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Efficient Quotes

We’ve collected the best Efficient Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Donella Meadows, Harold Urey, Letitia Baldrige, Barry Silbert, Richard Hammond. Use them as an inspiration.

Smart development invests in insulation, efficient cars, and ever-renewed sources of energy. Dumb growth crashes around looking for more oil.
The discovery of deuterium and the marked differences in the physical and chemical properties of hydrogen and deuterium, together with an efficient method for the separation of these isotopes, have opened an interesting field of research in several of the major branches of science.
Harold Urey
Eating American-style, you put the knife down and clang. Continental is silent and efficient.
To be a more efficient, faster, and cheaper way to send money around the world, you have to be able to get in and out of Bitcoin. You need to have a liquid exchange on either end of the corridor.
Barry Silbert
The easiest and simplest thing that any one can do to make their car safer, more gas efficient, whatever – check the tire pressure.
Richard Hammond
I was inspired to see leaders from Paris, New York City, San Francisco and Vancouver, B.C. rolling up their sleeves to create clean and safe transportation systems; make homes and buildings efficient, comfortable and affordable; and ensure more of our energy comes from clean sources like wind and solar.
It always seemed mad to me that people who have common investment objectives, let alone are related to each other, should take their capital and allow it to be less efficient by breaking it up into smaller bits.
My style really comes down to me trying to be efficient by wearing what’s going to get me the most out of the world. Whether that means wearing an Armani suit or an H&M dress, that’s what I’m going to wear.
The economy of the future has been aligned with the climate agenda. Even the competitiveness of companies will depend on how resource efficient they are.
Dallas was not a caring city, but it was efficient.
As much as technology has made me so much more efficient, enabling me to run a small but global company from where I happen to be, at times it feels like the technology is running me, as opposed to the other way round.
Some argue shareholder capitalism has proven more efficient. It has moved economic resources to where they’re most productive, and thereby enabled the economy to grow faster.
You have to be patient, efficient with your moves, and attuned to what’s happening with your body physically. The key is not to rush or panic. You wait and wait and wait – and then strike.
What we can do in Singapore may not be doable elsewhere. Some things you know you need: you want efficient government, you want clean government, you want to do away with corruption, you must educate your people. You want to get housing and so on. All these are not such secrets, not so special to Singapore.
When the car was introduced in 1908, people could experience a brand new way to travel that was more efficient than a horse and buggy. Can you believe that cities tried to outlaw cars in the United States? Can you imagine driving a car for a year then having to go back to a horse and buggy?
When you have an efficient government, you have a dictatorship.
I love using the latest technologies to make life more efficient, but I don’t want to advocate that technology replaces the need to get together and enjoy human connections with people.
I am not proposing that we bring our oil and auto industries to a screeching halt. There is still time to begin a series of gradual steps toward new transportation and energy policies, livable cities, and more humane, efficient transit systems.
I adapted an antiquated style and modernized it to something that was efficient. I didn’t know anyone else in the world would be able to use it and I never imagined it would revolutionize the event.
Dick Fosbury
You cannot defeat Islamic State with airstrikes only. It’s necessary to cooperate with ground troops, and the Syrian army is the most efficient and powerful ground force to fight the Islamic State.
With Hyperloop One, the world will be cleaner, safer, and faster. It’s going to make the world a lot more efficient and will impact the ways our cities work, where we live, and where we work. We’ll be able to move between cities as if cities themselves are metro stops.
The Pentagon can’t even audit its own books. It doesn’t even know where its money is going. And we refuse to have the tough forces go on the Pentagon so that at least they are efficient with the money they’re spending.
Tom Coburn
Being Uber means being efficient.
I love cities, and I love city governments in particular. But in politics it would have taken me 8 years from implementing a policy before I would get to see the feedback. With programming I could model the same policies and see the impact immediately. Technology is a far more efficient way to test.
Making government more efficient and more effective need not be a partisan issue.
We can heal our planet, use cleaner and more efficient sources of energy while creating green jobs.
We want to preserve and aggressively grow our arts in West Virginia while at the same time making our education department, and government, more efficient and responsive.
I see a future where states compete with one another to see which can be the most efficient, and where businesses seek out efficient states in which to locate so they can reap the economic and environmental benefits for their businesses and employees.
As a candidate for Director-General of the WHO, I believe there is a key role WHO needs to play to improve and advance mental health. It can help advocate for efficient resources and services – and efforts to reduce stigma – to be in place at local, national, and global levels.
Being productive at work is rewarding, and feeling supported, challenged, and appreciated allows us to be our most efficient selves.
Friends and family were convinced I was functioning just fine because I was efficient, productive and successful – who wouldn’t be working twenty hour days? I had everybody fooled with my illness.
I think we should be looking at the defense and seeing where we can actually be more efficient because I think that, you know, sometimes during the contracting process, we lose some efficiencies in that regard.
Ben Quayle
Allocating coal linkage to a generating company rather than to a specific plant gives companies the freedom to use the fuel in the most efficient way.
People used to think that private equity was basically just a compensation scheme, but it is much more about making companies more efficient.
Farmers the world over, in dealing with costs, returns and risks, are calculating economic agents. Within their small, individual, allocative domain, they are fine-tuning entrepreneurs, tuning so subtly that many experts fail to recognize how efficient they are.
Theodore Schultz
Of all escape mechanisms, death is the most efficient.
Using cheap and efficient energy makes every other American industry more productive, and thus makes American employers far more competitive in global markets. Productivity creates higher paying jobs in America; it doesn’t destroy them.
I don’t entirely reject the idea of efficient markets. It needs updating.
Andrew Lo
Food is no longer sacred to us: in becoming too efficient we’ve changed its nature.
In a couple of years, the Chinese will be seen as regular participants in international industry. Their companies have to report to shareholders as well as to the Chinese authorities. They need to make money, they have to be efficient.
Like many businessmen of genius he learned that free competition was wasteful, monopoly efficient. And so he simply set about achieving that efficient monopoly.
Mario Puzo
Your normal Wall Street big-swinging Richard has enough of a lingering moral compass to at least tell himself that his wizardry benefits somebody or something besides himself. You know, his cleverness makes capital markets more efficient. It provides credit to productive enterprise. Whatever.
As we get further into our career we’re figuring out how to become more efficient as artists, and doing so many different things is testament to our cohesiveness as the Roots.
The gasoline tax is a user fee, but it does not fill enough of the need, and you want cars to be more efficient.
I’ve tried writing on a computer thinking it would make me more efficient, but if you’re writing crummy stuff, being efficient is no help.
