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Competing Quotes

We’ve collected the best Competing Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: George Kittle, Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, Danny Amendola, Mario Andretti, Daniel Levitin. Use them as an inspiration.

I get it, it’s a competitive sport and you’re competing for jobs every single day.
The only thing I advocate for is for equality for female athletes because we train just as hard, and we’re always having a lot of head-to-head clashes, always competing against each other.
Every play I’m competing my tail off to try to win the route, win the block or whatever my job is on that play.
There is so much more demand for Formula One than it can supply. You have governments investing in circuits all over the world, and the private sector sometimes has a tough time competing with that.
The conscious mind can only pay attention to about four things at once. If you’ve got these nagging voices in your head telling you to remember to pick up the laundry and call so-and-so, they’re competing in your brain for neural resources with the stuff you’re actually trying to do, like getting your work done.
When I was at Tech, no public school was ahead of us in graduation rates. We got our guys to compete in the classroom, and if they’re competing in class and in football, that’s an attitude they take into life.
One of my favorite things to do when I wasn’t competing was to watch the cruiserweights.
I watch the Cannes awards ceremony because I relate more to the films that are competing in Cannes than the ones competing for the Oscars.
I was driven when I was younger. Driven at West Point where it was much more competitive in that women were competing with men on many levels, and I was driven in the military and at Harvard, both competitive environments.
Paula Broadwell
What we face may look insurmountable. But I learned something from all those years of training and competing. I learned something from all those sets and reps when I didn’t think I could lift another ounce of weight. What I learned is that we are always stronger than we know.
Because we’re sponsored by competing breweries there is always competition. When we were both fighting for ninth or 10th place, nobody really cared except the two companies.
Larry Dixon
It’s so unfair on ‘Dancing With the Stars,’ because when the men celebrities are competing, all you look at is the females! So nobody really watches them. Then when you see the women stars competing, you’re expecting them to look like the females and they just can’t! It’s an unfair advantage.
There are two ways to think about the one percent – the Bernie Sanders way, where we’re all competing for a zero-sum pie where it’s just a question of negotiations. The second way, which is the one I put forward, is no, it’s really innovation in a knowledge-based economy.
Feminism will never reach the next stage until women stop competing with each other on the level of looks.
Imagine how foolish you’d look if, like one clever salesman who once pitched to me, you tried to license your product to a big industry player without knowing they just launched a competing product. With the right background research, he could have avoided that and other landmines – and so can you.
I’m always a team guy, and I love competing, no matter what.
I remove a lot of the pressure from myself by saying I’m not competing with my parents. They are the persons who taught me my ideology. They actively practiced what they preached. They’re the exemplars and the role models. So how does one compete with a mentor?
I wish I had said ‘some athletes here are competing unfairly.’ It was my opinion, never an accusation.
Bob Costas
The bottom line is this: in an era of mounting fiscal challenges and competing demands, we must actively seek ways to free up time, money, and manpower to invest back into our top priorities.
I’m not knocking the other sports; I love other sports. There’s a competitive and a technical level of them that I won‘t understand, probably, to a certain extent, but I’ve done a lot of other sports competing on college teams, and there’s just nothing like fighting.
Games take years to make, and it’s important that when we launch, it can’t just be a great launch catalog and then a desert for a really long time. To be honest, for a lot of developers, they’d rather not be competing at launch with all this other software.
Monopolists always defend their monopolies by arguing that competition is wasteful. When the railroad barons completed their monopoly, they argued it would be wasteful to have competing rail lines, AT&T said the same thing. But today, the size and scope of these monopolies is different.
When I started competing, I was so broke that I had to tie my helmet with a piece of string. On one jump, the string snapped, and my helmet carried on farther than I did. I may have been the first ski jumper ever beaten by his gear.
Bill and Hillary Clinton have one central idea in their uncluttered, ambitious minds: Hillary in 2008. Let Bush get re-elected, use the ’04 primaries and general election to clean out the underbrush of competing Democratic candidates, and proceed unimpeded to the ’08 nomination.
I grew up dancing, I grew up competing in dance, being on television, and I pursued dance for my own self-reflection and fulfillment, and now as I’m getting older, I see that everybody seeks a greater purpose.
To me, it doesn’t matter who’s out there: NBA basketball is great – if teams are putting out their best players and they’re competing to win.
The FIS, BSF, and British Olympic Association have been trying to stop me competing internationally. They don’t like the fact that I laugh and have fun and entertain the crowd.
I’m competing with myself first, as my aim is to improve my performance in every film.
I think watching multi-events is much worse than competing. Especially when you have vested interests because you go through the emotional ups and downs.
When you’re competing, you don’t have the choice of what the weather will be like. It really doesn’t affect me. I ran one of my fastest times in the New York Diamond League meeting last year. It was raining pretty hard then.
The rate of human invention is faster, and the rate of cultural loss is slower, in areas occupied by many competing societies with many individuals and in contact with societies elsewhere.
When I think of the most valuable coach, I definitely think of a coach like Geno Auriemma, and the things I learned from him that stick out in my mind are his passion for the game, competing at all the little things and doing it at a high level.
When movies work or a TV series, when they really work, it’s because of the collaborative effort. Competition is the death knell for anything, in my opinion. Especially in Hollywood. When actors are competing against each other, or when directors are competing against actors, it’s usually the beginning of the end.
