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Champions Quotes

We’ve collected the best Champions Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Fernando Torres, Jan Vertonghen, Ryan Babel, Pepe, Paul Craig Roberts. Use them as an inspiration.

The Champions League is a big ambition, and all the footballers want to play in it; it is a very important competition.
To be playing in a Champions League final is something to cherish.
I do have a weakness for Liverpool and I do want them to be champions.
My two daughters were born in Madrid, I won three Champions Leagues and three La Liga titles as well.
The champions of globalism are the champions of America’s destruction.
I wanted to train jiu-jitsu instead of capoeira because the mat was soft. It was better than training capoeira on the hard floor. I started reading jiu-jitsu magazines, reading about the world champions, and becoming one of them became my goal.
In seventh grade, with some vague sense that I wanted to be a writer, I crouched in the junior high school library stacks to see where my novels would eventually be filed. It was right after someone named Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. So I grabbed a Vonnegut book, ‘Breakfast of Champions’ and immediately fell in love.
I think to reach a Champions League final isn’t easy, whether it’s in Europe or Asia.
What I would like most is to play in the Champions League and try to win the Premier League once. Or better – a few times.
Football is football but life is life. I am so happy at being a father and reaching the Champions League final.
In wrestling, you’re talking about a fraternity of champions, and I got a chance to be a part of that Olympic championship club. And anyone that ever won the Olympics in wrestling, there’s something different about them.
Ohio produces champions at every level.
It’s pretty hard to predict anything when talking about the Premier League because of the liabilities the teams and the players have when playing in the Champions League and the other cups, too.
I think when people say Madrid are playing well and Barca are not and vice-versa, or when one wins the Champions League, it’s better than the other, I don’t think that makes sense. Everyone takes their own path.
Since I was a little boy, I’ve watched the Premier League and seen Liverpool playing in the Champions League on Tuesday and Wednesday nights.
Callum Wilson
I always want to play at the highest level; that’s the Champions League.
We are Asian champions, but we cannot take chances.
I am the champion of champions. I’m the main event. I’m untouchable. I, Tommaso Ciampa, am the greatest sports-entertainer of all time.
To become world champions in our country would be with us to the end of our lives.
You’re going to watch football all your life – you’re going to watch the Champions League and the Europa League – and I don’t have a great feeling when I watch the Europa League, but when I watch the Champions League, I have a great feeling.
The Champions League is worth more and allows you to write a page in football’s history.
Del Bosque was axed by Madrid for failing to retain the Champions League in 2003 but his sacking triggered the start of a spell when they won nothing for four years and failed to get beyond the Champions League’s last 16.
Nadal is one of the great champions – a class act.
In the Champions League, you can focus on a single game and play in exactly the style you need.
My ambition is to win the Champions League one day with Tottenham, or the Premier League.
My worst moment in football was losing that Champions League final to Barca in Rome.
The Champions League is more important than the Scudetto.
There are so many talented fighters. And then there are fighters who must work like butchers. They are champions because they work hard every day. I believe I have a little bit of talent, because I learn very quickly, but I’m like the butcher.
To be honest, I was never expecting to be in a World Cup final, a Euro final, a Champions League final, a Europa League final. I’ve done much more than I dreamt, and that’s incredible.
My senior year was crazy. We were defending champions, we were on national TV just about every weekend, and we were winning. Teams always brought their best when they went up against us, and we always matched it.
You must believe in the players, their quality, and send the message that working together it was easy to win the Champions League and difficult for anyone to beat you.
Any player would like to play in the Champions League and progress, that’s what I’ve based my whole career on.
Callum Wilson
It is great to see our young athletes get an opportunity to run on excellent tracks at the Medical College Stadium. And I am happy to see spectators coming in large numbers to cheer our young champions. That is something you would not see in many parts of Kerala.
It is impossible for you to be remembered as a great team if you do not win the Champions League.
As a professional journalist who nonetheless champions a ‘people’s’ Internet, I am happy to compete against the thousands of amateur bloggers out there reporting and commenting on the same stories I do.
It’s clear that anyone who plays in Belgium or another league with less quality still has a chance of making the Champions League or the Europa League.
I was surprised how relevant the Moses story was to contemporary American debates – from our ongoing debate about values, to our role as champions of freedom, to our place as a country that welcome immigrants.
I’m fine at Wolfsburg, and I’m happy to be able to play in the Champions League.
Although Kurt Vonnegut may not be considered a humor writer, ‘Breakfast of Champions’ is one of the funniest books I’ve ever read.
Justin Halpern
If you win the Champions League, you become known across the globe, but the World Cup has always thrown up new stars and developments.
I think it’s clear to see that Lyon plan to continue to win the Champions League and be the best team in Europe.
Even before the World Cup in 2010 I had said that there were no world champions who aim to stifle the opposition‘s play and somehow hope to win. These teams do not go far.
Does it help Dutch teams in the Champions League because they don’t have to be at it in the league? I think it does. I experienced the disparity.
The World Cup was the biggest thing ever for the national team, but the Champions League is the biggest thing for clubs.
David Villa
Sometimes, when it comes to multiple-weight world champions, they have so much skill that it eliminates the excitement out of the fights.
I like to say that at some point, you’ll say in the history of wrestling there’s nobody better than The Undisputed ERA. We’re going to do exactly what we said we’re going to do, and that’s become champions.
I love talking to interesting people – people like O.J. Simpson, Andretti… I love champions. A champion has something special about him.
Xavi has won the Champions League three times, the European Championship twice and the World Cup. He’s a real football player, a man who focuses on his football, hard work and training instead of the glamour, and that is why he has stayed at such a high level for so long.
The Premier League is always difficult – Champions League or not.
I’m happy to belong to this group of top champions having excelled here.
For me, I think the Champions League is the biggest trophy, but playing for your country in the World Cup… it’s hard to choose.
I want to produce champions from Saudi Arabia and throughout the region.
The thing in the Champions League is not just the talent. It’s not being a team. It’s the experience as well.
If we become world champions it may open the door to the Fifa Ballon d’Or, although I think it would be difficult. Every 10 years a centre-back may win it once.
I set the record at Real Madrid in the Champions League, but Ronaldo is one of the best players in the world.
I’ve played almost every sport in the book and basketball was one of the sports that I played. We were state runner-up champions and state champions in basketball in high school.
To make my entire career at Lyon doesn’t bother me as long as they continue to have the development and ambition to have a competitive team, even if we’re not certain to win the Champions League.
World barista champions use the AeroPress to make coffee on the folding tray tables of airplanes.
When you hear the Champions League anthem, it gives you goosebumps.
I want to be one of the longest reigning champions, and for our women as a whole, even if I’m not in the match, I want us to have a Main Event at WrestleMania.
I was brought on and scored, so I will never forget my Champions League debut.
I want to play the Tour until I’m 46, 47, and then take about three years off, and then go play the Champions Tour when I’m 50. That’s the plan, but you never know – it all depends on how good the fishing and hunting is.
