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Bullies Quotes

We’ve collected the best Bullies Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Winona Ryder, Lauren Potter, Karen Handel, Nolan Gould, Bruce Wilkinson. Use them as an inspiration.

Remember, I’m the kind of kid who used to get stuffed into a locker by school bullies. I’ve never felt like I’m a big star at any level of my life.
I’ve spoken in front of members of the U.S. Congress about a new dream of living in communities where everybody is welcome and everyone can live and go to school and work without facing the fear of bullies.
Lauren Potter
As for kids who are struggling personally, ignore the bullies! Who cares what they think? A lot of the time, they’re not thinking, so you shouldn’t take their words to heart. Ignore, ignore, ignore, and keep pushing forward.
Nolan Gould
If you want your dream more than you have to have people‘s affirmation, that’s how you break through your border bullies.
Bruce Wilkinson
If ISIS is using social media to track me, that’s a dream come true in my book. These guys are a bunch of bullies that just prey on the weak.
Bullies are just ignorant.
People have made comments, calling me names like ‘midnight‘ or ‘mother of stars.’ At first I confronted the bullies, but eventually I learned to tune out the negativity and just love myself more.
Bullies are bullies, and they’re always uninteresting.
Bullies generally were bullied and are hurting inside much more than you could ever imagine.
It’s official: The biggest back-to-school bullies are anxiety, worry and fear.
I have learnt that bullies use fear and intimidation as their primary weapons.
Bullies may be the perpetrators of evil, but it is the evil of passivity of all those who know what is happening and never intervene that perpetuates such abuse.
I feel like I’ve lost so many amazing traits because I’ve listened to stupid people, ignorant people who are bullies.
I just don’t like bullies. Especially hypocritical bullies.
When America pays lip service but little more to horrors like the disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi, instead proclaiming convenient but arbitrary loopholes in our moral obligations, we just give the world’s worst bullies more ammunition and power.
There are a group of people who would like to silence everybody and have everybody go along to get along, but that’s not going to be very helpful for us in the long run, in terms of solving our problems. And somebody has to be courageous enough to actually stand up to, you know, the bullies.
There is no blood in jazz drumming, and there are no bullies in jazz drumming.
I don’t like bullies or selfishness or people who are grumpy.
I have something called ‘Siwanators,’ and if you’re a Siwanator, you’re strong. You’re powerful. You stand up to the bullies. If you’re a Siwanator, you’re nice. And the way you can tell if someone is a Siwanator is if they have a JoJo bow in.
No one should ever suffer in silence. Bullies thrive in silence.
I remember dealing with bullies in high school and being put down because I was different.
As a youth, I and most of the other smarter kids in school got picked on by bullies. I was a big guyeven at a young age – and would take the beatings for my friends, who were often smaller and scrawnier.
We always talk about bullying, bullies; that is what social media is. It’s just people we gave a voice to who didn’t deserve to have a voice.
Ineos is a friendly organisation. Very few people leave. It’s collegiate. There’s not much politics, and we like decent people. We don’t like arrogance or bullies.
You don’t get shouted at at the ‘Guardian.’ Nobody bullies you at the paper; nobody tells you what to write. Now, I love working in that atmosphere; I am free to research and write what I want.
It’s really crazy looking back on my bullies or whoever was trying to torment me or tease me, because karma is just, like, crazy.
Kids aren’t born to be bullies, they’re taught to be bullies.
I think that social media has really empowered bullies because you get to do it from the comfort of your own home, completely anonymously, with no ramifications.
I was in three academic clubs, a huge book worm and the teacher‘s pet. I was kind of an easy target for bullies.
Nicole Gale Anderson
Bullies have a soft spot, and mean girls have a reason to be that way. It’s a matter of understanding why a person is the way they are.
I’ve always been able to be firm, to talk my way out of sticky situations. Bullies at school. Attempted muggings.
It is impossible to fight bullies merely by saying they’re going too far.
For those who feel the need to be bullies, I ignore them.
I don’t consider Americans bullies, but I do consider the American government bullying.
Even when I was at school, I wanted to be liked by everyone, even the bullies. I didn’t like them, but I needed to know that they liked me.
I’m not sure why there’s this anger in the youth, but we need to talk about it. Kids need to get help if they need help, and bullies need to be helped as well.
I played lots of bullies when I was a kid.
I’ve had tons of bullies who would call me retarded, even on my Facebook page. It’s sad and it really hurts. I want to tell people not to use the word. Don’t say your friend’s retarded when they do something foolish. If you have a disability, keep working hard. Whatever it takes, do it, and don’t be mean to people.
Lauren Potter
In the U.K. there is still work to be done, particularly in schools, stopping the homophobic bullies in the playground and introducing unbiased discussion on gay issues in the classroom.
Not everyone has been a bully or the victim of bullies, but everyone has seen bullying, and seeing it, has responded to it by joining in or objecting, by laughing or keeping silent, by feeling disgusted or feeling interested.
Dealing with bullies when I was in sixth and seventh grade has made me a better football player, believe it or not. You have to come to a point when you’re like, ‘I’ve had enough, and I’m not going to be kicked around and pushed around anymore.’
I don’t want any injustice brought against the bullies. Bullies just don’t know any better. Anyone who is crying about police brutality or victimization as an adult needs to stop it and realize the privileges we have in this country.
When I was old enough to realize all meat was killed, I saw it as an irrational way of using our power, to take a weaker thing and mutilate it. It was like the way bullies would take control of younger kids in the schoolyard.

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