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Bus Driver Quotes

We’ve collected the best Bus Driver Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Shawn Crahan, Vernon Jordan, Roger Rees, George Thorogood, Colin Powell. Use them as an inspiration.

When I leave backstage, some of the fans ask if I’m a roadie, and I just tell them, ‘No, I’m the bus driver.’ And, of course, they believe it.
The last job I applied for was to be a bus driver for the Chicago Transit Authority in 1957.
Vernon Jordan
The classical actor in England makes roughly the equivalent of a bus driver.
Look at Gleason in The Honeymooners. He was humorous but the way he lived wasn’t really humorous. He was a bus driver. Who wants to be a bus driver? He didn’t have any money and he was not famous. But despite that, the show is humorous.
George Thorogood
People have asked me, ‘What would you have done if you hadn’t gone into the Army?’ I’d say I’d probably be a bus driver. I don’t know.
I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was a boy, though it seemed an unlikely outcome since I showed no real talent. But I persevered and eventually found my own row to hoe. Ignorance of other writerswork keeps me from discouragement and I am less well-read than the average bus driver.
People do more important jobs than acting in film that should be recognised, but for some reason it’s big money, so people are elevated in status. If I was a bus driver, I’m sure you wouldn’t be interviewing me.
Adam Garcia
I wanted to be a bus driver when I was a kid. I look at bus driving through the eyes of a little boy. I see it as glamorous.
I would also would have liked the part of the Bus Driver.
Kevin McDonald
I don’t think writers should have writer’s block. I think they should write. Imagine you were a bus driver and you said, ‘I’ve got bus driver’s block.’ Get over it.
Dad was a bus driver, and when he finished work he would repair cars.
Bruno Tonioli
When I was a little girl, there was this unbelievably cool female bus driver who‘d work near us. I remember thinking I’d like to be her when I grew up.
You can’t have bank holding companies acting as hedge funds. You can’t have them taking a million-dollar pension plan for Joe Schmo the bus driver and treat it with the same risk appetite that you treat George Soros’ pocket money. It’s fundamentally ridiculous.
I grew up on a council estate in south London; my dad was a bus driver and my mum sewed clothes to bring in extra money. My parents worked hard and were able to save up and buy a home for our family.
I sometimes think it ironic for an ex-seaman, longshoreman, truck driver, policeman, bus driver, etc… to find success writing children‘s novels.
Brian Jacques
Some years ago there was a study to discover the most stressful occupation. It turned out not to be the head of a large business, football manager or prime minister, but rather: bus driver.
Well, they had a lot of the things they found in his possession. They had the map, you know, that marked the route of the parade. They had statements from the bus driver and the taxicab driver that hauled him somewhere.
Henry Wade
I’m very proud of being ItalianAmerican, but people don’t realize that the mafia is just this aberration. The real community is built on the working man, the guy who’s the cop, the fireman, the truck driver, the bus driver.
Chazz Palminteri
I recruited my dad to be my bass player and fired him on several occasions. He stayed on as a bus driver.
Chely Wright
If the bus driver is black, I thank him… when I get off at my spot, whereas I would never think of doing this if the driver were white.
When I was really little, I wanted to be a taxi driver or a bus driver; I loved the fact that I could play my own music when I wanted. But I can’t imagine actually doing that now; I think I’d get bored.
We had a very normal, sort of ghetto, urban upbringing. My father was a bus driver and my mother was a seamstress and a substitute schoolteacher, off and on. So, that all adds up to no money.
Wood Harris
You can play Mozart all you want and pretend that it gives you class, but what is class, you know? Class is a bus driver on the M103 who gets off the bus to help somebody on board even though he’s tired, he’s exhausted, and he’s two months behind on his mortgage. That’s real class.
Finding a good bus driver can be as important as finding a good musician.
If a lawyer, if a teacher, if a bus driver, if they’re on $40,000 and they get offered a lot more to go somewhere else, what do you think they’re going to do?