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Caribbean Quotes

We’ve collected the best Caribbean Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Winston Duke, Taj Mahal, Sajid Javid, Ro James, C. C. H. Pounder. Use them as an inspiration.

I grew up with comic books, and I’m from the Caribbean, so comic books were really a great interrogator of American culture for me.
I was always taught that Latin, Caribbean people were cousins to me, as well as blues was a cousin to me, as well as Africans were direct relatives to me. It was all a part of my language.
Like the Caribbean Windrush generation, my parents came to this country from the Commonwealth in the 1960s. They, too, came to help rebuild this country and offer all that they had.
I listened to a lot of reggae music, a lot of Caribbean, a lot of gospel, a lot of rock, a lot of country, hip-hopyou know, so it just gave me perspective when it came to music and what I liked.
I’ve got a general callout with the Caribbean world in which I’m interested in helping in any way to get their well-written good stories out to the rest of the world. I am really interested in helping those stories get to a completion and public viewing.
C. C. H. Pounder
I always take a trip someplace warm, and the Caribbean is my favorite place to travel for some sun.
I really like the Caribbean. Anyplace in the Caribbean. I get there, and I feel like a monkey – the perfect state.
I liked going to the Caribbean, just having nice holidays, do you know what I mean?
Born on an island, I could swim before I could walk, thrown many times into swimming pools and warm transparent Caribbean waters: sink or swim, that was my first lesson. While I’m not a natural athlete, I’m still a strong swimmer and feel a great affinity with the sea.
Monique Roffey
I want to be old Princess Margaret, without a doubt. Kaftan wearing, Caribbean island-dwelling… that’s my inner spirit animal.
We did a blackJulius Caesar‘ in which the predominant accent was Caribbean. This offends many people, you know. I also had a Chinese Marc Anthony. I also managed – this caused a great shock – I also got some white guys in it as well!
I would love to take a role like Greg Chappell did for Australia. I think I have a good eye for talent and this is something that we have never taken on board in the Caribbean.
If I have to fly economy, there is no way I am flying more than two and a half hours. I am just not doing long-haul economy flights. I did it once to the Caribbean and never again.
Christmas in the Caribbean, after a tiring flight, may sweep you out of the cold but it’s not a real Christmas, is it?
I work out in the Caribbean for half the year, playing a detective who‘s really into science. Anybody who knows me will tell you that’s a dream come true. But it’s tough for my family. We only get to see each other every two and a half to three weeks.
I really, really loved Elizabeth and Will from ‘Pirates of the Caribbean.’ I think a lot of people did.
I have a tendency to drift toward action. Some of my favorite films are ‘Mr. & Mrs. Smith,’ ‘The Dark Knight,’ ‘Inception,’ ‘The Fifth Element,’ and ‘Pirates of the Caribbean,’ and ‘The Avengers.’
I’m a big fan of Caribbean food, Spanish food, Dominican food – like rice and beans. Hot sauce just adds a different layer of boom to the food, you feel me?
It’s a cliche that cricket is the only unifying force in the Caribbean. It is but there are a lot of other factors that keep us apart. Success in sport and war will always unite but you need to have a greater foundation and greater core.
Kochi, formerly called Cochin, is a former European settlement with a large Christian population and a seafaring heritage. It is a town of enormous charm that reminds some visitors of the Caribbean more than India.
I built the ideal house down in the Caribbean. All Englishmen dream of leaving the rain of England and getting a place in the sun – out in the grounds with separate guest houses; that is the ideal scenario.
Let us work toward greater cooperation with all Caribbean Countries, whether we speak English, Dutch, French or Spanish, whether we are independent or not, and whether we be island or continental territories.
Constructive criticism is not much accepted in the Caribbean.
My mum used to play afrobeats, my dad used to play Caribbean, my sisters and brothers played hip-hop.
I want to give my daughter that Caribbean influence. But also, just being a black girl in this country, I want her to grow up with culture and confidence, and with love.
My mother was American, and my father was from the Caribbean, and there was a big open door into the world of humanity and music.
Effectively, what we are saying to the governments of Europe is, ‘OK, after 300 years, you have left these islands in a pretty bad state. You’ve left them with terrible developmental challenges, and we believe you have a responsibility to return to the Caribbean and participate in the rebuilding of the Caribbean.’
Hilary Beckles
Oh yeah, that’s the Holy Grail, Pirates of the Caribbean. Johnny Depp, he’s the real deal, isn’t he? He doesn’t get the girl, and he doesn’t care.
Only two countries in this hemisphere are not democratic, but many countries in both Central and South America, and in the Caribbean, are really fragile democracies.
I was always pretty interested in my history. Not just the history of the Caribbean, the history of my people, but all walks of life.
What happened to Haiti is a threat that could happen anywhere in the Caribbean to these island nations, you know, because of global warming, because of climate change and all this.
When you’re on one of the Caribbean islands, sometimes it’s hard to picture how they fit in with the rest, but when you see them all joined together like a necklace from space, you see the natural geographic connectedness of them all.
I’m not sure how I’d survive without English Breakfast tea. Even in the Caribbean, I must drink 20 cups a day.
My favourite types of cuisine are Asian and Caribbean, and I love cooking new recipes for my family.
Jourdan Dunn
We want to engage in ever closer synergy with Latin American and Caribbean partners.
The Caribbean is not an idyll, not to its natives. They draw their working strength from it organically, like trees, like the sea almond or the spice laurel of the heights.
I now work for a finance company in Luxembourg with projects in South America and the Caribbean.
Mathias Rust
What really swings is the music of the United States, Cuba, the Caribbean and vicinity, and, of course, Brazil. The rest is all waltzes.
Antonio Carlos Jobim
We Cubans are voting for our new constitution, we’re voting for Latin America and the Caribbean. We’re also voting for Venezuela, we’re defending Venezuela because in Venezuela the continent‘s dignity is in play.
There are no regions in the world as reciprocally integrated as Latin America and the Caribbean, and Europe.
Caribbean literature only has to be true to itself. It doesn’t need colonialism or imperialism. It’s always been vibrant.

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