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Brazilian Quotes

We’ve collected the best Brazilian Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Anat Cohen, Casemiro, Helio Castroneves, Francesca Annis, Sean Patrick Flanery. Use them as an inspiration.

I was focusing on sax while at Berklee, but then I started to play Brazilian choro and Colombian music. I was doing more folkloric stuff on the clarinet because it works better. Finally, I realized I was working more on the clarinet than the saxophone, and I started to feel more comfortable on it.
The quality of Neymar, indisputably we have to say he is the best Brazilian player. If the kid is OK, I’ll tell you, it’s almost impossible to stop him.
To be honest, Brazilian people are fun people, and the country is amazing. It’s full of beautiful people. I love the beaches.
Helio Castroneves
I like having a good time. It’s probably my mother‘s Brazilian genes in meparty, party.
I got into Taekwondo when I was nine, and I started training Muay Thai and Brazilian Jujitsu later in life.
Sean Patrick Flanery
It’s true that when I started out, I was more a fan of attacking players and one in particular: the Brazilian Ronaldo, Ronaldo Luis Nazario de Lima. Another of my idols was Claudio Caniggia, an Argentinian forward with long hair, who I liked a lot. It’s because of him that I started to grow my hair long!
It’s hard to be as good as Ronaldinho and Ronaldo were, but we’re going to do our best, both myself and Philippe Coutinho, to get close to them and be the best players we can be for the Brazilian national team.
Thierry Henry is one of my heroes; he is one of the players I watched when I was younger. When I was 17, I changed position to be a forward, and he, along with the Brazilian Ronaldo, were the two players I tried to mirror my performance on, so I would watch how they scored goals.
Marcus Rashford
I’m an avid cook. Brazilian, some Italian, a little French. And I often throw dinner parties.
I advise everyone with plans to visit Brazil for the Olympics in Rio – to stay home. You’ll be putting your life at risk here. This is without even speaking about the state of public hospitals and all the Brazilian political mess.
I left Brazil very early, before reaching the top level of the Brazilian championship. That made a difference: I was not seen as a ‘name’ around the country.
I have so much appreciation for how those two cultures have created who I am. I’m a full-blooded Brazilian, with an entire extended family of Brazilians, but I was born and raised in the U.S.
Tite is doing a great job for the Brazilian national team.
Most of my family doesn’t speak English. It’s so important for the baby. He’s going to know all his American roots, but he also needs to know about his Brazilian side.
The best team I played in was the Brazilian one in 2002; we felt that we could always score. It was a team without any vanity – or individuals.
I am a writer who has written about the life of my people, the character of my people. What I can say is that the greatest hero of the Brazilian novel is the Brazilian people.
Jorge Amado
Of course Neymar is someone that is very important, not only for Brazilian football but for the world of football, and it will be amazing to see him playing in a World Cup and showing all of his skills.
Nearly all the Brazilian supporters are wearing yellow shirts – it’s a fabulous kaleidoscope of colour.
The World Cup needs a brilliant Brazilian team.
Brazilian fans are awesome. They create such an awesome atmosphere.
I think the Brazilian people are very fond of Neymar for the fact that he stayed at Santos for so long and stayed in Brazil. That’s very cool for him.
Today, I’m Brazilian, born in Rio de Janeiro, but my second home is Paris. Nobody can change that.
It was just great to wear the Brazil shirt in the senior team for the first time. I’d already worn it before playing for various age groups in the youth teams but it’s very different playing for the Brazilian first team.
The lullabies I grew up with were usually Brazilian religious ones, and they still soothe me into sleep.
My mom’s Brazilian, so she and I definitely grew up with different perspectives. I was born in America, and she’s from Brazil, so we have different ways of doing things. There’s a bit of culture clash there.
Maiara Walsh
I loved the Brazilian music I played. But this is finally me. For the first time I think it’s really me.
Herbie Mann
Neymar is the best Brazilian out there. He is on another level than the other Brazilians.