The thing about markets, and I think the thing people don’t understand about that, is markets are not kind, but they’re very efficient. So when the marketplace determines an inefficiency in the system, it corrects that, and a market system that’s left alone will reward good behavior and punish bad behavior.
It is easy to study the rules of overloading and of templates without noticing that together they are one of the keys to elegant and efficient type-safe containers.
Bjarne Stroustrup
We continued the hard work of integrating TWA, because at that time we still thought an efficient connecting hub in St. Louis could be a profitable addition to our network.
You can be very efficient with lyrics, and you can get the heart fluttering or soaring or make someone cry with a really amazing dance song.
As Britain prepares to leave the E.U., we need to become more efficient as an economy. We need everyone contributing to our collective prosperity, in every part of the country. We simply cannot afford to waste the potential of a generation because of mental ill-health.
College is good discipline. That’s what I learned there: pull an all-nighter, get it done, and get an A. I’m the biggest procrastinator, and I learned how to be an efficient procrastinator.
An efficient payments system provides the infrastructure needed to transfer money in low-cost and convenient ways. Efficient systems are innovative in improving the quality of services in response to changing technology and changing demand.
I believe in lower taxes. I believe in more efficient government. I believe in reducing bureaucracy. I believe that we shouldn’t have lobbyists who can go in or former government workers who can come back and lobby.
We have found that using Facebook as a work tool makes our work day more efficient.
Lars Rasmussen
The most efficient labor-saving device is still money.
Franklin P. Jones
I’m pretty involved in everything I do, which isn’t always efficient and doesn’t necessarily make for the more successful product. But I do feel that, in that sense, everything I do has a comprehensiveness to it.
I need to continue to be wise, be efficient and prepared for every game that I play leading up to the Olympics.
If you want to win games in this league, you have to be efficient.
We see the tendency in the world to criticise democracy and sometimes even to say that authoritarian countries like China are more efficient. That is very short-sighted. China looks efficient only because it can sacrifice most people’s rights. This is not something the west should be happy about.
The most energetic and prompt measures and the immediate appearance in arms of a large and overpowering force are recommended to Congress as the most certain and efficient means of bringing the existing collision with Mexico to a speedy and successful termination.
Quite frankly, I think if a man or a woman likes their American job, wherever they were born, they should be able to keep that job. We need a clear path to citizenship for workers who are already here and a fair and efficient on-ramp for those who want to come here.
When you have all these traces of trash moving around, you can ask yourself how can we make the system more efficient. Then we can make better decisions. And perhaps we will not throw away the plastic bottles that go every day to the dump.
Carlo Ratti
Markets do not run better when manufacturing shifts to China largely because of the actions of its government. Nor do they become more efficient when Chinese companies are given special privileges in global markets, while American companies must struggle to compete with unfairly traded goods.
Robert Lighthizer
Each FBI employee understands that to defeat the key threats facing our nation, we must constantly strive to be more efficient and more effective. Just as our adversaries continue to evolve, so, too, must the FBI.
Getting through the reads in an efficient manner. I don’t want to stay on receivers too long to where a bad decision is made.
Chelsea is a strong team defensively, and they are quite efficient up front with great players, so I think I will enjoy it.
With Liquid Robotics‘ innovative technology and Boeing’s leading intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance solutions, we are helping our customers address maritime challenges in ways that make existing platforms smarter, missions safer, and operations more efficient.
Leanne Caret
International carriers need to be given greater role in our skies on all routes like several other large countries to make our aviation industry more efficient and competitive and prevent arbitrary pricing by monopolies.
When a person from a community goes and buys a car, he or she should have the incentive, financial incentive, to buy a more efficient, more environment-friendly car. This shouldn’t be only left to the intention of the people. We cannot only rely on the ethics or the moral of the people.
Health care in America, despite all you hear, still offers us citizens one of the most efficient and highest quality systems in the world. But it’s expensive, and it’s only getting worse.
Beginning with the launch of targeted interventions, including through the tax return process, we will look to find simple and efficient ways in which we can support people to save.
An efficient economy does not perpetuate the misallocation of capital – it punishes it.
When everyone agrees to a single solution and a single plan, there’s nothing more efficient in the world than an efficient democracy.
What does the public want? It wants a vested interest in its own energy provision – driving more efficient behaviour. It wants greater choice and responsibility at a local level. And it wants increased use of renewables to protect the environment.
Conscientious conservatism includes responding to the needs and struggles of Americans with a responsible and efficient government and incorporating outside organizations that want to invest in the American people.
Privatization is more efficient and effective in some cases, but not in intelligence.
The most technologically efficient machine that man has ever invented is the book.
Northrop Frye
We are headed toward ‘perfect capitalism,’ when the laws of supply and demand become exact, because everyone knows everything about a product, service or customer. We will know precisely where the supply curve meets the demand curve, which will make the marketplace vastly more efficient.
With the increasing demand for oil around the world and the rising costs in Oregon and throughout the nation, we must focus on the development of alternate energy sources, especially those that are clean, efficient and renewable.
There’s so many ways of making product design easier, more efficient, quicker. People are now taking DNA from cows and growing leather. The implications of that, in what it has from a grain standpoint, are enormous.
The efficient man is the man who thinks for himself.
Charles William Eliot
Our mission, as set forth by the Congress is a critical one: to preserve price stability, to foster maximum sustainable growth in output and employment, and to promote a stable and efficient financial system that serves all Americans well and fairly.
If we are not more efficient, we put ourselves in a position where prices need to rise or profits deteriorate in a way that makes us less attractive to investors.
If we don’t like rent control, we ought to oppose it on political and social grounds – and not just by arguing that, thanks to smartphones and social networks, we can create new, more efficient markets for matching short-term renters with tenants.
A poor worker is taxed heavily to receive his own money back with a modest supplement. Surely it would be more efficient just to pay the supplement and take him out of direct tax altogether.
Americans want government that is leaner, more efficient, and less intrusive into their personal lives.
Our purpose, as we face these challenges, remains clear – fair and orderly markets that allow for efficient capital formation, while protecting the interests of investors.
Arthur Levitt
We all need good laws, and an independent, impartial, and efficient judiciary to verify the constitutionality of those laws.
I recognized that information was, in many respects, like a public good, and it was this insight that made it clear to me that it was unlikely that the private market would provide efficient resource allocations whenever information was endogenous.
We’re trying to make our software available to users in as economically efficient a way as possible. That means distributing the software directly to them; taking payment through Mastercard, Visa, Paypal, and other options; and not having a store take 30 percent.
The doctors have given me a green light. They have said that my heart is significantly more efficient today than it was four months ago. And I am anxious to be the next president of the United States.
The most efficient way to live reasonably is every morning to make a plan of one’s day and every night to examine the results obtained.