I may not be fighting the most popular guys like Canelo or GGG. But I am fighting real fighters, tough guys who want to prove that they belong and be world champions.
You have to give 100 percent in the Champions League, as you’re up against the biggest teams.
DeGale has the pedigree that is spoken about in terms of gold medallists and former world champions.
The team that wins the Champions League is the one that is most united.
Jay-Z is a hero, Sam Walton is a hero – these are not exactly communitarian champions. These are – in some cases, literally; in others, just figurativelygangster heroes. That’s who is worshipped: people who get away with it.
Champions League matches are not always played on good pitches.
Everyone knows that Milan is a historic team: they’ve won seven Champions Leagues; they’ve had a lot of strong players and a lot of Ballons d’Or.
A club like Liverpool has to be involved in Europe, whether it is the Europa League or Champions League.
Pepe Reina
Ronaldo has nothing to prove to anyone, he has proved his talent by being the top scorer in England. He has proved it by winning the Premier League, by winning the Champions League, with Manchester United.
When there’s a rule that you can use only three engines for the whole season, and you are a team that is not worried about 2018, you are worried about being world champions in 2020, you need to make progress.
Champions, no matter what’s going on in their life or even in the gym, at the end of the day when it’s time to do what they do best, they go in there and they block all that out. They block out all the noise, they block out all the ups and downs,and they do the job. And that’s what I’m best at.
Real are really powerful in attack, really strong in defence, and have a balanced midfield. There’s a reason they’ve won two Champions Leagues in a row.
Roger Ailes champions women, whether it’s Paula Zahn, who worked for Fox, Greta Van Susteren – we’ve always had a woman in primetime – Megyn Kelly, myself; I had a primetime show.
There are young children out there in our state, that could be Olympic champions at 2032 to think that Melbourne has hosted an Olympics, Sydney has hosted an Olympics, and now Queensland has that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, we’ve got to give it everything we’ve got.
We are Bayern. We have the highest standards, and always want to win everything, so the Champions League is a very big target.
Liverpool is a great club, and we have to put Liverpool back in the Champions League.
The Champions League is the one thing missing from my career. When I look at the history of the competition and the people that have taken part, the top, top players have all won it. For many, it is why they have been regarded as top players.
I think that if a player wants to be at the very top, he needs to win the Champions League and league titles. That’s what makes the great players truly great.
Winning one Champions League title is a dream come true, so just imagine winning three!
Carles Puyol
Ronaldo plus Juventus does not guarantee the Champions League. There are so many components in football.
Honestly, I didn’t expect my call-up. I was just playing my game and will continue giving my best. Rest will be taken care by selectors. If they think I am good enough, they will take me in. Champions Trophy is a very big stage and there will be lot more opportunities for me in the coming future.
There are a lot of champions out there, a lot of great guys, but I think that the way I compete and my fighting style makes me perfect for Reebok.
Anthony Pettis
Great champions have an enormous sense of pride. The people who excel are those who are driven to show the world and prove to themselves just how good they are.
Nancy Lopez
There were other propositions, even better financially, but I chose Olympiakos because of the Champions League.
It seems easy, but to win three Champions Leagues in four years is incredible.
On the strength of Vonnegut’s reputation, ‘Breakfast of Champions’ spent a year on the best-seller lists, proving that he could indeed publish anything and make money.
Charles J. Shields
I play in the Champions League. I don’t have anything to complain about.
It’s just about keeping the momentum going, and it doesn’t matter whether it’s Champions League or Premier League or whatever trophy you’re going for, you’ve got to focus on the opponent that lies ahead.
If you look at champions, they came from nothing. That’s where they get their drive and determination and hunger. They know they have no other option to succeed, because they had nothing. I had everything.
I can see myself winning a few Scudettos and at least one Champions League.
Playing in the Champions League is a big dream of mine. When you are a player and have a chance to play in it, it’s a good thing.
All of Europe’s biggest clubs place the Champions’ League as their top priority these days but only one of us can lift the trophy. The domestic league titles are still crucial of course, but I think most players will tell you the Champions’ League is the one they want to win most of all.
It’s very rare in British boxing that you have two fighters who are both undefeated and who are both world champions.
Every time I hear that Champions League song, it reminds me of hearing it for the first time in the old Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam.
There is no bigger motivation than playing in a UEFA Champions League final.
What America demands in her black champions is a brilliant, powerful body and a dull, bestial mind.
Eldridge Cleaver
I played a lot at Bayer Leverkusen. I played in the Champions League and in the Bundesliga. I have played a lot of games, and it was a very good decision to go to Leverkusen.
I want to win everything we can! But it is my dream to win the Champions League in Manchester City’s shirt.
I wouldn’t lie and say it’s not disappointing to have reached so many semis and a final and not won the Champions League.
If you play in the Champions League, it’s a very special feeling, there’s a different atmosphere.
The margin for error in the Champions League is tiny.
I’ve never measured success in terms of trophies. I would never say, ‘If I have never won the Champions League, I am not happy in life.’
When I was a kid, I wanted to fight Joe Louis. But I think if I had seen Mike Tyson at that time, I would have said, ‘Nah, I don’t want to fight him.’ He’s deadly. He could have been one of the great heavyweight champions. But he goofed.
It’s great to see that there are Dortmund fans in every stadium. That is something that motivates you, and in the end, you look forward to games even more, especially Europa League or Champions League away matches, when you see how many fans follow us. It is something very special.
I moved up to 130 pounds hoping champions in this division were not cowards like those at 126 pounds. It looks like I was wrong.
The way to know about championship quality is to learn from champions, and that I did; studying them with professional purpose during my time in the ring and from habitual interest afterward.
Gene Tunney
Every player who plays at Bayern Munich knows that Bayern Munich is a particularly special club. Whenever we lose, then it is lashed onto almost immediately by the media, regardless whether it is a friendly or losing the away game in a Champions League tie 1-0.
Barcelona are always a candidate to win the Champions League.
Always, against top teams, if you play well, and especially in the Champions League, it’s good.
It is always nice to play for the bigger teams, contesting titles and Champions League rather than relegation.
When I signed for Lyon, I pictured myself lifting the Champions League trophy, and I don’t think that has ever changed.
Regaining the Champions Cup is not going to be easy.
Luis Figo
When I am an old man, I will tell my grandchildren bedtime stories about when I won the Champions League, hopefully when I won the World Cup, but most of all, I will tell them that their grandfather used to play with Lionel Messi.
I was captain in Atletico at 19, playing in the same team as Demetrio Albertini, who won three Champions Leagues, and Sergi Barjuan from Barcelona, who had won everything, and they were 32, 33. I was a kid as captain, so I wasn’t the real captain, just a kid learning from them.
I remember, in my first interview after I arrived in Manchester, I said, ‘I didn’t come here to play in the Champions League – I have come to win it.’
You are never relaxed in England. You have a tough league, the Champions League, the FA Cup and Carabao Cup.