The reason why it is so difficult for existing firms to capitalize on disruptive innovations is that their processes and their business model that make them good at the existing business actually make them bad at competing for the disruption.
The way I’ve always seen it is, I don’t want him to do bad. I want him to do good. But when I’m competing with somebody, I want my best to be better than his. That’s just how I’ve been. I’m not wishing bad for anybody.
I always said I wanted to be a great athlete, ever since I was an overweight little kid. I just love competing in any kind of athletics.
I’ll miss the competitive side and the camaraderie of being around the players and competing each and every day.
When you reach that elite level, 90 percent is mental and 10 percent is physical. You are competing against yourself. Not against the other athlete.
Dick Fosbury
In a business like the movie business, you’re going to have a lot of people competing. Somebody is always coming behind them who wants their job. Being an actor is like being in quicksand: whatever you do, it disappears very quickly. You have to keep reminding people.
I’m excited to see Jake Hager debut for Bellator in 2018. When I heard he was seriously interested in competing in MMA, and when you look at what he did at the collegiate level, I was very interested in having him on our roster.
I think every album you have, especially if it’s done well, you feel like you’re competing with yourself.
I’m used to playing for a high level team that expects to win, to be competing at this level.
I started competing internationally when I was still in school. Every summer I would travel abroad to England because England was the place to be for ballroom dancing.
There are a lot of players competing for that wide attacking role, and if I’m brutally honest, if you aren’t playing regularly, you can’t get picked. I found that out, missing out on the World Cup.
I would have loved to sneak off and watch some of the horse events at the Paralympics and I know Lee Pearson, who’s the Olympic gold medallist in para-equestrianism, but because I was competing in the pool I had to watch it on TV.
For my father, being kind was natural… I have to really work at it. I love competing and winning, conquest – not words you usually associate with kindness.
I was a true amateur and embodied what the Olympic spirit is all about. To me, competing was all that mattered.
Most financiers, corporate lawyers, lobbyists, and management consultants are competing with other financiers, lawyers, lobbyists, and management consultants in zero-sum games that take money out of one set of pockets and put it into another.
I’ve always worked closely with the designers and whoever‘s making the costumes. Comfort is the last thing you want on your mind when you’re competing. In an ideal situation, you’ll have something where you’ll put it on and you’re fine and you don’t have to worry about it at all.
I was always very clear when I took some time out to start a family that I wanted to come back and get my teeth into something and of course I could not work for Toto or a competing manufacturer.
Most of the time our events aren’t in the papers and they’re not televised, so people don’t know when we’re competing.
Sanya Richards-Ross
The Olympics is a cool opportunity to represent our country, which is amazing. But I have another community I am competing for, and that is the LGBT community.
As children we were bombarded by competing answers. Church says one thing, school another. Now as adults it’s no surprise that if we discuss the nature of it all, we generally spout some combination of the two, depending on our individual inclination and mood.
If a university announced that henceforth, it would be offering a three-year bachelor‘s degree, in one stroke it would cut the cost of a college education and provide a distinctive way of competing for students – as well as put the institution on the cutting edge of reform.
When you’re competing, you have to wear a sleeve that goes all the way down to your wrist. When you’re training, you usually don’t wear long-sleeved leotards, so there’s a difference between training and competing.
McKayla Maroney
When I was doing ‘Deep Space Nine’ the only other competing shows were ‘Babylon Five’ and I think ‘Stargate‘ not too long after that.
Aron Eisenberg
If you’re competing right, if you’re doing it right, competition should be a very selfish pursuit.
There are a lot of details you have to work out when you’re talking about fighters competing twice in one night.
We look at ‘Kneading Dough‘ as a brand that stands for athletes being empowered to have a conversation about finances, about what they’re going to do post-career, what they think about when they’re not competing in their sport, what they’re investing in.
I will say I love competing, and I was in a great era of playing with young Phil Mickelson and older Greg Norman and Nick Price. I don’t know if YA Title could throw the ball these days, but you can play golf for a long, long time.
Fred Couples
I think everyone in snowboarding is close. We’ve become a big family. It’s not a cutthroat sport. I’m competing against one of my best friends, and I think it’s cool to be at the top of the half pipe, dropping in with your competitor but your best friend, too.
Basically, I was a little bit nervous before competing beam at the Olympics, and I had this nervous thing to just talk to myself, like ‘You can do it, you can do it.’ And right before I hopped up there, I said, ‘I got this.’
The only thing I want to think about the moments before a race is competing. I don’t want the little things to distract me.
Who inside MMA that’s a champion goes to fight Muay Thai? Nobody. But I love competing.
All of us in social media and regular media, we’re all competing for the same thing, which is this gap between something happening in the world and you knowing about it.
It doesn’t matter who’s competing in my division. I don’t worry about it.
I look forward to competing.
Li Na
I love the game of basketball. I don’t know if I like it better than competing.
Like it or not, life is a series of competitions. You may be competing for a grade, a spot on a team, a job, or the largest account in town. The higher your self-esteem is, the better you get along with yourself, with others, and the more you’ll accomplish.
The first few years I was competing, I’d ride so well in practice, then choke and fall in competition. Now I take a deep breath and say, ‘Look at me. I’m outside. I’m doing what I love.’ Still, nothing’s matched the pressure I felt standing at the top of the halfpipe for the first time at the Olympics.
