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Drinking Quotes

We’ve collected the best Drinking Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Gok Wan, Carmen Yulin Cruz, Jack Osbourne, Eric Schneiderman, Tara Stiles. Use them as an inspiration.

I don’t think it’s right for anyone to turn around and say ‘stop drinking so much, don’t eat fried food.’
When you’re drinking from a creek, it’s not a good news story. When you don’t have food for a baby, it’s not a good news story.
Carmen Yulin Cruz
I’ve been drinking and using since I was 13.
Every New Yorker has the right to clean air, safe drinking water, and healthy communities to raise their children – and you can rest assured that I will aggressively protect that right, not just on Earth Day, but every day.
Holiday drinking in my family happens about as often as Sarah Palin is spotted reading the ‘New York Times.’ Neither of my parents are big drinkers, probably because they each had a parent that was.
My suggestion is that we should first work to ensure the Third World has clean drinking water and sanitation.
At 19, I went to live in the Philippines for three years as a U.S. Air Forcedependent spouse.’ I lived off-base in Angeles City and had to haul water for drinking and cooking.
Therese Fowler
No Minnesotan should ever experience preventable health risks from breathing polluted air or from drinking unsafe water.
Bartending took the romanticism out of drinking.
There are some sluggish men who are improved by drinking; as there are fruits that are not good until they are rotten.
Of all vices, drinking is the most incompatible with greatness.
If once a man indulges himself in murder, very soon he comes to think little of robbing; and from robbing he comes next to drinking and Sabbath-breaking, and from that to incivility and procrastination.
Thomas de Quincey
I had a rough spot about being a goody-goody Mormon, and not drinking or smoking. But I’m kind of grateful I’ve got this image now. There are no skeletons in my closet. What you see is what you get.
To be bowed by grief is folly; Naught is gained by melancholy; Better than the pain of thinking, Is to steep the sense in drinking.
Meeting my wife Amanda was the best thing that could ever have happened to me. She wasn’t going to let me screw around my life anymore, so I stopped drinking and started behaving like a decent human being.
Up to 2.5 billion people around the world lack access to safe drinking water and, as a result, proper sanitation. This fact leads to anywhere from 1 to 3 million deaths every year.
I admit I was drinking a Guinness… but I did not swallow.
As I’d travelled, I’d seen more and more people drinking rose. Given the amount of grapes we grow in Australia, I just said, ‘Why wouldn’t we be making rose?’
I quit drinking, so I can think clear. When you have chop trouble, drinking doesn’t help the healing process.
Freddie Hubbard
Even if you were to start drinking milk during adolescence in an attempt to bolster peak bone mass, it probably wouldn’t reduce your chances of fracture later in life.
There are billions of people in the world who deserve the better quality of life that products such as soap, shampoo, and clean drinking water can provide.
If you said, ‘I’m giving up smoking,’ people would put on a parade. If you said, ‘I’m going to eat more healthily,’ people would say, ‘Good for you.’ If it’s drinking, the first reaction is, ‘That’s so boring. You’re going to be so boring.’
I quit drinking in 2002, mere months before my college graduation.
The point of drinking in moderation is that sometimes you don’t drink in moderation.
I love the vibe of Italy, drinking coffee and wine, and eating pasta and pizza there.
I am not drinking now but I cannot guarantee tomorrow.
Kelly McGillis
The way Bhagwant Mann was reprimanded by Kejriwal at the time of his being made state president – with the condition that if he’s found drinking he will be removed from the party’s top post, and later Mann saying that he will step down if caught drinking – was not the right way of saying things.
I consider myself an authority on drinking beer.
‘Absolute Water’ converts sewage water into water which can be even consumed – if only one can get rid of the taboo of drinking sewage water, which they do in many parts of the world!
The State Revolving Fund helps rural communities and water associations afford to make improvements to their water infrastructure to ensure Mississippians have access to clean and safe drinking water.
Hydraulic fracturing requires massive amounts of water. Disposing of the toxic wastewater, as well as accidental spills, can contaminate drinking water and harm human health.
Even though I had a lucrative contract with MGM, I had a husband who was drinking and gambling our money away faster than I could make it.
When I read about the evils of drinking, I gave up reading.
I’m a big kid. I love drinking chocolate milk. I’m not afraid to watch some cartoons once in a while when I’m with my nieces and actually be attentive.
Billy Horschel
I don’t know what to do with myself between films. I end up doing unhealthy things like shopping or drinking. I’m pretty schizophrenic about it.
It was my first scene. My first day. We could have started with me drinking a beer, something a little less than having Barbies touching each other. But they started with that.
I lost my edge for boxing, I didn’t put as much into it as I did before. I didn’t run as far. I didn’t train as hard. I didn’t eat correctly. I started drinking a little bit every now and then.
Ken Norton
I think musicians have always been drinking and sharing a good wine. It is, I hate to say this, another form of vice.
I’m not a big drinking person and hardly ever have alcohol. Perhaps it’s not sweet enough for my sweet tooth.
My rule – and I feel like this is a pretty good rule for life – no drinking while on television. I do not ever imbibe.
If you have forest, if you have green forest, the water table goes up. What happens with deforestation is the water level goes down and we all know how much importance drinking water has.
I didn’t think I could go onstage and play unless I had a beer to loosen up. Well, if it was only one beer to loosen up, I’d probably still be drinking today.
I began drinking alcohol at the age of thirteen and gave it up in my fifty sixth year; it was like going straight from puberty to a mid-life crisis.
George Montgomery
By polluting clear water with slime you will never find good drinking water.
I can always do five, five-minute rounds, any day, even if I was drinking yesterday or doing whatever. I’m a seasoned athlete, an endurance athlete, and I’m always working out.
When we were younger, but still of legal drinking age, it would be things like Goldschlager or peppermint schnapps. Things like that are not something I ever enjoyed.
Girls shouldn’t drink because their bodies are not made for drinking and smoking.
I was very famous as a young man and I celebrated both the good and bad times with drinking.
Glenn Hughes
Don’t drink in the hotel bar, that’s where I do my drinking.
I was in an unhealthy cycle. I was drinking too much. I wasn’t eating well. And everything I thought I was doing right wasn’t working.