Mbappe always performs whether that’s in Ligue 1, Champions League or with the France national team.
It is totally different to play in the Premier League to the Champions League.
The Champions League is very difficult and you need to keep your concentration at all times.
The Champions League is where the best players in the world come together.
Looking from the outside at English football, at Spanish football, it’s more interesting, and they have the champions and the celebrities that they want to see. But with the passion that Italians have for football, the pride that they have, I don’t think the game will stay that way.
The Champions League is very difficult.
I started chess around the age of seven. I was inspired by the game, but soon legends like Kasparov, Karpov, Fischer, Anand and many other world champions captivated me.
Anish Giri
Qualifying for the Champions League is not possible without a player like Dimitri Payet.
The Champions League is the biggest trophy. Everybody in the world wants to win it.
The Champions League is so difficult, It’s like a lottery: sometimes you’re just unlucky.
I want to win the Premier League and the Champions League.
The Champions League is the competition everyone wants to be in.
We have to win if we want to be champions.
Of course I always knew ‘We Will Rock You’ and ‘We Are The Champions’ and all those. But my real introduction to Queen the band and knowing who they were was the movieWayne‘s World’ like a lot of people in my generation.
For sportsmen or women who want to be champions, the mind can be as important, if not more important, than any other part of the body.
The Champions League and the Premier League are now both huge, but the tradition and history of the FA Cup is still very special.
No matter how great a squad is, a competition like the Champions League is not easily won.
No alliance in history has done more to prevent war, and no alliance is more rooted in the values America champions, than NATO.
I definitely want to be successful in the Champions League, having never been involved in it before. It’s where the best players prove themselves.
I could easily be defending my title against top contenders in the Top 10, but if they haven‘t been champions or their record’s not perfect, it doesn’t really excite me. It doesn’t motivate me. But that’s why I’m facing guys like Dejan Zlaticanin, Sergey Lipinets, undefeated champions.
Finishing second and getting in the Champions’ League quarter-finals or semi-finals is fine, but at the end of the day you need to take some silverware.
Bayern Munich are a team that absolutely have to play in the Champions League.
I think we are big believers that we can provide the answers to help grow team tennis in America and create American champions.
Ilana Kloss
You have to focus more in Serie A, because in the Champions League, focusing happens automatically, as there are not as many matches, and they are all tough.
Obviously, the Champions League and Premier League are the biggies, and obviously, if you could win any, it would be one of those two.
English football is changing: the champions don’t play a ‘typical‘ English style, for example. But in general, it’s quicker than in Spain: more counter-attacks, more open, more direct.
In Holland, I have got the buzz back playing as a centre-forward, which is where I perform best. Ajax always appealed to me from when I was young and they gave me a chance to play in the Champions League too.
Despite Labour‘s achievements in government, we were too often seen as champions for global capital markets, which worked for bankers but did not seem to be delivering for the rest of Britain.
Winning the Champions League was the best thing that has happened to me at a club, the best thing that happened to me in my life.
The Champions League is the most important competition; it’s fundamental to be involved in it.
I know I’m the least technical guy in the sport. Most of the champions or guys at the top are real martial artists.
The Champions League is maybe the most prestigious competition in the game and if you don’t win it, as much as we are a great team, you feel like there’s always something missing.
Great moments of entertainment, great football, unforgettable evenings. I think that’s what it’s all about: experience, emotions, and the special touch that the Champions League brings on and off the field.
I would love to win the Champions League once again. Winning big trophies like the Champions League or the World Cup is usually making people think, ‘The players are not hungry any more.’ Still, that’s not what I feel.
Winning the Champions League is what you dream about when you are a small child.
It’s wonderful for me to see what ‘We Will Rock You’ has done. ‘We Will Rock You’ and ‘We Are the Champions’ have kind of transcended the normal framework of where music is listened to and appreciated – they’ve become part of public life, which I feel wonderful about.
Playing in a competition like the Champions League is important for a player; it makes you feel much more of a professional in this sport.
The great champions were always vicious competitors. You never lose respect for a man who is a vicious competitor, and you never hate a man you respect. I don’t like Rod Laver because he’s such a vicious competitor, but I don’t dislike him.
Pancho Gonzales
If you become world champions, there is nothing to top that. It’s the result of many years of work, good decisions inside the association, good training and good players.
I played with many champions, but the important thing is always the team, as the group goes beyond any single player.
To play in the Champions League is an experience a player of 33 may not have had in his whole career. To be doing that at 18… well, it’s such a bonus.
In England you probably have too many cups with the Champions League as it is now. You have the FA Cup and another cup; what’s the point in that? Probably one cup should be more than enough.
Don’t get me wrong, by the time I finish I will have had a fantastic career. But you do sit there sometimes and think, ‘could I have gone higher? Could I have been playing in the Champions League?’
In the Champions League, there are no weak teams.
I’d been at Everton for more than 11 years. We’d qualified for the Champions League, got to an FA Cup final. I’d been voted manager of the season three times.
My favorite champions is the 1995 championship with the Rockets. We were the sixth seed without home court advantage.
For a big club, you can accept that the team does not win the league because it is in transition, but you cannot afford to slip out of the Champions League spot.
I’ve won junior titles, ABA titles and boxed for England all over the world against future Olympic champions as an amateur – and then beat world-class fighters as a professional.
The thing I remember most about Tottenham is when Van der Vaart played for them in the Champions League. In Holland, people follow Tottenham Hotspur.
Aggression has proven to get people in trouble, in many ways, with the champions.
It is very exciting to be playing in the Champions League because it is the dream of every player in the world.
I am a huge fan of the Premier League, but do you think it will maintain its attractiveness if the Champions League is only an affair between English clubs and one or two others?
Champions league progression takes years.
Many world champions compare themselves to my father.
We’ve gotta give Richard Williams a lot of credit – to give us two number one champions is a phenomenal feat.
Tracy Austin
The big teams are about the Champions League.
Of course I have dreamed about that – and about showing off the Champions League trophy to the cows back in Liencres.
I came to Chelsea and it was ‘oh you can’t play Champions League, you can’t do this, you can’t do that’ and I proved them wrong.
You don’t get to a Champions League final by clicking your fingers.
I’ve never been a bandwagon Clevelander. I’ve been talking about Cleveland and holding up Cleveland since before we were champions.
I have great memories of playing in the Champions League at Celtic Park. That was something I will never forget, and of course we won a championship and that’s something no-one can take away from me.
It seems to be a big thing to people that a Scottish player is going to play in the Champions League final, but hopefully that will become a more regular thing.
When I watch the Champions League, we see great clubs.
My goal is to play with a club in the Champions League.
In my time here, I’ve seen that Borussia Dortmund has developed steadily. We have become German champions and played in the Champions League.
It’s very difficult to reach World Cup and Champions League finals and I want to experience those things again.
One needs to be of a mindset that to be champions of the world anyone can be beaten, and that’s what we want, what we dream about.
