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Cult Quotes

We’ve collected the best Cult Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Zadie Smith, Rick Wilson, Vonda Shepard, Cindy Margolis, Wes Streeting. Use them as an inspiration.

When I was 21, I wanted to write like Kafka. But, unfortunately for me, I wrote like a script editor for ‘The Simpsonswho‘d briefly joined a religious cult and then discovered Foucault. Such is life.
Part of the sales pitch for the Trump campaign is their unique, esoteric secret sauce based on a rabid cult following motivated by Facebook, Twitter, and other social media manipulation.
I had a hard-core cult following of at least 12.
The more I learn and read about the 10th Muse i realize what a great fan base and cult following she has. I’m going to try to live up to the fantastic image of the 10th Muse!
Isis combatants, foreign and domestic, plan to attack us regardless of whether we extend airstrikes into Syria. The deadly and fanatical nature of this death cult requires a multi-faceted response to wipe out its military capability and erode its base of support.
When you’re in your mid-thirties, the cult of people who have children around you all want you in their cult, and they constantly ask you, ‘So when are you going to have a baby?’
Cult movies are basically movies Hollywood missed the first time – that they should have gotten – and then the fans got it and made it successful.
Troy Duffy
I can understand why some of these drummers and bass players become cult figures with all of their equipment and the incredible amount of technique they have. But there’s very little that I think satisfies you intellectually or emotionally.
‘Himmatwala’ was a cult movie that I watched not for great cinematic moments, but for pure guilty pleasure.
The cult of celebrity turned me off, and when the opportunities came along for me to play different characters, that’s what I went for rather than the safe choices.
You can look at anything as a cult. Churches are cults in their own way.
It was more of their quirky show. It was more like a cult show. The ratings weren’t really that high.
I love cult movies. I probably have watched ‘Big Trouble In Little China‘ more than anyone on the planet.
I wonder if other dogs think poodles are members of a weird religious cult.
‘Can’t Stop the Music’ has become a cult film. It’s kind of shocking to me. People come up to me all the time and say, ‘I just saw it!’
Nobody’s irreplaceable, including me. I think for too long we’ve had a cult of personality in this company and in this industry, and frankly, I’d like to see that diminish.
I can’t really say how big the cult is. But I’m proud of it. I’m proud that it has a life.
The cult of art gives pride; one never has too much of it.
Only two to three per cent of an audience is interested in words and pays attention to lyrics; most of the rest of it is about image or the beat or the sound, or else it’s a tribal thing – country & western, rap, heavy metal, with historical folk rock off in some kind of cult.
Al Stewart
‘Company’ has become a cult film. When people see me at the airport, and when I travel, they call me ‘Companywala.’
Stalinism is linked with a cult of personality and massive violations of the law, with repression and camps. There is nothing like that in Russia and, I hope, will never again be.
Vladimir Putin
What I didn’t expect was ‘VIPbecoming something of a cult and one of my biggest hits.
‘E.T.’ and ‘Star Wars‘ were cult movies then and opened up a brand new world of adventure and mystery. But as much as I would have loved to be friends with E.T., I realized that following in the footsteps of Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan was more realistic.
In some states militant nationalism has gone to the lengths of dictatorship, the cult of the absolute or totalitarian state and the glorification of war.
‘Aashiqui’ became a cult hit film. It was my first film which gave me not just recognition but stardom too, so I will always remain partial to it.
Long Kiss Goodnight has a huge cult following. They could make another version of that movie right now and make a lot of money.
I am not a cult director at all. I make Hollywood movies.
‘The Dice Man’ is an anti-establishment cult novel, and you don’t normally make studio films from such dark comedy material.
Luke Rhinehart
There are caste systems in American cities: Many are marginalized to the edges of urban centers due to real estate costs; price tags seem to lurk around human encounters; there’s a cult of overwork in the middle class; workers at your local manicurist, your local fast casual restaurant, are exploited.
Being a rock star is like being a cult leader – you really have to be in your own religion.
Along with ‘Wet Hot American Summer‘ and ‘The Room,’ ‘Lebowski’ belongs in the canon of nouveau cult classics.
It’s not only ‘Aashiqui.’ In the case of any cult film which has a sequel or a remake, it is very difficult for the new one to live up to expectations because nostalgia is very difficult to beat.
I did a film called ‘Worlds Apart‘ about a Jehovah‘s Witness. I was the love interest – the male lead – but the story was about the female lead, a young girl who is a part of this cult, and she wants to break out. She meets a guy who has to help her. She has to find out who she is. It’s more like a coming of age story.