I am not competing with anybody from India.
When I’m competing, I need to be strong.
When we were associated with eBay, it was surprising to me how many merchants were very reluctant to work with PayPal because we were accessing their data and their information, and they felt in some way, shape, or form they were competing with eBay.
For me, I love competing.
When you’re up there and everything feels good and you’re competing against the pitcher and the pitcher strikes you out, you’re like, ‘OK, yeah, I struck out, but that’s OK.’
Today we’re dealing with metropolitan Shanghai, metropolitan New Delhi or Paris. If we’re competing at that level, our diversity, that richness of people coming from so many different backgrounds, is one of our greatest advantages.
When we are thinking about stuff like embeds, we are not thinking about how we are competing with YouTube. We are thinking about how are we going to make it more useful for people to share stuff on Facebook.
When actors are vying for the same kinds of roles, there’s bound to be a little rivalry. Deep friendships cannot be forged when you are competing with each other.
I love competing. I love doing all these things, coming to the rink, talking to the guys, doing the routine, working out in the summer, going through that grind.
It’s so refreshing when I walk in and see a bunch of Asian actresses all competing for the same role because it makes me feel like I have a genuine shot.
People I respect complimenting me on my work in fashion is more exciting to me than anything I ever achieved as a Spice Girl. I am now competing in an arena where I can hold my head high. I feel quite confident in what I’m doing now, much more than the singing. I was never going to give Mariah Carey any competition.
Acting is a sport – especially working with Mark Rylance. There is competition involved. I have to be muscular, challenging, get audiences on side. It’s extraordinary how Globe audiences join in – it’s like competing at an event – I love it.
The ability to ‘multitask,’ to switch rapidly among many competing focuses of attention, has become the hallmark of a successful citizen of the 21st century.
If I were to doubt myself, I wouldn’t even have a chance to be competing for the NXT Women’s Championship.
Peyton Royce
You cannot build a company or manage a life by chasing others; you have to find your success competing against yourself. There will always be a bigger fish.
If you spend your life competing with business men, what do you have? A bank account and ulcers!
I don’t even need to do anything; I am always amped to skate. Always amped to be competing. I love competing – that’s what I do. Any contest, it doesn’t really take much. Just get me on the course and I’ll get going.
I am also hugely excited to then be competing to defend my three Paralympic titles at the Paralympic Games. I believe we will see some amazing times posted and I am very much looking forward to what will be an incredible Olympics and Paralympics in London.
With a lot of action scores, you’re competing with a lot of noise. Say there’s a big explosion: the music would conventionally have a lot of Hollywood-style percussion or brass, because that’s the only thing that will cut through.
Steven Price
We have teams of people working on electric cars. So you never know – you may find Virgin competing with the Tesla in the car business as we do in the space business.
I don’t like the idea of a reality show. It makes me like a student in school who is competing in a competition.
There was a time when I thought dudes had friendship all figured out. The focus on eating things in front of giant screens, pretending to punch one another, competing over who can utter the grossest and most profane personal insults imaginable – this struck me as the very apex of human social exchange.
In the draft you always have a special bond and connection, especially if you have one that goes right after you, so it’s kind of always, I guess everybody thinks you’re competing.
Racing, competing, it’s in my blood. It’s part of me, it’s part of my life; I have been doing it all my life and it stands out above everything else.
As far as the Jets go, I’m competing to play. It will be a heated competition between Kellen and me, and I’m excited about that; I will do it in a respectful way. I have the utmost respect for him because he’s a great player. Whatever’s best for team will be best for the team and the coaches will decide.
It’s very important, especially in the basketball culture. We like our fashion. Coming into the NBA, you definitely have to step it up because you’re competing on and off the floor. Not only on the court, basketball-wise, but a lot of us take pride in our style, too.
I was tired of getting last or fifth or sixth. I was tired of falling multiple times in a program. I was tired of competing differently than how I trained. If I was going to do that, why train so hard? I took a step back, and I figured out what I wanted to change about myself.
In our industry, there are so many competing companies and games, and they have people constantly out spying on competition. For example, Valve in Seattle tries to keep their location a secret.
Rony Abovitz
Oddly enough you’d think, now that I wasn’t training professionally, I’d be able to enjoy a lie-in at the weekend, but I actually slept more when I was competing because I was so tired.
Not wishing to be disturbed over moral issues of the political economy, Americans cling to the notion that the government is a sort of automatic machine, regulated by the balancing of competing interests.
C. Wright Mills
If you are not a Dukie, and Duke is having a lot of success year after year, you might get tired of it. They might not like your competing personality or competing persona, and if you are not a Dukie, or you don’t love Duke or Christian Laettner, then I can understand the hating on me.
My biggest concern is that Test cricket and Twenty20 cricket are competing too much. They should be complementing each other and the more they clash the more damaging it will be for cricket.
I love legends. I love reading up on the greats in their time period. I think, ‘Man, what it would be like to live when they were competing and see them at their best!’
I knew I wanted to fight. It’s a great way to continue competing and not to mention actually make money. You can make a career out of it.
I was meant to date the captain of the football team, I was going to be on a romantic excursion every Saturday night, I was destined to be collecting corsages from every boy in town before prom, accepting such floral offerings like competing sacrifices to a Delphic goddess.