Alexis Carrel
The wind industry has made major strides over the past two decades, and they have proven their industry to be efficient and self-sustainable. There is no need for the taxpayer to continue to subsidize a wind start-up tax credit.
It’s very hard to persuade a young person who has seen the Great Recession, who has seen all the problems with inequality, to tell them inequality is not important and that markets are always efficient. They’d think you’re crazy.
Dickens‘s final book, ‘The Mystery of Edwin Drood,’ forms the jumping-off point for my new novel, ‘The Last Dickens’. This last work by Dickens has very little social commentary and a pretty tightly efficient storyline and cast of characters. Not necessarily what we think of when we think what characterizes Dickens.
The American presidency combines elements of the efficient and the dignified. The president presides over governance – not making legislation but proposing it, cajoling the co-equal federal legislature and then signing and executing the laws.
When you buy something for $9.99, and you know that it’ll fall apart after you wear it once… you’re going into the shopping experience knowing that you’re renting. So all I’m doing is making the rental process more efficient.
Ethanol is here to stay, and we’re going to work for new technologies to be more efficient.
Introduced in the 1960s, multitasking is an engineering strategy for making computers more efficient. Human beings are the slowest elements in a system.
Blockchain technology isn’t just a more efficient way to settle securities. It will fundamentally change market structures, and maybe even the architecture of the Internet itself.
Everybody recognizes that if you can make very efficient electric motors, you can make a quantum leap forward.
Caring for our nation’s veterans must be our top priority as we work to create a more efficient and effective healthcare system at the VA.
I put running into my schedule just as I put anything else whether it’s a meeting or an event or a dinner. I think carving out time to run or exercise gives you brain power and makes you more efficient in other aspects of your life, so it’s worth taking the time.
We don’t talk about the timing of open matters, but I certainly agree with the FBI director that in every investigation, no matter whom it involves, we are thorough, we are fair, we are efficient, and we move through the facts and the evidence and come to the conclusions that are called upon.
I have to be efficient and finish runs, run physical.
Prayer is a specific divine appointment, an ordinance of Heaven, whereby God purposes to carry out His gracious designs on earth and to execute and make efficient the plan of salvation.
To me, it’s far more efficient to mobilize the imagination. It’s far more efficient to hear a creaking step, for example, than to see the face of a monster, which usually looks ridiculous, and where you know that the blood is ketchup.
I’m not a ‘messiah‘ coming to change Washington. I don’t come with a political background, so I think it’s part of my responsibility to raise my hand and say ‘Why?’ Folks don’t just want smaller government; they want an efficient small government.
Markets are, in many settings, self-organizing and ‘efficient’ in terms of maximizing the welfare of both buyers and sellers.
The part of Stripe that I’ve always found most interesting is the idea of facilitating new commerce that wouldn’t otherwise happen. Payouts is turning out to be a big part of that. These new networks are efficient, intelligent replacements for offline behemoths.
The more you run, the faster you get, and that’s more efficient because you’re running more in less time.
In an efficient market, at any point in time, the actual price of a security will be a good estimate of its intrinsic value.
I try to be as efficient as possible.
Richard Jefferson
Normally, it’s more efficient to climb fast.
Time trialing is one of those things that you’ve got to train for… Being a new rider, it’s still really hard for me to know what’s the most efficient gear for me to be in. The road race is probably more exciting, in my opinion, because it’s a lot faster pace, and people are constantly attacking.
Just in terms of allocation of time resources, religion is not very efficient. There’s a lot more I could be doing on a Sunday morning.
One of the reasons I wrote ‘Airborn’ was that I’d fallen in love with the great passenger airships which flew in the ’20s and ’30s. Their time was short-lived. They were frail, they tended to crash; and they could never be as fast, safe and efficient as the airplanes that replaced them.
Kenneth Oppel
I could undertake to be an efficient pupil if it were possible to find an efficient teacher.
Let’s give people more incentives to get fuel efficient vehicles.
We are building a truly integrated, efficient, and modern transit network across the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area. Commuters deserve nothing less than the full support of our next federal government.
Caroline Mulroney
IT for a long time has been about how do you make old processes more efficient. But with all of the progress in digital technology, there is a kind of digital transformation that is occurring. And you see it with the explosion in the number of devices; you see it in the explosion in the number of applications.
I really don’t think our school system is an evil borg force. It’s sort of like the government. It’s not even efficient enough to be a borg of total evil, even if it wanted to be.
We don’t thrive on military acts. We do them because we have to, and thank God we are efficient.
If I needed to know about a security exploit, I preferred to get the information by accessing the companies’ security teamsfiles, rather than poring over lines of code to find it on my own. It’s just more efficient.
Bitcoin can be programmed, metered, and exchanged by connected devices, enabling more efficient usage of our planet’s resources and services.
Neon signs don’t consume much power, but they look like they do. A cousin of fluorescent lighting, neon is actually quite energy efficient. A neon tube glows coolly when high-voltage, low-amperage electrical power excites the gas within it.
The tenets of Jeet Kune Do are simplicity, directness, and freedom, and it’s meant to be a style that is efficient and non-telegraphic; you can’t see it coming.
The key, I think, from a business point of view, is to learn how to be efficient in making a record that’s not too expensive, so that you’re not going crazy spending tons of money making a product that might not ever return that money.
If we have any hope of finding ways for seven billion people to live well on planet with finite resources, we have to learn to use our resources efficiently. Plastic bags are neither efficient nor environmentally friendly.
One problem we face in policymaking is the danger of having technology develop faster than the legal and regulatory system can react, potentially risking safety as well as efficient development and testing.
I was not a great bartender, but I did OK. I wasn’t great at being efficient behind the bar, but I was pretty great at talking to people. I was a pretty good waiter. It was painstaking to get me to care about the clientele of some of these places I was working at.
Jack Falahee
We can be just as safe with a smaller, more efficient nuclear arsenal at less cost.
Good writers are those who keep the language efficient. That is to say, keep it accurate, keep it clear.
I’m not a very efficient filmmaker. There’s a lot of guys, filmmakers like the Coen Brothers who shoot a whole movie and maybe don’t use 12 setups. I’m in awe of people like that; I’m just not that guy.
Obama has demonstrated no desire to make tough choices. Americans demand a more efficient, effective government, but his budget calls for more taxes and more spending. It employs deceptive accounting gimmicks but does nothing to tackle long-term entitlement problems, nothing to save Medicare or fix Social Security.
It’s not about weight, it’s about fitness, and one component of being fit is to have relatively low body fat, because fat is not very efficient, whereas muscle is.
Deborah Bull
On the IRS website, they claim to be one of the world’s most efficient tax administrators. The IRS officials might know how to collect taxes, but surely know how to misspend the funds.