What happens in the media is the cult of personality. The brands who have been forced to cut their staff have been forced to take on the brands of journalists.
Twilight‘ was a cult film, and the books were huge, but after ‘New Moon,’ it really blew up.
What’s a cult? It just means not enough people to make a minority.
Robert Altman
I’ve done movies that I’ve been advised not to do. ‘Dog Soldiers,’ the movie I did 11 years ago now, I remember my agent at the time was like, ‘You shouldn’t do that. It’s a weird film about werewolves,’ and it became a cult hit.
Kevin McKidd
As far as I’m concerned, the coolest word in film is ‘cult.’
Troy Duffy
Hook‘ became a cult classic without all the lore.
Culture’ and ‘cult’ derive from the same word; what a culture worships defines it.
The cult of the individual is killing us. I think Twitter signals the death of western civilisation, but people have been saying that since Demosthenes.
I remember playing a college in Michigan, and they all held up their hand to show me where they live, which made me wonder what weird alien cult I had entered.
We live in a cult of the upgrade right now. There’s always something around the corner that will make whatever you think is cool right now feel obsolete.
When people go to vote still in Britain, they will look at their local representatives, but I don’t think there is a sort of cult of personality politics. Obviously, they want to know who the leader is for each party, but I think there is a lot of identification with their local candidates.
The only thing I’m addicted to is winning. This bootleg cult, arrogantly referred to as Alcoholics Anonymous, reports a 5 percent success rate. My success rate is 100 percent.
I was skeptical about doing Texas Chainsaw at first because it’s such a cult classic. I’d seen some of the sequels and was not a fan of those.
Bow tie wearers are like a cult.
I’m a cult writer now. I have a cult readership.
Michael Gruber
A cult is a religion with no political power.
But ‘Memento‘ was so successful, such a huge cult hit, almost on the scale of a large film. If that had happened, with all the acclaim, before the next job, I’d have found it very difficult to figure out what to do next.
The cult of celebrity in the ’60s and ’70s was really more reserved for movie stars or high socialites. Paparazzi didn’t care about Janis Joplin.
I have been a part of Ae Mere Hamsafar’ which was a recreated track from one of the cult movies, but I think that was the requirement of the film and the makers wanted to recreate that song.
The religious imagery and fairytales that formed our shared cultural references have been replaced by the cult of celebrity. Marilyn is the sex goddess, Camilla Parker Bowles is cast as the wicked witch, Che Guevara is the revolutionary. Celebrities have become visual shorthand for narratives that shape our lives.
When I was signed to Quincy Jones before I went independent, he told me to rap what you know, and people will forever feel you. And I stuck to that, no matter how many people called me a devil worshiper, no matter how many people call me a cult leader. I stuck with rapping about what I know.
I never set out to be a cult cool artist. I always made music that I thought was pop.
These critics organize and practice in my case a sort of obsessive personality cult which philosophers should know how to question and above all, to moderate.
As far as I’m concerned, the first business leader who was able to establish a cult of personality around his tenure was Lee Iacocca.
All those haters, they don’t understand my music. It’s very unique. And I don’t blame them. Hate my music. But my real cult fanbase, they like the music.
I would say ‘Harlem World’ is a cult and at the end we’re gonna have everybody believin’.
The show I did in England catered to a broad range of people. I like that. I don’t want nouveau cult status, though I know we’ve got that sort of audience in the states.
We met The Cult and were talking to them for a while. We went a few places with Offspring.
In a strange kind of way I know were really popular and probably the biggest band in the country at the moment, but at the same time there is this real cult thing going on.
Dan Hawkins
This Oscar Pistorius business is interesting. There is this cult of carrying lots of guns and being ready to shoot somebody. There were people I knew had guns and carried them openly around Johannesburg. It is frowned on now to carry a gun, but Pistorius and co. got away with it.
‘The Secret Agent,’ Joseph Conrad’s 1907 novel about an anarchist plot to blow up the Royal Observatory at Greenwich – in fact, a scheme by a secret police agent to stir up a government backlash – has acquired a kind of cult status as the classic novel for the post-9/11 age.
I didn’t want to get married – I thought it was like a cult! It seemed so conservative and unnatural.
I seem to have a knack for picking movies that go on to be cult favorites.
Vaccine conspiracies, like so much modern cult conspiracy culture, perpetuates itself and lives on indefinitely thanks to the community-building and archiving of the Internet.