I lost in the 1988 Olympics, and I was pretty depressed for about eight years. I quit wrestling, and I got into Brazilian jujitsu in 1991.
Mark Schultz
I’d love to find a really good Brazilian project, an up and coming director or something. I wouldn’t want to do the typical favela story, Brazilian cinema has a lot more to offer than just that.
When I was an undergrad at Stanford, there was a girl named Jennie Kim who worked for the school newspaper. Sometimes people would come up to me and talk to me about articles she had written. ‘That one on getting a Brazilian was hilarious‘, some guy said, high-fiving me.
I cannot compare myself to Zico, he is a phenomenon of Brazilian football. He has done wonders as player and coach.
I want to win all sorts of titles and then the World Cup with the Brazilian national team.
We’re not an American band, or a European band. We’re a Brazilian band.
I don’t think City play a Brazilian style – it is more Spanish the way we play here.
There aren’t a lot of Portuguese models, so everyone always expects me to be Brazilian because of my features, sometimes even American, as I have a slight American accent when I speak English.
What most surprises me about Brazil is the extent of the difficulties that we create for ourselves. We create a lot of legislation to control the Brazilian state itself, that this ends up meaning that things don’t go with the speed any head of government would like.
The Olympic Games provided players like Neymar, Marquinhos, Gabriel Jesus and Renato Augusto with some really valuable experience and ended up improving the performance of the Brazilian national team.
Embraer is Brazilian. It represents Brazil very well abroad.
My brother was the one who really gave me the desire to follow in his footsteps. Also, it was really Ronaldinho and Ronaldo, the two Brazilian players, who also inspired me to a future in football.
Manaus has got nothing in relation to Brazilian football history.
My father offered me a Super8 camera that he bought in some Brazilian airport. I was 16, and shot a reel with my best friend Juan Solanas jumping from the Pont Neuf bridge. It was my first psychological drama.
My interested in Brazilian music stemmed from wanting to find a musical identity other than the salsa and meringue that I was inundated with in Venezuela as a child.
That was always the top martial artist – the Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt. Once I started beating them, I knew I had what it takes to form a new martial art. That’s when I came up with Joe Jitsu, my namesake, so my legacy lives forever through the martial arts.
Well, Smoke n’ Mirrors has very much a world music flavor and it doesn’t park itself in one country. It borrows heavily from the Brazilian angle, which is dear to my heart, and I recorded several albums with that flavor.
Lee Ritenour
More Brazilian women earn Ph.D.s every year than do men.
I was really disappointed with the lack of respect from the UFC towards Brazilian athletes.
I became the first Brazilian women to win a UFC title. That is huge.
The Brazilian press doesn’t allow us to forget the World Cup in 1950, when we lost the final in a full Maracana.
I would like to live in the country that wins less, but has more stability. Brazilian coaches remain, on average, in a job for three months.
I would like to fight for the Brazilian fans. I would like to fight Aldo in Brazil.
I do a bit of Brazilian ju-jitsu when I can. I like a bit of that.
I’m like any Brazilian: I like to go out and enjoy myself.
From alternative to Brazilian to hip-hop to old R&B, that’s what we listen to. And we don’t just listen to it only if somebody plays it. We actually go out and buy these types of things and support different forms of music because we love them.
The pressure to win is always there, especially with the Brazilian team.
All Brazilian players have this dream. I have, like everybody, the dream to play in Europe and the Premier League.
Why do elites hate the poor? It’s xenophobia. They don’t know any poor peopleexcept their off-the-books Brazilian nanny and illegal immigrant cleaning lady from Upper Revolta who don’t speak English.
My greatest moment in my whole career is when I became the first non-Brazilian to win the Brazilian jiu-jitsu world championship. That was my greatest moment.
In a film called ‘Senna,’ the clue is in the title, and we have a Brazilian badge on our sleeve as we were making it. We were making it from Senna’s point of view, with Senna narrating it.
I was a beach boy, and I believe I learned my songs from the birds of the Brazilian forest.
Antonio Carlos Jobim
Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a beautiful thing.