While there’s always plenty of room for improvement, our government is actually quite effective and efficient. Our military and judicial systems and national parks are the best in the world. Unlike in countries where government corruption is rampant, I’ve never once been solicited for a bribe.
An efficient government is dangerous in the hands of the wrong man. Sadly, the right sort of man never seems interested in the job.
Government must become lean and efficient and customer friendly. It must begin to pay its bills. Liberals believe this is radical and cruel. The rest of us think it is common sense.
It’s obviously tricky to convert cellulose to a useful biofuel. I think actually the most efficient way to use cellulose is to burn it in a co-generation power plant. That will yield the most energy and that is something you can do today.
Before the Civil War, the Negro was certainly as efficient a workman as the raw immigrant from Ireland or Germany. But, whereas the Irishmen found economic opportunity wide and daily growing wider, the Negro found public opinion determined to ‘keep him in his place.’
We cannot rely on imported fuels forever, and we aim to replace traditional oil and gas boiler systems with products which are much more efficient.
Martin Naughton
The Texas Energy Office‘s Loan Star Program has reduced building energy consumption and taxpayers‘ energy costs through the efficient operation of public buildings, saving taxpayers more than $172 million through energy efficiency projects.
Rosa DeLauro
You need more than just a great idea. Your product or service must add an enormous amount of value to some industry. If the idea isn’t completely new, it has to be better, cheaper, or more efficient than what we already have.
Zero-hours contracts are a low proportion of the workforce; they provide a route into employment and flexibility for staff. They benefit business, consumers, and taxpayers by keeping costs down, and they boost productivity, allowing the efficient use of labour.
When I was involved in the initial creation of the Department of Homeland Security, we were given a clear twofold mission. The first part of the mission was to secure our borders. The second was to maintain the free and efficient flow of commerce and people.
I don’t want a lot of bureaucracy… I want to run state government the same way we run a campaign – efficient, effective and victorious.
Charlie Crist
Instead of hazarding our future on the dirty fuels of the past, let’s invest in clean power that can drive this country forward. Let’s cut energy waste, make our economy the world’s most efficient, and give our workers a leg up in the global marketplace.
I don’t like a man to be too efficient. He’s likely to be not human enough.
Felix Frankfurter
In the end, all new schools, public or private, snobby or not, add value to the education market, making it bigger and more efficient, in the same way that Zuckerberg added wealth to the economy even for non-Facebook fans.
Efficient spending and saving will give the family more security, more opportunities, more education, and a higher standard of living.
Utah‘s economy stays strong by adhering to conservative fundamental principles: low and consistent tax rates, smaller and more efficient government, sensible regulation, and empowering the private sector to create jobs.
Bitcoin is inherently international, and one of its great promises is it enables cross-border payments in a more efficient way.
We could solve all our problems if only we were the efficient, rational human beings of standard economic theory and had politicians willing to think in the long-term interest of their people rather than their own.
On TV, it is more efficient to use voice-over people because it is really hard to get celebrity voices to recur in a series.
The Navy has demonstrated time and again that it is unwilling to embrace innovative approaches that are both efficient and effective with regard to its force structure.
Just as our adversaries and threats continue to evolve, so, too, must the FBI. The key to this evolution lies with our greatest assets: our people and our partnerships. Every FBI professional understands that thwarting the threats facing our nation means constantly striving to be more effective and more efficient.
It seems that ‘rocket scientist‘ is a job category that’s here for the long haul, like ‘mortician.’ But all this activity masks an important point: rockets are not a terribly efficient way to lift things into space.
As our farms and factories grew more efficient, they accounted for a shrinking share of our economy. And the more productive agriculture and manufacturing became, the fewer people they employed.
More efficient workers are always in an employer‘s best interest.
Our ancestors relied upon their advanced brains to survive during times of food shortage, and fortunately, the human brain is able to utilize body fat as an extremely efficient fuel to sustain function when glucose-providing food is unavailable.
My job will not be easy but I am convinced the problems will be solved in a quicker and more efficient way if there is unity and consensus.
When they invented the mandolin, it was as if they were trying to come up with the least efficient means of extracting noise from a piece of wood.
My dad ran a few marathons; I fight the urge to do the same because I know that it’s not the most efficient way to train unless you’re preparing for an event similar in nature, which baseball players are not.
When we are talking about services that literally mean the difference between life or death and the future financial stability of our state, we should be working in a collaborative manner with a common goal – to make sure the people of Louisiana are cared for in the most efficient way possible.
Toronto is exploding with cyclists, with more and more people wanting to cycle and being turned off driving because of the incredible congestion. Biking is a much more efficient way of getting around, and you get there faster.
I assume we will have figured out a way to efficiently utilize solar energy and tied that to an efficient way to use nuclear energy in such a way that it doesn’t pose a serious environmental issue.
The most efficient water power in the world – women‘s tears.
If a woman can, by careful selection of a father and nourishment of herself, produce a citizen with efficient senses, sound organs and a good digestion, she should clearly be secured a sufficient reward for that natural service to make her willing to undertake and repeat it.
America used to be a uniquely productive, low-cost place to do business. We had efficient infrastructure. We had limited regulation. We believed in the market.
Man is the animal that intends to shoot himself out into interplanetary space, after having given up on the problem of an efficient way to get himself five miles to work and back each day.
Bill Vaughan
Journal paywalls are an example of something that works in the reverse direction, making communication less open and efficient.
The presumption that an extant mode is efficient if the expected net gain is negative can nevertheless be rebutted by showing that the obstacles to implementing an otherwise superior feasible alternative are ‘unfair.’
Oliver E. Williamson
If you don’t have the time or money to get to the gym, work out at home. It saves tons of time and makes life more efficient.
The Cross Border Xpress and improvements to the San Ysidro Port of Entry are making the flow of goods and services faster, easier and more efficient than ever.
Contractions, ‘U’ for ‘you’ and the like are wonderful to make communication brief and efficient – but we wouldn’t want all our talk to be only brief and efficient. Taking pauses out of language would be like taking the net away from a tennis game. Where would all the fun go?
If you think about the history of the PC industry, the PC industry has essentially been nothing but acquisitions by one company or another. Dell is the outlier. Dell built its own culture. They automated themselves to be the most efficient manufacturer.
When you play guitar and strum, you’re using biceps and triceps to move up and down. I realized you could just turn your wrist, your forearm, using smaller muscles in your arm that are much more efficient and much quicker.
In order to spur economic growth we need to put the brakes on out of control spending, lower Ohioans tax burden and create a most efficient and effective government.