The difference between a cult and a religion, of course, lies in extremity.
People don’t realize enough how important and influentical John Carpenter has been in electronic music. He did his soundtracks by himself, using mostly electronic and analog synthesizers. He’s a cult figure with DJs these days for good reasons.
George‘ exploits John Kennedy Jr.’s cult of celebrity at a time when Americans are hungry for icons, not heroes.
Nobody has a bigger cult than Warren Buffett.
It might sound strange to describe New Yorkers as insecure when they delight so much in the cult of success. The display of wealth here, especially new wealth, is indeed wonderfully frank, from the super-long limousines which clog up the roads to the voluptuous fur coats that adorn both men and women.
I like being infamous. I think it is safe being a cult.
If you put drag in front of anything, it inherently makes it more fun. So mashing up films with cult followings with drag queens is a natural fit for a good time.
Although Britain has, since 1653, had nothing approaching a single, codified constitution, it did for a very long time possess a broad cult of constitutional writing. The Petition of Right of 1628, like the Bill of Rights of 1689, was a cherished text. So, most of all, was Magna Carta.
Ni Main Yaar Manana Ni’ is a cult classic and also one of my favourite songs from a Yash Chopra movie. The song is about never giving up on one’s love and I connected instantly with it when I first heard it.
Despite the success cult, men are most deeply moved not by the reaching of the goal but by the grandness of the effort involved in getting there – or failing to get there.
Max Lerner
Aradhana’ was a very big hit while ‘Avishkaar’ is a cult film.
What is going on in America is extreme. The youth cult, they worship youth so much it’s almost paranoid. And LA is the Mecca of it all; they’re taking it to the hilt.
I don’t like these commercial films I do. I’d far prefer to do more artistic films, more cult films.
Shu Qi
Where do you go after something like ‘Pacific Rim?’ Which, for me, was such a moment, to have this thing and see it all come together, and it’s big, and it has this cult following… You ask yourself, ‘What’s next?’
One man‘s cult is another man‘s religion.
Annie Parisse
I think there’s a preoccupation with the American market to make excuses and justify its past. If it isn’t current, it means somebody has to make an excuse for it. If it’s ‘cult,’ it gives it a sense of illegitimate legitimacy.
If an alien with an accounting degree touched down in America, it might conclude that we’re a weird cult that spends 11 months living frugally and four crazy weeks buying tons of stuff we don’t need. It wouldn’t be entirely wrong, either.
Donald Trump, like many cult leaders, understands the power his words will have over the minds and actions of his followers… but few cult leaders have a pet media infrastructure.
Americans have always welcomed people of all backgrounds, religions, and races. It’s a spirit of tolerance, now energized and amplified by the cult of multiculturalism.
We all knew the book well because it’s the cult book in Latin America. For me, this was a sacred territory. I would not have ventured into it by myself.
Walter Salles
In early Islam, it was an absolute tenet that the prophet was not to be worshipped. The prophet was a messenger. And one of the things that’s happened in Islam is this cult of the prophet, which to my view is counter to the original tradition.
Time will tell whether I am a wing nut or a megalomaniac. The difference between a cult and faith is time.
My feeling about the Internet or anything else is that the more it tends to become a cult, the more I want to call it into question.
My first horror film was – well, I don’t know. ‘Bless the Child’ is sort of genre, but ‘May’ was such a cult hit that after that, I just started getting offers for horror. I think I got a little bit pigeonholed in it right off of ‘May’ because there was just such a large response to that film.
Angela Bettis
If we could sell 100,000 units every album, that would rock. We’d have a big cult following, we’d have a built-in fanbase so we could pretty much play anywhere, people would show up and rock out.
Dustin Diamond
I’m in the Apple store on Regent Street far too much; I’m obsessed by whatever the latest Apple gadget is. For clothes, I love to shop in Liam Gallagher’s shop Pretty Green on Carnaby Street, or Cult Clothing in Crouch End, for Original Penguin and G-Star.
I love when I think we’re taking territory – if it makes sense in the long term, we just don’t give a damn what it looks like in the short term. After all, we’re running a cult, not a normal company.
I’m an actor who works, and a lot of this is luck for me, that I get to be a part of really great shows that have these cult followings.
The drug or cult has major if not exclusive sources of brain rewards.
I don’t think it takes much for a cult to be a cult. Many parts of our society are cultish, and you only need a charismatic leader and some teachings, and before you know it, you have a cult.