The 21st Amendment gives the states the right to decide what the drinking ages should be and other aspects relative to alcoholic beverages, and I support that. As a United States senator, I want to weigh in – this is not my agenda.
Pete Coors
Now don’t say you can’t swear off drinking; it’s easy. I’ve done it a thousand times.
I could never afford to be in a position where I could do something stupid, so I gave up drinking.
There was a policy at Hughes against drinking at lunch, but the men ignored it.
Alcohol raises the risk for cancer, and so drinking wine or hard liquor should be done in moderation, if at all.
I like drinking wine. Since I travel a lot in the league, I like to sit down with my wife and have a meal and share a glass of wine. We’re exhausted, especially when our kids are acting crazy, but that cheers, that connection, is what wine is for my family and my friends. It’s a part of who we are.
And what makes me happy now has changed as well… Its one thing to play in a bar or at a biker festival, and hear a guy who’s been drinking beer all day come up and tell you how good you are. For a long time in your life that will make you happy.
Rick Derringer
I’m only drinking white wine because I’m on a diet and I don’t eat.
Oliver Reed
There’s no excuse in 2019, with the wealth we have as a nation, with the technology we have as a country, that we cannot clean this water, ensure that all communities have clean drinking water.
Melancholy, indeed, should be diverted by every means but drinking.
I actually want to hold on to where I came from, and also I want to be at this bar in Brooklyn, even if I’m not drinking at all. What does that tension look like? It’s less an attack on the parents and more an interrogation of personal guilt, personal responsibility. That’s my internal dialogue.
I stopped drinking on 24 September 1986.
I quit drinking, smoking, doing anything bad.
I’ve always worked from a young age and was never big on drinking or smoking, so whatever money I had I put into synths.
Everybody gets too drunk sometimes; and even if everybody didn’t, I have gotten too drunk sometimes. I haven‘t hurt anybody. In Ireland we drink a lot. It’s part of our culture. I like drinking. I don’t think it’s a bad thing.
Andrea Corr
I love the benefits I get from drinking Obrigado. It’s naturally high in potassium and low in sodium and calories, so it’s a great alternative to sports drinks.
Brooke Sweat
When someone is bothered by someone claiming lack of drinking water, lack of medicine for the sick, and lack of food for the hungry, that person has problems too deep to be explained in an interview.
Carmen Yulin Cruz
The thing about innovation is, where do you stop? There are movements across the world where people are asking restaurateurs to bring back the regular plate. So, yes, we are fed up of drinking out of shoes and eating out of hats.
I discovered John Fante when I was 17 years old – strangely, not through Charles Bukowski, but through William Saroyan, who was his drinking buddy.
Government and other scientists have identified hundreds of chemicals that are linked to diseases in small concentrations and that are unregulated in drinking water or policed at limits that still pose serious risks.
I go to the healthier foods that are less chemically treated. I am drinking lots of water to get rid of the toxins in my body. It’s a natural flushing. Water flushes your system and is also very good for your skin.
I started drinking red wine after I stopped drinking sake and whiskey, because it’s better for your heart – it’s about the only thing I drink now.
For me, one of the important things about keeping vocally healthy is warming up and making sure I’m aware where my voice is at, drinking lots of water and getting plenty of sleep, and just taking care of myself with exercise and eating healthy.
It’s funny, I do try to maintain health. I started doing Bikram yoga which is that hothouse yoga, the 105 degrees yoga for 90 minutes. It’s great, you purge out all the sweat and you’re drinking water.
It’s important not to lay in a bubble bath drinking champagne. It’s important to take part in what life’s all about.
Lena Olin
As a writer, I spend a lot of time alone, and I like it. I’m also a long-distance runner, and I love long, solo road trips; I can drive literally all night, drinking coffee, and not even listening to the radio, just strangely content sifting through the random thoughts in my own head.
Dad was just an emotional wreck. He was drinking a lot of the time, he was smoking a lot of pot. And because he takes certain medications, the drinking was making him… you know, he wasn’t even present, really.
To be honest, most of my troublesbankruptcy, drinking, gambling – were self-inflicted.
Every American should have access to clean, safe drinking water.
Bromates are regulated by the Safe Drinking Water Act, but officials are required to test for them only when water leaves a treatment plant.
Work is the curse of the drinking classes.
Drinking isn’t tops on my agenda. In fact, I hate champagne… and all white wines, for that matter.
I think I misunderstood the following in the footsteps bit, in a few of my early drinking years. I’d take any form of being compared to Dad as flattery. So if I fell off a stool or smashed up a TV set just because I was drunk, and somebody in the bar went ‘Hey, man, that was just like Bonzo!’ I would be really happy.
When I started trying wine, I started drinking merlot, and that’s all I had. I would go to dinner, and I’d see people drinking wine, and if I ordered anything, it would just be a merlot.
My mom is from Europe, so we always grew up eating organic foods and working out and keeping in good shape, sleeping eight hours a night and drinking lots of water.
Tiffany Dupont
I see that a man cannot give himself up to drinking without being miserable one half his days and mad the other.
Anne Bronte
No, ramen’s not good for you. But in Japan, our favorite thing to do after drinking all night, especially in Sapporo where it’s freezing cold, is to go to the ramen place at two, three in the morning.
Would that I were a dry well, and that the people tossed stones into me, for that would be easier than to be a spring of flowing water that the thirsty pass by, and from which they avoid drinking.
We want to make access to a world-class education like clean drinking water or electricity.
My first go at drinking did not go so well. I ended up getting sick in front of everybody. You know that Ginuwine songPony‘? It was playing at the party while I was getting sick. My entire senior year, everyone sang that around me. For a year. I would like that erased from my memory.
Drinking and partying never appealed to me in lyrics – they don’t have a lot of meaning behind them.
In 1840, William Henry Harrison is the first one to really campaign as a candidate, and the campaigns were totally frivolous. I mean, people were drinking hard cider all day. They were big parades; no one was debating the issues.
If you’re not drinking enough water, or you’re not eating enough vegetables, or you’re not working out enough, or you’re not getting your toxins out, I feel like it always reflects.
My doctor asked me if I smoked, and I said only when I’m working, golfing, or drinking. Then I realized the only time I don’t smoke is when I’m home. I didn’t even realize I’d become a smoker.