Playing so many important games in a prestigious competition like the Champions League, I have experience to call upon, and I’m thankful for that. I hope the other players can feel more confident because of that.
Even when I was at the top, playing in the Champions League final for Liverpool and playing at the World Cup for England, I’ve never let it go to my head.
When I was young, I always wanted to play in the Champions League.
We just must make sure we give everything we can to become champions.
I’m ambitious, I want to play in the Champions League, and that’s the aim with Tottenham – to start qualifying for the Champions League on a consistent basis.
The Champions League is massive for a football player. There is nothing above it when you’re playing for a club.
The best part about winning the PGA is getting great pairings at tour events. It’s fun to play with Phil Mickelson and other past major champions.
Keegan Bradley
I want to score goals, give assists and win the Champions League.
Steven Bergwijn
The most passionate fans are from India, and I hope that I can motivate more Indians to pursue wrestling – or any athletics, for that matter – and become champions.
I’m just happy the city has something to be proud of. The Cavs, the Indians, the Monsters. It just shows that we are the land of champions.
It’s Champions League nights when our fans roar us on even more, lose their voices, and we really notice it. That’s what the Champions League means to me.
Let’s face it. There is no setup in Pakistan to train and groom young players at the grassroots level in different sports. Those of us who did make a name for ourselves and became champions did it with our own initiative – there was no academy to back us till we reached a certain level on our own.
Winning the Champions League is the dream.
I want to play Champions League every year; I want to be at a big club and win trophies. That’s my target.
At a club like Liverpool, you have to win everything possible, and you have to play for both – the Premier League and the Champions League.
I want to win the Champions League, and I don’t care about personal success.
In a year without the World Cup, the national leagues and the Champions League have much more weight.
The Manchester City fans have their opinion on the Champions League. It is down to us, as players, to create the atmosphere in there and help the fans.
We cannot say that Asian Champions Trophy is that easy a contest.
You can’t have a No. 1 fighter when you have three undefeated champions. It’s just the dumbest thing in the world. Let’s just be honest. You can’t have three undefeated champions of the world.
I have been in many teams that have had loads of talent but did not make it through and been with teams that did not have that much talent and ended up being champions.
It is a big title to win, but in the Champions League, you don’t need to have the consistency that you need in the league.
Belgium have a very good team. There are dozens of teams that say we want to become the world champions.
I think I need another trophy on my list, and I know that Barca’s ambition is to win the Champions League. This is my goal, too.
Historically, Barcelona win La Liga when they win the Champions League.
If you can score a lot of goals in Italy, you can do it in the Champions League as well.
The Champions League is one trophy that I need to win.
You wanted me to do what? That I say no a second time to Barcelona? It was impossible for me. I’m in a crazy club there, next to the best. Every year, the club is semi-finalist or finalist of the Champions League!
Of course I have ambition to become World Champions with Oranje.
Every year, you have to have the feeling to achieve the Champions League. Otherwise, we should stop playing football.
Nobody likes to lose a Champions League semi-final.
French football must go as far as possible in the Champions League.
In Champions League home games, you expect to win.
Women’s football will always be different from men’s football, but that doesn’t mean you cannot still appreciate it. OK, so it might be a bit slower than the men’s game, but then League Two football is slower than the Champions League, and it doesn’t stop people turning out to see their local teams.
I consider myself lucky because I’ve had the possibility in life to do the one thing closest to my heart: playing football. I’ve also been lucky enough to win prestigious trophies like two Champions Leagues and other competitions with Milan.
It is hard to say no to PSG – as with all teams capable of winning the Champions League, There is always uncertainty in football.
You will never have great tennis champions from England because of the cold and dark, but most of all because people only care about the sport for two weeks a year, and then they’re on to something else. There’s just not a great love of the sport there.
Aboutrika has done well with Egypt, winning the Nations Cup in Ghana, as well as helping Ahly win the Champions League for a record sixth time.
You cannot plan for the Champions League: the competitors are always overwhelming. It is a big new challenge every year.
Playing in the Champions League and getting to the final is everything you could ask for.
The fact that we’re Olympic champions and we don’t have any professional teams in our home country is pretty unacceptable.
I like exciting fighters – Anthony Pettis, Jose Aldo. I like all the great fighters, Cain Velasquez, all the champions. They’re so good at what they do. I just admire people who are good at what they do and people you can watch and learn from.
When you are going for every trophy, it is always good to have as many points as early as possible in the Champions League, and then you can concentrate on the league and the Carling Cup.
Every team dreams of playing the Champions League final – Porto just as much as Real Madrid.
I have looked at videos of many great champions like Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Robinson, and Joe Frazier, who each had special qualities. I never say one particular fighter is the best ever because each has a special unique style of fighting.
Playing in the Champions League ought to be a pleasure and a joy.
Why does everyone love the Champions League? It’s because it’s exclusive. Even if you win it, you only play 13 games in that competition in a season.
We talk about these legendary fighters, talk about how they had hundred-something fights, hundred-something victories… but when you look at the history books, I still beat more world champions than any fighter in history.
TED Women isn’t championing a cause; it’s surfacing and sharing some of the most important ideas of our time. Our focus is on women as change agents, innovators and idea champions, and I think people will be both inspired and surprised by the program. We’re exploring some fascinating territory!
Pat Mitchell
To not play in the Champions League is a disappointment, something negative.
The Champions League is massive. I’ve had so much experience. I’m only 23, and yet I’ve played so much in the Champions League, and not many players my age would have had that experience.
Ancelotti is a coach with a lot of experience. He won the Champions League while at Milan, playing some great football in the process.
Maybe apart from the World Cup, the Champions League is one of the most important trophies in the world of football.
I went to the final of the Champions League, and I scored 32 goals. This pressure does not weigh too much. I’m on the field to have fun and give pleasure to the fans.
The Afghans are probably the world champions in resisting foreign domination and infiltration into their country.
I’ve played two World Cups. I’ve won the Champions League.
I want to fight the top champions, I want to fight for titles.
It’s a good place for me, Wembley. In 1983, I played for Denmark when we beat England there 1-0, and in 1992, I played for Barcelona when we beat Sampdoria 1-0 in the Champions League final.
When a player chooses to play for PSG he is also choosing a project that may one day win the Champions League. In this town, that will mean five times more than winning it at another club.
I remember my first time in the Champions League. I was 18, and it was Arsenal against Milan at The Emirates. The night before, I remember I put my music on my iPod. I was lying in bed, and I listened to the Champions League music. That was my Champions League debut, my first time. It was beautiful.
Alexandre Pato
It feels fantastic to be in the Champions League.
We need to learn that in the Champions League, the referees are vigilant and quick to whistle.
Bayern Munich made it possible for me to achieve the greatest wish of any footballer: Winning the Champions League.
I have always wanted to play in the Champions League and who wouldn’t want to play for the European champions?
In the Champions League you need a certain level of perseverance, strength, dedication to scoring over 90 minutes.
