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Ceremony Quotes

We’ve collected the best Ceremony Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Jake Johnson, Uddhav Thackeray, Ira Glasser, David L. Wolper, Nicola Walker. Use them as an inspiration.

My big break was really Liz Meriwether saw me in a movie called ‘Paper Heart‘ and really liked it, and then saw me in a movie called ‘Ceremony’ because she knew Max Winkler and said, ‘I want you to be in ‘No Strings Attached,’ but you gotta audition for it.’ From that it was easier for her to get me in ‘New Girl.’
An e-bhoomi pujan can be done. The ground-breaking ceremony can be held through video-conference.
The notion of religious liberty is that you cannot be forced to participate in a religious ceremony that’s not of your choosing simply because you’re out-voted.
Ira Glasser
Somebody said something funny to me the other day. They said, ‘Wolper, until two weeks ago, your tombstone was going to say, ‘David Wolper, the man who producedRoots.’ I think the tombstone now has a new inscription. It’s going to be ‘David Wolper, the man who produced the opening ceremony of the 1984 Olympics.’
I find the whole ceremony of marriage a bit like going to work. Putting on a lovely dress and make-up, learning lines, someone doing your hair.
Being a pop fan is a lot like Catholic devotionlots of ritual, lots of ceremony… We touch the icon to enter the sacred space, genuflecting to reliquaries and ostentatoria that make something splendid of our most secret desires and agonies.
I treat my relationships like marriages. The ceremony isn’t that important to me.
I don’t like shopping, so I’ll look online. I like going to the flea market at the Rose Bowl every once in a while. I like the same stores, Opening Ceremony and APC.
The very first night on ‘The Bachelor,’ my first season, I remember standing in the rose ceremony room. It’s 4:30 in the morning at this point. It’s freezing cold, everyone is cold and nervous standing on these risers, and you could hear the teeth chattering and the deep breaths.
Mary, my little girl, was confirmed in a Buddhist temple. She saw the Life write up on Buddhism, with pictures of the ceremony, and she said she wanted to be confirmed there because she only liked Jesus as a kid. She was a little disappointed in him when he grew up.
Kenneth Rexroth
I was at an ESPN event in the United States, the awards ceremony, and I got approached by the WWE. I had just retired, and, it’s a form of competition, but of course, it’s also scripted, so I don’t know if I’d be willing to relive that. Perhaps for a special event, so I could taste it.
The ceremony took six minutes. The marriage lasted about the same amount of time though we didn’t get a divorce for almost a year.
The liberal social experiment with our military continues. A same-sex marriage-like ceremony should not have occurred at Fort Polk, especially since the people of Louisiana have made it abundantly clear that our state does not recognize same-sex marriages or civil unions.
I would never watch the Oscar ceremony.
Hearing Mass is the ceremony I most favor during my travels. Church is the only place where someone speaks to me and I do not have to answer back.
I love the way Indian weddings are hosted. We have kept everything traditionalexcept our engagement ceremony.
Neil Nitin Mukesh
I think any success you can have on the tennis court, doubles helps. If you’re playing on the weekend, you’re in the trophy ceremony at the end of it, one of the last guys in the locker room, it can only give you confidence.
I was playing a gig in Greece in September 2003 and this guy walks up to me and says, ‘Hey Tiesto I just heard you play; you’re amazing. I want you to play at the opening ceremony of the Olympics.’ I looked at him, like, ‘Sure pal!’
I have always thought beach weddings are beautiful. A sunset ceremony with a beautiful sky, white drapes and fire lanterns.
The prenup needs to be drawn up months before the wedding, not days – it’s not something you slap together and sign in the car on the way to the ceremony. A shotgun prenup might not hold up in court.
For my generation, the bomber jacket is like a replacement for the suit jacket. It’s a piece that men wear every day, and it’s something that I would wear for any occasion, whether it’s on the street or going to an awards ceremony.
I listened to ‘En la Ceremony’ and had always wished it had some flamenco guitar.
Like most people – unless they’re very practised at it or have no warm blood at all in their veins – I feel a little apprehensive about the red carpet. It’s always a bit bewildering when people are taking pictures and asking questions before the ceremony.
