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Budapest Quotes

We’ve collected the best Budapest Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Erno Rubik, Judit Polgar, Helen Skelton, Tony Curtis, Tony Revolori. Use them as an inspiration.

And, not only in Budapest. I worked very closely with a very powerful government organization, which shall remain unidentified, to develop the mass marketed version of the Cube.
There is no better training for chess than swimming. On a Friday evening I like to put in a good long session of breaststroke at the pool near where I live in Budapest with my husband, Gusztav, and my two children.
The swimmers ask me all the time ‘is it going to be on telly more?’ They want their families to watch them. Not every family can afford to go to Rio or Budapest. And it is nice for the clubs and coaches as well to see the people they have brought up.
For instance, I always have one hanging in Budapest in the mayors office.
If I was called back to ‘Grand Budapest 2,’ a prequel or whatever, I’m there. I’m there in a heartbeat.
Tony Revolori
We started filming in 1993 which was only four years after the fall of communism. The difference in Budapest over the last five years has been remarkable.
I feel like you could watch ‘Grand Budapest’ without sound, and it would still be funny.
In Budapest, I always had questions. What is your signature dish? They, of course, said goulash. I loved it so much and now have to figure out a way to make it at home.
Now, actors get so familiarized with Eastern Europe. I never imagined I’d get as familiar with Budapest and Prague and places like that in my life.
I live in Budapest and saw how the football helped the Hungarian people to be happy.
Filming ‘Jamestown’ in Budapest for six months felt like summer camp. There was a lovely cast of 16 actors, and we got along so well.
And living in Budapest for eight months was incredible.
Anya Chalotra
I did a gig for the Red Cross during the Balkans conflict, but we couldnt land in the city as they were trying to shoot the planes down. We had to land in Budapest and make the seven-hour car journey on bumpy roads instead, and when we finally arrived, a riot almost broke out in the venue.
If you come from Paris to Budapest you think you are in Moscow.
On ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel‘ I must insist that the sounds of the instrumentation are crucial to reflect what the movie should convey in terms of energy and emotion. It’s not just the melody or the tune.
When I was filming in Budapest for ITV‘s ‘Titanic,’ I realised I’d never been to the ballet before so decided to see a production of ‘Giselle.’ I went on my own. As it was my first ballet, it was a very bizarre and interesting experience but very enjoyable.
I studied at the Budapest Academy of Theatrical Arts for four years and emerged with a degree.
But if you go from Moscow to Budapest you think you are in Paris.
I was born in Budapest, Hungary, and moved to the United States in 1956. It was during the Hungarian Revolution when Russian tanks rolled into Budapest, and my family – me, my brother, and my parentsescaped over the border to Austria. We just took whatever we could carry. It was perilous, but we made it across.
In 1946, I re-enrolled at the University of Budapest in order to obtain a Ph.D. in philosophy with minors in sociology and in psychology.
John Harsanyi
I’ve done drives through Budapest and Oslo and used to drive to Sardinia, too, which is quite a journey. Drives are an adventure because I don’t plan them too carefully. I take detours depending on how I feel and usually stop and stay at places I like the look of.
As a boy I stood at the doorway of our hiding place in Budapest and watched Russian troops fight house by house to liberate the city and therefore rescue us from certain death.