I don’t agree that we have to win the Champions League to be a success.
I was a driver and a racer. The difference between drivers, who can be great World Champions, and racers, who are also World Champions, is that racers don’t wait for things to happen: they make things happen.
With what I’ve already achieved in my career – winning trophies and playing in finals, important matches against Real Madrid and Barcelona, winning the Europa League and the Super Cup, and in the Champions League – sometimes you’ve earned the right to say something.
I looked at it, and it was like, ‘Can I push and make the Olympic squad?’ It is tough going from 18 players, including Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. I thought that might be a push too far for me. I had no Champions League with Chelsea. I lost my motivation.
There are always surprises in the Champions League.
At the end of your career, what you will keep in your head is the memory of winning trophies – Premier League, Champions League. Those are the only things you remember.
I want to be one of the greatest champions of all time. And it’s a good pressure – I need this pressure. Because if pressure is making me work, if it’s making me work harder – it was hard work to get to the championship, to win the championship.
You only appreciate what it feels like to win the Champions League after you’ve seen it snatched away from you.
If I watch big games like the Champions League on TV then I’m definitely watching what different centre-backs are doing in certain situations.
There’s different kind of champions. There’s the champion that becomes champion and they’re not champion for long. And then you have the guy who becomes champion and he stays at the top for like a decade. And those fighters tend to be very intelligent.
We are going to help the young talented athletes become world champions.
Finding myself in a final with Atletico makes me happy. Why? Because I know the feelings of all the people at the club – because I know how the players feel. They need to see their team as champions, so we have more fans every day.
I need to be playing in the Champions League.
Everything that UCLA stands for, it’s top of the food chain. So you either look at those things as burdens or you look at them as blessings. From day one, I’ve told my staff we’re going to look at it as a blessing and do everything we can to build champions.
In difficult moments, champions come through, and not by listening to what is being said.
‘We Are the Champions’ is meant to be ‘we,’ as in ‘all of us,’ collectively, not us the band. It’s a shame that some people understandably had the wrong take on that. ‘No time for losers‘ is not the kindest line, but it’s really more of a ‘we all of us.’ It’s a celebration.
Real Madrid have that special connection with Europe and Champions League matches. The fans transmit the importance to us and when you play a Champions League game, you get goosebumps, there is no better feeling in the world than that.
Where I am from, being able to play in the Champions League is an achievement in itself.
It’s not enough to be top in your league if you don’t do anything in the Champions League.
If you chart SEC champions over a 20-year period, the one consistent thing to me is you’re not going to win if you don’t have a quarterback. It’s too critical of a position. He decides something every play.
Real Madrid will be the first team to claim two Champions League trophies in a row.
Right from the beginning I wanted to test myself against the best, against real champions.
I am not someone who watches every game from the Bundesliga, the Spanish League, or even the Premier League. Of course, if there is a good game, like in the Champions League, I will watch it.
To go to Milan and play against the European champions at the San Siro is phenomenal.
I am proud to have started in the Champions League.
Playing in Barca is impressive: they’re in the Champions League; everyone talks about this team. You will not find another club like it in the world.
The players don’t sit in there and think, ‘We have to make the Champions League.’ They want to play well in every game.
Oliver Kahn against Valencia in 2001 – this was the first Champions League game I remember. I was a Bayern fan.
We know that the French are very different from the Americans in their satisfaction with life. They’re much less satisfied. Americans are pretty high up there, while the French are quite low – the world champions in life satisfaction are actually the Danes.
When I was a child, I had it in my head to play in the Champions League and win it.
When you are at a club like Man United, you know what your goals are. Your goals are to win every match, to be champions, to win all the competitions that you are playing in during the season.
Every team has to understand what their ambitions are. If their ambitions are to fight for the title or win the Champions League, you must buy expensive players. Otherwise, you continue to stay in your level. It’s simple.
Really, the club is like a big family. The locker-room spirit is also similar to what I had experienced at Liverpool, but I really like it here at Juventus, because it’s not just a set of champions. The sense of a team, the group, is strongly felt.
Hopefully, we can build a rivalry and we’ll be able to do this a lot. Make a legacy, then retire champions.
I’m going to wait until I’m 20 before I start calling out world champions.
I want to prove myself at Chelsea and be successful in the Premiership and the Champions League.
In your journey to the tag of winning-at-all-costs you can still behave, you can still do the right things by not crossing the line. Lot of champions have done it. Look at Rahul Dravid, Steve Waugh.
I’m looking forward to every game that I’m going to be involved in, whether it’s the Champions League, Premier League, or anything else.
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During my career, I’ve have a lot of satisfaction, but I miss the Champions League. I’d like to win it with Inter.
The first time I carried drinks was during the 2004 Champions Trophy. It was a wet outfield and I was running with the drinks and I couldn’t stop myself and just went sliding into Sourav Ganguly, who was giving a team chat in the huddle.
Porto is my team since I was a young boy. I was in the stands for all the matches. I was too young to go to the Champions League final in 2004, but I celebrated afterwards. I watch all their games when I can. At some point in my career, I want to go back.
Ruben Neves
The thing about Champions League football is it can turn on an instant. You can have a very good, solid team over the course of the season, but the Champions League is more like the World Cup, where your fate can be decided in a second and you need a bit of luck too.
It wasn’t easy to leave Barcelona. I fulfilled a dream when I moved there – to play in Spain and for the champions – but very few players stay in the same club all their life. To leave is normal.
We all know that the Champions League is the most important competition in the world.
Everything can change in the Champions League.
All I can do is as well as I can in the Champions League then just wait and see what happens. I’m looking forward to it just as much as everyone else. It is a great platform for all of us to show what we are about, to step up to the plate.
You ask any player and the Champions League is where he wants to be.
I’m capitalizing on a lot of mistakes that champions made before me. I hear a lot of guys say if they were champion again they would do things differently and respect people more. I plan to do that while I’m still champion.
I’m the best heavyweight outside the world champions, and let’s not forget that.
Man United under Fergie were about winning Champions League titles and winning Premier League titles.
I always give my best in training as if it was a Champions League final.
I worked with guys in Japan that were champions and they came over here for six months or a year and they treated them like garbage.
I was one of the youngest world champions in boxing. It is not that I was not prepared for it. I was just so young and it happened so quickly. I had to adapt to it. Live up to the hype. It was hard.
Conservatives are winning offices, and champions of big government are cleaning out their desks right now.
I find hope in knowing that I belong to a state that has a lot of people who are champions of change and progress; that we will rise up and fight for justice and equality; that, ultimately, love will trump hate.
Everyone can train hard when they are feeling good. But it’s the days when you’re feeling bad that you have to step up. That’s when champions step up. They pull through.
Chad le Clos
In my first interview in the UFC, I asked them to throw me among the lions. I wanted to fight the best, and that’s what the UFC did. Ex-champions, future champions – that’s what I wanted.
