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Bookshelf Quotes

We’ve collected the best Bookshelf Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Ryan Adams, Uzodinma Iweala, Michael Dirda, Rashid Johnson, Sarah MacLean. Use them as an inspiration.

You could eat sushi off my bookshelf. My cleaning regime is like a battleground. I’m Genghis Khan and my cleaning products are my Mongolian army and I take no prisoners. The rest of my life is an experiment in chaos so I like to keep my flat neat.
Talking Peace‘ is one of the few books from childhood that I still keep prominently displayed on my bookshelf.
I long ago ran out of bookshelf space and so, like a museum with its art, simply rotate my books from the boxes to the shelves and back again.
Race, class, childhood experience, the books I found on my mother‘s bookshelf, the albums I found in my father‘s basement – these things are all part of who I am and will always be a part of my work.
By the time I was 10 or 12, I had discovered the lure of the romance genre – and the dusty copy of ‘The Thorn Birds‘ on my parents‘ bookshelf.
Using these toolkits is like trying to make a bookshelf out of mashed potatoes.
Jamie Zawinski
My mom didn’t write, but she loved to read. She liked books ‘that made you a little nervous.’ Stephen King, Dean Koontz and Peter Straub were the three wise men of our family bookshelf.
Michael Easton
I have a different relationship with Chucky because he‘s been on top of my bookshelf in the corner of my living room for my entire life. He was a great tool for scaring friends, and when I see him in different theme parks I’ve been to, or in commercials, my heart swells a little bit, and I’m like, ‘Aww! It’s my Chucky!’
Fiona Dourif
There is more to life than a job. I didn’t ever want to look back and point to a bookshelf of videotapes and say, ‘That’s been my life.’ It’s so much easier to write a resume than it is to craft a spirit.
Jane Clayson
While a lot of management development books try to teach you a lesson or give you a scenario of what corporate culture and work practices are about, they’re theoretical and written in a sermonizing way. Most people don’t get past the first chapter, and they just look nice on the bookshelf.
Behind every writer stands a very large bookshelf.
The Dick, Jane, and Spot primers have gone to that bookshelf in the sky. I have, in some ways, a tender feeling toward them, so I think it’s for the best.
Every stylish man should have a copy of ‘The Fountainhead’ by Ayn Rand on his bookshelf.
I have on my bookshelf a series of books with opposite titles: ‘The Alpha Strategy‘ and the ‘Omega Strategy’; ‘Asia Rising‘ and ‘Asia Falling‘; ‘Free to Choose‘ and ‘Free to Lose’; ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’ and ‘How to Lose Friends and Alienate People.’ Visitors love the collection.
Tom Ford gave me high heels for the baby. They’re a little kitten heel with a velvet rope that you tie. It’s like a collection piece. I have to put it on the bookshelf, framed.
I think, to give our bookshelf a little credit, our area of the library and the bookstore has attracted stronger writers as it’s started to thrive.
When I was 7, my proudest possession would have been my bookshelf ’cause I had alphabetized all of the books on my bookshelf.
In this time of the Internet and nonfiction, to be on an actual bookshelf in an actual bookstore is exciting in itself.
In design-speak, ‘a library’ means a room lined with books, floor-to ceiling, but it all depends on the space you have. You may have a free-standing bookshelf of your favorite books if that’s all you have room for.
I grew up in the ‘hood around prostitutes, drug dealers, killers, and gangbangers, but I also grew up juxtaposed: On the doorknob outside of our apartment, there was blood from some guy who got shot; but inside, there was National Geographic magazines and encyclopedias and a little library bookshelf situation.
The cleanest book on a dusty bookshelf is usually a dirty one.
Right up to the middle of this century all perceptions of the world around us were delivered via the bookshelf or the paper route.
I work in our living room, a strange room in a strange, topsy-turvy house. I work underneath this enormous bookshelf.
The rules have changed. True power is held by the person who possesses the largest bookshelf, not gun cabinet or wallet.
My mother wrote a couple of romances when I was a kid, and I always saw books in our bookshelf with ‘Schroeder’ on the spine.
Karl Schroeder
I read actual books. It’s cool to read on a Kindle if that’s what you want to do, but for me, I like having a bookshelf.
I was a bit of a delinquent growing up, a very poor student – I nearly failed several grades before dropping out of high school and getting a G.E.D. But I still read a lot. Thrillers and war novels, mostly, along with the occasional literary novel from my parents’ bookshelf.
Always play with the size and scale of the items on your bookshelf. Stagger the heights of books, vases, and picture frames and try to group in odd numbers.
I’m a huge Jackie Chan fan, and my boyfriend is Taiwanese, and he doesn’t like to read. He had this Jackie Chan book, and I was asking him questions about him, and he didn’t know, and I said, ‘What do you mean you don’t know? You have the Jackie Chan autobiography right there on the bookshelf!’
When you close a tab or when you finish an article on the web, it’s gone unless you go back into your history or search for it or explicitly try to find it. Apps on your phone have this special property: they hang around. In some ways, they’re more like a book on a bookshelf than they are like web pages.
Granted, a long book can be as daunting as a hard one. I nearly reached for ‘Game of Thrones’ until I saw the bookshelf sagging under the burden of those other volumes.
Every time I get mad, I grab my hammer and make a bookshelf or something.
I cannot read on a Kindle. I love the physical experience of holding a book, cracking it open, and the process of making the right half weigh less than the left half. I only read hardcover books because I like the resistance and the presence on a bookshelf.