Kenneth Blackwell
In a triathlon, it’s all about cycling in the most efficient manner. You need to save your energy for the run at the end, so you want to ride really efficiently and not waste your energy. The only way to do that is to spend a really long time on the bike.
I want to push technology boundaries to be more efficient.
In prose, you have a lot more room for digression, for very meaty kinds of dialogues. In graphic novels, you’re writing haiku-length dialogue. Your job is to be efficient, to get out of the way of the art.
I do believe that clean water is the most efficient way to change the world.
Less cars on the road means productivity and jobs growth, as it allows for the more efficient movement of goods and services and encourages greater urban population density.
A runner‘s stride is not perfectly efficient.
The Internet has given us an unlimited platform of knowledge and inspiration. Sometimes the most efficient way to create a new sound is to cross between genres and experiment with noises/tempos that wouldn’t normally go together.
Even though we think we’re getting a lot done, ironically, multitasking makes us demonstrably less efficient.
I have to chase down the most scientifically efficient way to get the golf ball in the hole.
I always thought that using more efficient energy sources, pushing the clean energy technologies such as renewable energies are important.
Our nation has granted its presidents exquisite transport because we need our leaders to be efficient and safe. However, we don’t need for them to luxuriate on our tax dollars.
We have to find a happy medium in our use of technology. We want things to be efficient, but we have to compartmentalise, too, so that if there is one flaw discovered, the whole thing doesn’t topple.
To pursue a so-called Third Way is foolish. We had our experience with this in the 1960s when we looked for a socialism with a human face. It did not work, and we must be explicit that we are not aiming for a more efficient version of a system that has failed.
Well, I’m a slow writer. For me, a good day is a page, maybe a page and a half. I’d love to be more efficient, but I am not.
I think I rest in the moment of not being able to rest. I rest by trying to make the moment as efficient as possible.
So benevolent, enlightened, wise dictators are the most efficient form of government. The problem is what comes afterwards, right?
Eventually I was saying to myself, maybe it would be better, instead of trying to become an American comedian in France, to mix those two styles and those two genres. Because of course it’s good to be efficient and sharp, and to have a joke every twenty seconds, but it can be a little cold and dry.
We will not only be more flexible when it comes to price, we’ll also be more efficient operationally by forgoing pre-assigned seating, priority boarding, upgrading the option for last-minute changes.
A bank-issued digital asset can only really efficiently settle between the banks who issued it. I strongly believe banks need an independent digital asset to enable truly efficient settlement, and we believe XRP is best positioned for that role.
If I buy anything for personal use or for BOB that has even the slightest hint of moth damage, I put it straight into the freezer for a few days. This might sound odd, but its the best and most efficient way to kill moth eggs.
The United Nations needs to be nimble, efficient, and effective.
If you’re the village blacksmith and a model T comes along, you better become a mechanic. People’s lives are better when they get news online versus having to wait for the morning paper. It’s a lot more efficient, a lot more real time, a lot less waste.
Any effort to make the death penalty speedier and less costly – more ‘efficient’ – will inevitably make it less just.
I’ve never, ever in my life touched a photographer. Some of the cruellest things I’ve ever said have been to photographers who are chasing me down the street, some of the sharpest, most efficient emotional barbs. And they know that in that moment, in that one-to-one wit competition, they just got smashed.
The similarities between commercial airplanes and automobiles are striking. It’s all about safe and efficient transportation using the latest technology and the best fuel efficiency.
Not exclusively, but the bulk of our local economy should be covered by local currencies, which is more efficient than having global currencies which lose connection with reality in the markets, shops and communities of the people.
If I’m called on, I want to be ready and efficient.
Michy Batshuayi
We are absolutely clear: when these unaccompanied minors have a family link in the United Kingdom, then they must go to the United Kingdom. And they must go quickly and in an efficient fashion.
Fuel cell vehicles run on clean-burning hydrogen and are three times more efficient than the traditional combustible engine.
Albert Wynn
Issuing orders and circulars without errors and in the proper way is crucial for efficient administration. This is why the Secretariat Office Manual mandates scrutiny at different levels.
We stipulate about where we need to be in life: By this age you should be married, by this age you should have kids. But it’s not that you can only do this or only do that. It’s really about creating a holistic life: about planning ahead and being efficient with your time and really listening to yourself.
I’m trying to keep my days very efficient, and I keep my set really tight. Every single corner is active, and everybody gets to thrive in the job that they do. I don’t waste people’s time.
I’m an efficient, good, professional reporter. But I also write. And so what I try to do is write about places that I know that I care about intensely and write about them in a way that conveys the fact that I care.
Alma Guillermoprieto
Strong government doesn’t mean simply military power or an efficient intelligence apparatus. Instead, it should mean effective, fair administration – in other words, ‘good governance.’
I have always practiced by myself. It’s just because that is when I can do the most work, the most efficient work, is when I am by myself, and I think I just find a little bit of peace when it comes to being able to be out here on the golf course, and you are just you and yourself and your thoughts.
I want to hold government accountable and help create a more efficient and effective government.
I’m interested in helping people obtain the benefits enjoyed by the First World of efficient government. I want people in sub-Saharan Africa and other extremely impoverished parts of the world to acquire those same opportunities.
The economic model was formed by the constraints that I had: a small space, relatively inexpensive building materials, relatively inexpensive investment, a very efficient service line or assembly line.
Technological progress has merely provided us with more efficient means for going backwards.
We need to deliver efficient, transparent government.
There is no doubt that directing television has helped hone my directing skills. What television teaches you is to be efficient and to think on your feet. You have to adhere to strict deadlines and budget constraints.
Kylian is able to do extraordinary things. Look at his stats. He is efficient.
Fines are preferable to imprisonment and other types of punishment because they are more efficient. With a fine, the punishment to offenders is also revenue to the State.
Gary Becker
Banks can send big corporate payments through existing channels or send a small payment through Ripple. They don’t have to rip out existing infrastructure; they can use Ripple to make the transactions more profitable or more efficient.
Chris Larsen
Our economic model allows us to invest a disproportionate amount in our food costs. We have a very efficient system: customers go through a single line, the people who serve you are the ones who make the food, and our menu board is not cluttered.
It’s really hard just making dinner as a single parent, but I’m figuring it out. I just have to be more focused and efficient with my little scraps of time that I do have.
We need a relevant and efficient United Nations.
Goran Persson
Bitcoin’s value is the same: It will remain as long as it is the most efficient mechanism for transferring ownership.
The first lesson in civics is that efficient government begins at home.
Charles Evans Hughes
And I am a conservative. Sometimes conservatives forget we are supposed to conserve, to save, to be efficient. Plus our dependence on other sources of energy is causing our country to not be independent and to really be vulnerable. So this is a security issue.
