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Bryant Quotes

We’ve collected the best Bryant Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Chris Evans, Roddy Ricch, Chrissy Metz, Lou Williams, Buddy Hield. Use them as an inspiration.

I’m much more starstruck by athletes than I am by actors, and I think I saw Kobe Bryant at a basketball party, and I just kind of froze. He’s monstrous.
I don’t really celebrate victories. Kobe Bryant just kept playing. Michael Jordan just kept playing.
Most of my stuff comes from Eloquii, Torrid, Lane Bryant – even Target!
If you look at the history of the NBA, guys that came out of high school are the guys that held the NBA together. You look a Kobe Bryant, you look at a LeBron, these are household names.
When I was 12, 13 years old, I fell in love with the game. I saw Kobe Bryant play. I wanted to be a part of it.
Buddy Hield
When you play with Kobe Bryant, the ball is gonna be with him most of the time, which is understandable.
Michael, to me, he was an assassin. He was one of those guys that prepared himself extremely well and was relentless in his attacking. And there are a few guys who have that mentality. I think Kobe Bryant has that type of mentality, and LeBron has that type of mentality.
Losing Michael Jackson is a handicap. It’s the Lakers trying to win a championship without Kobe Bryant.
Tito Jackson
2017 saw a slew of big pop and hip-hop records, a number of breakout female singer-songwriters and all-girl bands, and the return of beloved ’60s soul artist Don Bryant and pop star Kesha.
I grew up watching Kobe Bryant.
As for my state of Mississippi, our governor, Phil Bryant, said the state could not afford the matching funds required to trigger the federal match for Medicaid expansion. We won’t do it even though in 2014, the federal government would pay over $50 for every one dollar Mississippi chips in.
In my 20s, I could just power through stuff and be fine, but now, in your 40s? It’s kind of like Kobe Bryant. He plays basketball a little bit differently than he did when he first started out.
Dez Bryant’s a great player. You can’t take that away from him.
The best quality about Kobe Bryant? You want me to be honest? I don’t know. I’ll tell you why. I open my arms to everybody. But he never stepped forward for the embrace. So I never really got to know him. I don’t know anything about him, and it’s kinda sad.
Six books after the surprises of ‘Full Dark House,’ the Bryant and May novels continue to stay within the bounds of formula by straining against them in new ways.
Kobe Bryant is a walking stat himself. He doesn’t have to explain what he brings to the table.
People were referring to me as the new Anita Bryant. Anita would get a little jealous.
Kathie Lee Gifford
Kobe Bryant is one of those guys I never imagined being on the same court with. It was always an aspiration.
I don’t want to be the next Michael Jordan, I only want to be Kobe Bryant.
My hero in adulthood would be Michael Bryant, who’s dead, bless him. His memory lives on. He was an actor at the National, and a wonderful man.
I think Kobe Bryant was great.
I don’t need no advice from Kobe Bryant.
Kobe Bryant is my favorite basketball player. He takes risks. He goes for the shot. He isn’t cautious with whatever he does.
I can’t wait for summer in the city! I love all the free activities in the parks that become available to us New Yorkers. Yoga and movie screenings in Bryant Park, concerts in Central Park – there’s so much more available to the New York community in the summer! And everyone just seems to smile more.
Kara Lindsay
Anita Bryant had the effect of galvanizing the whole gay movement. She was somebody whom everybody could hate. She was easy to hate.
I think there’s a lot of different ways to win. You’ve seen teams that win championships with a super-duper star like Kobe Bryant. Those championship teams with Michael Jordan certainly had a great, great player.
I guess I’ve always been a groupie. My first date was a bull rider called Tommy Lee Bryant. We’d go to the rodeo every Saturday and Sunday. The bull riders were the cool guys.
I don’t want to see Kobe Bryant ever leave. If he was 100 years old and still playing, I’d be happy.
People like Bryant Gumbel and Bob Costas are terrific broadcasters because they get challenged every day.
Kobe Bryant, to me, is still the best basketball player in my mind. He played with me and he was in my era. I still love him to death. He’s a little brother to me.
As long as I’ve been at Clemson, there’s not a guy that’s more committed to Clemson than Kelly Bryant. There’s not a better leader. This guy, he’s the epitome of what you want. He’s what you want your son to be like. I love him like a son.
I want to be that type of guy – I want to be Kobe Bryant. I want to be Tim Duncan. I want to be Dirk Nowitzki – stay with one team my whole career.
I always wanted to be on the same court as Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant.
Kobe Bryant is a terrific offensive rebounder.
I think nobody should rash things and try to find the successor of Kobe Bryant.
Dez Bryant isn’t Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Drew Brees or Russell Wilson. Dez Bryant is a typical, me-first NFL receiver diva, cut from the same cloth as Terrell Owens, Chad Johnson, Randy Moss and Keyshawn Johnson, sprinkled with a heavy dash of Pacman Jones.
One of the best features of my career is that I have gotten to meet and work with some of the most stellar people in the business. From Tim Russert and Jim Lehrer to Bryant Gumbel, Andrea Mitchell and Judy Woodruff, I have learned from the leading lights.
Eric Bryant and Ethan Berlin, the creators of ‘Bunk,’ asked me to come get involved in very early process when they wanted to make a game show.
Our coach was absolutely out of his head. He must have read Bear Bryant’s book. We had 78 players out. The first day 35 quit. Twenty quit the second day. We ended with 17 players. It was depressing.
Merlin Olsen
I want to be a winner. But you can see Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Wayne Gretzky – that kind of people – where you can see and say yeah, this is players who win everything. I want to be in this page, too.
Part of the reason why Kobe Bryant is such a big inspiration to me is because he was shipped off to the Lakers right out of high school. He went from English class to the Great Western Forum.
Kobe Bryant was the reason I started playing basketball – always was and will be my favorite player of all time. I love the way he could get his shot off, his footwork down in the post, just his determination to be the best player.
I love Kobe Bryant, was a Lakers fan for sure.
Dez Bryant isn’t a quarterback. He’s not a leader. He’s a talented, high-maintenance wide receiver.