I had planned on taking things easy for a while in 2014 but things started to crop up and I ended up having quite a busy year, with events including the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games with Rod Stewart.
Opening Ceremony is my number one favorite place to shop here. It’s the only place I’ll shop in New York with my son. All of the sales people are so cool; the music is great; it’s just like a big fun house, so he stays entertained.
Laos is a deeply Buddhist country, and my visit included a traditional Tak Bat ceremony, in which you get up at sunrise and make offerings to Buddhist monks.
Getting married isn’t going to make your relationship better. It’s just a ceremony.
I didn’t really know what to expect. I had been told about the scale of Cannes, but nothing could have prepared me for just how many people would turn out for our photo calls or for the opening ceremony.
People are obsessed with my haircut; everyone wants to do something with my hair before the ceremony. Very senior figures tell me their hairstylist wants to do my hair for free. It’s surprising. People from television are interested almost exclusively in aspects of my hair and my hairdresser.
The thing about the Nobel ceremony is that for a whole week, you get treated like a superstar. You get driven everywhere. You have minders who always make sure you get where you’re going. And you always get into the back seat of the limo.
Jack W. Szostak
And it wasn’t so much the medal, it was stepping out of the ramp during the Opening Ceremony. Man, I took a step back and realized I made it. That was huge.
Under certain circumstances there are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea.
I believe in ceremony. I think ceremony is important, pomp and circumstance, tradition. I’m into those things.
I was quite moved to see this huge crowd which attended the ceremony in the middle of the town.
Ceremony leads her bigots forth, prepared to fight for shadows of no worth. While truths, on which eternal things depend, can hardly find a single friend.
I’m Catholic and Mum taught me the comfort that you can get from going to church. But I’m an a la carte Catholic. I love all the pomp and ceremony of it.
Patsy Kensit
Born in the silent era, with the first ceremony hosted by Douglas Fairbanks at the Roosevelt Hotel, the Oscars are a tradition in a business that doesn’t have much of it, and the biggest spectacle in a business that’s often nothing but.
Winning the Outstanding Contribution award is great, because you know you have won in advance. Previously, I have been really nervous during the ceremony because you have no idea if you are going to get called up on stage. This time I could relax and enjoy myself.
When I voted against the cap-and-trade bill, the phone rang and it was the chief of staff of the president of the United States of America, Rahm Emanuel, and he started swearing at me in terms and words that I hadn’t heard since that crossing the line ceremony on the USS New Jersey in 1983.
Eric Massa
Even if the Tonys aren’t as glitzy as the Oscars, being a part of the ceremony is no less exciting.
This ceremony and the intellectual aura associated with the Nobel Prizes have grown from the wisdom of a practical chemist who wrote a remarkable will.
Stanford Moore
The two moments that I felt the most nervous in my entire life were when I first had reading rehearsal for ‘G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra’ and when I was at the Academy Awards ceremony.
I love Opening Ceremony, Kenzo – anything Humberto Leon and Carol Lim touch. I drool over Christopher Kane, Mary Katrantzou, Delpozo, and Wes Gordon.
When I was a young man, it was very fashionable not to have the sacred thread ceremony, and among very respectable families, mind you. As a rebel, I decided to do it.
I generally only eat one meal a day, which is pretty unusual for a restaurant reviewer. It’s not that I have a problem with food; I’ll eat anything that doesn’t involve a bet, a dare, or an initiation ceremony.
I came to New York in 2008 not knowing a thing about fashion, but even back then I knew Opening Ceremony was this beautiful, welcoming beacon on the shores of taste, shooting up gorgeous flares for us wayward souls at sea.
As a teenager, in my songbook, I used to script what my lighting would be like. I used to dance in my roo;, it was like putting myself in a trance, and making myself feel good about things, almost like a private ceremony of begging people to like you.
Groceries became a revelation: the people coming out with bundles of food. It’s all like a great ceremony, and the whole drudgery of shopping has become my inspiration.
Corita Kent
I wasn’t expecting two seconds of me on the medal stand to go viral after the Olympics. I came back to my room after the medal ceremony, and my dad said this picture of me doing a face I don’t even remember making is blowing up.