Dennis Franz
When we signed our deal in 1974, we’d already been together for six years. When they lowered the drinking age in Ontario in 1971 to 18 years, we went from playing two or three high schools in a month to playing clubs two or three times a week.
The only time I’ll use a microwave is to warm up a cup of coffee I’ve left too long before drinking.
Don’t forget that fruit can be cooked – think of baked apples, poached pears and grilled pineapple. But if you like drinking fruit, blending will preserve more nutrition and fibre than juicing.
When I discovered that hexavalent chromium was causing cancer in the town of Hinkley, California, it led to residents being paid $333m in compensation. But, unbelievably, that chemical remains in our drinking water.
I fell in love with wine in Napa Valley. I fell in love with the culture and the restaurants and the way the wood tastes when you’re drinking wine.
Nothing would be more tiresome than eating and drinking if God had not made them a pleasure as well as a necessity.
Mom was the greatest influence of my childhood. She wanted to save me from the vice, lust, and drinking that was all about me.
But the trouble is that when you drink it, you invariably meet other people drinking it.
Oliver Reed
Everyone deserves to have confidence in their drinking water.
Let me be the first to tell you, drinking alcohol is the worst thing to do in cold weather. Hot soup is the best because the process of digesting food helps to warm you up.
Drinking two liters of water a day, washing your face only with water when it’s morning, don’t touch your face often with your hands, and make sure to wear sunscreen!
When we go, as a first responder, when we go into a community that’s been hit with a hurricane, or some other natural disaster, the first thing we do is try to make sure the electric grid is back up and running in order to provide the drinking water for those communities.
A lot of the problems in society nowadays are down to diet and lifestyle – be that obesity, diabetes, asthma caused by smoking or drinking.
To look and feel your best, it’s essential to work out, eat well, and make sure that you are also drinking plenty of water and getting enough sleep.
Drinking water is essential to a healthy lifestyle.
When I was about eighteen, I saw myself as a rather sensitive, delicate, poetic, romantic figure. And then I got into the Civilian Conservation Corps and into the army, and I started smoking and drinking and being tough and getting muscles, and I had a whole different image of myself.
It’s funny, because when you tell people you’ve stopped drinking, there’s an automatic reaction. People ask, ‘Was it a lifestyle choice or were you waking up in a skip?’
When I’m working, on sets or stages, my contracts specify in the rider that no plastic bottles be used. When I’m playing with my band, we all use metal and non-plastic containers for drinking to be ecologically sensitive and show others that this is the way to go.
I grew up during the war years in a tiny cottage with no electricity. Water for washing was pumped from a pond. My brother and I had to fetch drinking water from a tap at the end of the lane, and light was from candles, paraffin lamps, and our nightly log fire.
Helen Craig
I wasn’t drinking to get drunk. It’s social drinking, so what’s the point? It’s empty calories, you’re poisoning yourself.
Well, I stopped drinking. That was actually a big deal. I didn’t go through any harrowing rock-bottom experience. I just made a decision to stop drinking.
All the foods that you regularly eat are ones that you learned to eat. Everyone starts life drinking milk. After that, it’s all up for grabs. From our first year of life, human tastes are astonishingly diverse.
In my short film, ‘Gasman,’ I shot it at a kid’s party. And the kids were just having a party – they couldn’t care less about our film. But that was great because we got this amazing footage where kids were drinking soda and pop or whatever, and getting that sugar high and beating each other up or dancing.
After all these years of Independence, after celebrating this special occasion for all these years, why there’s no drinking water that’s free of cost? Why we have to buy packaged mineral water?
People make the mistake of drinking the Kool-Aid, believing your own hype, letting people tell you you’re this or you’re that or you’re too this.
I like to go camping with my kids. I’ve got an amazing group of friends. Just like any 30-year-old woman I like to go out dancing, eating food, drinking with my mates, like any normal person.
My parents always knew I was hopeless at everything else, I was fortunate in that I was backed all the way. I came to it late and only because I thought there’d be loads of women and drinking!
When I was on the Knicks, and I’d have a drink – my drink would be either a Manhattan or an Old Fashioned – businessmen would be drinking only wine. As I continued to go to business dinners with successful businessmen, my drink has now also turned into wine.
The results of this survey are shocking and should be a wake-up call to men and women that drinking and smoking too much not only gives you a bad headache in the morning but can affect your ability to start a family.
Ann Robinson
Hydration is everything. Think of this: your muscles are 70-plus percent water – how are you not drinking water during a workout? I get the whole, ‘Let’s challenge ourselves; let’s do that prison, tough guy thing,’ but at the end of the day, you’re underperforming.
We would spend every morning drinking rum and Cokes or Red Stripes for breakfast, to get our heads in the right space. It’s a wonder we got stuff done.
I prioritize in life. I like to work, I do TV shows, I do a lot of Iron Man training. I enjoy kicking back on a good night and drinking wine until I go to bed, and having fun with my friends. You just have to make time for it and keep it balanced.
I had what AA calls ‘a convincer’ – which made me realize that I couldn’t do it any more. I went out drinking for about 70 hours here in London. At the end I knew I was done.
I’ve made pretty much every mistake you can make as a young man, eating and drinking the wrong things at the wrong times.
I watch people around me not drinking any water all day, and I turn into the water police. I’m constantly asking, ‘Are you drinking water?’ Being dehydrated very quickly affects my energy.
Jessica Parker Kennedy
I’m gaining weight the right way: I’m drinking beer.
Johnny Damon
My father was a first reader in the Christian Science Church, which is similar to being a preacher. There was no drinking, smoking or cursing.
I know I’m drinking myself to a slow death, but then I’m in no hurry.
Tapas is one of the world’s most civilised drinking and eating traditions.
I have a strong say in how my books are marketed, and the covers – I am very firm that I don’t want pink and fluffy, or stick figures sitting drinking cocktails. That’s simply not appealing to me.
Oh, to me not drinking is like being dead, almost. I sit here taking endless journeys down memory lane. It gets boring.
Jeffrey Bernard
Drinking spirits cannot cause spiritual damage.
I’m just taking care of myself: Eating less, exercising more, drinking a lot of coconut water.