It’s no disgrace to play against the world’s champions and lose by one service break in the last two sets.
The Olympic Games showed us that with self-discipline and dedication we can be champions.
I want my tombstone to say that I won the Champions League with Barca.
Definitely the aim is to be champions.
With Wolves we are fighting for the Champions League, I am happy. and I am an important player for the fans and for the team.
The rules are changed now, there’s not any way to build a team today. It’s just how much money you want to spend. You could be the world champions and somebody else makes a key acquisition or two and you’re through.
Whitey Herzog
I know there are certain powers who would rather have the champions be Eastern European because there’s more money in it.
We need real and dedicated fighters and champions in the UFC. It’s simply the best organization in the world.
It’s why you become a footballer, so you can play against the best in the Champions League.
When you are nominated for the best player in Europe, the Ballon d’Or, playing in the Champions League, there is so much pressure. You don’t know what will happen. This pressure is inside you – you always have it.
You can only become world champions if you work as a team.
As for my ambitions with City, I want to win the Premier League and the Champions League.
Tottenham set a points and victories record in my first season, missed out on the Champions League by one point and had a great run in the Europa League. In the second season, at the time I left we had more points than in the previous campaign.
A bout between champions has to be considered a big show.
The best teams in Europe play in the Champions League, and when you face them, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.
Heavyweight championship. People want to see the big guys bang. Other champions are great, too. But ain’t nothing like seeing the big guys throw down.
Buster Douglas
I think it’s something great to win the Champions League with Madrid; it’s something special to be at a club that wants to win something, and I hope we can win it again.
I’m a woman specialist now. I’m going around the world to challenge all the woman champions. England, France, Czechoslovakia, everywhere.
Domestic titles are very important, but to win the Champions League, you are saying, ‘We are the best team in Europe.’
I’ve won some important titles, but the Champions League is something you always have in mind.
I would love to see The IIconics become the first women tag team champions.
I always think when you’re in the Champions League, as a player, as a fan now, you’re in that to come up against the biggest teams and the biggest names – that’s what you want.
In Cuba we use our champions to promote the sport.
Alberto Juantorena
Johnny Gargano is someone I’ve known for years – we’ve been EVOLVE Tag Team Champions together; we’ve wrestled each other many times over the years.
If the ‘enemy combatant’ cases of Padilla and Hamdi present a clash between liberty and security, each side champions one while giving short shrift to the other.
I won my first Champions League in 1989, and I won my last one 18 years later.
It was like a roller coaster at UCF, with highs and lows, but overall, it was a good ride. You look at the stadium and see ‘National Champions.’ It doesn’t get any better than that.
What puts you in a different level is if you win the Premier League, and you’re capable of challenging every season for the Premier League, and if you play Champions League, and you really believe, and you’re a real contender one day to win the Champions League. That’s my objective in Tottenham.
I have won the Champions League, won the FIFA Club World Cup, the FA Cup, the Italian Super Cup, the Spanish league twice, nine trophies, all the trophies you can win at club level.
Arianna Huffington is one of the greatest champions of this idea – that anyone can make a difference.
In Brazil, young boys dream of playing in the Champions League and I’m very proud to have realized my dream.
I always say it must not be an obsession to win the Champions League. It’s a very important title and beautiful to do it. But you must not try to win the Champions League and lose focus on the Premier League.
Every player’s dream is to play Champions League and the World Cup.
We all want to win the Champions League, it’s one of our goals.
To see myself with the Champions League trophy at such a young age was an incredible and tremendous feeling.
I won the title three times with Ajax; I played in the Champions League final and won the league title with Atletico. I have also played in the World Cup.
If you are hoping for a Champions’ League final or winning a title, it’s the same. You are working for a result.
Prior to ‘Action’ and ‘Justice League 1,’ there was no labelsuperhero‘ for a superpowered being. It’s really the emergence of Superman and the Justice League that gets the public comfortable with the idea of people amongst us who have extraordinary power and that they’ve agreed to be our champions.
Find your champions, because Phoebe Waller-Bridge is mine.
Sian Clifford
When you play in the Champions League, you are switched on – very, very smart and focused on every situation.
I think I won everything I wanted with Real: La Liga, the Champions League, and the Copa Del Rey.
I would love to win the Champions League.
I want to win the Euros. And the World Cup and the Champions League.
I’ve had the four best seasons of my career at Leicester and have loved every moment. I feel immense pride to have been a part of what we have achieved during my time at the club, culminating in becoming Premier League champions.
I would like to unify and test myself against other champions.
To sustain the Trump Revolution, we must empower Trump’s champions to drive positive change across America. And we must defeat ‘Never Trump’ elements wherever we find them.
I’ll put you through hell, but at the end of it all we’ll be champions.
We were the best team in the world: European champions in 1984, we qualified without a hitch and 86 was to be the swan song for a very experienced side.
Michel Patini
Many substitutes have won the Euros, World Cup or Champions League without contributing anything.
What is Champions League level? I saw a lot of rubbish games at Champions League level.
I’ve coached in Holland, Portugal and Spain and not only won trophies each time, but taken sides to the latter stages of the Champions League.
Winning the league is one thing but for me it was always the dream to win the Champions League.
Champions win and defend it wherever they need to defend it.
Neymar is the representative of the Brazil team, of what we’re all about. Being in the squad alongside him is always a pleasure, and we always have more chance of being champions if he’s around.
Fashion‘s impact reverberates through our society, which is why it is so important that it celebrates diversity and champions inclusivity.
I’ve followed Dortmund since I was seven and they beat Juventus in the Champions League. I was intrigued by them because I know how passionate their fans are.
We have this culture valued at Uber, which we call the champions’ mind-set. And champions’ mind-set isn’t always about winning. It’s about putting everything you have on the field, every ounce of passion and energy you have. And if you get knocked down, overcoming adversity.
My aims have always been to win titles and cups, to qualify for European football and to play in the Europa League or the Champions League.
Kemar Roofe
Twitch is where I built my Champions Club empire and will continue to entertain the millions of fans looking for me to dominate the competition.
Dr. Disrespect
Chelsea are a big club – we have to win titles and to qualify for the Champions League. There’s a lot to do, but we’ll try to do it all.
World records aren’t broken in practice, and competitive environments and adversity are the birthplace of champions.
We prioritise everything. We will always fight for the Champions League. Barca will always be like that – we are very excited – but the way to win the Champions League is to win the league.
I’ve seen teams spend £150 million and get nowhere near the Champions League. It has taken Manchester City a billion to get there. There are no guarantees.
If we want to be champions, we have to do our homework on all opponents, regardless of their position in La Liga or the stadium.
I remember my first Champions League final in 1996: Juventus-Ajax. That’s the clearest memory from my childhood.
This is what champions do: champions defend. They always say you’re not a champion until you defend your title.
The best teams of Europe play in the Champions League.
Brownsville breeds the best fighters in the world. What other neighborhood has produced so many champions?