McKayla Maroney
Modi invite me for his swearing in ceremony and I did attend it.
Progress makes us lose the feeling of a ceremony that cooking should have. It has significantly shifted our values so that now it seems to us that only activities with an economic reward are worth pursuing.
I learned enough Hebrew to stagger through a meaningless ceremony that I scarcely remember.
It was a conscious decision on my part to take up fewer films. And if you’re not seen that often on screen, nobody calls you to perform at an awards ceremony.
Fame doesn’t get to me. I lead quite a quiet life on the whole – I will go to an awards ceremony if the show I’m in, or I, am nominated because I think it’s important to say, ‘Thank you.’
A graduation ceremony is an event where the commencement speaker tells thousands of students dressed in identical caps and gowns that ‘individuality‘ is the key to success.
Being able to have the World Cup in Canada, Mexico and the USA is a great honor for us. Being able to speak at the ceremony that announced they were bringing it here was a stepping stone for a young player like me. I’m happy that it’s coming to Canada.
Shortly after her feeding tube is removed, Terri Schiavo receives the Catholic ceremony of last rites. Michael Schiavo stays in a room down the hall. He remains at his wife‘s side throughout the day, except when her immediate family comes to see Terri.
We all have that moment when we think, ‘Hand me that Oscar now – you don’t even have to have the ceremony’.
Before I was an actor I was a break dancer, one of those street performers you see. I guess my introduction into the professional world of performing was a stint as back up dancer for Lionel Richie and I performed at the closing ceremony at the ’84 Olympics.
In one way or another, President Obama‘s critics will dog him all the way to Oslo for the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony, and even his admirers will continue to have doubts about his accomplishments if not his promise.
Ceremony and ritual are like a warm, fuzzy coat to the Brits. It feels good to put it on.
I think one of the greatest gigs I played, and we’ve had many, but to play the opening ceremony at – at the Olympic games in Athens 2004 was pretty special, you know? Because it’s such a big deal for the whole world. And the whole world’s watching. So that was definitely one of the special ones.
To me, a theater is a kind of a sacred space. It needs a kind of ceremony, like what happens when you consecrate a church.
I’ve been obsessed with Opening Ceremony since I moved to New York. I’ve spent whole paychecks there.
Marriage: a ceremony in which rings are put on the finger of the lady and through the nose of the gentleman.
If you’re at an award ceremony, you’re against your mates.
I had a novel in the back of my mind when I won an Ian St James story competition in 1993. At the award ceremony an agent asked me if I was writing a novel. I showed her four or five chapters of what would become ‘Behind the Scenes at the Museum‘ and to my surprise she auctioned them off.
Not every religion has to have St. Augustine’s attitude to sex. Why even in our culture marriages are celebrated in a church, everyone present knows what is going to happen that night, but that doesn’t prevent it being a religious ceremony.
I was profoundly moved to be the first United Nations Secretary-General to attend the Peace Memorial Ceremony in Hiroshima. I also visited Nagasaki. Sadly, we know the terrible humanitarian consequences from the use of even one weapon. As long as such weapons exist, so, too, will the risks of use and proliferation.
New poems no longer come to me with their prodigies of metaphor and assonance. Prose endures. I feel the circles grow smaller, and old age is a ceremony of losses, which is, on the whole, preferable to dying at forty-seven or fifty-two.
The Academy Awards ceremony is designed to be without irony, but Chris Rock supplied it anyway with filmed movie-theater interviews with black men and women who had never heard of the movies nominated for Best Picture.
There was no religious ceremony connected with marriage among us, while on the other hand the relation between man and woman was regarded as in itself mysterious and holy.
When you get made into the Mafia, they cut, prick your finger. And they take the blood and put it on the picture of a saint. Then they burn it. That’s the Mafia induction ceremony.
The Olympic Games is one of those moments that you remember forever, from the moment that you step foot in the country that you’re competing in to the Closing Ceremony.
I really like the Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony collection – all of those kind of laser-cut leather dresses.
I enjoy ritual and ceremony. What I don’t like is when it’s badly done or sloppily done. This is actually a theological issue – the forms we adopt, the actions we take, the way we do things, are, as it were, a sacrament.
