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Daytime Quotes

We’ve collected the best Daytime Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Ernie Banks, Wendy Williams, Kat Von D, Leslie Bricusse, Art Bell. Use them as an inspiration.

I wanted to finish my career with one team, in one city, one mayor, one park, one owner. I did that. The Wrigleys owned the team. We played all of our home games at Wrigley Field during the daytime. So my career was very unique, and I am proud of it.
I consider myself a prize fighter going into a very, very tough ring called daytime TV, and I take it very seriously.
My nighttime look is exactly like my daytime look – like I’m going to a super fancy funeral. I guess it would be considered extreme to most people, but I like it that way. The idea of conventional beauty isn’t attractive to me… that’s why, when I was growing up, I felt kind of torn about makeup.
When I wake up, if I can’t figure something out during the daytime and then wake up at 4 A.M., it’s there immediately. I don’t know if it’s the subconscious mind working, but it just happens.
Leslie Bricusse
I think – no, I’m sure – ‘Coast to Coast’ wouldn’t work with a daytime audience.
Art Bell
Fishing, with me, has always been an excuse to drink in the daytime.
Jimmy Cannon
I read till I fall asleep. Daytime actually I feel guilty reading – I always feel I should be doing something else!
Because of the pace of daytime, you don’t necessarily have time to work every detail of your character, so you have to bring a lot of it yourself.
Sarah Brown
In the daytime during the summer, I only wearLaura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer’ for coverage. I keep that in my bag at all times. I love ‘RMS Buriti Bronzer’ because it has a little bit of red in it, and my skin is on the reddish side, so it matches really well.
I’ve wanted to be in daytime television for a long time, because that’s where you can convey a message.
My first time on camera was ‘One Life to Live.’ I mourn for actors coming up that the daytime soap opera is becoming extinct. It’s theater onscreen.
In daytime, you’re shooting an episode a day, which is on average about 90 pages of script a day. That is very hectic. On ‘90210,’ you get to work through it a little more. You’re not just flying through it just to get it done.
Trevor Donovan
There is a difference in what people are willing to consider, daytime versus nighttime.
Art Bell
It’s all about story and character with me, and I don’t care if the job is on daytime or prime time or the web. Hey, give me a good character and someone to listen, and I’ll do my acting on a street corner.
‘The Talk’ is one of the most diverse shows in daytime.
My basics for a daytime look are simple: powder, gloss, brows and lashes.
My biggest accomplishment was playing ‘Lark’ on the daytime drama Port Charles because it was the most regular acting job I have had, and I had to step in and fill someone else’s shoes.
Amy Weber
I actually love diving at night; you see a lot of fish then that you don’t see in the daytime.
I’ve met so many fans of daytime television who‘ve watched the shows with their moms and grandmas and feel like they’ve known the characters their whole lives. It’s sad for them to have to say goodbye to their favorite soaps and characters. We don’t want that to happen to the ‘Days’ fans.
In the daytime, I was studying at school and in the evenings, I was a stage kid. I was trained in theatre and public speaking. I was a really active kid.
Anybody who’s lived in the ghetto knows that you don’t move during the daytime. Here’s why: You don’t want anyone to know you’re leaving, and you don’t want anyone knowing where you’re going.
I have been away a great deal in the daytime, occasionally at night.
Lizzie Andrew Borden
As a girl, I lived in jeans, and my love-affair with them continues. Since I turned 50, jeans have become something of a uniform, whether it’s a slouchy boyfriend fit for daytime or a leaner, fitted jean in a darker denim for evening.
On Letterman and Leno, it always bothers me when they go outside the studio and it’s daytime.
I was a regular on ‘Holby City,’ and I did daytime; that’s how I started off. Off in Hong Kong doing stuntman stuff, then coming back to England doing daytime soap operas.
I started watching someDoctor Whorecently on my own and got too scared. I had to watch it in the daytime – I’m pathetic.
I can’t really recall the first time I was noticed by a producer but the first time I was on television was doing Daytime for Another World, which I started in December ’75 and went until December ’76.
Ted Shackelford
I love to wear red lipstick a lot, even in the daytime.
Heather Morris
My number one tip for all people, not just drag queens, is false eyelashes, which make every look go from daytime to glamazon!
I don’t think I’m any different on ‘Celebrity Juice‘ or daytime telly. It’s what’s going on around me that’s different. I don’t suddenly become all outrageous and rude on ‘Celebrity Juice.’
This time, there were no drugs involved. The hours were completely normal daytime hours. I think we were able to appreciate the interplay, where before we had taken it for granted.
For makeup, I prefer to keep it simple for the daytime.
I live a quiet daytime life. I walk everywhere. I lie down. I wash socks. I fry an egg.
As any daytime judge show can tell you, spending someone’s money or taking their stuff because they hurt your feelings is not justified.
The landscape of daytime has changed. I’m not so sure people go to daytime TV for kumbaya moments anymore.
The challenge in daytime in particular, I think, is to go against all the traditional cliches of daytime and try to make it real.
I write down three things in the morning that I want to accomplish, but I write it down as if I have already accomplished it. So you write it down three times. And then in the daytime, like near the afternoon, you write it down six times. Then at night, you write it down nine times.
When you dream, you dialogue with aspects of yourself that normally are not with you in the daytime and you discover that you know a great deal more than you thought you did.
Toni Cade Bambara
I was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award 19 times before I won. The first nine years, I heard someone else’s name called; after that – I think it was a protective thing – I didn’t hear whose name was called, but nobody was making eye contact with me, so I knew that it wasn’t mine.
