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Classical Music Quotes

We’ve collected the best Classical Music Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Lesley Sharp, Padmapriya Janakiraman, Caroline Shaw, Wang Shi, Adam Jones. Use them as an inspiration.

And whether or not you‘re interested in opera or classical music or folk music or the theatre, I think that for a nation‘s health and well-being it’s very important that the arts scene is supported.
I think classical dance is not seeing the evolution seen by classical music.
I grew up listening to – it’s kind of embarrassing – all classical music.
Caroline Shaw
As people’s lifestyles have improved, they’ve become more and more sensitive toward animals. It’s becoming a universal value, like Western classical music.
Wang Shi
I’m a self-taught guitarist, but I have a classical music background.
I was raised with a lot of classical music. I loved ballet. I was a bun head for 10 years.
When I need some energy in the morning I can put a metal CD in my player, because it gets me going! Classical music will send me off the road!
I’ve got this diverse education, growing up in classical music and existing between that and music that is more visceral, so for sure, I’ve always been interested in music from other cultures.
I became a professional musician and played all kinds of music. I played bluegrass, I played classical music, and for many years, I played jazz.
I had 10 years of lessons at the conservatory in Belgium, studying classical music. I learned how to sing, play the piano, and all the theory that I needed. By the time I left, I had confidence in my skills, and I knew that the experience had prepared me to become a real professional.
Lara Fabian
I love classical music. Yes, I was in a conservatory when I was younger and played guitar and all that stuff, so I also love rock.
Matt Schulze
Because in classical music cello is not regarded as a popular choice, it’s always playing the long, boring notes.
I grew up partially with classical music but listened to a lot of rock when I was young – I like acoustic, and folk from Mali and Armenia and Turkey.
Music was around in my family in two ways. My mother would occasionally sing to me, but I was mostly stimulated by the classical music my father had left behind. I had an ear for music, I suppose, so that’s what began my interest in music.
I have very eclectic tastes. I love soul and Motown; I listen to some rap – Stormzy, Tinie Tempah, Drake. I also love classical music, American country and the folk tradition. I often start the day with gospel on my way to work. The only thing I have never got into is punk.
It’ll help you be imaginative if you listen to classical music. It helps you understand dynamics and how important they are to create an environment.
So, if I ever find myself hankering for the long, respectful silences of the olden days, I remind myself that classical music broadcasting was a whisker away from becoming one long silence itself.
I also like Western classical music and jazz.
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
There should be no boundaries in your relationship with sound. Often it’s not about the music itself but the context in which you hear the music. For instance, listening to a piece of classical music in a film you love often changes your perception of it entirely.
One of the struggles that I have with classical music is the way one thinks about a recapitulation. There’s always this idea of themes, and I have trouble with that.
I had to listen to the classical music because it calms me down, calms my nerves down.
There’s a great energy and drive that takes precedence in a lot of rock and pop. It’s about making a strong visceral connection. That’s something that I think great classical music can have, too.
I grew up as a dancer, and music and dance are so closely tied that in ballet class, you’re listening to all this classical music, and in modern class, you’re working with a live drummer. It was something that always made me feel really comfortable, and I’ve had a connection to since the beginning.
Every so often, I feel I should graduate to classical music, properly. But the truth is, I’m more likely to listen to rock music.
I had this idea for a while to do mix this Al Green vibe with a samba thing. I tried to do that in many different ways. Peter added his own modern notion of funk and his own deep background in classical music.
Arto Lindsay
I got obsessed with classical music, I got obsessed with Chopin, with playing the piano.
Right now I’m listening to a lot of different things but I listen to a lot of classical music. Eventually I would like to compose and perform classical.
I thought it would be interesting to play classical music on rock instruments.
There’s been a time where I was like, I wanna be a folk singer; no, I wanna sing soul. I want to sing classical music. I want to sing R&B. I want to be on Broadway. I just wanna sing. Whatever comes out of my mouth, that’s what I want to do.
My roots are in classical music and jazz, and I want the freedom of being able to improvise. This freedom is possible only in a live concert.
I listen to classical music when I need to relax. It depends a lot on mood.
I have an issue with classical music.
Classical music has become rarefied, like a maiden aunt that nobody wants to talk to.
I grew up with classical music blasting in my parentsliving room and my older brother‘s practicing saxophone in his room listening to jazz… a beautiful chaos.
I like to think that I listen to Classic FM while domestic goddessing and, truth be told, I often do, but you know sometimes classical music can get a bit hectic and I just want to turn all the violins right down. That’s when I pop the telly on.
I’m saddened to see that everyone‘s pitched out the baby with the bath, in that we say that it can’t be one or the other, it could be both. I mean, just because we listen to classical music doesn’t mean that we can’t listen to jazz.
I used to watch those rock videos where they would chainsaw the piano. And I thought, ‘That’s what I want to do.’ I thought classical music was corny.
We need to bring music to the people, even to those who normally do not listen to classical music.
Jon Anderson and I, we really liked a lot of classical music, and we wanted to get some orchestral arrangements going on ‘Time And A Word.’
Anyone who knows classical music and loves classical music has heard the Beethoven Seventh hundreds of times probably in their life.
Classical music is something that we’re very passionate about, but we always thought it was presented in a stuffy way.
Aleksey Igudesman
I started off with classical music, and I got into jazz when I was about 14 years old. And I’ve been playing jazz ever since.
Both of my mom‘s parents were music teachers, so I got a lot of knowledge about everything from classical music to jazz to musicals.

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