Both with Bayern and with the national team, I have a lot of teammates who have achieved a lot more than me – most of them are world champions, European champions or Champions League winners.
America is the mecca of boxing, and they’ve had some great champions here. It’s good to establish your skills and let people know what you’re about in the States.
When the club who won the Champions League wants you, the decision is very easy.
I like guys who know how to implement a strategy. The ones who make a fight look easy. But there’s no easy fight, even if you win in 30 seconds, that only means you were able to execute your strategy correctly and induced your opponent to make a mistake. Those are the champions. That’s why they are the champions.
I wouldn’t have any fears about coming to England because I have played against English sides in the Champions League and studied the English game.
Let me say that if the political arena is your choice as you work to keep our democracy strong and our essential freedoms accessible for all, then that is what you should do, and I salute you. We need champions in all walks of our civic discourse.
We will only celebrate when we are champions and not before.
In April 2013, Nathaniel Popper of ‘The New York Timesreported on Bitcoin in an article titled, ‘Digital Money is Gaining Champions in the Real World‘.
The Champions League is the most important, but I love the Liga and the Copa.
I’ve coached UFC champions and stuff before I ever started fighting.
If I could apologise and go back and change history I would do. But the goal is still a goal, Argentina became world champions and I was the best player in the world.
When you’re a kid your dream is to be decisive in a Champions League final, and I managed to do that.
The Champions League is a target for me in any case. I want to win this title.
I don’t think there’s anything cliche feminine about Jane Austen. And, anyway, her earliest champions were Sir Walter Scott and the Prince Regent.
If Celtic were to build a team strong enough to regularly compete in the Champions League, I might decide to manage them one day.
You have to build your squad every year to do better; to win the Champions League is very difficult as we have seen.
I never started in boxing to be a British champion or a world champion. There are loads of world champions in Britain, and if you mention them to someone out there on the street, nobody knows who they are.
If you’re a talented player, and you’re 20 years old, you should be playing in the UEFA Champions League or in the elite European teams like AC Milan, Juventus, or Chelsea.
I want to win the Champions League with Bayern.
To win the Champions League is huge for everyone. I don’t care about the rest.
I was partners with Mil Mascaras and we were champions for about a year. We got over good because we had two different styles. The people respected his style when he was in the ring and when I came in they respected mine.
I am professional, won a Champions League, silver at the World Cup, I achieved big things in football and don’t deserve to go anywhere on loan.
When I started watching matches, it was those of Marseille. After that, it was Lyon. I went to see them all the time in the league or the Champions League with my dad.
Of course it would be nice to go to another Champions League final and hopefully win it again one day, but for me, the Premier League is the best trophy to have.
I played in the Champions League constantly for 12 or 13 years in my career, and I reached only two finals. I know how difficult it is to get to that point.
If you are champions, you have to work harder than before.
The Champions League nights are special for the fans, too. You can feel it on the streets.
I think if you think that far ahead about the first four, or to be champions, that is something you cannot control. You can control the training, and then the performance will come game by game, and do not think that far ahead.
Everybody wants to do a fight with me, champions at 170, champions at 185.
I’ve scored quite a few times in Europe, but scoring in the Champions League final is something special.
We wanted to be World Champions before going to the Olympics.
But I think the Champions League Final puts a massive pressure on every player and the manager, but we’re enjoying the pressure and hopefully we can go there and win it.
What I loved the most about the Champions League was the games at home.
In Spain, I’d taken Villarreal to league runners-up and the quarter-final and then semi-final of the Champions League.
It’s always a good time to play against a team when they come back from Europe, whether it’s the Europa League or Champions League.
I’m just asking for a fair shake. You see a lot of these guys, a lot of these other champions making what they’re making. I’m not trying to take anything away from them, but I feel like I’m one of the more exciting fighters under contract in the UFC.
I have memories of watching the Champions League as a kid in France. We all supported different teams and they were intense moments. Great memories.
I feel very blessed to have such wonderful cheerleaders and champions of my work.
You want to play in finals, and they don’t come much bigger than the Champions League final.
I know what a Champions League final is like.
A Champions League final is so rare to play.
Coming to Europe and winning the Champions League with a great club like Bayern is everything I can ask for.
I’ve got a tidy chin and a decent punch. And, for people who think they can fight and are champions, I’ll make it extremely hard.
When it comes to cup competitions and the Champions League, it’s always about going as far as we can. Getting out of the group stage is the first objective, then after that, we will see.
I really want to lift the Champions League trophy one day.
With Chelsea, the job was this: move up to the top, get into Europe. And I did that – fourth place in the Premier League and then into the Champions League, the season before Abramovich and all the money arrived.
The high point of my career was winning the Champions League. No one will ever erase that from my memory, in the same way that no one will ever erase the fact that I did it in a Manchester United shirt.
I know that a good many champions have entertained the thought that the more they discourage youngsters, the longer they would reign. However, this theory never impressed me, and I always made it a point to give youths the benefit of my experience in bicycle racing.
Major Taylor
If I had a choice between the Champions League and the Golden Boot, then of course it would be the Champions League – no doubt the Champions League.
If Neymar doesn’t leave PSG, he will never win anything important. Especially the Champions League, which is the most important competition.
The world needs champions. Too many people still find the path to opportunity closed to them. Too many still find unnecessary obstacles to education, to housing, to the full and free exercise of the right to vote.
With the Champions League, it’s not bad staying at Monaco.
I’ve been with clubs who won the league championships in Holland and England, which was brilliant, and to win the Champions League with Manchester United was an amazing experience.
If multi-stakeholder Internet governance is to survive an endless series of challenges, its champions must commit to serving the interests and protecting the rights of all Internet users around the world, particularly those in developing countries where Internet use is growing fastest.
The Champions League is, in terms of club football, the most prestigious one. And if you don’t win it you will never be named one of the greatest teams, no chance.
Everyone wants to play at the top level – everyone wants to play in the biggest tournaments in the world – so, obviously, the Champions League is one.
We’re not coming back unless it’s to become Olympic champions again.
Any strengthening of the squad, in a League and Champions League which demands so much, is a good thing because you need many top quality players.
I was like ‘You know what? I’m training with these champions. Guys like Georges St-Pierre, Rashad Evans, Nate Marquardt… Let me give this MMA thing a shot.’
My best Champions League moment was when Milan won in 2007 against Liverpool. That was the biggest moment for me in the Champions League.
The Champions League is unbelievably big. The whole show before, the fans, the players you play against, the people who are going to watch the game, the pressure – it’s very special.
I have been at Chelsea for a lot of years. I have played in the Premier League, the Champions League, it is a kid’s dream to play for Chelsea. I have moved on, who knows I might one day go back to Chelsea.
Dennis Bergkamp is, in my eyes, still ‘The Master‘. The fact that he never won the Champions League, the European Championship, or the World Cup does not take anything away from his greatness as a player.
I am happy to make my debut in the Champions League.