If children knew what the effects are of using single-use plastic straws for drinking sodas or whatever, they might reconsider and use paper straws or no straws at all.
I was an anorexic, beer drinking, class cutting, doodling, shoplifting, skater chick that was into nature, art class, and the beach.
Rebecca Miller
I’m active even on bad days; it’s tough to pin me down. People ask me if I’m a morning or night person. I’m an all-the-time person. I like drinking coffee, but I do it with lots of milk because my energy levels are high even without caffeine. You could call me Obelix, except I don’t have a belly.
Your zip code or your income level should not dictate your access to healthy drinking water.
Gaudi was surrounded by the rich folk of Catalonia, I’ve seen a picture of him with people wearing elegant hats and drinking wine. But that’s not like me – I’m on my own.
Justo Gallego
When animators weren’t sleeping, they were drinking.
I’m big about washing my face before I go to bed, washing it when I wake up in the morning, getting good sleep and drinking a lot of water. Those are just easy things that you can do for your skin.
Betting shops have a big impact on encouraging on-street drinking and can often become a centre for disorder and anti-social behaviour.
My formative years were all shaped by a mother who was very sad and had a drinking problem, while my father was lonely and angry. He was an Episcopal priest and raised four kids on his own.
Clean drinking water is vital to every person and community in North Carolina and stopping threats to our water safety is a top priority for state government.
I love milk so much! I make a point of drinking a glass of milk every day. So now anyone who did those milk ads with the milk mustaches, they’re my heroes.
For years, agency officials said that atrazine in drinking water posed almost no risk to humans or the environment.
I don’t do karaoke. I don’t dance, even at weddings. I’m the grumpy one sitting down drinking wine.
As a historian, I’m sceptical about conspiracy theories because the world is far too complicated to be managed by a few billionaires drinking scotch behind some closed doors. But I do think that the voters are correct in sensing that they’re really losing power. And in reaction, they give the system an angry kick.
Water is a cure-all. Water is everything. You can’t get better without drinking lots of water, and you can’t drink water unless it’s clean.
If I did all the stuff I’ve been accused of – or credited with – there’s no way I could make all this music. I’d be drinking myself into the grave.
I hate the taste of alcohol. When I’m drinking, I’m drinking Red Bull.
I remember having my father stand over me when I had driven over my own foot; one leg was out of the car and one leg was in the car. He looked at me and told me that I was a drunk and that he was ashamed to call me his son. That night, I stopped drinking and I never drank again; I was twenty four.
Patriarchy is impotent and qualitatively unable to solve even the most simple problems in the cosmos such as picking up their own socks or placing a carton of milk back in the refrigerator after drinking from it.
The Spirit Awards are great too, they’ll say anything because they’re not televised. Another great drinking night.
Atrazine – a herbicide often used on corn fields, golf courses and even lawns – has become one of the most common contaminants in American drinking water.
There are two industry secrets to surviving a long day on camera on the red carpet: First, no drinking the night before – ever. You can celebrate after with some bubbly. Second is make sure to use shoe insoles. I don’t care if you are a guy or a girl, dress shoes are painful. Worth it, but painful.
I couldn’t think of anything worse than drinking a load of gunky-green stuff and sweating in a gym. I would rather sit in front of the TV and have a glass of wine.
I love going to the feed store and drinking coffee and talking about how much rain we need.
There is this image of a guy in a hot tub, drinking champagne with two buxom blondes. But that is not the real me. I am a father, and I am a grandfather, too.
The Safe Drinking Water Act, the safety provisions of the Clean Water Acts, the Clean Air Act, the Superfund Law – the gas industry is exempt from all these basic environmental and worker protections. They don’t have to disclose the chemicals they use. They don’t have to play by the same rules as anybody else.
Meeting Franklin Roosevelt was like opening your first bottle of champagne; knowing him was like drinking it.
My biggest weakness as a endurance athlete has been in not drinking enough water after training, thereby racing sometimes while dehydrated.
Bill Rodgers
Drinking made me a lot more free sexually; the restrictions were off. I was a compulsive, compliant ‘good girl‘ by day and a ‘bad girl‘ at night.
I’m eating better and I’m drinking less. I’m not freaking out about social media and I’m exercising more. I’m just happy.
A Sunday morning spent reading the paper together, maybe drinking some mimosas, alone, and talking until noon. That would be pretty amazing. Married couples with kids will understand.
I can dance for, like, four or five hours nonstop without even drinking water. It’s a beautiful, beautiful thing.
Petra Nemcova
Drinking makes people go out of control.
I’ve often said that all poetry is political. This is because real poems deal with a human response to reality and politics is part of reality, history in the making. Even if a poet writes about sitting in a glass house drinking tea, it reflects politics.
Yehuda Amichai
You tell people that all the time, ‘Jail’s the worst place ever and you don’t want to go there,’ which is true but at the same time you see it’s filled with a bunch of people like guy is drinking on a porch somewhere and he gets arrested for public intoxication. He’s going to miss work. He’s not a bad guy per se.
Stephen Glover
When you drink fluoridated water, you’re drinking liquid Prozac. You drink enough of it, even though it’s a small amount, drink it for decades and decades and what does Prozac do to you? It dumbs you down; it makes you docile.
The Georgians will treat you like royalty, and the odds are you’ll do a lot of eating, drinking and toasting.
My favourite time of year is two weeks before Christmas when everybody’s up for it – you’re having lunches with people, drinking Cosmopolitans, and getting ready for something exciting!
To be here drinking a Coke can influence the process of musical creation as much as anything.
Isolated and unincorporated, North Gulfport lacked a basic infrastructure: flooding and contaminated drinking water were frequent problems. Although finally incorporated in 1994 – not long after the arrival of the first casino – many of North Gulfport’s streets still lack curbs, sidewalks, and gutters.
Frankly, alcohol leads to a lot of other things when you start drinking at 12-years old. It is a big problem that needs to be addressed. Frankly, the industry has pushed us back and pushed us back.
For me, the spirit of Christmas means being happy and giving freely. It’s a tradition for all the kids in the family to help mom decorate the tree. Christmas is all about family, eating, drinking and making merry.
