and what you represented.
Douglas Kirkland
I want somebody else to say, ‘Man, that ‘Back 2 Life’ album got me through. There were songs that really empowered me to get out of my safe zone or to leave that abusive relationship or made me feel confident.’
The troops are therefore empowered and are in duty bound in this war to use without mitigation even against women and children any means that will lead to success.
Wilhelm Keitel
I want to go to every corner of the Earth where women are and make sure that every single woman on this planet knows that you should make the first move, it’s OK to make the first move. They are equal, and they should be empowered.
Professional or amateur, athletes want to see progress. We like to see numbers and metrics improve, and when you have deeper insight into what’s going on inside your body, you’re empowered to make changes to improve and become stronger.
Everybody that’s on a set – from the director to the grips to the electricians – it’s all about problem solving. So, as empowered as you can make everybody feel, that’s really important.
John Cabrera
Democratic accountability means that governments must be popularly accepted, with citizens empowered to replace corrupt or incompetent rulers.
As women are empowered, violence can come down, for a number of reasons. By all measures, men are the more violent gender.
If I don’t write a song, I only record it when it’s played for me for the first time and I connect to it, am empowered by it, and have a deep connection to the lyrics.
At one point, you were that employee who looked like a deer in headlights. Confused, lost, and not understanding your purpose within the organization. Even though you have the appropriate skills, you felt like you were in over your head. That is, until an amazing boss empowered you.