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Bothered Quotes

We’ve collected the best Bothered Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Wentworth Miller, Jack White, Gunter Grass, Noel Fielding, Anushka Sharma. Use them as an inspiration.

Entertainers are there to entertain. They aren’t there to teach your children the lessons that you haven‘t bothered to teach them at home yourself.
I think the sensitivity that you need to create certain things sometimes would spill over into things that shouldn’t have bothered me.
I’ve always been surrounded by children – never bothered by their noise.
People keep asking me if the Boosh is coming back, and I say, ‘I hope so.’ I’m not bothered people ask me about it. TV‘s become quite disposable, so to make something that lasts a bit of time – it won‘t last forever – is quite nice.
Life was so easy before I became an actor. I could talk to anyone, and no one bothered. I keep thinking to myself, ‘Should I not be myself,’ but I won’t do that.
Turns out it’s bloody hard to make a sculpture that looks like a human head, so I’ve not bothered. Realism is for squares.
With the advent of multiplexes, the audiences coming in are not bothered by who‘s in the film. We need not run after stars.
It never bothered me when people would say, ‘You only win championships because you’re playing with Shaq.’ It bothered me when he said it.
You can say whatever you want about me, I’m not really bothered. But when it starts to upset people I care about or I hear about it from my mum, then that’s a problem.
I’m a fairly unaffected human being. I’m easy to talk to, I hope. I’m not too bothered about the clothes I’m wearing. I’ve been misquoted in interviews as to appear earnest. Which I am not.
You know, for years I used to read about myself. They’d say, ‘He has a temper‘ or ‘He’s a bully‘ or something like that, and it always bothered me.
Harvey Weinstein
I tried not to listen very much to the critics. I know that whenever you do something, you must have a lot of critics, or it means that you haven’t done anything. I never really bothered much and I don’t care.
Benedetta Tagliabue
I never bothered about critics in the first place. And I’m not out to prove anything to anyone. Honestly, if I took every slight that someone made at me seriously, it just wouldn’t work.
One of the only things that bothered me with WWE and being on every week was blowing off so many great storylines so fast, just out of necessity.
Since I am Rajini’s daughter and Dhanush’s wife, people may think ‘why she is even bothered to work hard?’ But I want to stand out, make a name for myself.
Westerns were always my favorite things when I was little. And it always bothered me when cowboys were too clean in movies, or when they wore their guns like they had an outfit on. It always worked better when a guy looked sweaty and smelly; I hadda believe, I hadda believe that.
No one bothered reading the books and understanding – and again, I’m not being high-falutin’ about it – but I think our books are great literature with great metaphors of real life dealing with fears and hopes.
Avi Arad
I remember when I was a freshman in college, I was still somewhat bothered by… worried… about religion. I remember going to this professor of philosophy and telling him that I had lost my faith.
What bothered me most about chick lit, frankly, was how the term was used to dismiss a huge chunk of the bookstore as silly, girlish prattle.
I can remember being in right field in Yankee Stadium and fans armed with media guides called out my family by their names and said absolutely unrepeatable things. I laughed to myself and it never bothered me.
If I’m on form and I’m not being bothered too much by mental problems or whatever, I can whip out something good. That’s why I’ve done quite a few overdubs for Tina Turner and things like that, because even before she made this comeback I said yes to her, just because I love Tina Turner.
Stories are the only thing that I can be bothered with. It’s the only way that I can do anything, even if I’m quite useless. It’s the only area in being human where I could be a little useful.
To combat social awkwardness, I would just act like I couldn’t be bothered – that kind of aloof persona or aloof demeanor. It’s so off-putting.
I was born in America but all of my friends’ parents, everybody’s parents, including my own, had come to America from Europe. Many people in my neighborhood hardly bothered to learn English.
I don’t cook at all, and whenever my husband Paul goes away he leaves meals for me and I can’t even be bothered to put them in the oven.
The make up took about an hour to put on, but the wig was a thing that bothered me more than anything else.
Nobody is interested in how many claps and whistles he received for his performance. All they are bothered about is how much money they are getting.