Jerome Flynn
Personal convictions are not politics. Personal convictions, if they become the subject of a group conviction, they become a cult.
In any film business, if you’re trying to get your next film made, you would never say, ‘Oh, my last film was a cult film.’ I’d say, ‘Oh, great, well I hope this one isn’t!’ I always say to Johnny Knoxville, ‘How do you do it? You sort of do the same thing we did, except you made millions, and I made hundreds.’
So many people have asked me if I am in a cult. I’m not in a cult.
‘First Light’ has gotten a reputation as a kind of cult classic about science. I never really intended it to be read as a science book, but books, like children, have a way of choosing their own friends.
I wanna be a legend; I wanna be a cult hero. I do!
It was a special show that became a cult classic of sorts, and I made a lot of money for it.
Don Adams
I was sort of born into a Subud cult that has ties to Islam and Indonesia and Middle Eastern spiritualism. My parents were kind of trial-and-error when it came to religion.
For whatever reason, every project I do becomes sort of a cult, or a cultish show, you know, like ‘Battlestar,’ or even a film I did years ago, ‘Kalifornia,’ people refer to it as a cult film.
I’m sure a few marriages broke up because of feminism; it doesn’t make feminism a cult.
Stefan Molyneux
If there’s one thing no one will ever mistake Ted Cruz for, it’s a charismatic cult leader. Cruz scans more as the accountant for the charismatic cult leader than the guy ladling out the Kool Aid.
I did a film called ‘Black Dynamite‘ that was very, very funny. That seems to be a film that’s kind of a cult classic.
Kevin Chapman
Every member of the Beatles drove a Radford. Enzo Ferrari, Steve McQueen, Peter Sellers, Twiggy, they all had one. So it had this really kind of cult, celebrity following.
I grew up with Scientology – my parents at one point were clerical. It’s a pragmatic philosophy, not merely a belief system. Yeah, it’s had media exposure because certain luminaries do Scientology, but millions of people do it who are not celebrities. It’s not a threat or some cult.
On the web the thinking of cults can spread very rapidly and suddenly a cult which was 12 people who had some deep personal issues suddenly find a formula which is very believable.
I thought I was going to do some cult, cool, late-night interviewing thing on BBC2. But everyone kept saying: ‘No, Michael, you’re teatime, you’re not cool.’
I wear lots of Junk de Luxe sweaters, Cult of Individuality jeans – which are about the best for me – and Fiorentini + Baker boots. With fashion I’m good on jeans and boots. Ask me about anything else, and I’ll just look at you doe-eyed and not understand what you’re talking about.
‘Street Legal‘ is like a cult classic. It’s pretty cheesy at times, but you learn to embrace it.
I’m certainly not a person who spends their every waking moment soaking themselves in signs and signals of the sort that cult studies people study; and it’s partly, I suppose, because some of those signs and signals aren’t worth bothering about. You have to be selective about these things.
Call it whatever you want, whether it’s hip-hop or cult music or pop music, but to me, it’s all pretty disposable. I don’t think that the music of Nikki Minaj or Justin Beiber is going to be played on the radio twenty-five years from now.
The Iranian people, if you look at their demographics and their level of education, could be a strong source for stability in the Middle East. The problem is they’re run by an apocalyptic cult of ayatollahs.
If I’m talking about like the evolution of ‘Hot Ones,’ when we first started it was not a big hit at all. It was on the verge of being cancelled. The thing that kept us going is that the cult fan base was so intense and nobody was leaving the tent.
Within the cult of Wall Street that forged Mitt Romney, making money justifies any behavior, no matter how venal.
The trappings of a religious cult tend to fall into candlelit ceremonies and robes and group chanting and singing and prayer.
Sean Durkin
I discourage a cult of personality.
Companies are hiring cosplayers to be promotional spokes models for them. There are cosplayers trying to develop a cult following even though they’ve only been cosplaying for less than a year or two. It’s all about the social media or Facebook likes.
Yaya Han
Whether the origin of ‘A Course In Miracles‘ is diabolical or merely psychological, the book proclaimed an anti-gospel of unreality and bred a cult of self-satisfaction for which Marianne Williamson has served as chief apostle.
Jazz musicians have always tended to have cult followings, which is pretty wonderful.
For those still outside the cult of Slack, it’s a serviceavailable as a desktop or mobile app, or a website – which is essentially a series of public chat rooms (called channels) on topics relevant to a company or to teams within a company.
