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Demographics Quotes

We’ve collected the best Demographics Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Colin Cowherd, Daphne Bavelier, Jens Martin Skibsted, Jeff Dunham, Rakesh Jhunjhunwala. Use them as an inspiration.

The demographics of this country are changing. And the people coming to this country are soccer fans, not hockey fans.
The average age of a gamer is 33 years old, not eight years old, and in fact, if we look at the projected demographics of video game play, the video game players of tomorrow are older adults.
Daphne Bavelier
I don’t think that artificial intelligence means doomsday, and I think many new jobs will be created, too. However, it is becoming increasingly unlikely that these new types of jobs will favor low-income demographics. We need to address the needs of those who will be left out of the new job market.
Growing up doing those Kiwanis Clubs, doing those Cub Scout banquets, doing those church shows, I learned to find that sensibility that most people could laugh at – that all ages and demographics could laugh at.
Demographics show that we are entering a battle between young and old. I call it the ‘Age War.’ The young want to hang onto their money to grow their families, businesses, and wealth. The old want the tax and investment dollars of the young to sustain their old age.
Your target market and their demographics realistically need to be in alignment with your own beliefs and morals, or you may have trouble reaching out to them – or keep them once others have entered the market.
And there’s a lot of that stuff with people bringing their kids, kids bringing their parents, people bringing their grandparents – I mean, it’s gotten to be really stretched out now. It was never my intention to say, this is the demographics of our audience.
I just feel that sooner or later, the sheer potential of the demographics of India, which is 1.25 billion people, will eventually be very attractive to the entertainment industry.
The market groups and demographics said, ‘Teenage guys don’t read magazines.’
Climate change, demographics, water, food, energy, global health, women‘s empowerment – these issues are all intertwined. We cannot look at one strand in isolation. Instead, we must examine how these strands are woven together.
I’ve told so many stories to so many friends of mine. I have friends in Pittsburgh, in West Virginia, and in Indy. That’s three different demographics of people, and they all laughed, so I assumed that if I find something funny and all my friends find something funny, I hope people everywhere will find it funny.
HD doesn’t mean anything to me. It’s a technical thing. It’s like demographics. A lot of people know about it.
The only way we are going to get diversity is if the demographics of the decision-makers change… The odd-token bone thrown is not going to do it. Don’t pat yourself on the back because you made that black drama; that’s not diversity. It’s got to be baked into the foundation of where the ideas flow from.
I understand demographics.
I don’t want to be a part of the demographics. I want to be an individual. I wear each of my films as a badge of pride. That’s why I cherish all my bad reviews. If the critics start liking my movies, then I’m in deep trouble.
I used to do people’s online dating for them. I had clients in San Francisco, L.A., New York and they’d pay me $800 a month to basically make them profiles on all the best websites for the demographics for them.
Every time I get in front of an audience, I do the best I can. I really don’t look at it like, you know, ‘This is gonna be this crowd, or that crowd.’ If anything, I think about the demographics only because of what songs will entertain more than others.
This is a very difficult question. If you take a look at the aging population and demographics, we are going to have a big increase in the number of health care jobs needed in the state and in the country.
Dave Obey
It’s a fast-paced somewhat violent sport, but it’s very much entertaining. And the greatest thing about mixed martial arts is that it transcends a lot of demographics.
Rising incomes and positive demographics will provide opportunities for retail financial services in India.
I feel like, yeah, why not do inter-gender matches? It brings entertainment. It brings a lot of different viewers and demographics and all that, so why not do it?
Social Security is a plan that actually was designed in a much different time, in a different era, and with a different set of American demographics in mind.
It is well documented that Fox News has the audience demographics that other networks thirst for.
I pride myself in being able to straddle demographics, and if that was said as Barney Stinson, it would mean a little different thing.
If I had done ‘Go, New York, Go’ for the Spurs, it might not have worked. It really taught me a lot about demographics and tastes and styles. I never went to business school, so that whole experience was my crash course in marketing, contracts, negotiations, and product launches.
When I hear about something allegedly happening in the world I always ask: ‘Who is doing it?’ Trends break out because they’re based on real demographics, like there being fewer nuclear families or more people living alone. If 10 people in Shoreditch are doing it, it’s a 10-minute fad.
Keep in mind, our demographics of our state, how it breaks down in terms of political affiliation: over half the people in this state chose not to align themselves with any party at all.
Because of economics, you have to feed the demographics that are buying your product. So, as Asia becomes a much more economic influence on the products that are being made from America, I think people have to be sensitive.
Sung Kang
Everything has changed in recent decades – the economy, technology, cultural attitudes, the demographics of the workforce, the role of women in society and the structure of the American family. It’s about time our laws caught up. We watchModern Family’ on television, but we’re still living by ‘Leave It To Beaverrules.
If the same energy went into marketing movies to women as they do on the other demographics we might see more of a spike.
Whatever the scenario, the dynamism of developing nations, their demographics and competitive power are great sources for superiority.
Ali Babacan
The demographics and the psychographics show that there should be, over the longer term, a continued growth in the numbers of customers who will be shopping for luxury goods, both domestically – as well, international tourists come to the United States.
There is more equity now in movies and TV, although I think its mostly because of changing demographics. It’s not a moral proposition. It’s good business. Shows about people of all colors are making money.
Soccer is one of those sports that pulls in a universal audience in terms of demographics.
Tanc Sade
I stopped looking at people as demographics, groups, personas. I said: let’s look at people as individuals, how do they act. Because two people who look the same, might act differently.
Deng Xiaoping made a calculation. He bet on demographics. What he knew was that China had this enormous population of young, underemployed people, people who he could move from the farms to the coast and put them to work in factories, and that would be the lifeblood of China’s economy.

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