The media tends to portray the teenage world as one where drinking and sex is taken for granted. In fact, I think most teenagers don’t drink, are unsure of themselves, and feel awkward around members of the opposite sex.
There are so many messages out there about what you should be eating and drinking and what you should be putting in your body at the beginning of the day. It’s confusing, and people get very overwhelmed. Really, one of the greatest options is just a bowl of cereal and milk.
I’ll promise to go easier on drinking and to get to bed earlier, but not for you, fifty thousand dollars, or two-hundred and fifty thousand dollars will I give up women. They’re too much fun.
Babe Ruth
When you stop drinking, you have to deal with this marvelous personality that started you drinking in the first place.
Drinking water that does not meet a federal health guideline will not necessarily make someone ill. Many contaminants are hazardous only if consumed for years. And some researchers argue that even toxic chemicals, when consumed at extremely low doses over long periods, pose few risks.
I’m doing naughty things, I’m drinking too much, I’m going to clubs. It really didn’t matter to me, other than the fact that some parents wouldn’t let their kids hang out with me.
My rule of life prescribed as an absolutely sacred rite smoking cigars and also the drinking of alcohol before, after and if need be during all meals and in the intervals between them.
‘Sex’ is as important as eating or drinking and we ought to allow the one appetite to be satisfied with as little restraint or false modesty as the other.
All the stuff about being a drinking club, or having players who were not good enough, I treat as rubbish.
Bryan Robson
Reading a newspaper is as important to me as reading a script. Sitting in a cafe and drinking coffee is as important as going for a shoot.
Since I’ve quit drinking, I’m not sure I’ve found the good life, but I’ve certainly uncovered a better one.
I think about nothing but business the whole time. Even when I go out to my after-parties, people are like, ‘You’re drinking water?’ I’m like, ‘Yeah I am.’
To me, working out is literally like eating a meal or drinking water or breathing.
Hilary Swank
When was ‘again?’ Was it back when I was drinking from a separate water fountain? Was it when I couldn’t eat in that restaurant over there?… ‘Make America Great Again’ – before I had equality?
When I’m off the clock, I’m just drinking juice and eating cereal and salads and stuff. If I’m off the clock, I’m not eating wings.
I’ve been watching what I eat. When I was putting on all the weight, I was drinking Guinness and not eating. I didn’t have room to because I was drinking all the time.
We were out drinking and fishing one day, and somebody said to me, ‘People are starting to make money off your name. You and your brothers should do it.’
There is nothing wrong with eating sweets, fried foods, pastries, even drinking soda every now and then, but food manufacturers have made eating these formerly expensive and hard-to-make treats so cheap and easy that we’re eating them every day.
I had a breakthrough, I think my life just became calmer, I gave up drinking. My priorities changed as I had a young daughter. The group didn’t want me to record for the Think Tank album… so I took it as a sign to leave.
My parents would read those books to me as well but they used to make me starving when I was a kid because they were always eating ham sandwiches with the crusts off and drinking ginger beer.
I try not to eat too many raw vegetables. I only have one raw meal a day. At night I eat warm, cooked foods. I like to drink lots of tea, but no coffee. Not drinking coffee has changed my game for the better.
Despite having lived in London for most of my life – and being a huge fan of dancing and drinking in the street – I’ve never been to Notting Hill carnival.
Even before the earthquake in Haiti, only half the country’s population had a source of safe drinking water.
I didn’t check into rehab. Instead of me heading into a place – I was just drinking too much and I needed to get my life together. I’m still in therapy and stuff like that, but it’s good. I’m great. I feel fine.
In my campaign I hardly ever talked about what’s happening in Washington D.C. I talked about how we’re going to fix the damn roads, how we clean up drinking water, and ensure people get access to the skills they need to get good paying jobs.
Coconut water is just the best for you; it’s always something we had in Brazil. Since I was a little girl, I’ve been drinking it.
When I was drinking I was thinking I was having a good time but it came back twice as bad, the depression. It was just a vicious circle – drinking, not caring about myself – and it gave me a bad low.
I don’t drink everywhere, as I am not a hard drinker. I also prefer not to drink in those parties where there is a huge gathering of people. For me, drinking is private.
Tequila. Straight. There’s a real polite drink. You keep drinking until you finally take one more and it just won’t go down. Then you know you’ve reached your limit.
Lee Marvin
Do you understand about water in the West? Whiskey’s for drinking; water’s for fightin’ over.
I have fond memories from growing up in Switzerland and drinking a glass of warm milk with a spoonful of honey before bed.
My favorite TikTok of my own would have to be the video of me drinking coconut water without closing my mouth – that trend was really fun to do because it was a hidden talent that I did well.
Working at the Food Bank with my kids is an eye-opener. The face of hunger isn’t the bum on the street drinking Sterno; it’s the working poor. They don’t look any different, they don’t behave any differently, they’re not really any less educated. They are incredibly less privileged, and that’s it.
I think viewers quite like it when I’m suffering or eating or drinking something horrible or really up against it in some quicksand or whatever.
I’m talking like 10, 12 years old. Either junior brings Mom and Pop or Mom and Pop bring the kids. I’m talking young here, not a college drinking crowd.
George Thorogood
I keep telling people: Don’t make me the poster boy for AA because I don’t know a lot about sobriety, but I do know a lot about drinking.
My films are like drinking a good beer, but pleasure doesn’t mean that it cannot change someone’s point of view.
We have the safest drinking water in the world.
They spend us into the dirt and lie like crazy, and, my gosh, I have never seen an opponent who just lies like he’s taking a drinking of water like Terry McAuliffe. It is nothing to him.
I basically gave up drinking. Personally, I thought I was drinking too much and, over the long run, it caught up with me.
Drinking makes such fools of people, and people are such fools to begin with that it’s compounding a felony.
Nobody in my family plays music professionally, but I definitely grew up around the culture of when my parents got together, as well as a lot of eating and drinking going on, they would also sing – they sat around in a circle, and everyone had a party piece.
Maria Doyle Kennedy
I live in New Orleans, because it’s the strangest city in the United States. It has the highest murder rate in the country, the highest incarceration rate, and often we have to boil our drinking water, but there’s nowhere else remotely like it.
Nathaniel Rich
I work to raise awareness of the dangers of drinking and driving and substance abuse, primarily with youth.
