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Canada Quotes

We’ve collected the best Canada Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Rick Mercer, Maurice Strong, Paul Nehlen, Marco Rubio, Aden Young. Use them as an inspiration.

And in English Canada, no one really knows where the support is coming from, but Conservatives would assume that it’s bleeding from the Liberals. So we have a divided left in Canada.
Licences to have babies incidentally is something that I got in trouble for some years ago for suggesting even in Canada that this might be necessary at some point, at least some restriction on the right to have a child.
I’ve closed factories in Mexico and brought those jobs back to the United States. I’ve closed factories in Canada and brought those jobs back to the United States.
For those who aspire to live in a high cost, high tax, big government place, our nation and the world offers plenty of options. Vermont, Canada and Venezuela all offer you the opportunity to live in the socialist, big government paradise you long for.
I have great, fond memories of Canada. I feel that one day my bones will more than likely end up there.
Aden Young
One thing I’ve learned from all my time with Team Canada is that they’re very, very prepared so knowing that’s part of the DNA of Team Canada, you have to be prepared with whatever area your responsibility belongs to.
It is wonderful to feel the grandness of Canada in the raw.
Emily Carr
Canada is a really big melting pot of cultures, so we ended up with a giant mosaic of different music.
I started acting professionally when I was about 17. I worked immediately, but a year into it, I did an independent film in Canada, and that started it all. It was proof that maybe I could do this as a career.
If I look at my make-up, Canada is a huge part of what I am.
Trudeau’s contribution was not to build Canada but to destroy it, and I had to come in and save it.
As leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, I commit to work with all Conservatives to live up to the promise of our great country.
The North American intellectual tradition began, I maintain, in the encounter of British Romanticism with assertive, pragmatic North American English – the Protestant plain style in both the U.S. and Canada, with its no-nonsense Scottish immigrants.
I think NASCAR‘s coming to Canada now so it’ll take on a whole new relevance. Be afraid.
Samantha Bee
For me, it’s all about the Canadian tuxedo, and maybe a bolero. The province I grew up in in Alberta is pretty much the denim capital of Canada. The first premier of Alberta started Grand Western Garment, which Levi’s bought later on.
A couple of fans followed my sister and I all the way to the airport from a live show that we did in Canada. Our driver had to pull over and fake a turn to lose them, but they actually showed up in the airport just before we went through customs.
Canada is currently the only major industrialized country in the world that does not allow any private administration of health care services that are provided by the public system.
Green Revolution 1.0 came in 1966-67. I was a farmer then myself. Back then, we were getting food from wherever there was a surplus, Australia, the U.S., Canada. We signed an agreement with Americans and were getting wheat from them.
When I was growing up, I felt like no one gave Canadians a chance. And now that they see we have quality in Canada and it’s amazing to see.
I’ve come to learn it’s a luxury to be a sort of blue collar celebrity in Canada. It makes you more humble.
I’m the only one who is saying, ‘Let’s take fewer immigrants.’ We want people to integrate, we don’t want ghettos in Canada.
‘The Girls,’ by Lori Lansens, is a ballad, a melancholy song of two very strange, enchanted girls who live out their peculiar, ordinary lives in a rural corner of Canada.
That whole experience of filming in Canada was one to remember.
What’s amazing is – I actually have problems getting it into my head – Canada is so big, right? And Ireland‘s small, you know; you drive from coast to coast in three hours.
I’m a different person in French. I’m a different person in New York. I’m a different person in Canada.
Everyone always wants to talk about ‘True Blood‘ and ‘Battlestar Galactica’ – no one’s even interested in ‘Durham County.’ It blew my mind when I came to Canada and no one asked me about the show. So many people didn’t even know about it. They didn’t even know it was on the air! It’s very curious to me.
Since I became Liberal leader, I’ve focused on building a better Canada for the middle class.
Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, and New Zealand have stood together in the long struggle for freedom for decades. We have a responsibility to the people of Hong Kong to support them as they struggle to maintain the freedom that was guaranteed to them by Beijing in 1984.
I hope that I can find the common thread that connects us all and say: We can build a better Canada together.
Biggest rival is Kaillie Humphries of Canada, and we are actually training partners. She was at my wedding, and I consider her a close friend.
Canada – they won’t like me saying this, but it’s really like it’s a part of Michigan, that area.
Everybody wants all of our businesses to have no restrictions in any country, but even in Canada, in order to distribute home entertainment, you need to follow the Canadian rules, and it’s just about as hard to do business there as it is in China.
As a kid, my parents would always listen to a lot of Beatles, Queen, Elvis. My mom was born and raised in Italy, and my dad was born in Canada and moved back and forth between Canada and Italy, so they would also listen to all the big Italian stars like Eros Ramazzotti, Gigi D’Alessio, Tiziano Ferro, Laura Pausini.
Regardless of where life has taken me, I’m always excited to come back to Canada. I will forever be a proud Canadian. In fact, a lot of my success comes from the fact that I come from a diverse place, and that translates into my comedy. I will always be Team Canada.
I used to go missing a lot… Miss Canada, Miss United Kingdom, Miss World.
I don’t know that I’d be a comedian if I stayed in Canada.
I look at Canada like a second home.
Prince Andrew
Canada is hockey.
Mike Weir
I don’t feel that I or Canada has to prove anything through big, loud, overt acts.
My late mother moved back to her parents’ homeland in the 1990s when Ukraine and Russia, along with the thirteen other former Soviet republics, became independent states. Drawing on her experience as a lawyer in Canada, she served as executive officer of the Ukrainian Legal Foundation, an NGO she helped to found.
I absolutely love Canada, and I wouldn’t live anywhere else. It’s half American and half European, and I really enjoy that. And the people are just fantasticnicer than any people in the world.
If it were up to me, every job would be somewhere in Canada.

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