Each and every one of the security measures we implement serves an important goal: providing safe and efficient air travel for the millions of people who rely on our aviation system every day.
It’s millions of times more efficient to collect hydroelectric power through a dam than raindrop by raindrop.
Exposition has legitimate uses. It’s the most efficient way to summarize background information, including necessary information about a character‘s history. It can set the stage well for a major dramatized event.
A nascent economy needs a transparent and accountable government and an efficient civil service to help meet social needs. Its people need jobs and a belief in their country’s future. A surfeit of aid has been shown to be unable to help achieve these goals.
We have really good data that show when you take patients and you really inform them about their choices, patients make more frugal choices. They pick more efficient choices than the health care system does.
Donald Berwick
I have a very efficient team that takes care of my time. But yes it is very tough to do so many things. I am not there yet. I am still learning. It is a pleasure to do so many things. The challenge is to be good at everything.
I love my Force Fins, which are the kind of fins Special Forces use and really are adapted from the fins of fish. They’re very efficient. They are so beautiful, a pair is in the Museum of Modern Art. The set I have are ruby red. I call them my ruby flippers.
Language is not only the vehicle of thought, it is a great and efficient instrument in thinking.
Humphry Davy
We are a republic, very inefficient. If you want a really efficient form of government, you have a king or a dictator. And in the end, you hope it’s a benevolent one. But then you could get things done. There’s no lurching; there’s no bumps. That’s the cornerstone of checks and balances.
The Internet will continue to be valuable so long as it is the most efficient mechanism for transferring data. Bitcoin’s value is the same: It will remain as long as it is the most efficient mechanism for transferring ownership.
Two hundred years ago, industrialisation ruined the labour force. In the modern age, especially in the West or America, people who are ‘efficient,’ who can bracket their emotions off, tend to win. But at what cost to the rest of us?
The euro zone was driven by the neoliberal view that markets are always efficient. That in itself is political. There was no pressing economic need that the euro was required to solve, but leaders believed that it would foster growth.
I’m from Berkeley, California, so I’m fully trained in socialism and all, but basically what they teach you there is markets are efficient and we can’t beat them, so we might as well index.
I was too kind of brave and proud to want a dialect coach because I thought that showed weakness in my armor. But then you just learn it’s a more efficient way of doing it. A dialect coach is really important because it takes a certain technical responsibility off your shoulders.
My view is the core engine supporting India‘s growth aspiration will be the financial sector, which will have to get more efficient.
I want a Mini-Cooper because it’s fuel efficient, emissions efficient and all that stuff. It’s small and better for the environment. I think that will be my next car.
I’m not an environmentalist. I’m a cultural repairman. It’s all about efficient and restorative use of resources to make the world secure, prosperous and life-sustaining.
Amory Lovins
Obviously, I need to be more efficient, but as far as my numbers go, I just want to see W’s starting to stack up on that win column.
Ask anyone on Social Security if their check comes on time every month. Like clockwork. And it comes through the so-called dilapidated U.S. mail. My dad’s check literally will come on the same day every month. The government has been quite good and efficient at creating a number of systems.
We just gotta finish drives and be efficient on drives just so we can get touchdowns.
I don’t get paid a salary, but I do like to go by private plane because it saves a lot of time and is very efficient.
From cutting back on state contracts to reducing the number of state cars, We’re making state government smaller, smarter, more efficient, and more accountable.
Jim Doyle
The sort of the most efficient way for online dating marketplace to evolve and, in fact, any marketplace to evolve is to have one really big market where people can enter and exit as they please, where people have really advanced search, sort, and filtering technology.
The best kind of accountability on a team is peer-to-peer. Peer pressure is more efficient and effective than going to the leader, anonymously complaining, and having them stop what they are doing to intervene.
We don’t put a dollar toward marketing or advertising. I think we’re more efficient than Facebook.
The use of automated technology generally translates into lower costs, freeing up resources for more efficient uses, including lower prices.
Unlike the time sink of binge-watching a TV series, podcasts actually made me more efficient. Practically every dull activity – folding laundry, applying makeup – became tolerable when I did it while listening to a country singer describing his hardscrabble childhood, or a novelist defending her open marriage.
We should strive to be the most sophisticated and efficient platform for the world to do business with the mainland and for Chinese enterprises to be connected with the world.
Barge traffic on the Mississippi River represents the most efficient, most cost-effective, most environmentally sound means of transporting commodity goods from this region of the country to market.
What I’ve seen around the world is if the regulatory desires are combined with things that affect consumer behavior – such as in Europe, they tax gasoline very heavily – you do get people to move to very fuel efficient cars; trade off bigger vs. smaller cars.
Rick Wagoner
I am very efficient.
There is nothing efficient about firms spurning more productive technologies because years of unrelenting attacks on social safety nets and collective bargaining have created cheap labour in abundance.
I just play football. You understand what you are getting into. They’re always trying to improve it, make it better and safer and more efficient. It is what it is.
I think a lot of big musicals close because of the rules they’re bound by that make it impossible for them to be efficient.
Twenty-eight years in business and you understand the importance of problem solving and the importance of efficiency, because if you don’t become efficient, you don’t run a business well, and you are out of business. And I think some of those principles could be applied to leadership in Washington.
Steve Daines
Pointing is a metaphor we all know. We’ve done a lot of studies and tests on that, and it’s much faster to do all kinds of functions, such as cutting and pasting, with a mouse, so it’s not only easier to use but more efficient.
You just try to be as efficient as possible out there.
In my roles as Deputy State Treasurer and Special Assistant Attorney General, I strove to make government more responsive, transparent, efficient, and proactive.
We will continue to make a real impact on drivers globally, helping them save time and money while making everyone’s daily commute a bit more efficient and fun.
Noam Bardin
I was a very efficient doctor. I would get rewarded with a lot more patients. By the end of my medical career, I had maybe 2,000 patients in my practice.
Once a week, I might stay late at work. It’s sometimes very efficient to work until 7 P.M. – and then come home to kids who are clean and ready for bed. Those days are good.
Haitian rice farmers are quite efficient, but they can’t compete with U.S. agribusiness that relies on a huge government subsidy, thanks to Ronald Reagan‘s free market enthusiasms.
The desire to get from point A to point B in the shortest, most efficient amount of time without ever wandering off path, can mean you miss out on those happy accidents that push you further and faster in a direction you never even considered.
Citadel is a global technology leader, recognized for its work to level the playing field for investors and make markets more fair, transparent and efficient. I look forward to leading this exemplary team as we grow this global business.
B. Kevin Turner
When you’re used to seeing someone being coldly efficient on court and suddenly they go on stage and into your world – it’s fascinating.