I lived with a 60-year-old chaperone, and drinking, swearing and smoking were absolutely forbidden – even in the house.
Unforgiveness is like drinking poison yourself and waiting for the other person to die.
What I always liked about country music was the stories, the ability to talk about very real things like divorce and drinking and death and jail.
Doing something like ‘Damages,’ I played a character with post-traumatic stress. I was playing with sleep deprivation. I was not sleeping; I stayed up for three days at a time, drinking Red Bull. I would get shaky and tired and hyper.
Adam Clayton Powell Jr. was a very savvy character. His drinking and carousing, his charisma and intelligence… the things he did in Congress. He passed for white, then became a black advocate.
BPA is just one chemical used to make plastic baby bottles and in the lining of food, beverage, and infant formula containers. Research shows that children are exposed to BPA by drinking from polycarbonate bottles and consuming food from containers made using BPA.
I remember when I turned 30 and I started doing sit-ups, I split with my girlfriend and stopped drinking and all sorts of things. It was a very weird time. But 60… I like it.
I first fell in love with comedy when I’d visit my granny as a kid. Trips to her house meant staying up late drinking Coca-Cola and watching ‘Saturday Night Live‘.
The same people who are murdered slowly in the mechanized slaughterhouses of work are also arguing, singing, drinking, dancing, making love, holding the streets, picking up weapons and inventing a new poetry.
Raoul Vaneigem
Before I ever had the idea of doing the partnership and deal with Celsius, I was already drinking it at my house for over a year. My family, everybody loves to drink it. It’s authentic to me in that sense and as far as energy drinks it’s really hard to find a good option as far as being healthy.
It is a sign of a dull nature to occupy oneself deeply in matters that concern the body; for instance, to be over much occupied about exercise, about eating and drinking, about easing oneself, about sexual intercourse.
I tried to give up drugs by drinking.
There will always be another group of kids going to college, drinking beer, and discovering that movie. Many of them have never even heard of SCTV.
To me, being grown-up meant smoking cigarettes, drinking cocktails, and dressing up in high heels and glamourous outfits.
I ran on fixing the roads… I ran on cleaning up drinking water.
I adore clothes, I adore drinking. I just don’t have the time or the inclination to totally indulge in it.
I don’t want to get in a big, long discussion about right and wrong, but our company has been working on the issue of underage drinking and alcohol abuse for a long time. I’ve been outspoken about it.
Pete Coors
I stopped drinking before I became a comic; one was a replacement for the other.
I’ve been drinking tequila for a long time now, and it’s never been about drinking to get drunk. I don’t do that. I never drink tequila during the day, and I don’t drive at night.
I’m never out of shape, never out to hurt my body by drinking or partying.
Hydration is key! I know that is an obvious one, but drinking tons of water and keeping your skin hydrated is very important.
As a Michigan senator, I feel a special responsibility to protect the Great Lakes. They are not only a source of clean drinking water for more than 30 million people but are also an integral part of Michigan’s heritage and its economy.
I started drinking BodyArmor as a daily deal.
The doctors told me I had a bone deficiency, so I had to get my vitamin D up. I’ve been drinking a lot more milk. Still don’t like it though.
I’ve not stopped drinking, I’m not a born again one of them, we just don’t have booze in the house.
I lost my second marriage because of drinking, and I loved the woman very much. But I thought I needed booze to write. I’m glad I was disabused.
Yes, I launched the Talli Telangana Party in 2005 and fought on several issues like justice to women, safe drinking water in the fluoride affected parts of the state, social and cultural issues.
There’s over a billion people on this planet that don’t have access to clean drinking water.
You can only go with the excesses to a certain point; it wasn’t always the Jack Daniels bottle. We weren’t just a bunch of sloppy musicians on stage drinking; we would critique every show.
When I was in fourth grade, a novelist came to talk to my English class. She told us that being an author meant sitting at the kitchen table in pajamas, drinking tea with the dogs at your feet.
Anything I do in life, I always want to work hard, play hard and so I’m still drinking my wine, I’m still eating my McDonald‘s on Sundays, but I am working hard through the week.
Going to a pub when you’re not drinking is pretty boring.
Obviously, I’m not working out the way I was when I was playing. I do yoga. I swim a lot. I’m drinking a lot of good, healthy mixes. I got myself a Vitamix.
I do like beer, but lately I’ve started drinking non-alcoholic beer and I like the taste of it and I don’t get the alcohol, so that’s a good alternative also.
If you are suffering from your intemperance in eating or in drinking, we that are around you, or associated with you, are affected by your infirmities. We have to suffer on account of the course you pursue, which is wrong. If it has an influence to lessen your powers of mind or body, we are affected by it.
When I stopped drinking, it was only because I thought if I don’t stop, I’m going to die.
I’ve always hated being hemmed in or seeing anybody being hemmed in. Even when I was the smallest child, I couldn’t bear being told I couldn’t drink at a so-called white drinking fountain.
In a shooting day in the U.K., every few hours, everyone takes a bit of a tea break – not coffee, but a tea break. They bring out these little finger sandwiches with the crust cut off. Everyone sits around for a few minutes, with their pinkies in the air, drinking. It’s so cultured.
Jonathan Silverman
You put three girls in a house, and all of a sudden before you know it, you’re talking about boys and drinking whiskey, and things go down and you get deep real quick.
I’d ban drinking from darts.
I was drinking so much coffee and Red Bull just to keep going it screwed me.
I was still going out when I was younger – drinking – and I wasn’t looking after myself properly.
Men even contract the dirty, filthy habit of chewing tobacco, and when the habit gets a good hold upon them they are never satisfied except when they have a wad of the stuff in their mouth. So with drinking. It is largely a habit.
Thomas Jordan Jarvis
I had friends at school, but I was never part of a gang and I dreamed of that sense of belonging to a group. You know, where people would call me ‘Em’ and shout across the bar, ‘Em, what are you drinking?’ after the show.
Your body is made up of something like 60 percent water. So if you’re constantly draining yourself and dehydrating yourself in your training sessions, you constantly have to be on top of drinking enough water to rehydrate.
Investing in resilience and sustainability programs is essential to stretching our limited water resources, ensuring safe drinking water for at-risk communities, and adapting to climate change.