The nationalist movement supported Sinhala by suppressing Tamil; there were competing nationalisms. It was a fundamental mistake to make parallel streams in education – or a calculated political gamble. Politicians were playing with it.
It’s a challenge, but every single German or Canadian I want to beat, I still have to love them. That means competing the way God wants me to compete and helping my opponents if they have a need.
It’s tough to be a 15- or 16-year-old athlete competing around the country. There’s tension, there’s media. I had no idea what I was getting into.
People outside the organization or outside of football, they don’t know how hard it is to win in this league, such a high-caliber athletes and elite group of people competing each week.
The main thing is that everything is taped at Full Sail. It is kind of like competing on home turf every time in terms of the tapings and specials. The main roster travels, I am in Hartford for live Smackdown, then head to Edmonton and Calgary and Denver. It is travel travel travel. NXT is more stationary.
I loved tests because it was another form of competing, a healthy competition.
I guess I feel that competing well and signing all the autographs and just being available to the fans every weekend is the way I can best promote the sport.
The focus of our public discourse has been on how American companies are competing with Japanese, German, and other foreign companies. What this allows us to ignore is how each of those American companies is really in competition with the families of the workers. That’s the real competition.
Competing in pageants made me hyper-aware of the unfair expectations society places on women in terms of youth and beauty. But it also gave me empathy for women who use beauty as a creative exploration. When expressed healthfully, dressing up, doing hair, crafting makeup, etc., is an art form.
I don’t miss competing at all.
We’re competing against other great cities: Madrid, Rio de Janeiro, and Tokyo. That’s why it’s important that we all join together on the final path to Copenhagen. Having the support of President Obama is key.
As we get older, we tend to grow quite fond of the planets of belief we have constructed for ourselves. We build elaborate defense mechanisms to ward off attacks from competing ideas or new data. The system makes us comfortable but resistant to change, no matter how much change might be called for.
Growing up as a wrestler, especially in practice, I think you get used to competing without much of a crowd around.
I love competing in everything that I do, and I try to express that, but I try not to rush it.
When you’re usually competing and contending, you’re not relying on younger players to produce for you.
When I started playing all the players were trying to sell the game of snooker. Nowadays the prize money is so great, competing in tournaments is no laughing matter.
I love competing so much.
There’s no question that we have great value on the sanctity of the family, and there are a lot of competing visions about exactly how we teach a set of values and we teach skills to our children, especially in the early years when they’re really forming their personalities, their personas, really.
I loved competing and winning and also wanted to continue my career for the fans, knowing they were there for me and enjoyed watching me fight.
I try not to think of myself in any category, and I don’t ever really try to imagine myself competing with another actor. I just know I want to do the things that I would want to see, and I know the things that turn me on, whether it’s on the stage, or it’s a play or a film. I just kind of want to keep doing my own thing.
Even though running is work for me, I always miss it if I take a break. A lot of people find running relaxing, but I can never switch off from timing and competing against myself.
We’re competing with everything: the beach, the mall, bookstores. Libraries are in a transition right now, caught between two forces, the old ways and technology. Libraries are under a lot of pressure to provide both.
John Callahan
Since I was kid, what’s drawn me to racing is the feeling inside of me, the passion I have for the sport, the feeling I have while competing and doing what I do in a car, on a bike, whatever it’s been.
Jimmie Johnson
Back when I was competing in the Olympia I think you saw a lot of guys who were in really good shape.
I think you can get a sort of intensity and an edginess offering nine stories in a book. Competing versions of things.
If we’re competing and we’re doing the daily fundamental things that we talk about every day, then everything will sort itself out.
Facts do not speak for themselves. They speak for or against competing theories. Facts divorced from theories or visions are mere isolated curiosities.
We all understand that this isn’t about me beating you and you beating me. It’s about each individual competing against himself.
I don’t know anybody that is like super close friends but also competing for the same medal. That would be kinda odd.
We’re not competing against other people who have similar ideas but we’re competing against ideas of work in general. There are still traditional office spaces that are not friendly to human beings that are not designed for connection and collaboration.
I read the papers, I surf the Web. At the beginning of the year, I try to see at least two episodes of every show on our network. Am I surfing? All the time. I’m aware of the landscape. I’m a competitor, so I have to know whom I’m competing with.
I love competing in front of a crowd. I enjoy the performance.
I think that growing up in a crowded continent like Europe with an awful lot of competing claims, ideas… cultures… and systems of thought, we have, perforce, developed a more sophisticated notion of what the word ‘freedom‘ means than I see much evidence of in America.
I felt like when I retired, I was still one of the best in the world and competing at the highest level. I think it’s best to bow out and have people remember you at your peak.
I’m a naturally very competitive person and I’ve been competing in triathlons throughout 2012 to keep fit and keep my mind sharp.
I think competition can make people stronger at whatever it is they’re competing on. If we’re competing in some athletic event for competitive swimmers, really intensely competing, it’s likely that both of us will become better, but it’s also quite possible we’ll lose sight of what’s truly valuable.
I think competing is one of my favorite things ever.
I love competing, and I love throwing the football.
In the initial stages of my career, I was actually hiding behind a mask to hide who I was, but I was getting frustrated. I wasn’t getting better bookings; I wasn’t competing at bigger events.