Adrian Smith
I’ve always voted Republican because America is exactly that, a republic. You can’t expect much leadership with a Democrat behind the desk their not even close to dual efficient.
Audrey Meadows
Printing novel DNA might open the way to achievements once only conceivable in science fiction: designer bacteria that can produce new chemicals, such as more efficient fuels, or synthetic versions of our cells that make us resistant to the effects of radiation.
A shot is a lever; it’s all it is. You don’t open a car door differently each time. A car door is efficient – it opens and closes. So is a shot.
I’ve never been much of a craftsman, in an educated way. But I think just the experience of writing makes the avenues I follow a little more efficient in some ways. At the same time, when you’re young, you’re a little more fearless, and there’s less of an internal critic.
I love musical theater so much. When done right, I think comedy songs can be the most efficient form of joke delivery. Songs can be the most efficient and the best forms of conveying emotion. Music is universal. It’s worldwide.
Our affluence has allowed us to move to a place where we tend to make things pleasurable, as opposed to efficient.
Jesse Schell
Meditation isn’t snake oil. For some people, meditation might be the most efficient way to reduce stress and cultivate mindfulness. But it isn’t a panacea. If you don’t meditate, there’s no need to stress out about it.
I feel that playing the stretch four is an advantage for me because I’m quicker than most power forwards. I can shoot the ball well. I’m efficient, so I can use that to my advantage.
There’s always the challenge of trying to do a road trip picture with a big group of cast and crew, because it’s just not efficient to go to every single place in the order that they would go.
There is nothing shameful about being efficient.
Arpad Busson
I’m always trying to think of ways to make something more efficient. If I have to do something once, that’s fine. If I have to do it twice, I’m kind of annoyed. And if I have to do it three times, I’m going to try to automate it.
As long as I’m efficient, I’m just going to try to be the most efficient player I can be.
The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.
In the best cases, Twitter makes people smarter and faster and more efficient.
There is nothing efficient about destroying the planet as we know it because vested interests want to keep us addicted to fossil fuels.
Since dogs could hear and smell better than men, we could concentrate on sight. Since courage is commonplace in dogs, men’s adrenal glands could shrink. Dogs, by making us more efficient predators, gave us time to think. In short, dogs civilized us.
It happens to attackers that they have a longer or shorter period where they are not always efficient.
Only when you are self-employed do you fully realize how much more efficient you become when your output directly correlates with how much money you make.
Someone is out there looking to put you out of business. Someone is out there who thinks they have a better idea than you have. A better solution than you have. A better or more efficient product than you have.
The most important thing for the IETF to do is to continue to organise and manage itself to develop the highest quality technical work and to do so in an efficient and open way that is inviting to new people.
Steve Crocker
The whole purpose of CAFE standards is to make cars more efficient that people are actually buying.
The main thing is being consistent, being efficient and getting good looks, moving the ball when you can and knocking down my free throws.
No matter what the trends are in the NBA – teams going big, going small, getting more efficient with analytics – the ability for a player to create his own shot, then convert tough shots, will always be a weapon, particularly when you get to the playoffs.
XRP is solving a payments problem, and it’s very efficient to do that.
If egotism means a terrific interest in one’s self, egotism is absolutely essential to efficient living.
Arnold Bennett
If we got more efficient with electric grid capacity, we would substantially reduce our carbon footprint, and people would be likely to copy us.
Indian IT corporations have made work in the U.S. much more efficient by enhancing their productivity and quality of work. We have helped to add sufficient value to the corporations in the U.S.
Staying low, not dipping the basketball, being efficient on my jabs and movements – paying attention to these things helped me grow and made me the player I wanted to be.
Americans fear losing control if they’re forced to ride in autonomous vehicles. These same Americans fly in airplanes every day that largely are flown by computers, and impressively efficient ones at that.
Part of the process is always, ‘Is there a better way?’ We try to think through if there’s something we can do better creatively or technically, or just is more efficient.
Republicans can win if they adopt a message and promote policies of conscientious conservatism where they lay out a vision of how to solve our nation’s problems, while at the same time push for a message of responsible and efficient government that focuses on accountability and results.
Both Boeing and Ford are absolutely committed to safe and efficient transportation.
Astonishingly, in spite of decades of research, there is no agreed theory of cancer, no explanation for why, inside almost all healthy cells, there lurks a highly efficient cancer subroutine that can be activated by a variety of agents – radiation, chemicals, inflammation and infection.
You can make a lot of mistakes and still recover if you run an efficient operation. Or you can be brilliant and still go out of business if you’re too inefficient.
Growing up, my father was never interested in how many goals I scored, how many passes I made, but only in how many mistakes I made, and how I could be more efficient.
You can’t be afraid of the problem. Don’t be afraid of failure; don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Make sure you learn from each step; iterate, and stay as efficient as possible without being paralyzed by a difficult situation.
Being an American doesn’t mean that you’re guaranteed a high wage. You have to be productive, and we have to create a very low-cost, efficient place to do business, and we’ve let all that slip in America.
We’re more into sort of fluid structures that are simultaneously the most efficient, the most beautiful, and the most engineered. You know what I mean? We like the balance you can get in there.
The development process is not that simple… When I started working at Fox in ’92, the company had decided that dramas were dead: they weren’t viable businesses and because newsmagazines were so efficient to produce and financially so much more tolerable than a drama. So that year, our company developed very few dramas.
Dana Walden
In the 1980s, Democrats enthusiastically helped President Reagan pass his tax reforms, which made the tax system fairer and more efficient in addition to reducing rates.
We still believe that if the Russian Federation and the United States bring their minds together, we can develop a common system which would be efficient in protecting the Euro-Atlantic region from threats coming outside this region.
I think people like musicals. And when done with a modern comedic sensibility, musical comedy can be the most efficient delivery of both storytelling and jokes.
There’s nothing efficient about innovation.
Humans are unbelievably data efficient. You don’t have to drive 1 million miles to drive a car, but the way we teach a self-driving car is have it drive a million miles.
We represent the only efficient moral, intellectual and political force capable of saving human civilization.
Lyndon LaRouche
Occasionally, I would focus on a particular school project and become obsessed with, what seemed to my mother, to be trivial details instead of apportioning the time I spent on school work in a more efficient way.
Steven Chu
Research is creation of knowledge which leads to new and efficient solutions for the society. Shiv Nadar University, therefore, believes in being at the forefront of research. To create new knowledge, one needs to solve open-ended problems, which basically make one think on one’s own.
Love without sex is still the most efficient form of hell known to man.
Peter Porter
Our food is safer and our diets are more diverse than ever before; production methods are becoming increasingly sustainable, clean and efficient; and we are constantly becoming better at protecting biodiversity.
