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Confession Quotes

We’ve collected the best Confession Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Thomas Monaghan, Chuka Umunna, Peter De Vries, Diana Lopez, Toyah Willcox. Use them as an inspiration.

There will be masses available all day long. Confession available all day long.
Thomas Monaghan
Confession is good for the soul only in the sense that a tweed coat is good for dandruff – it is a palliative rather than a remedy.
Peter De Vries
Every first Friday, my father would go to confession, and he took very seriously the faith he would someday transmit to us.
I have a confession. I don’t enjoy animation. I have no idea why because I absolutely adore doing voiceovers. I think part of me feels that animation has put an actor out of work.
The act of writing can be a form of release – a confession performs the same action: putting your inner life on the page or into the hands of a trusted person releases tensions and sheds light on what often seems hidden until spoken – or written.
True confession time: I never know where a book is going. I get a gut feeling the story is there, then pursue it with the enthusiasm of a hunting tiger on a trail. If I knew where I was going, I’d get bored out of my mind and stop writing.
Prayer is a confession of one’s own unworthiness and weakness.
If every time you engage in a sex act, you go into a confession box, you will never accept your own sexuality.
But say some, would you expose woman to the contact of rough, rude, drinking, swearing, fighting men at the ballot box? What a humiliating confession lies in this plea for keeping woman in the background!
There is no requirement that police stop a person who enters a police station and states that he wishes to confess a crime or a person who calls the police to offer a confession because volunteered statements of any kind are not barred by the 5th Amendment.
To all my nonbelieving, sort-of-believing, and used-to-be-believing friends: I feel like I should begin with a confession. I am sorry that so often the biggest obstacle to God has been Christians.
Shane Claiborne
I don’t know, maybe it’s because I was raised Catholic. Confession has always held a great appeal for me.
You know, I’ve got a confession to make myself. I’m not really a priest, I’ve just got my shirt on backwards.
Ryan Stiles
Joe Jackson was a tragic figure. He was a serene country boy who signed a confession he couldn’t read. He was illiterate.
People seem not to see that their opinion of the world is also a confession of character.
I’d stand in line for Confession with old people and little kids, and as the line moved up, I knew when I got into the box that I would lie! Again!
Psychoanalysis is the confession without absolution.
Confession is something we will never outgrow, even if we become the saints God made us to be. Pope John Paul II and Mother Teresa of Calcutta were revered even during their lifetime; but both made frequent use of the Sacrament of Reconciliation.
You can’t legislate into existence an act of forgiveness and a true confession; those are mysteries of the human heart, and they occur between one individual and another individual, not a panel of judges sitting asking questions, trying to test your truth.
My whole act is confession.
Shelley Berman
The confession of evil works is the first beginning of good works.
Between lovers a little confession is a dangerous thing.
Nobody likes to be found out, not even one who has made ruthless confession a part of his profession. Any autobiographer, therefore, at least between the lines, spars with his reader and potential judge.
Erik Erikson
I will begin with this confession: whatever I have done in the course of my life, whether it be good or evil, has been done freely; I am a free agent.
When I write that I’ve known about something for a long time, that’s not a boast. That’s a confession. It’s me acknowledging that I have withheld something important from the public.
Matt Apuzzo
My Valentine‘s playlist… you’re gonna have to play some Ginuwine. You’re gonna have to play some 112. You’re gonna have to play some Confession – Usher’s – back in the day. You know, a little bit of Prince Royce there, too.
It’s a funny thing about rap, that when you say ‘I’ into the microphone, it’s like a public confession. It’s very strange.
Notoriety and public confession in the literary form is a frazzler of the heart you were born with, believe me.
Confession of errors is like a broom which sweeps away the dirt and leaves the surface brighter and clearer. I feel stronger for confession.
A confession has to be part of your new life.
Confession has been my habitual homecoming since I was a child. It is a consolation and a joy, and such joy, our faith teaches us, is meant for everyone. It is our vocation to bring it to as many people as possible.
The film of tomorrow appears to me as even more personal than an individual and autobiographical novel, like a confession, or a diary.
Francois Truff
There is no refuge from confession but suicide; and suicide is confession.
I always knew in my heart Walt Whitman’s mind to be more like my own than any other man‘s living. As he is a very great scoundrel this is not a pleasant confession.
Gerard Manley Hopkins
Private confession… was not ordered by Christ and was not used by the apostles.
People do not seem to realize that their opinion of the world is also a confession of character.
I have a confession to make – I am very fond of junk food.
I went on a Buddha jag. I read ‘Confession of a Buddhist Atheist‘ by Stephen Batchelor and Karen Armstrong‘s biography of Buddha, which is a great book.
I have a confession: I’m not a man of simplicity. I spent my entire early career making complex stuff. Lots of complex stuff.
John Maeda