I just always expect the best because I’m a competitor and if I’m competing, then obviously I’m trying to be better in everything.
We’re living in what I like to call the ‘Thank You Economy,’ because only the companies that can figure out how to mind their manners in a very old-fashioned way – and do it authentically – are going to have a prayer of competing.
Competing is something that once I retire from, it’s not something I can go back and do.
I just love sport; I love competing. I’m obsessed by it, to be honest. I can accept losing, sure, no question, but it just drives me crazy. Just ask my wife.
James Spithill
Competing at the highest level is not about winning. It’s about preparation, courage, understanding and nurturing your people, and heart. Winning is the result.
You think of the rainforest as this incredibly abundant place of fauna and animals and flora. This great, rich wilderness. And yet it is such a biological battlefield in which everything is competing.
Our mission and task has always been to find a pragmatic balance among competing interests that will serve the greatest common good.
My dad saw it as a goal before I did, when I was 12 years old. I didn’t think competing in Olympics was possible until I was 16.
Bonnie Blair
When you introduce competition into the public school system, most studies show that schools start to do better when they are competing for students.
Bill Cosby
We’re all Americans trying to compete. Magic was competing for his team and Larry for his team.
Normally sports day is once a year for kids, where you have fun, and everybody is jostling. For us, making movies is like having sports day everyday: competing with each other, doing your best. It’s like that except we don’t get awards every day in our sports day.
I’ve always loved to fight. I love what I do, and that is why I’ve been doing it for so long. I really enjoy fighting and competing at a high level. I love getting in there and getting after it.
In L.A., everyone is competing for the next job, and in New York, it’s pretty much the same thing: competing for a better job.
I don’t think I am competing with Hardik. He is a terrific cricketer. Yes, we are all-rounders, but we are different from each other.
I never read my press when I was competing. I never got caught up in what I was doing at that moment.
I’m only competing with myself.
Yes, my pageant career was incredibly short. I started at 19 and was done at 21. I started by competing for Miss California Teen, which I wound up winning, and I literally just entered the contest on a whim!
Meagan Tandy
I love competing against the best.
History shows, in my opinion, that no nation can survive the tension, conflict and antagonism of two competing languages and cultures. It is a blessing for an individual to be bilingual; it is a curse for a society to be bilingual.
MaxCoin is competing for the crypto buck, if you will. So is Bitcoin, so is Dogecoin. Alt-coins are proving to be formidable because there’s a solid community behind it, there’s a use for it, and it’s got a great market capitalisation. I think that’s going to be a winner.
I don’t set goals. Competing with a number in your head can be limiting, and I don’t know what my capabilities are yet.
My hairdresser Alan, who I’ve known since I began competing, lives with us, along with his husband Nathan, so I have my own gay gaggle.
I began sports as a Basketball player but got into lifting weights after a recurring ankle problem that stopped me from competing in basketball despite having surgeries.
Republicans and Democrats have used accounting gimmicks and competing government analyses to deceive the public into believing that 2 + 2 = 6. If our leaders cannot agree on the numbers, if ‘facts‘ are fictional, how can they possibly have a substantive debate on solutions?
Traffic in the streets of Bombay is chaotic at best. Riding a bicycle is a dangerous occupation. However, there are hundreds of them on the streets competing with the cars and buses and lorries because it is the poor man‘s mode of transport.
Rohinton Mistry
I play football, not to only enjoy it – and I love the challenge of playing and competing with the best players – but I want to have the chance to win games.
Competing in junior fencing requires lessons, equipment, and travel that may cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month, keeping talented athletes from wielding sabers or masks.
To play at Chelsea is a dream for any player. It is standing next to some of the best players in the world and competing with the world’s best as well.
When I’m in the car, if you didn’t know my story and just saw me driving, you wouldn’t know the difference between me and any of the other drivers. I’m just out there competing.
Billy Monger
It has been shown that public participation can limit powerful interest groups, while competing interests can help find a reasonable balance between development and environmental protection.
If there’s a criticism of ‘Cassadaga’ that I agreed with, it’s that we left things in the oven too long, that songs were overstuffed, with too many ideas competing for space.
You’ve got to go out there and play the game the way it’s supposed to be played. Then you get people to like you and appreciate your work by just going out there and competing every down. Jerry Rice was looked at in that perspective. He went out there and was a hard-working guy. He was going to give it his all.
When I joined the Sunday Times the people I was competing with were all 10 or 15 years younger, they all had double firsts from Oxford or Cambridge, they were all bright as new pins.
We at The Web Standards Project turned everything on its head. We said browsers should support the same standards instead of competing to invent new tags and scripting languages. We said designers, developers, and content folks should create one site that was accessible to everyone.
The truth is, our corporate income taxes are some of the highest in the world, and frankly, in my judgment it’s unpatriotic if you’re not for reducing the corporate income tax. We want to make it so American companies are on a more level playing field competing with companies around the world.
Jim Jordan
TV is a level playing field, and you’re competing for eyeballs.
Whether you lead an early-stage startup or a well-established company, it is critical to challenge yourself and your team to prepare for the next disruptive force – be it a shift in the market, a new consumer trend, or a competing innovation.
I didn’t even think that I could be competing for a gold medal; I was convinced I’d compete for a silver medal.