I have improved with time by playing for elite teams in elite leagues and the Champions League and with the Spanish national team in World Cups and European Championships.
I went from winning three Champions League titles to not playing.
The titles are important forever; it doesn’t matter when you win. They keep you motivated to win the Premier League and the Champions League.
I pray every night to win the Champions League with City.
You know when you have a manager that is always successful, is always in the title race and always playing in the Champions League.
A club like Tottenham are up there with the top teams, and I think they have to be in the Champions League.
I’ll remember my first league title, my first cup, the Champions League. But also the defeats – that’s also part of football.
Look at guys like Demetrious Johnson, who’s the pound-for-pound best fighter in the world. Why isn’t he on the largest pay scale? Why are there people that aren’t even champions making more money?
I want to get back on the international stage. I want to bring in Olympic champions to southwestern Ontario and I want it to be done the right way.
I’d love to feature for the Barbarians. I’d love to win a Champions Cup, and I’d love to get to another World Cup and make a fist of it: get to a World Cup final at least and see what could have been, particularly after 2011 when Wales reached the semi-finals.
You can be world champion, but ranked No 6 in the world, with there being four champions.
Liberals sit from this lofty perch of pomposity, but they are the champions of ignorance. They don’t know what they’re talking about.
We want to make our dreams come true and the Champions League is a dream for all of us.
It disturbs me that Liverpool are not in the Champions League and fighting for the Premier League.
We knew that you don’t get to be world champions without a struggle.
I’ve always been a very passionate football supporter, and I used to watch the Champions League.
When you look back at the former Ring of Honor world champions, whether it be Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, Samoa Joe, Nigel McGuiness, the list goes on and on. These are the guys that built the lineage and importance of the Ring of Honor world championship.
There is a magical feeling when the Champions League music sounds at the beginning of each game, it is the biggest club competition and is the trophy that every player wants to have.
It takes more than driving to become an IndyCar driver. Gone are the days when drivers show up Friday morning and go home Sunday night. We’re all integral to our partnerships, commercially, motorsports. We’re as much champions in the boardroom as we are on the racetrack.
Maya Moore is one of the greatest champions in basketball, male or female.
Everyone in the Champions League has quality.
I don’t think a lot of players reach a Champions League final. If you look at how many goalkeepers in the league reach a Champions League final, I don’t know.
I want to win the Champions League first. If I can win the Ballon d’Or, okay, but my objective is to win the Champions League first.
I think it’s normal that you will lose players if you don’t play every season in the Champions League, because that’s the intention for every player to be part of that.
All away games in the Champions League are difficult.
If you play for a team like Chelsea, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, or PSG, the aim is always to win the Champions League.
Sometimes having the best players is not enough to win the Champions League.
It’s true that PSG have the ambition to win the Champions League, so they could be interesting for a player like me.
Honestly, I don’t know why we can’t transfer the mentality we have in the Champions League to Serie A.
I grew up with two cousins from North Dakota who were junior national champions. They’re a lot older than me and I looked up to them as my older brothers.
I’ve played in a few Champions League matches and got into quarter-finals – sometimes unluckily knocked out – but you have to prepare like any other football match: you have to play the game, not the occasion. That’s been instilled in me since I was a kid.
Borussia Dortmund was the best solution for me. I wanted to have an experience abroad and in the Champions League. Then there are the fans – it was said they always supported the team, but I didn’t think like this.
It’s easier to fine tune in club football, and you have the chance to win the Champions League every year.
In a Champions League final you have to do your basics well but also be able to go above and beyond.
It don’t matter if I got a broke hand, got a torn muscle: I’m going to fight like heavyweight champions do.
I’m very happy to have already been welcomed into the LFC family, I’m a part of history having won the Champions League and hopefully we keep making history.
Everyone wants to play in the Champions’ League because that’s where it is all happening. That’s where you get the A-status for players. It’s very important for young players.
You can never make the mistake of underestimating an opponent, especially in the Champions League.
Our supreme goal is to win the Champions League, that’s what we’re here for.
Juventus has always tried to win the Champions League.
I do feel the obligation and desire to win the Scudetto with Juventus, and obviously everybody wants to win the Champions League.
I want to write a new story in Europe, to make a new history. I want to come to win the championship and play again in the Champions League.
Alexandre Pato
If you want to win the Champions League, you have to have talent, good players, luck in the draw, and, in certain moments, the right referee.
Champions League football is one of the primary reasons I joined Juventus so I am determined to help the team succeed in the competition.
I wanted to be a pro wrestler, but my mom didn’t let me. I used to make videos and stuff in the backyard. I had a buddy named Daniel Decker, and we used to have a tag team called the ‘Deck Garra Era.’ We used to make video after video. We were the tag team champions, but then we turned on each other.
Klopp never wanted us to get carried away. He never wanted us to think of ourselves as champions, even though we were top of the league. He wanted us to focus on ourselves, not to listen to what people were saying about us. It was all about the next game and only the next game.
Bayern had no international success in the years before I joined, and my goal was actually to play at the best possible level, which would have meant winning the Champions League.
I am ambitious; I want to play in the Champions League or in the Europa League.
Champions keep playing until they get it right.
With hindsight, if you want to play for Real Madrid, sacrifices need to be made but I was too young to understand. There are things I shouldn’t have said or done. It was early in my career, maybe too early. I didn’t know it was the only Champions League I’d win, for example.
I just want to be remembered as one of the toughest champions with his own attitude.
It is truly an amazing feeling to play in the final of the Champions League with the BVB at Wembley. Ahead of my transfer to Dortmund, I definitely hadn’t thought about this being a possible scenario.
In the Champions League I’m no expert. Pep is the expert, he’s won it twice as a manager.
That’s why it’s hardest to win a Premier League instead of a Champions League – because it’s over 38 games. You can’t play well in every game, but it’s about grinding out results.
Seeing Mexicans in the media is rare. Seeing role models on TV is rare. So who do we look up to? We’re not seen on football fields or basketball courts. So we look up to fighters; they’re Mexican. They are out there fighting, representing their people, and winning champions. We look up to them.
All Champions League games are difficult.
The Champions League is always special. I believe every player, every fan, every coach wants this trophy. It is unbelievable, and it is one of the greatest achievements you can have in football.
It would be great to lift the Champions League trophy.
I am very proud that Accenture is among corporate champions to be honored by the Women’s Forum of New York for our mutual commitment to making a difference.
Not everybody is following every league in the world so the Champions League is a platform where everybody can see what you’re still able to do.
I want to win games, want to win championships. I want to go to the World Cup. I want to win a World Cup. I want to play in Champions League. I want to have fun throughout all of that, and I want my family to be a part of that through the entire path.
Zack Steffen
I feel very good at Atletico, and being here allows me to play in the Champions League.
In the Champions League, everything is possible.
I enjoyed it very much, my first Champions League game.
PSG are amongst the top eight European clubs. They want to go to the next level in the Champions’ League; it is a very big club that would attract any player.
Miralem Pjanic