I knew so many people were coming up to me because they knew who I was, not because they were fans of my music. That bothered me because I don’t want to be a celebrity; I want to be an artist.
I’m not so bothered by the audition process anymore; in fact, I use it. It’s a time for the actor to actually get to the know the director and the producers a little bit, too.
William Sadler
People think unless you have loops and electronics and so on, you must be in your 50s. I quite like a lot of things that have loops and sequencers, but I couldn’t really be bothered.
I’m not bothered by the food Nazis. Customers ought to be able to pick what they want to eat.
Greg Brenneman
The epithets of imbeciles have never bothered me.
Rosa Bonheur
I can’t be bothered anymore about giving songs titles.
I’ve always envied people who compose music or paint, because they don’t have to be bothered with the sort of crude mess that language normally is, in everyday life and in the way we use it.
Franz Wright
By the ’50s and ’60s, war movies had become big and impersonal. They almost never bothered to characterize the Japanese enemy as particularly evil; in fact, they never bothered to characterize him at all.
I don’t know that I spent any more time alone than any other kid, but being by myself never bothered me.
I love London. I feel at ease there; I can push my trolley in the supermarket without being bothered. If I want to go to a club, a cinema, or have a walk, I am free – free to live my life as I wish. I have talked about it with some players, and I am convinced that we are in one of the best countries.
I would not be bothered if we lost every game as long as we won the league.
Mark Viduka
Nobody bothered to ask me how I was doing when my livelihood was snatched away after the ‘Horn Ok Pleassss’ harassment episode.
I have been both praised and criticized. The criticism stung, but the praise sometimes bothered me even more. To have received such praise and honors has always been puzzling to me.
I never bothered with cars. I was probably one of the few kids in school who didn’t run around with hot-rod magazines. As I would be at home fiddling with my guitar, they would be fiddling with a car engine.
It’s important for me that I’m able to walk around the city without being bothered all the time.
I can’t be bothered to learn Final Draft. I’m not a technical person. Like, when I sing, I just want to sing the melody and write the lyrics.
To not have the wherewithal to give fully to a relationship bothered me.
I don’t get bothered by fans.
I was never much bothered about moral questions like, ‘How could there be a good God when there’s so much evil in the world?’
With central contracts, you are very well looked after by the board. You do not have to be bothered about anything else. Just put in the hard work and do well for the country.
I’ve recorded lots of projects, but just haven’t bothered to release them.
I’m not actually that bothered about the ‘science fiction-ness’ of ‘Doctor Who.’
Luckily, I’m not one of those people who wants to be young; it’s never bothered me.
I never knew my father. He’d disappeared from the scene before I was born, and I still have no idea who he is. Perhaps strangely, it’s never bothered me; I certainly don’t believe it’s really affected me.
Sir Alex Ferguson was a genuinely nice man. We met many times and even had dinner together on a few occasions. But woe to the person who threatened or bothered Manchester United in any way. Then Ferguson would not spare his venom. I know, because he often aimed that venom at me.
I’ve played piano since I was probably six or seven, but I stopped when I was about 13, and I couldn’t be bothered to do the exams or learn my scales.
People say that I must get bothered when someone stops me for an autograph or a photo. I’ll get bothered when no one asks me. Being asked means people haven’t forgotten the time I played.
In fact, Salman Khan is a kind of an actor who doesn’t take anyone’s limelight while shooting. He is a very secure actor. He has some kind of aura around him. He is least bothered as to which actor is getting how much screen space.
If the past cannot teach the present and the father cannot teach the son, then history need not have bothered to go on, and the world has wasted a great deal of time.
Russell Hoban
I’m really bothered by questions of humanity, questions of war, questions of slavery.
Comedy relieves you. A lot of times, we think we’re the only people bothered by certain things. Then you hear a comic say, ‘Don’t you hate it when…’ And it’s, ‘Oh, my God! Of course!’
I don’t get bothered about statistics. If somebody had pointed out to me the odds of my being a working actress getting paid for what she does, I probably would have quit early in the game.
Shelley Long
I’m not a massive fan of 3D. I’ve seen some good 3D, and I’ve seen quite a lot of bad 3D. I think if a film is created for the shock effect of 3D, then it’s a certain type of film that I’m not massively bothered about.