Barcelona has always had issues with Brazilian players: Neymar, Romario, Ronaldinho, and me. We were all treated badly by the club in the end, despite all our contributions and dedication.
Brazilian music has many of the ingredients that I strive for in my own music: Strong melodies and a disciplined but intense rhythmic concept, and interesting harmonies.
I’m not more Brazilian than I am American or vice-versa – I’m very much a combination of all of those things.
I told my mom I was gay when I was 16, and my mom said with her heavy Brazilian accent, ‘OK, but at least look good at it.’
I represent Brazil all over the world. Wherever I go I have to do my best, to not disappoint the Brazilian people. And that I’ve done.
Vegas is a testing ground for the human soul. What are our values, especially in a time of crisis? Work with Cirque du Soleil, and you learn that quickly. The former socialist street performers who now throw parties by the pool with Brazilian models, oh yes!
When I was young, living in Belgium, my parents spoke Portuguese, we have the Brazilian passion at home, I played with PSV in Holland, you experience all these different cultures and you get used to living with that. I think it has made me a better player and a better person to get out of my comfort zone.
I was always the funny-looking girl. I couldn’t compete with the Brazilian girls. My nose is off, my ears are too big. But I think it’s my personality that these designers were drawn to.
The Brazilian team is made up of great players who are also great friends.
I feel that my drive and ambition is more American, while the passionate, laid-back side of me is all Brazilian.
I think I’ve already won the most important titles in Brazilian jujitsu and grappling.
It didn’t even occur to me that I’m the last person in the world who should play salsa or Brazilian music.
I work free-weights and do circuit training with my trainer 4-5 times a week. I also train in Brazilian Ju Jitsu several times a week.
Jonathan Lipnicki
I play with players in the Brazilian national team who are similar to those at Chelsea – Kaka, Neymar.
Together with this Brazilian people, we will build a new nation.
We deliberately used elements from Brazilian music and from African and Asian music. Now people can hear that but then it sounded so abstract, they couldn’t hear it.
Arto Lindsay
Well, the Brazilian butt lifts are dangerous.
Just competing in the Brazilian GP is a dream for all Brazilian racing drivers. I remember sitting in the grandstands when I was a kid, watching Ayrton Senna, Nelson Piquet and even Rubens Barrichello. After that, to race there in Formula One is a feeling that is hard to explain.
It’s good for Brazilian football to have idols, stars, big stars coming back to Brazilian clubs. The tournaments become much better, more interesting. Ze Roberto, Juninho Pernambucano, Ronaldinho Gaucho, and other players who have returned to Brazil strengthen the league and improve the tournaments.
Brazilian football has always been very much admired in Japan and, of course, after my participation and so many other Brazilians, it was like they created a new style of play in homage to Brazilian football.
Pele is out of normal patterns and I’m not saying this because I’m a Brazilian. You can’t find a defect.
The Brazilian poet Vinicius de Moraes wrote that beauty is fundamental. Well, with the poet’s permission, so is courage.
Manchester is a sensational venue for football but an awful place to live… the winter, the cold and the dark nights. It’s very hard for a young Brazilian.
I have suggested that Brazilian enterprises invest in Uruguay and Paraguay. These are small economies, so some things can be produced in these countries that will give them greater and more equitable involvement in the Mercosur game.
People come to me to say I don’t sell; Brazilian media say I don’t give interviews. Nobody is obligated to do anything.
This was during a period when I was producing Brazil ’66 records and got infected by Brazilian music.
I’m like half Brazilian and half American now.
My father loved European football; he also loved the Brazilian team. His own dad loved the Brazilian team.
I feel like I have a good mixture now between European discipline and the flair of Brazilian players. I think it’s important to show that character on the pitch, to show your identity and who you are.
Ever since I was a kid, I’ve dreamt about winning the Brazilian league, and I still dream about it now. I am doing everything I possibly can to make my dream come true.
While I was at college studying design I decided to paint. I was also greatly inspired by the colours that I had seen on my travels in the Brazilian Rain forest.