Sunisa Lee
Back when I was competing I had a lot of fans wanting my autograph, wanting to take my picture, but nothing like what my son is dealing with.
NAFTA recognizes the reality of today’s economy – globalization and technology. Our future is not in competing at the low-level wage job; it is in creating high-wage, new technology jobs based on our skills and our productivity.
I think one of the big issues with, you know, people who have strong faith in addition to competing is that conflict between accepting things the way they are, and wanting to compete and get better, and at what point are you in the right balance.
Tom Lehman
I always tell people the hardest thing is competing against the guys you see every day because any of my strengths that I like to go to, they see that every day.
Although in skating you compete with other people, anyone who achieves a certain level of success is first and foremost competing against themselves. And for me, the idea that I could always do better, learn more, learn faster, is something that came from skating.
Fans want their emotions to come to the surface. How? By their team transmitting intensity, attacking, scoring goals, competing, winning. That awakens them.
I was so young when I was competing that I wasn’t as focused on my diet. I was a kid – I ate a lot, and I worked out a lot. But as I get older, I definitely want to be healthier.
I loved playing every sport. Soccer, water polo, horses. Whatever. I just loved it – especially competing against my brothers.
Self-esteem is something I still battle. People look at me and say, ‘You’ve got fame. You’ve got admiration. You’ve done this; you’ve done that.’ As far as I’m concerned, I haven‘t done anything. I’ve just fulfilled a dream of competing.
The important thing to understand about legislators is that there are dozens of competing interests and issues that occupy them. They are stretched thin.
Mark Shields
Looking back as an historian, I find myself having great respect for Ronald Reagan‘s consistency: his absolute conviction that the Soviet Union – the only competing world empire at the time – was bound to collapse!
When you are in a competition, and there’s however many men competing alongside you, you do not get to determine when you go to lift… you don’t know how many guys will make it to the next round. You don’t know how long they’re going to take.
What I worry about the most is the competition for young eyeballs. We have so many other competing forms of media. I don’t take any audience members for granted.
You can’t take up golf on a whim and find yourself competing against Tiger Woods in the Masters six months later.
Richard Roeper
The era during which only governments could put hardware on the Moon is coming to an end. There are 26 private teams competing for the $30 million Google Lunar X-Prize – to be awarded for sending a robotic spacecraft to this nearby world that can roam at least 500 meters, and send back data such as a photo.
Every match I watch will be bittersweet. It will always hurt, I’ll always miss competing. That’s what I’ve done my whole life and that burning desire is not just going to leave me.
Over the years of competing as an individual, I got a little bit burned out and tired of competing for myself.
I don’t feel like we have to be dirty or anything crazy, but as far as competing, there’s no limits.
When I was a little boy, I always wanted to run. I loved competing with my friends.
Never did I ever think I would be competing on a snowboard out here in X Games.
You go to LA, or you go to New York, and it’s really fun to go there. But they’re not grounded. Everybody is just competing all the time for the limelight. It’s too much entertainment industry. There are too many choices. And it’s distracting to me.
I wasn’t thinking of competing with any artists as such, I was more thinking of being among them, and sharing thoughts with them; like sharing views, ideas, etc.
Dennis Brown
Deep down, my ego always thought that I would outlast a lot of people that I was competing against.
I love to fight. Keeping me at home without a fight is the same to offer candy to a kid and then take it away. That’s why I’m always competing in other martial arts. That keeps me motivated to train and helps me learn even more.
In orthodox film-making, you never shoot sequentially – but with improv, obviously every move you make has a knock-on effect; it is a cumulative process. I have improvised, on the non-scripted ‘Timecode.’ It can become entirely indulgent: actors smashing crockery and competing verbally.
Athletics is athletics. When you do sport, you are gambling. You run, you win, you lose. It doesn’t matter if you are competing or you are not competing.
When competing a lot and traveling, I have problems with my lower back because I’m always on the plane or sitting. That’s something that does bother me from time to time, but I try to stay on top of it.
It’s all about getting your head down, focusing, working hard, competing in training, keeping fit, and picking up points.
When I began competing with the other artists in New York, I discovered classical North Indian music.
Henry Flynt
By exciting citizens about the new digital opportunity, breaking down silos of competing groups to form a truly open innovation ecosystem and shifting day-to-day resources to focus on big long-term investments for the future, countries can ensure that they break through and bridge the digital gap.
I intend to fight to ensure that Connecticut workers have a level playing field when competing for jobs.
It is hard to bite the hands that feed you, especially when you are competing for food.
Users and entrepreneurs building new business models off the blockchain means that there are competing interests on how best to scale the network. Linux, also an open source software project, had similar growing pains.
I would say my most disappointing moment was not competing in a match even though I was Divas Champion at ‘WrestleMania XXVII.’ Although, I did get to be a part of a fun backstage segment with Stone Cold, the Rock, and Mae Young… not too shabby!
I have had an amazing life traveling the world and competing, doing what I love.
We’re trying to challenge the gangs, not by repression, but by competing to get the young people to our side.
I’m competing against men who are doing five quads between the short program and the long program, and I’m at three between the two programs. Who would ever imagine that three wasn’t enough for some people?
Many athletes competing in Atlanta wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for corporate support.
Mary Lou Retton
I can help promote the sport best by competing better, rather than playing poorly and losing out in the tournament early.
