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Didactic Quotes

We’ve collected the best Didactic Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: David Attenborough, Joan D. Vinge, Phil Klay, Dee Rees, Shirin Neshat. Use them as an inspiration.

I had a huge advantage when I started 50 years ago – my job was secure. I didn’t have to promote myself. These days there’s far more pressure to make a mark, so the temptation is to make adventure television or personality shows. I hope the more didactic approach won‘t be lost.
What I do not want to write is didactic political tracts.
Nothing I do is didactic. I just want to hold up a mirror and say, ‘This is who we are.’
I’m really interested in social justice, and if an artist has a certain power of being heard and voicing something important, it’s right to do it. It could still be done in such a way that it’s not aggressive or overly didactic. I’m trying to find that form.
Shirin Neshat
When I was growing up and going to art school and learning about African-American art, much of it was a type of political art that was very didactic and based on the ’60s, and a social collective.
I can’t tell a story just by deciding to tell a story, do it in a didactic way. I need to have my own emotion, to feel, ‘Wow, there is something I can discover, I can create.’
When I go into schools to speak, I am not giving a speech – it’s really a one-man show. I call it ‘didactic standup.’
Bruce Coville
The correct didactic analysis is one that does not in the least differ from the curative treatment. How, indeed, shall the future analyst learn the technique if he does not experience it just exactly as he is to apply it later?
Otto Rank
It was – I’m very didactic in my lyrics, but I’ve always been drawn to mock my own emotions, and so I write this very lyric-heavy stuff, which suits theater and comedy much more than it suits pop.
The flowery style is not unsuitable to public speeches or addresses, which amount only to compliment. The lighter beauties are in their place when there is nothing more solid to say; but the flowery style ought to be banished from a pleading, a sermon, or a didactic work.
A child knows when they are on the receiving end of a didactic exercise, or when they are sitting in the shadow of something else.
I don’t want to be a didactic voice. I like to ask more questions than I answer, just to get people thinking and to make it safe to access art.
I think public life for me has a slightly didactic role, OK.
I’m incapable of writing without social commentary. I like to think that it’s integrated and not really heavy handedly didactic.
John Shirley
Science fiction has a way of letting you talk about where we are in the world and letting you be a bit of a pop philosopher without being didactic.
I am not a propagandist; my work has often had a political dimension but, hopefully, one that is not didactic and is open to interpretation.
There is poetry even in prose, in all the great prose which is not merely utilitarian or didactic: there exist poets who write in prose or at least in more or less apparent prose; millions of poets write verses which have no connection with poetry.
Over the years, I think, more and more, I’ve come to recognize that my parents – not in a didactic or explicit way, but in a very powerful way by their examplegave me a sense that government could be a force for good.
The apostolic writings are of three kinds: historical, didactic, and prophetic.
Philip Schaff
The essential function of art is moral. But a passionate, implicit morality, not didactic. A morality which changes the blood, rather than the mind.
I don’t think it’s the writer‘s job to give answers or to give opinions. In fact, when a writer has answers, I think the work ends up being corrupted. It becomes didactic. What a book does is share a consciousness and invite people to explore the questions as best as you can.