Being a woman has only bothered me in climbing trees.
Frances Perkins
I realize that sometimes I get bothered when I see the world acting like the world. Did you hear what I said? The world is supposed to act like the world, and God tells us that every generation gets more wicked, so why the surprise? Maybe we have some word to swallow ourselves.
I can’t be bothered with narrative. It takes too long for me to try to think of it.
Some friends of mine bothered me for a long time about getting on the social networking pages. They were close friends that I liked to mess with, and I think that I kind of enjoyed for a while that it bothered them so much. Now they’ve just kind of given up.
Nobody is bothered about an institution more than its alumni.
The fishnets on Black Canary never bothered me: they fit her character. It’s the same for me with the bikini… most people don’t wear a lot of clothes in these stories, and it’s a big part of what makes her instantly recognizable. Do I want her in a raincoat? Not really.
There is socialism in the family that conflicts with meritocracy. And that bothered me.
I have a constituency with 52,000 people and a million sheep. I was in one village where a local kid was run over by a tractor. They took him to Carlisle, but they couldn’t be bothered to wait at the hospital. So they put him in a darkened room for two weeks, then said he was fine. But I’m not so sure he was.
I am not bothered with whether my characters are conventional or not. Because I am not in this for the designer labels and the autographs.
I lived near Santa Cruz for ten years, and the whole time, it bothered me what an exclusionary definition of ‘inclusion‘ was in force. Social censure was applied to those who expressed unpopular or uncomfortable ideas.
Everyone‘s great in New York, but it’s family-oriented. I don’t get bothered.
Tim Hardaway Jr.
Sinatra was bothered with issues of anti-Semitism and racism all his life. The song and film he made ‘The House I Live In,’ was a deep message against prejudice and he was very proud to have recorded the song.
I am not bothered about money. I have no dreams that feature money. I dream only of good cinema and good scripts.
In the year and a half that I’ve been sober, in the comfort of married life, Vogue and I have welcomed our first son and become a family of our own. We are busy, happy, and doing well. My finger is on the pulse and things I never bothered to try to understand make sense to me now.
I’m not bothered when other VCs start hiring great designers or start recruiting. That’s the direction I’d like it to go.
It’s not leftovers that are wasteful, but those who either don’t know what to do with them or can’t be bothered.
Was anybody else bothered by the sight of mine-resistant vehicles and guns pointed at unarmed men in Ferguson?
When I poked Baker Mayfield in the ribspolice video, height – poked him in the ribs, kind of a reach. Oh, it bothered him. He fired back every time. Every time. Because Baker was not ready to go from best college team to lousy NFL team. That’s a certain level maturity and self-esteem that few have.
Did Amy Winehouse have a hit single from ‘Frank?’ I love ‘Frank,’ but people didn’t really pay attention to her until ‘Back to Black.’ So no, I haven’t had a hit single. I personally am not bothered about that.
I think, when people think of NFL athletes, they forget that they are citizens of this country, that they are bothered by the problems that we all face.
What I do remember about first grade and that year was that it was very lonely. I didn’t have any friends, and I wasn’t allowed to go to the cafeteria or play on the playground. What bothered me most was the loneliness in school every day.
I don’t get bothered by the media. There is nothing in the media that makes me lose any sleep at night.
I’m not a particularly good cook. Part of it is that it is the kind of cooking anybody could do if they bothered. It’s improvisational. I cook with whatever I have laying around.
One thing bothered me as a student. In the 1960s, human behavior was totally off limits for the biologist. There was animal behavior, then there was a long time nothing, after which came human behavior as a totally separate category best left to a different group of scientists.
Like many other people of my generation, I don’t think I ever really bothered to grow up. I wasn’t ever really a proper teenager until I was about 19, and maybe I got a bit stuck there, because it seemed to go on and on.
Politicians have been downplaying the importance of history as a subject in our schools but, if they had bothered to have a better grasp of history themselves, they might have avoided costly wars. Instead they act like children. The only time that they think matters is their own.
