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We’ve collected the best Careers Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Stephanie Szostak, Michael Buffer, Sarita Choudhury, Rowan Atkinson, LL Cool J. Use them as an inspiration.

People are so obsessed with making their careers and having a big house; then you realize that kills your dreams. It even kills what makes your life because you get so busy inside.
Stephanie Szostak
One of my careers just before ring announcing was that I worked as a model.
Some people are very ambitious and plan their whole careers, but I am not that kind of a person.
Not so much in Canada, but certainly in the US, as I’m sure you know, money is all, and if they can get another 26 programs of the same thing even though it advances the culture or those actor’s careers not at all it doesn’t matter.
To me, my peers are Bruce Springsteen and Mick Jagger. I’m not talking age-wise, but in terms of careers. Madonna. Those are my peers. And I’m okay with that.
I do whatever is necessary in order to maintain the equanimity we all need to withstand the disappointment and rejection that are the lot of every writer, no matter where we are in our careers.
Women have to take more control of their careers. They can’t just wait to be cast in a film.
The bosses can’t read your mind, so I think women should tell them what they want out of their careers. And so I think that if you’re just a good person, you work hard, you say ‘yes,’ and you are driven, you will eventually work your way to the top. At least, that’s how it’s been for me.
Coaches coach guys on the field. I get to spend time with practice squad receivers and tight ends or a young center who‘s always inactive on Sundays… I feel really good about having an impact on those guys and their careers.
Matt Hasselbeck
At the end of our NASA careers, no one had a place for us in the military.
Wally Schirra
I see a lot of people who change careers in the middle of their life and they think it’s a good idea to come in the kitchen.
The truth is that throughout my careers in both chess and the martial arts, I often knew that my rivals were more naturally gifted than me – either with their mental machines or their bodies. But I have believed in my training, my approach to learning, and my ability to rise to the challenge under pressure.
Joshua Waitzkin
I suspect that authors who start their careers writing for an adult audience – and who eventually produce a young adult novel or two – are more common than authors who begin by writing for young adults and who then gravitate toward composing something for an adult audience.
Careers don’t seem to be built up in the same way as they were in the 80s.
Kim Wilde
The only people who have control over their careers are the ones you see on the covers of magazines. Everyone else is just plodding along making a living. The key is not to live over your means and overdo it.
Adam Baldwin
Many of us, particularly those of us with disabilities who have faced persistent discrimination throughout our lives, not least when trying to find employment in the first place, take enormous pride in our hard-fought jobs and careers.
ICT careers are becoming more complex as a result of the digital revolution, where smarter connections are being made between people, processes, data, and things.
On the artist side, we made a significant investment in very young artists from the very beginning of their careers and helped them become global superstars.
‘A Different World‘ didn’t have the blazing success that ‘Cosby’ had, but it was on for seven seasons, and we got a lot of awards, and a lot of faces came out of that show and have had great careers.
We don’t want to be treated any differently, and we want to continue with our lives and our careers.
Vanessa Kerry
Sports helped me become super, super confident in my body growing up, especially in my high school and college careers. I wasn’t going to be a hot prom chick that everyone wanted to go on dates with, but I was a stellar athlete.
For any female actor, the age between 35 to 45 is treacherous. Filmmakers tell me, I am at that awkward age. No parts are written for women in this age bracket, while men at that age flourish and have great careers.
I believe there will be players who, instead of playing eight years, will play six. Who will closely watch how they feel. It will shorten careers.
We want to make sure our athletes have a future once their athletics careers are over.
Alberto Juantorena
For me, Tommy Dreamer is ECW. There are other guys who did stuff there and other guys who made their careers there and made a name there, but Tommy Dreamer is ECW.
People with film careers get a whole onslaught of people they spend 12 hours a day with every three months. It’s like speed dating. You’ve got a fast-track to social intimacy with a whole bunch of people.
Christine Elise
The best way to get students involved in science and want to follow either science careers or incorporate it in their lives or to achieve science literacy is to expose them to the various jobs in STEM. It’s broad from biologists to electricians to nanotechnologists to building fusion engines. It’s a wide range of things.
I just like, when you look at people who have long careers in film, they’re able to make films that are far away from themselves, because they’re metaphorical. It creates more opportunities, I think.
Most music careers slowly but surely go down.
Malik Bendjelloul
I have three girls, and I say the same thing to them. I’m not involved in their careers because I’ve learned that it’s important for them to stand on their own two feet. They’ll feel better and prouder of themselves if they do.
Most actors and actresses are consumed by careers and getting ahead.
Careers in virtually all academic disciplines are fostered by being a superstar who knows more about one subject than anyone else in the world.
I don’t think many actors are the best judge of careers. I think generally we have good instincts about what we can do in terms of acting. And often they become directors, which I don’t want to be.
Careers are defined by four minutes on the ice and lives can change forever, emotionally and financially.
John Zimmerman
I guess I much prefer the path of the contrarian: the guy who goes against the grain a bit. The careers of the people who I admire deeply – like the Coen brothers and Soderbergh – don’t repeat themselves, and they make radically different films at times, and I think that’s wonderful.
The world must be filled with unsuccessful musical careers like mine, and it’s probably a good thing. We don’t need a lot of bad musicians filling the air with unnecessary sounds. Some of the professionals are bad enough.
Rodeo careers can end without warning, as quick as the next try at an eight-second ride.
John Branch
Very few of the great leaders ever get through their careers without failing, sometimes dramatically.
Phil Crosby
People don’t usually have long careers as heavyweights because they mature into the role. Look at amateur wrestling, you don’t usually see guys go to heavyweight as freshman. I was just blessed that even though I wasn’t as big as some of the other guys, I was able to step in right away at heavyweight.

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