I had two older brothers, so I was always competing with them. The guys I grew up with on the golf course, when I was 13, they were 15 or 16, and I was always trying to beat them.
Mike Weir
I love hooping. I love competing.
For me, the Premier League is full of quality, and the clubs competing at the top are the same who compete at the top of Europe every year.
I’ve never been competing with rappers about who’s the best rapper. I’ve been making songs that people like.
When one doesn’t want the limelight, but is also creative in developing whatever it is they are, then you can have two equal people that aren’t competing against each other. I think when you are in the same field, it’s difficult to leave it outside and not compete. Then when the doors are closed; that pervades everything.
We tend to think of politics as bad, full of dirty tricks, negative ads, big campaigns, but I am here to explore the original meaning of politics, which is positive and has to do with balancing competing interests and looking for solutions.
I know that this sounds grand, but I don’t try to compete with other people. I like to think there’s enough pie for everyone. The kind of people I’m competing with are my heroesWoody Allen, Billy Wilder – who I know I’m going to fall short of.
I think any life can be interesting, any surroundings can be interesting. I don’t think I could have been so brave if I had been living in a town, competing with people on what can be called a generally higher cultural level.
Women are so strong and knowledgeable. You know, instead of competing with each other, I would love to complete each other. Take away that wall of competition and say, ‘Hey, let’s just all get together and help each other be brilliant.’
If you look at Arijit Singh, Divya Kumar, and Benny Dayal, they aren’t competing with each other. They have their individual standing and distinct space of work. I want to create that kind of niche for myself.
Steve Davis has found a way of competing to a level that is not as high as it once was, enjoying his wins, and not getting too angry about the defeats.
Quality broadband service is key to growing our economy, and learning, competing, and succeeding in today’s digital world.
If you are the president of the United States of America, you are 70 years of age, and you are tweeting – literally competing with 15- and 17-year-olds – that is a problem.
The chances of Israeli science competing with big American science are small. For almost 15 years, we had no competition.
The best version of surfing is not competing, I think. It’s just… it’s perfect. You’re perfectly present. You’re perfectly in the moment. You’re perfectly not thinking about anything else in the world. You’re just surfing. You’re surfing away with your friends or your family, and that’s it. You’re just there.
I don’t want to be competing in a sport where I feel that I’m here not on my talent and my hard work but because of a piece of equipment.
American policy seems to be wed to a perpetual state of war. Why? History shows that the world will always be in flux or turmoil, with different peoples competing for visibility and power. The U.S. cannot fix the fate of every nation.
When you are competing for attention and eyeballs, articulating value and evoking possibility and vision can be powerful tools.
The people who are competing business-wise out there want what other successful labels and artists have. I don’t want what they have; I want my own path, my own sound, my own identity. Record labels care nothing about identity or artistic freedom, they want good business.
I think it is always a challenge when you go and play abroad. You are competing against the home team, and they know the conditions well. Their fast bowlers always know which length to bowl and also the areas in which they need to bowl.
I’m a white guy in a black sport. I really forget about it until someone asks me about it. I’m simply competing in a sport that I love.
I used to sail a lot in all kinds of weather, competing on small sailboats in the ocean. And I travel a lot in Iceland on horses every summer, through the wild areas where there’s no inhabitants and there are volcanoes.
I love competing. I love a challenge. I love going in and showing people what I can do, proving to them that I can get this part, that I can give you what you want.
The daily glitter of skyscrapers competing with the stars is an unnecessary, unforgivable decadence.
I don’t know how I have got this habit, but I try to play one match and give it my best – it doesn’t matter which level of cricket I am playing in. It gives me satisfaction that I am not thinking about others, not competing with others.
It’s all about communication, culture and competing every day.
Arsene Wenger gave me the belief to keep working and competing. He was not talking to me every day, ‘I believe in you,’ but it was every now and again. The right amount.
To be frank, it sometimes seems that the American idea of freedom has more to do with my freedom to do what I want than your freedom to do what you want. I think that, in Europe, we’re probably better at understanding how to balance those competing claims, though not a lot.
They have permission to play all the indoor games they want, but my daughters are not going to be competing in public sporting activities.
I don’t like being compared to anyone or being in a class with someone. I’m a teen actress and therefore I’m competing against Hilary Duff. We’re different people like everyone else.
My obligation is to the owners of Barclays, my shareholders. They hired me. People who criticise compensation for individuals in isolation at, say, BarCap, individuals who don’t work in the U.K. and are competing with U.S., German or Asian banks, they should look at all these factors.
Bob Diamond
A true athlete is someone who doesn’t just stop training when they stop competing. It’s a way of life, and they keep in shape just to keep up that standard.
I love going out and competing.
I think we’re actually the only sport that has a mix of men and women competing together. The majority of other sports are separated by gender.
Of course I used to smile and laugh in 1976, but not when I was competing. Please show me somebody who laughs when they are concentrating; I always smiled.
I have been competing against IBM my whole career. It’s a good company, with good management and a good team.
I’ve been competing my whole life. Who cares about the spotlight?
I have always had a very smooth driving style. But when I started competing as a disabled driver, I had to take that even more to the extreme.
It’s all about competing.