The funny thing is I’m not bothered or sad about being on my own – after all I’ve never had a husband.
I’m not bothered about where I’m ranked in the world. I’m just worried about fighting the best people in the world and being a natural, original champion.
Kobe has a different temperament than me. We’re both competitive, but he was much more outspoken. I would let anything roll off me. Nothing bothered me. I never complained.
I’ve had people break into profiles on my Internet; they got into my accounts. This was at the beginning of my career. There is a fair bit of alarm when something like that happens. It definitely bothered me a lot at the time. But you move on from these things.
I always wear the same thing at home. I can’t be bothered with jewelry. My pants have elastic waists. I like to be comfortable. There are so many more important things to worry about.
People talk about players who should get more attention, but things like that have never bothered me. If I just play my game, walk out the back door without anybody seeing me, I’m fine with that.
I have learned a lot about myself and come to deal with a lot of things that, at first, bothered me.
I sometimes can’t be bothered, dare I say, to spend a copious amount of time on my hair and my face before I go out into the public eye.
Annie Murphy
I’m not bothered how people feel. This is a real tough sport.
I’ve always had issues with factory farming. That was always something that bothered me.
People think I’m crazy, but I’m not bothered what anyone thinks.
I have a great many shortcomings, but writing for something on time has never bothered me.
If I can’t even be bothered to brush my hair, I don’t think I should start getting face work… I think it would look a bit try-hard.
I had the perm because I wanted wash-and-wear hair. I didn’t want to be bothered with it.
It’s easy to remember. That’s part of the reason why it’s never surprised me or bothered me that somebody doesn’t know my real name. What’s easier to remember: Danielle Fishel or Topanga? Topanga sticks with you.
I never mind doing press; it’s never bothered me.
Something that bothered people about ‘Dawson’s Creek‘ but as a writer, I kind of dug: writing those kids as though they were college grad students. It was fun and liberating and made for a true sort of writer’s show. It was a fun year for me, because I got to get out of debt with my first TV job, and I learned a ton.
You know what, lots of people are bothered by how I am. They think I’m arrogant! That is the way I am – I’m a very happy man and I love to make people happy.
I wouldn’t say that I’m particularly bothered or obsessed with detail.
A long time ago, a sports reporter wrote that I wasn’t strong in the free-skate, that I was more of a short-program skater. And that bothered me because I work so hard every day just for a person to judge me on a couple of bad skates and deem me a bad free skater. That’s absurd!
Guys want to be cool without appearing to be bothered about trends.
I’m not bothered or sad about being on my own – after all, I’ve never had a husband.
I was told I shouldn’t transition, and if I did, I’d never work again. That really bothered me.
I’m just a lad who likes playing football. I’m not bothered about anything else.
Why is Kris Jenner a powerhouse? Because some part of us confuses fame and infamy, too. If she really bothered us half as much as we claim she does, we’d look away and stop feeding her empire.
Housework never really bothered me… what bothered me about it later was that it was expected to be your life… when you’re a housewife, you are constantly interrupted. You have no space in your life. It isn’t the fact that you do the laundry.
I am really bothered when I see my friends facing problems back in Iran, but I tell them that not all the doors are shut.
People would congratulate Dick for my movies. It bothered me for a long, long time.
I realized that comedians of the day were operating on jokes and punch lines. The moment you say the punch line, the audience either laughs sincerely or they laugh automatically or they don’t laugh. The thing that bothered me was that automatic laugh. I said, that’s not real laughter.
I don’t mind being criticised, because I am not that easy to knock down, and no-one can destroy me. But I am bothered by the stupid people who call me dirty, brainless, and an idiot. You don’t say words like these to someone who you know nothing about.
The plantar fasciitis that I had before it really kinda bothered me when I directly cut on the foot.
A lot of guys who first start wrestling, they’re nervous to go out in front of a crowd but that never really bothered me because I spent my high school years and my college years on a stage.
I’ve never bothered about my color. I never had that thing about being black. If the whole world was like that, maybe there would be more harmony and love. Maybe. I don’t have a problem with being black in a white country or being with my people.