In the early ’50s, it was still the time of Christian Dior‘s New Look. Every dress was big and important, and I thought I must do something completely different. Women needed something for daytime that was wearable.
Everyone told me to sleep when the baby sleeps, but she sleeps during the daytime, and that’s when I have to get stuff done! I’ve been a zombie.
I’m actually pretty afraid of scary movies, so I can’t watch them at night, but I am a fan during the daytime!
Taissa Farmiga
If we would have had the 262 at our disposal – even with all the delays – if we could have had in ’44, ah, let’s say three hundred operational, that day we could have stopped the American daytime bombing offensive, that’s for sure.
Adolf Galland
It all went back to problems we had talked about before, you know, such as the British not believing in formation bombing and not believing in daytime bombing.
Stuart Symington
There are areas of the Earth that I would absolutely think no one lived in based on daytime observations. But then at night, lights pop up in those areas.
Stay away from screens, especially those LED screens. Those blue-light emitting devices fool your brain into thinking that it’s still daytime, even though it’s night-time and you want to get to sleep.
‘Days’ has always been strong as an icon in TV history, and it’s still going on strong and represents the genre of daytime drama so well. I’m proud to be a part of it.
I don’t think anyone would disagree with this: You are self-directed in daytime, and that’s it. So come with it, and bring it on the first take.
It’s strange to play outdoors, especially in the daytime. But we’re figuring it out. The rules are different for festival shows – how you talk to the crowd, how you can try to get them involved. Things are just a little different, and I think we’ve learned to adapt our show.
Andrew Dost
I’m kind of in the middle as far as being a risk-taker and playing it safe. I dress more conservatively, but I’m also eclectic. I can do jeans with ripped holes and flats in the daytime, but I love putting on a great pair of stilettos with amazing leather pants.
Where you used to be, there is a hole in the world, which I find myself constantly walking around in the daytime, and falling in at night. I miss you like hell.
In my neighborhood, there are stray goats everywhere, and, someone owns it. Someone has a farm full of goats. At daytime, they just let them loose, but then at nighttime, they just come back. So, it’s like, in daytime, the whole neighborhood is just filled with goats walking around.
I miss my boats, and I miss having the ability to be out on the water during the daytime and then go skiing at night.
In daytime, they’re doing 50-60 pages a day, whereas nighttime, you do seven or eight.
When I moved to New York, I was waiting tables, painting in the daytime and working at night, and I felt it was possible to find a balance and just about get by.
Cecily Brown
If anyone should be executed, it should be Charles Manson. Do I go around during the daytime, ‘Geez, I’m upset that he’s alive‘? No, I don’t even think about him. I don’t think about this case.
I tend to go with a daytime look, pretty natural, but I always fill in my eyebrows – I hate if I leave the gym and my eyebrows aren’t done; I’m just very uncomfortable with myself.
I have seen many a tear-strewn individual during my time working on daytime TV’s morning sofas: individuals encouraged to share their views, ill prepared for the backlash that social media will deliver direct to you, unregulated and unrelenting.
The fact is that daytime television is less valued than nighttime, and it’s partly because of the product that we produce. We do a one-hour show in 12 hours. Nighttime produces a one-hour show in seven to nine days.
Deidre Hall
I think crafting a new, effective horror movie is not just about when night falls and things get scary. It’s about setting a tone and mood that permeates throughout the entire movie. So even during the daytime, things are never quite safe-feeling.
Playing live, you can’t survive, certainly not in England. We used to work daytime jobs and play gigs at night. It was very exhausting.
My first break was in a Hong Kong movie that I shot in China – I was going out there and working as a western stunt man, if you like, but at the same time in England I was working in daytime soap stuff. Eventually I put the two together.
I was working with the computer at university and playing jazz in the daytime, buying west-coast psychedelic and early Kraftwerk records in the afternoon, and playing folk at night. I was quite busy!
We’ve supported the U.S. every step of the way. The Philippines was the first government in Asia after September 11, in fact, the night of September 11; it was nighttime for us then. It was daytime here. We were the first government in Asia to come out and say that we’re supporting the U.S.
I work at night, starting at around 10 o’clock and working until 2 or 3 in the morning. I do that usually five days a week. In Berkeley, I have an office behind our house that I share with my wife, who works more in the daytime.
Before deciding to retire, stay home for a week and watch the daytime TV shows.
Bill Copeland
Pointless‘ – I think it’s probably the greatest daytime TV show that has ever existed.
I meet people who are so sniffy about daytime TV.
Nighttime dressing is not very different from daytime dressing for me. I feel like night clothes don’t get a chance to live the way day clothes do, so I prefer to think of night clothes as day clothes.
People have often asked me, do I want to be the next Oprah – there is no such thing. Oprah is Oprah, and she’s still being Oprah if anybody hasn’t noticed… what I bring to TV is myself… I really think there’s space in daytime TV for a whole bunch of fun, some amazing music, and some heart.
I got amazing training both with Theatre Sports… back in Edmonton, Alberta – I can’t give those people enough credit – and the daytime drama I did. Incredible training, both of them.
When I signed up for Y&R, my actor friends said, ‘A daytime soap? It’ll kill your career!’ Now they’d trade places with me in a heartbeat.
Jeanne Cooper
I don’t really do a big Saturday supper. I prefer entertaining in the daytime.
It’s nice on the daytime format to focus on things that connect us.
Gangnam is a territory in Seoul, Korea. I describe it as noble at the daytime and going crazy at the night time. I compare ladies to the territory. So – noble at the daytime, going crazy at the night time – and the lyric says I am the right guy for the lady who is like that.