Peter Hollingworth
Gay marriage was a trick: it’s a tool to tell people to bake cakes. Laws are based on morality, so if it’s illegal for a Catholic to refuse a ceremony, you are saying that Catholicism is immoral, and that was really the goal of gay marriagediscredit Christianity.
Gavin McInnes
In any awards ceremony, if you’re a finicky person like myself, you can pick a multitude of things to nag about. I get frustrated with the comedy category because it feels like it gets sidelined a lot of the time for all kinds of things – not sidelined, marginalized.
What I needed and actually need is a discipline of tradition, which is lacking in our civilization. Discipline of tradition and the ceremony of humbleness.
I was on the field praising quarterback Dan Fouts during a ceremony to retire his number. Boos began shaking the stadium. It was a moment of misery like I’d never experienced before. Afterward, dejection hung over me for days.
Alex Spanos
Five days after the Tsarnaev brothers blew up Boston‘s most sacred event, and just 24 hours after one brother was killed and the other was caught, everyone decided that it was OK to play baseball at Fenway again. The game happened on a Saturday afternoon, preceded by an emotional ceremony and many prayers.
This is going to sound completely absurd, but I do sometimes feel like the enjoyment of an awards ceremony or the pride in the finished article hasn’t ever surpassed the joy of doing the work, of making it. The doing it is really the bit I’m there for.
In Ethiopia, food is often looked at through a strong spiritual lens, stronger than anywhere else I know. It’s the focal point of weddings, births and funerals and is a daily ceremony from the preparation of the meal and the washing of hands to the sharing of meals.
In a bar mitzvah, you do the candle-lighting ceremony with the cake. Every birthday, the cake is the big moment.
Britain today is not revolutionary France. There are no grades of citizenship. An immigrant who has just shaken hands at the end of their citizenship ceremony is as British as a member of the oldest family in the land.
I watched my idol and fellow Dutchman Tiesto. He was the first DJ to play live on stage at an Olympic event – the Opening Ceremony of the 2004 Summer Olympic Games in Athens. At eight years old, all I can remember thinking was, ‘I want to be a DJ.’
Even the most understated ceremony involves a certain respect for ritual and pageantry. No one plays more of a significant role than the bride‘s attendants.
At an early age, it was always trying to root for the Sooners. When Jason White won, it was awesome running around my living room like I won it. I’ve always had fun watching the Heisman ceremony.
For me, one of the most interesting columns to write was about Dick Cheney when he represented the U.S. at a commemorative ceremony at Auschwitz.
Robin Givhan
I am going to go on with my life, and if they call me and say ‘Yo, you are going to be in the Hall of Fame or you are going to be in this,’ then I am going to say, ‘So be it.’ If I make it, I will go to the ceremony, and I’ll have fun.
The Bachelor’… and ‘The Bachelorette’… and ‘Bachelor in Paradise‘… and the ‘After the Final Rose ceremony’. I love a competition dating show.
The day I graduated, I skipped the ceremony to go straight to California for the dot-com boom.
The London Olympic Opening Ceremony was excellent. The mixture of old and new, of classic and contemporary was a beautiful reflection of Great Britain. Danny Boyle is a genius.
Walking in the opening ceremony and just being part of the Olympics is so special and it’s something to cherish forever.
I focused on my career. I grew up super Christian, both my parents are ministers, so I did a purity ceremony when I was a teenager.
We sit in a room, laugh, and all come up with comedy situations, which we work out. Sometimes we cross the line, like getting a guy to pull out of his own wedding while the ceremony’s taking place.
Male circumcision has been practiced for thousands of years and is a deeply important ceremony for two major religions.
Brad Sherman
Before I took the veil, I was ornamented for the ceremony, and was clothed in a rich dress belonging to the Convent, which was used on such occasions; and placed not far from the altar in the chapel, in the view of a number of spectators who had assembled, perhaps about forty.
Haiti itself was also photographed, some of the streets, some of the mountains, rivers, streams, etc. were photographed before talking with me about how I felt about Haiti. Then the camera went to our voodoo temple and saw a serious ceremony, a real ceremony.