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Carousel Quotes

We’ve collected the best Carousel Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Melanie Martinez, George Murray, John Lithgow, Erma Bombeck, Kelli O’Hara. Use them as an inspiration.

I went to the carnival a lot. The carousel was my favorite ride as a kid.
In fact, in some ways, I actually feel much more confident about the quality of Carousel than I do about The Cottage Builder‘s Letter: probably because of its cohesive nature.
George Murray
With ‘Carousel’ I had an idea and it all came out quickly.
George Murray
Look at the darkest hit musicalsCabaret, West Side Story, Carousel – they are exuberant experiences. They send you out of the theater filled with music.
Did you ever notice that the first piece of luggage on the carousel never belongs to anyone?
The ‘Carousel’ overture has always been one of my all-time favorite pieces of music.
In college, my voice never quite fit the classic ones like ‘Music Man‘ or ‘Carousel’.
I used to work on a carousel on a boardwalk in Coney Island.
With ‘Wicked,’ I was stepping into a role that I didn’t make so that felt like I had more boundaries then I did with ‘Carousel.’
Tim Pigott-Smith once told me to never get off the carousel, i.e., just keep working. It’s much harder to get back on and get a job when you’re unemployed. But from my own experience, my advice would be keep the faith, be yourself, and don’t be afraid to say ‘no.’ It’s the only power we have!
Harry Hadden-Paton
As the fashion carousel spins ever faster, the concern is that, while the stream of newness never runs out, there’s going to be a good deal more crash and burn among designers in the future.
The idea of doing a production of ‘Carousel’ that doesn’t feel like it’s stuck in the 1950s really intrigues me.
‘Carousel,’ please! I would die to do that.