There have been 50 or 60 books written about Empress Orchid, but none of them bothered to really examine the period in China when she lived. I was taught that she was evil; it’s in all the textbooks.
Anchee Min
I thought, well I can do that. I couldn’t be bothered writing a book review, because I’d have to read the book, I haven’t got time to read a whole book for a fifty dollar write-up.
Eddie Campbell
Maybe some people thought I was ‘safe‘ so they didn’t really bothered to vote for me at all.
I go into any movie that’s historical fiction thinking, ‘OK, I’m here to watch a work of art, something delivering a series of opinions, and if it’s a good work of art, these opinions become so deeply embedded in complexity and richness that I won’t even be bothered by the opinions. I’ll make my own mind up.’
If I had five minutes to live, I don’t think I’d be bothered singing a song. I’d be dead, so it won’t really matter. I’d have a glass of wine and a cigarette.
During their tenure, the elected representatives of the people walk with the gods. And it is only when an election is announced that they realise it is the people in their constituencies, with whom they have not really bothered to keep in touch, who will decide their fate.
N. Bhaskara Rao
Why didn’t we recognize how much it bothered them spiritually and politically?
I don’t think it’s too hippie to want to clean up the planet so you don’t wind up dying of some kind of cancer when you’re 45 years old. It enrages me that these big cancer-research organizations can’t be bothered to man the front lines of environmental protest.
I was literally in the car every day on my way home from school trying to hurry up and get the homework done so I could just go home and watch the cartoons and not be bothered.
A man marries to have a home, but also because he doesn’t want to be bothered with sex and all that sort of thing.
I would like to one day write a nice big novel and enjoy writing it and people enjoy reading it but I cannae be bothered or I don’t have any ideas that would fill up a big book like that.
Whether it comes to media pressure or anything, I’ve become a bit laid back and actually not bothered.
No matter how much money you have or what kind of cocoon you live in, the reality is that you have lost a game of football and let England‘s fans down. We are bothered.
Rio Ferdinand
It was never a thing that bothered me, being cold or if there’s snow. It never fazed me.
It has bothered me all my life that I do not paint like everybody else.
Home field advantage can be overrated in the NFL because veteran players aren’t bothered by it. Home-field advantage is a bigger deal in college.
You may have read that I went to M.I.T. In 1982 I filled out a Who’s Who survey with joking responses, and they never bothered to check the facts.
A lot of things that were written about me bothered me, like my mentality was not good.
People always say, ‘Do you get bothered by what people say or blog or write about you?’ I only do if I know them. If I know them, and I have a relationship with them and they write that, then that would surprise me a lot. Usually the people writing the negative stuff don’t know me at all.
Well, when you get into the business, what you have to realize is that signing autographs and getting ‘bothered’ is just part of the deal. It’s not a bother to me at all. That’s part of being an actor and that’s something you have to realize before you ever get into this business.
Zachery Ty Bryan
I think it’s really important as a parent to be present, and I really, really worked hard because my dad struggled with that. And it really bothered me as a kid that I would want to share something with him, and he didn’t hear me.
To be bothered wherever you go – it’s not a rational thing to want at all.
I have the voice of a social activist and I have the voice of the Pakistanis as well. So I can’t be bothered about what people think.
Age is just a number, and I know so many women who look fabulous at 40, 50 and 60 so it doesn’t scare me. It’s inevitable – I will get older, and the wrinkles will come, but I’m not that bothered.
The best advice is to get on with it. I’m very prone to falling into depressions – not clinical, just ‘can’t be bothered.’ It’s such a waste of time.
I am not bothered about if my role in a film is small or big. Because if the character I am offered is sensible, I would do it even if it is small.
I just let my hair go – if there’s no hairdresser around I really can’t be bothered!
I can’t be bothered to put make-up on – I certainly don’t wear it day to day.
The Constitution has not greatly bothered any wartime President.
Francis Biddle
Polonium is, frankly, pretty useless, and no country in the world except Russia bothered to refine it by the late 2000s.
I’m not bothered by the idea of getting old, or I guess you could say by having arrived at old. I was 10 when my mom turned 55. For 1955, she was a very old mom.