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Elizabeth Quotes

We’ve collected the best Elizabeth Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Robert Gottlieb, Richard Dawkins, Dave Brubeck, Jennifer Palmieri, Debbie Reynolds. Use them as an inspiration.

There are certain historical figures of such importance that we need to know everything about them, which is why books about Napoleon, Lincoln, Julius Caesar, Joan of Arc, Queen Elizabeth I, and the great religious founders continue to proliferate; these lives require constant reevaluation and interpretation.
The psychologist Elizabeth Loftus has shown great courage, in the face of spiteful vested interests, in demonstrating how easy it is for people to concoct memories that are entirely false but which seem, to the victim, every bit as real as true memories.
My mother Elizabeth Ivey Brubeck was a pianist who studied with Dame Myra Hess and Tobias Matthey. As a child in California I used to listen to her play Chopin.
Many have observed that Elizabeth Edwards could be a political figure in her own right. She has never had an interest in that.
I was just a beginner, and she and I were not in any manner alike, but we got along very well because I was in awe of going to school with Elizabeth Taylor.
The love of Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy is reliant on the restrictions of Regency culture, their passion is created by repression.
I never wanted to work in fashion. At age 12 or 13, I wanted to design for showgirls – for the theater! And I was crazy for the Hollywood of the 1950s: Dietrich, Elizabeth Taylor, Jennifer Jones. They were my idea of glamour – and Sylvie Vartan, the French singer.
When the young Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret were growing up, that was at it’s height and the War cemented that with photographs of the Royal Family having breakfast together and so on, by pinning their reputation so firmly on that particular issue.
I was in a school called Shiv Niketan, run by Elizabeth Gauba, where she gave a lot of importance to people expressing themselves in whatever way they wanted – some could draw and answer, some could dance and answer, while some could act.
Elizabeth Bishop in particular had a big impact on me personally as well as artistically. Her insistence on clarity is something I rate very highly.
I will admit, I once launched myself at Julie Garwood for a hug, hoping some of her magic would rub off on me… and I have fangirl crushes on Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Linda Howard, and Kresley Cole, among many others.
Lisa Kleypas
It’s no stretch to picture me standing next to Al Pacino or Robert De Niro. Those are ethnic New York men. I’m an ethnic New York girl. Everybody has their limitations. I mean, I should never be cast as Queen Elizabeth.
I’m absolutely an Elizabeth Taylor fan!
I was influenced by big, strong voiceswriters like Elizabeth Bowen, Virginia Woolf, Jane Bowles; gay writers like Ed White, Michael Cunningham, Allen Hollinghurst; and contemporary lesbian writers, like Dorothy Allison.
I think I am the Elizabeth Barrett of 2015. Not in terms of genius but in bed a lot.
Elizabeth Warren fully intends to change the system, and says so. When she said how good it felt to be with working people in a workershall, you knew it wasn’t a platitude.
Was Prince Philip in love when he proposed to Elizabeth? At the time, he was a relatively penniless prince, with a rackety family and no home to call his own.
I was obsessed with Miss Elizabeth when I was a little girl.
I was thrust, excitingly, via ‘Elizabeth’ and ‘Shakespeare in Love,’ into a position one can only dream of, but it was startling, too. I was offered a multitude of roles riding horses in flouncy shirts, and I just thought, ‘Hang on, I’ve just done that. What next?’
Of course I had written a film about Elizabeth I, and I loved the Tudor period, and I think at the time Working Title and I had debated on whether to do Elizabeth I or Henry VIII. I’d always wanted to do Henry VIII. Like Elizabeth, I’d had this feeling that it had never properly been addressed.
Well, I’ve known Elizabeth almost all of her life and almost all of my life. And I love her with all of my heart and she’s always been there for me. She’s a wonderful, wonderful dame. She’s a great lady.
I did a short film at Outfest, ‘Where Are the Dolls,’ based on an Elizabeth Bishop poem done, where I play this woman who is sort of walking the streets and ends up alone dancing in a club. I have this hot and heavy scene with a very beautiful actress. It became very popular.
Megan Follows
Of course we have Queen Elizabeth as head of state, but in many ways we are a kind of republic. We don’t have royals in Australia, so it was kind of unusual to run into those kind of people. But aside from that it was quite ordinary.
Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark
I love Mayor Pete. I’ve always liked Joe Biden. I like Elizabeth Warren.
Elizabeth Moss may very well be one of the best actresses I’ve had the privilege of standing opposite and sharing lines with.
My wife Elizabeth and I started The Really Terrible Orchestra for people like us who are pretty hopeless musicians who would like to play in an orchestra. It has been a great success. We give performances; we’ve become the most famous bad orchestra in the world.
I shop almost exclusively online, from brands like Eloquii, ASOS, Elizabeth Suzann, or Rachel Comey, if one of their straight-size pieces has a little extra room.
Aidy Bryant
I am a huge admirer of Elizabeth I, and this intriguing biography gives a wonderful picture of the era.
Barbara Taylor Bradford
She is the rock ‘n’ roll queen. Weirdly enough, that is one of the things her reign will be remembered for. Queen Elizabeth I, we remember Raleigh; Queen Elizabeth II it’s gonna be the Beatles.
I think that the benefit of playing someone like Queen Elizabeth is that so much has been written about her, and there’s so much speculation about her – was she a hermaphrodite? She’s so mythologised, and there are a lot of images of her.
The first Elizabeth film was an absolute travesty historically. It really was sloppy. Things like ‘The Other Boleyn Girl’ and ‘The Tudors,’ people’s perception is distorted because of these. It matters to me as a historian, because I spend my life trying to get it right.
Alison Weir
I was at a benefit for some imprisoned students in the ’60s at San Francisco State, and there were lots of poets reading for the benefit: one was Elizabeth Bishop.
Thom Gunn
I’ve been friends with Elizabeth Banks sinceWet Hot American Summer.’
If you saw Queen Elizabeth it would be amazing, she came from another planet. She was so attractive in what she was wearing.
It will be about which candidate, which of the two candidates remaining, is best suited to make a positive difference in the lives of North Carolina families, and I submit to each of you tonight that I am that candidate and Elizabeth Dole is not.
Erskine Bowles
When I was writing my first novel, ‘Elizabeth is Missing,’ I was writing the only novel I had ever written and writing about the only protagonist I’d ever written about. Because of this, I didn’t think of her as a construct. Maud was real.
Stole my first name from ‘Evening in Paris‘ and the second from Elizabeth Arden.
Eve Arden

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