Louise Fresco
I didn’t generate my success by being a prognosticator. I developed my reputation building our businesses by building great businesses and making them more efficient.
Michael Lee-Chin
One of the best things my mother passed on to me was being an efficient multitasker.
The only way to make government more efficient is to make it smaller and to make it more local.
I wish we could be private with Tesla. It actually makes us less efficient to be a public company.
The photosynthesis we see with plants is not very efficient. Algaes are more efficient.
When I started eBay, it was a hobby, an experiment to see if people could use the Internet to be empowered through access to an efficient market. I actually wasn’t thinking about it in terms of a social impact.
The rate of growth of the management skills of any country is inversely proportional to the number of MBAs. Germany produces no MBAs, but America used to produce MBAs by the millions, and you saw the German economy, until at least the ’90s, was certainly more efficient than the American economy.
Jairam Ramesh
When you’re so young, it’s important to understand exactly what your role is. Not just look good – you have to be efficient and effective.
Some of my fondest memories of the early years of Netflix have to do with our efforts to figure out the most efficient, effective, and fast methods to get DVDs to people all over the country.
There are things that I work on day after day to be efficient down the stretch.
Every business has to figure out how to make itself more efficient. They’ve got to use technology. They’ve got to use the Internet, things like that. We can do the same thing with our state colleges.
To say the Internet is the death of books and movies is like saying someone invented a new, more efficient kind of cup and it heralds the death of coffee – a new improved form of carrying something, which is essentially what the Internet is, should be helpful to our business.
I am intrigued enough to want to continue, and also to try and work with companies like Sony on modifying the cameras and making them more user-friendly and efficient.
We all know the place you’re in has a big impact on how you feel. How you feel has an impact on the quality of work. Why wouldn’t we put a lot of effort into making the place we work as efficient and productive and pleasant as possible?
Jesse Schell
I like quick and efficient circuit training.
Flying cars are not a very efficient way to move things from one point to another.
There will never be a replacement for that ongoing physical contact. But I don’t think blogging is meant to replace the face-to-face of friendships and meetings. Blogging is a way to keep in touch with a larger group of people on an ongoing basis, in a more efficient way.
We have a very old saying in our household: ‘Inspect what you expect.’ You hold people accountable, and I use my business background for finding the most efficient and effective solutions to deliver the result we’re looking for.
Consumers want safe and really efficient automobiles.
Job creation requires a business friendly environment with a tax structure that is not punitive and a state government designed for efficient use of fewer tax dollars.
Kenneth Blackwell
The men who succeed are the efficient few. They are the few who have the ambition and will power to develop themselves.
Robert Burton
I came to a realization in 1999 of how important striking was going to become in this sport because it’s the most efficient way to finish a fight.
I want people to know me as a real person, that I struggle with the same things they do, that I had to teach myself how to get through life in efficient ways.
It’s just really efficient to work with a person who can do everything in the studio.
Till Lindemann
I’m an efficient striker, but I’m not a joker.
Michy Batshuayi
Democracy may not prove in the long run to be as efficient as other forms of government, but it has one saving grace: it allows us to know and say that it isn’t.
Bill Moyers
Loyal and efficient work in a great cause, even though it may not be immediately recognized, ultimately bears fruit.
Men and machines are good at different things. People form plans and make decisions in complicated situations. We are less good at making sense of enormous amounts of data. Computers are exactly the opposite: they excel at efficient data processing but struggle to make basic judgments that would be simple for any human.
I’m not the kind of writer that can write eight hours a day… I’m the kind of writer that the more time I have, the less efficient I am.
When I was first thinking about what would become Venture for America, I was trying to figure out how to solve a problem – that our top young people were being driven to roles that did not, to me, address the needs of our time. That VFA would be a non-profit just seemed like the most efficient way to solve the problem.
For me, good service is efficient and discreet; it’s that critical balance. As soon as the client sits down, the communication flow has to start. Customers need to feel that the waiters are supervised – that there’s a system in place.
The 20th century was all about hierarchies: if you want to create something, if you want to start a country, create a product, whatever it is. Your goal is to create a highly efficient hierarchical model, scale it, because that’s what the competition’s doing.
The ability to do this so quickly was largely due to the enthusiastic and efficient services of Mr. C.E. Taylor, who did all the machine work in our shop for the first as well as the succeeding experimental machines.
Orville Wright
We need a government that is what we are at our best. Smart, efficient, pragmatic and compassionate.
But part of the enjoyment I take in it is finding the most efficient way to do it, which doesn’t mean the corrections aren’t made. I like to have a feeling of the whole task before I start, even if it changes.
Bruce Nauman
My plane is a Premiere; it has very efficient gas turbine engines. It goes very fast on relatively little fuel. Flying has been my passion since I was a kid.
There is not some secret formula, it comes down to completing passes, being efficient on first and second down and making plays when the ball is in your hands.
You can have anything you want, but not everything. If it was really important to spend an afternoon at my daughter‘s school, I had to think, how was I going to organize my life to do that? How could I become more efficient? I always tried to put my priorities on the table, personal and professional, and work around them.
Laura Lang
Violence is not more efficient than non-violence.
I don’t give a damn what anybody says. I don’t think at 70 and 75 that you can be as productive and efficient as you were when you were 40 or 50.
The guitar is a much more efficient machine than a computer. More responsive.
Some people mistake grit for sheer persistencecharging up the same hill again and again. But that’s not quite what I mean by the word ‘grit.’ You want to minimize friction and find the most effective, most efficient way forward. You might actually have more grit if you treat your energy as a precious commodity.
Haas is a small, but a very efficient team – I am having a lot of fun!
As human pastoralists discovered 8,000 years ago, raising animals can be an efficient way of harnessing otherwise unusable resources such as grass.
People tend to work in teams, in a collaborative way, in an informal network. If you create an environment like that, it’s much more effective and much more efficient.
Jim Mitchell
You’re a smart person. You’re going to figure out where you can be more effective and more efficient with your own resources, and that’s going to put more of an investment and emphasis on your future.
The United States Postal Service is the world’s most efficient postal system.
Diane Watson
Energy, health care and education are just three examples of areas in which information and information management are critically important. How are we using our energy? What appliances in homes or business are consuming the most energy? When do they consume it? Can the load be shifted? How efficient are these devices?
It is not hard to see why the FBI wants wiretapping backdoors. It would certainly make its job easier. But rejiggering the Internet so government can conveniently monitor everything we say and do online is too high a price to pay for making law enforcement more efficient.
Parks represent an efficient, cost-effective way to improve public health.
People crave community, more efficient living, and easier access to the places they want to go.