When I reached the summit of Everest, I scooped some ice into my drinking bottle as I’d run out of water and hoped it would melt. After I got back to base camp, I decided to keep it, so I had a special bottle made with an inscription – it’s my lucky water.
My secret is one the world needs to know – nearly a billion people a year die from unsafe drinking water.
You can do something as simple as drinking two cups of water before a meal to fill your belly a bit so that you don’t overeat, or change up your cheese from dairy to nondairy.
Boxing has kept me off the streets, stops me smoking and drinking and gives me something to do.
Billy Joe Saunders
With such compelling information, the question is why haven’t we been able to do more to prevent the crisis of underage drinking? The answer is: the alcohol industry.
The budget is absolutely interlinked – our ability to fund our education system, to clean up drinking water, is linked with our ability to rebuild roads in this state. I’m not signing anything unless it’s all done together.
In the morning, I’m juicing two apples, two carrots, two celery, two beets, two ginger. I’m drinking that every morning to try to keep the cancer away.
I have seen great jazz musicians die obscure and drinking themselves to death and not really being able to get any work and working in small, funky jazz clubs.
Age-old therapies that Indian households have followed for centuries, like drinking kasha’s, mixing turmeric with pepper and honey, planting tulsi for purification and the use of aromatherapy to boost immunity have now become new age therapies.
I don’t work out as often as I would like to, so a water sipper is technically not an essential item. But I make up for the lack of exercise by drinking a lot of water.
I know a man who gave up smoking, drinking, sex, and rich food. He was healthy right up to the day he killed himself.
Resentment is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die.
We are working on a lot of innovative ways to provide safer drinking water to the American public. Innovative financing ways.
I would say 95% of the time, because you just can’t remember your lines if you’re drinking alcohol. I would say about 95% of the time it was grape juice or this fake wine, which was horrible.
India remains one of the few nations which still focuses entirely on an archaic de-addiction model, administered by the ministry of social justice and empowerment, to address drinking problems, adhering to a centuries-old idea of these problems being a moral disorder rather than a health condition.
I made a resolution in 2010 to stop drinking Diet Coke, and I haven’t had Diet Coke since then. I think it was the best life change I’ve ever made, because I drank quite a lot of it.
Kip Keino, Moses Tanui, Paul Tergat, they all come from my tribe. Some say it is the food we eat that makes us strong, the way we live. In the history of our people we wear no clothes and we are used to drinking the blood of animals.
Martin Lel
Since music is so important to me, I don’t need to put in any extra effort to do this; it just flows for me. It’s as simple as drinking water and having food, so definitely, music is one of the main purposes of my life.
To be always intending to make a new and better life but never to find time to set about it is as to put off eating and drinking and sleeping from one day to the next until you’re dead.
I’m taking loads of vitamins, drinking herbal teas, I steam every single day. I constantly steam. I have to, it is a really good way to keep your vocal chords healthy.
In my experience, you can help by drinking lots of water when you’re travelling, and I also wear face masks on the plane. You might look silly but it helps your skin feel healthier and you generally feel better than you might have done when you land.
The way I view comedy clubs is, people are drinking, they’re ordering food, they’re out for the night, and there’s also a person onstage talking. And with the theater, they came to the theater, and they’re waiting to hear what you say. So you’d better have something to say.
Of course Messi could handle a cold Tuesday night in Stoke. He’d be drinking tea and relaxing beforehand. Me? I’d probably be the same.
Police arrested two kids yesterday, one was drinking battery acid, the other was eating fireworks. They charged one and let the other one off.
Tommy Cooper
I threw my cup away when I saw a child drinking from his hands at the trough.
I used to think drinking was the only way to be happy. Now I know there is no way to be happy.
Laura Kightlinger
I think my style of play, not drinking, I think I’m a product of clean living. I don’t drink, don’t smoke.
Obama might as well be president of Turkey or Brazil; it does not matter. It’s the system that is absolutely flawed, where 25 or 35 or 50 people make multi, multi-billions on building Olympic structures while people live in Barbados and have no roads or clean drinking water. There’s something pretty inequitable there.
For a sore throat I take arnica, just a tiny pill dissolved under my tongue. And because your throat is like a muscle, I keep mine warm drinking herbal teas, usually camomile.
When it comes to drinking water, there is no room for political posturing or hollow solutions.
I’ve had a hip replacement, I’ve beaten cancer, I had my hand operation, and I stopped drinking. Something inside of me just went, ‘I’m done.’
People say this all the time and everyone, like, nods their head and is like, ‘Oh yeah, totally,’ but no one ever does it, including myself. I can do better at it, is just drinking a lot of water, like a gallon and a half, two gallons a day, like, straight water all day.
I think it’s more important to pray for my son than go out with my friends drinking at a bar until midnight while he waits for me to come home.
I don’t care about the drinking, I just want to be able to go hang out and not have to worry about being too young.
Let us be lazy in everything, except in loving and drinking, except in being lazy.
Gotthold Ephraim Lessing
Drinking habits were very prevalent among men, and were not in any way disgraceful, unless excessive.
Catherine Helen Spence
I used to feel very tired during tournaments. I was drinking four or five coffees per day and felt I needed more.
Key to longevity… drinking embalming fluid every year.
People in the street will either call me ‘Prime Minister‘ or ‘Justin.’ We’ll see how that goes. But when I’m working, when I’m with my staff in public, I’m ‘Prime Minister.’ I say that if we’re drinking beer out of a bottle, and you can see my tattoos, you should be comfortable calling me ‘Justin.’
There was pressure on the EPA to come out with a drinking water guideline, which it did in 2016. And when that guideline came out, it spurred even more testing across the country, including by the Department of Defense.
Drinking when we are not thirsty and making love at all seasons, madam: that is all there is to distinguish us from other animals.
Pierre Beaumarchais
I have generally and will always fight for clean air and safe drinking water laws.
Why is it that we ask the question about whether or not Indigenous people should have clean drinking water? We’ve got to take a minute and think why is that even a question. Yes, they deserve clean drinking water.
Does anybody think these people were just sitting around drinking tea?