The Brazilian national team will always be special in the career of every player. Only those who make it by here can imagine what it feels like to see your name in the squad.
There are several rivalries in MMA and vale tudo history, like jiu-jitsu vs. luta livre and Chute Boxe vs. Brazilian Top Team. SBG and Pitbull Brothers can start another one that can last a generation.
When I’m in Brazil, I’m not Brazilian at all; I am a gringo. And then when I’m in England, I’m not really English, but when I lived in Canada, I was considered too English. So I never really felt like I clicked somewhere or that I belonged to one place.
You cannot compare Pep to any Brazilian coach. If you put all Brazilian coaches together, you would get Pep. One has motivational skills, another is tactically strong. But Pep has it all.
Thank God Brazilian goalkeepers are now learning to play with their feet, because that was the big problem.
Seminars, TV shows, documentaries, always spreading Brazilian jiu-jitsu. I’m an instrument of this art more than a character myself.
A World Cup would only be a true experience if I were wearing the Brazilian shirt. Otherwise, it would just be like playing for a club.
Lula aimed to both internationalize big Brazilian capital and improve the domestic market and the condition of the poorest in Brazil. In the gaze of a lot of people, this was a big contradiction, but for Lula, this was the most natural thing in the world, to think about these two things together.
Latin music has many international influencespop, rock, country, Brazilian sounds, and alternative styles.
Ednita Nazario
I decided to pursue MMA after training Brazilian jiu-jitsu for about a year and seeing my first fight. I told myself, that looks scary but I think I could do that.
When there is a Brazilian who is lighting things up, he is at Real Madrid before you know it!
I like to listen to African music; I like to listen to Brazilian music that’s not just Choro. I love to listen to Radiohead, I like to listen to James Brown – any music.
I have been fortunate to work with many great coaches and also in different countries, and I have taken a bit from all of them – Dutch, Spanish, Italian, and Brazilian football.
London is an incredible city. The people are very nice. It’s a happy city with good Brazilian restaurants.
Usually, a Brazilian doesn’t like to work hard in training, doesn’t like to stay focused. I trained a lot of Brazilian players. I had a problem with Ronaldo at Milan. It was not easy to get him fit! Ronaldo was 100kg but was the quickest in the 10 metre test!
I am a Brazilian before I am an architect. I cannot separate the two.
Oscar Niemeyer
When I go to Brazil, I feel like an American, and in the U.S., I always notice the traits that make me Brazilian.
I am investing like a crazy person, mostly in internet start-ups. And I want to invest in Brazil as well, because I am Brazilian and that’s in my heart.
Eduardo Saverin
I’m Italian, but I’m also a little Brazilian: Pirlonho, if you like.
My dad was a news editor for a Brazilian news station, and they had offices in New York and London.
I am a Brazilian and only support our team.
My family is Brazilian and I feel Brazilian, even though I have never lived there. I was born and raised in Belgium so I also feel Belgian. I feel the blood of a Brazilian, but I understand both ways.
I use Kerastase Oleo-Relax when I get out of the shower. It saves my hair. Actually, I’ve been doing this Brazilian treatment to my hair. It’s a lifesaver; I don’t even use a straightener anymore.
Brazil has its own fashion identity. Many very talented Brazilian designers show every season at Sao Paulo and Rio fashion weeks.
The little bit of my Brazilian side in Azzurri is perhaps to play more with the ball on the ground and have the tranquility to hold the ball. The idea is to have more control of the game.
I remember my first shin pads had the Brazilian Ronaldo on them, and I loved them.
If you call a Brazilian out publicly, you’re going to be fighting that Brazilian. That’s in their culture.
German football is like English football. The Germans and the English do not play like a Brazilian side. They have to improve, bring up their young players, who have character.
I want to regain the trust of the Brazilian people and all the sectors of society.
For me Brazilian music is the perfect mix of melody and rhythm. It just bubbles rhythmically. If I had to pick just one music style to play if would be Brazilian.
Herbie Mann