In 2008, conservatives ridiculed the Left for its adulation of Barack Obama, only to succumb to their own cult of personality eight years later.
The cult of the instrument is O.K. for people who are mad about the guitar. But I love music. The guitar is just the instrument I happen to play.
I am so happy that every generation still tunes into most of the classic and cult films I was lucky to be a part of.
P. J. Soles
The Way teaches that people outside the cult are evil – of the Devil. In line with that belief, the members tried to alienate me from my family, to whom I am very close, and from my friends. So I just drifted away. In seeing my three-month involvement as ‘just a phase,’ my parents were lucky rather than wise.
Michael O’Keefe
The worship of the golden calf of old has found a new and heartless image in the cult of money and the dictatorship of an economy which is faceless and lacking any truly human goal.
I have never done Cult TV before, the convention was good. It gives the fans a chance to meet the celebrities. Connect with the guy that used to be a bunch of coloured dots on your TV screen.
Successful cult memes induce intense social interaction behaviour between cult members. This trips the attention detectors.
I’m not like recruiting people and starting a cult and telling people to be fat.
Architectural kitsch is most common in the commercial pop vernacular – typified by the Big Duck of 1931 in Flanders, New York, a Long Island roadside poultry stand resembling a duck, which Venturi and Scott Brown made a cult object through their writings.
People in the Pentagon had colleagues killed and maimed by bin Laden. They’re trying to find bin Laden and kill him and his cult. Naturally they consider that a legitimate thing to do, but they’re having mixed success at the job.
I did sing in another film called ‘Empire Records‘ which is a cult film. ‘Grease 2′ is also a cult film. You either love it or just think the original was better.
Maxwell Caulfield
Yes, there was a sort of underground cult following, which came from nowhere, and grew, and grew. It was quite surprising to us all, because all of us had spent probably the previous five to ten years without it. So it was quite overwhelming. Overwhelming and humbling.
Michael Giles
I’ve never understood the cult of Hitchcock. Particularly the late American movies… Egotism and laziness. And they’re all lit like television shows.
While you can have the cult of the celebrity chef, the food still must taste good.
Too many younger artists, critics, and curators are fetishizing the sixties, transforming the period into a deformed cult, a fantasy religion, a hip brand, and a crippling disease.
Lost In Space is played on television somewhere in the world every day. It’s been a cult show.
A cult classic is one that has been fully embraced by an alternative audience, not the popular audience.
Bruce Campbell
Al-Qaida is a cult of martyrdom.
When I was little, my parents belonged to a cult, a big Buddhist sect called Soka Gakkai. I didn’t have any particular sentiment for or against religion, but I did feel bad about my parents’ poverty and how it made them depend on that cult.
Usually, the worst films become cult films.
I think it would be bad to a truly successful celebrity person, because I know these novelists where people get a cult following, and they have some strange personal attachment to them because it’s so personal to read a book.
The personality cult of the ego does not work down a coal mine and it does not work in the Labour party.
When we first filmed ‘Gilmore Girls,’ I didn’t know it would build such a cult following.
I like CrossFit. I agree with a lot of their coaching tips and the foundation of functional movements and hard work. They embody all that stuff. But I also think there’s a bit of a cult following within the CrossFit community, a bit of a fraternity, which obviously creates a bias and a little bit of a tunnel vision.
There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there has always been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.
When I first created the world of ‘Mr. Robot,’ I thought it would be a niche television series with a small, cult following.
The star system, the idol, the cult of personality is not the only way to be in entertainment.
If you are a top player in England, the cult around you is bigger than in Germany.
When people leave cults, they don’t know that they left a cult.
Sean Durkin
I think ‘The Lord Of The Rings‘ is the mother of all cult books, because you can be in that cult and not even know you’re in it.
I think generally the heads of terrorist groups are very, very smart people. They’re also great manipulators. I would presume that cult leaders are identical. These sort of individuals are very strong, they have very strong charisma.
Loretta Napoleoni
Revolution did not necessarily involve sanguinary strife. It was not a cult of bomb and pistol. They may sometimes be mere means for its achievement.
The cult of individuality and personality, which promotes painters and poets only to promote itself, is really a business. The greater the ‘genius‘ of the personage, the greater the profit.
George Grosz
Swept Away’ is one of my favorite films of my father. I’ve seen it about 20 times. It’s a cult movie in Italy.
Adriano Giannini
Mao Zedong’s way was to make people crazy. It was like a religious cult.