I’m 47 years old. I couldn’t compete with Beyonce. I’m not competing with anyone. I’ve already established myself as an artist. I’ve been in this business for 30 years. There’s no reason for me to compete with anyone.
Stephanie Mills
You only do ‘Strictly‘ once, and I don’t want to have to worry about competing with Harry Judd!
That’s how people get better. Keep progressing, keep competing, and good things will happen.
Stars are always bigger. They bring the audience to the theatres. More than that, they do a lot of work in a film, and they are always on top. I am in no way competing with them.
I was so nervous competing against Lyneshia Sparx. She’s so gorgeous, and she‘s hilarious. When you get to know her, she’s the most lovely person.
We are all several different people. There are different aspects of our nature that are competing.
I want to play against the best, and that’s what I’m doing, just going out there and being focused, just competing every possession.
If right and left are competing to be the biggest victim, who is competing to be the government?
When I was making short films for the TV show ‘Naalaya Iyakunar,’ I wasn’t just competing but making films that I could potentially show at international festivals.
And I guess the thing that I really sort of rely on in me is that I love racing and I love competing and so I know that you know when the time comes and the pressure’s on and I have to swim well, I’m sort of able to pull it out and sort of get the best out of myself.
Stephanie Rice
You can be a big fish in a small pond, but you’re only going to be competing against people at that level.
If you want to be the best gymnast in the world, you have to love the moment. Every single moment that you are competing. Every skill, you have to be showing it off. If you aren’t showing it off, what are you doing?
Fighting is different than other sports because you’re not competing as regularly.
Age is not really the biggest factor, whichever end of the scale you are at. It’s how you perform, how you respond to the challenge of having good players around you competing for your place.
I never thought I was going to make a career out of tennis, to be honest, until I was 10 or 11 years old. One of my earliest memories is when I was seven, and I was competing against players that were three, four years older than me. I didn’t take it too seriously at the time. I was having a lot of fun.
That’s an economic development program in the metropolitan area. If they don’t see that, and you don’t get these things done, then you’re competing with Texas and California and Atlanta; then you really have problems.
It’s what makes everybody better, that pressure for a spot and competing.
Many medal winners dream of competing in a sport other than the one they’re famous for.
Mary Lou Retton
For decades, American companies, large and small, have been competing with one hand tied behind their backs thanks to our unfair, outdated tax code.
Competition is such a virtue, and everybody’s so busy competing, they have no time for compassion.
In those days I would go for an interview and find myself competing with this other chap who would always be younger and taller, and much handsomer than I.
Edward G. Robinson
Our markets have not achieved their great successes as a result of government fiat, but rather through efforts of competing interests working to meet the demands of investors and to fulfill the promises posed by advancing technology.
Arthur Levitt
Every year, the White House Correspondents’ Dinner inspires two competing varieties of coverage: celebrity-obsessed fawning and angry tirades about how it represents everything twisted about our broken democracy. It doesn’t, really.
Since I achieved something, running has exploded in my country. For me sometimes it is difficult even to know who the athletes are who are competing at the highest level. There are thousands.
It’s just a really cool deal to be a character in ‘WWE 2K17.’ Whether it’s competing on Nitro or Halloween Havoc, to have me as an available character… it’s a tribute.
Live television is just like competing on live TV. You’re never going to be perfect. You just try to prepare the best that you can and execute the best that you can and try to be in the moment.
I’ve never really thought about competing with cartoons. If it ever gets to that point, then just shoot me.
Lucy Liu
Although in skating you compete with other people, anyone who achieves a certain level of success is first and foremost competing against themselves. And for me the idea that I could always do better, learn more, learn faster, is something that came from skating. But I carried that with me for the rest of my life.
When you’re young, you develop ways to win, and you think they will always work, but then you get to the top, competing against the other top athletes, and sometimes things don’t work.
Cable and satellite businesses are competing against fixed-line telephone companies and wireless companies.
I love competing. I take it really seriously.
Americans don’t believe that we have a surplus of jobs. They believe that we have a surplus of job seekers, and they are competing for these jobs.
Being in the playoffs and competing, that’s what you want as a player.
For those of us who spent our careers competing with David Broder, the hardest thing to abide was the inevitable comparison. If someone said Jack Germond – or Jules Witcover or Walter Mears or whoever – ‘is a pretty good political reporter,’ the default response would be, ‘but he’s no David Broder.’
I like competing against the very best.
The Chattanooga killer was inspired by a foreign terror organization. It’s hard to entangle which particular source… there are lots of competing poisons out there.
I am grateful to both Impact Wrestling and the WOW executives for working out the details to allow me to pursue my dream of competing at the highest levels within our industry.
I love competing.
I’ve learned a tremendous amount. I’ve gained a lot of experience competing at the highest level with the best drivers in the world in F1.
I just like competing.
There are lots of people building the next TransferWise, not in a sense of competing with us but in a sense of building large, successful companies that are doing something important. I just enjoy helping these founders navigate the journey.
I doubt anyone has ever accused comedians of solidarity before. It’s hard to think of a less collegiate world than that of unabashed professional narcissists competing for attention; even when we reluctantly band together on panel shows, we’re only trying to sell solo tours.
My first novel, ‘You Lost Me There,’ has been described as a beach read. Tough bracket, beach reads. There’s not much room for mistakes when you’re competing against the sun for a person’s attention.