I finished tech college with just one A-level, which was an E in English, because I spent most of my time drinking and faffing around. Having one A-level is a bit like having a car with one wheel – pretty useless. So I ended up working on building sites.
I try to work out as much as I can and, of course, eat healthily. Drinking a lot of water, sweating during your work out is good for you, and of course, chasing after your kids!
I also eat fruit instead of drinking juices. That’s something I’ve read up on. I think that if you drink a lot of fruit juice you take in way too much sugar. You’d be better off eating a bunch of strawberries or apples.
Kris Humphries
I want to bring clean water to people who do not have it. What I’m trying to do now is think of ways to build a well-drilling machine that is low-cost so people in rural areas can afford it. People in rural places could use the water for irrigation or for drinking.
William Kamkwamba
I first started drinking chocolate milk to refuel in college when one of my assistant coaches said there were studies that proved that lowfat chocolate milk was great for recovery, so after practice, we would get out two big gallons and drink it together as a team.
I’m a deeply boring person in real life; I don’t do any drinking and going out until four in the morning. I’ll usually head straight home for a cup of tea.
I think a lot of cynicism has dropped away from my shoulders since I stopped drinking.
My father’s drinking was sometimes a problem. And a great deal went unspoken. He was not particularly acute or articulate about the emotions. But he was very affectionate towards me.
I did a bit of running away when my mam passed away. I didn’t go back to work; I started drinking quite a lot, and I know how damaging that can be.
I represent nine sovereign Sioux tribes. In South Dakota, some of the tribes are in the most remote, rural areas of the country. They lack essential infrastructure. Some communities don’t even have clean drinking water.
Stephanie Herseth
What’s problematic about playing stadiums and driving around in private jets and drinking champagne at 8 o’clock in the morning? What’s wrong with that? I haven’t got a problem with that. I can’t fathom why people would.
Ninety years after slavery, blacks were still segregated from whites. They still had separate drinking fountains, separate restrooms, separate neighborhoods, and separate schools. They still were expected to sit at the back of the bus.
All the drinking and emotional problems I had, I really let the fans down. I lost my respect for them. I did not give them my best effort.
The situation is quite serious – groundwater is important source for water use, including drinking water, and if it gets contaminated, it’s very costly and difficult to clean.
Actually, I used to think that it was normal to feel bad, like, Doesn’t everybody feel like this? It was only when my drinking really got out of control that people went, ‘Troy, you need to see somebody.’
I should just put it bluntly, because we’re all sort of friends here now – it’s exceedingly likely that my greatest success is behind me. Oh, so Jesus, what a thought! You know that’s the kind of thought that could lead a person to start drinking gin at nine o’clock in the morning, and I don’t want to go there.
I can be a bit extreme. I’ll spend too much time running round the park, doing yoga and drinking green tea. I can get a bit obsessive. I have to rein it in sometimes.
I have an irrational fear that something bad is going to happen to me when I’m drinking out of a water fountain. I have no idea why.
My goal is to hit the gym every day I’m on vacation. Usually I just end up sleeping and drinking beer.
As you get a little older and start drinking a bit more coffee, you start talking about big-boy things a little more.
Mardi Gras, the drinking, the partying – that scared me.
That’s a big deal for kids, when they come into the kitchen and the teacher is drinking coffee with mom. They react differently on the next day when you say: ‘Sit down and shut-up!’
I think diet plays an important role before any beauty and skincare regime. Taking care of what you eat and drinking lots of water throughout the day always come first.
To me, climbing is like eating or drinking. I have to do it; it’s part of my life.
Alain Robert
I’ve never had coffee. I’ve always hated the smell. It was always tea. I was a pretty typical kid, though. I grew up drinking Lipton. I didn’t know there was other tea to drink.
I don’t go out drinking and stuff like that. My friends say ‘Just have one drink, JD.’ I say ‘What’s the point?’ I’ll go to a club and have a Red Bull, get my buzz. And the next day I feel cool. It’s discipline, not just with drinking but a lot of things in life. You’ve just got to look at the bigger picture.
Less late night drinking leads to less late night snacks. Drinking definitely leads to bad eating.
Chris Pontius
I knew at quite a young age that I had an issue with drinking.
If they don’t want to pay for it, they can stop drinking it.
It’s bizarre to have both a super-connected and disconnected world. Like, you can use Twitter in the most narcissistic way. Do people really need to know that I’m drinking a latte right now? It’s so indulgent.
News-free existence is not a serious proposal, but it is worth noting that while today’s 24/7 media environment is wonderful in many ways, it can also be like drinking out of a fire hose and intensify a downward reinforcing cycle of despair.
I’m pretty religious about drinking between 60-to-70 ounces of water a day. I carry a big, refillable water bottle that I try to get through at least twice a day.
Faculty met, and after the usual business, some conversation was had about certain students being addicted to drinking, and it was reported that a citizen of the village had informed a member of the Faculty that there was a good deal of drinking this term among the students.
Daniel H. Hill
Craft brewers are committed to promoting the safe and moderate consumption of their beverage, and work closely with their communities to prevent underage drinking and alcohol abuse.
In the early ’90s, my parents weren’t really drinking wine. They had a bottle or two laying around, but it had been a stigma where a bottle of wine had to be for a super special occasion. A bottle of wine had to go with a steak. And it was this thing that seemed so distant.
So I did quit coffee and I did quit smoking. But I haven’t managed that with drinking!
Sharon Olds
I like to embrace natural beauty. I try to get at least 8 hours of sleep, drinking a lot of water and exercising.
Drinking water is like washing out your insides. The water will cleanse the system, fill you up, decrease your caloric load and improve the function of all your tissues.
Kevin R. Stone
There are 13 stories in ‘The Fencepost Chronicles’ about corrupt tribal leaders, trouble on the reserve, survival schemes, and communal drinking.
Gerald Vizenor
Family dinner is how we civilize our children. It is how we get them into good habits like drinking water with supper, saying please and thank you, learning how to listen and take turns. It’s how we pass on our family histories.
Drinking intensifies all your pressures and your needs.
Desi Arnaz
When I was an orphan, I was the richest kid at the orphanage because everyone else was complaining about not having anything. But when I discovered that you could get two cents for a Coca-Cola bottle, I would follow people around who were drinking it and ask them if they were almost through with it.