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Billboards Quotes

We’ve collected the best Billboards Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Chris Ware, Vikramaditya Motwane, Tom Shales, Trippie Redd, Max Lucado. Use them as an inspiration.

There seems to be such a laziness in – and I hate to use this phrase – the modern world. Everything is pumped out so quickly so that you can read it while passing by, like billboards or those flashcards before movie shows.
In India, it’s tough to shoot a period film outdoors. You cannot find mud roads without wires, signage and billboards with ads of mobile phones even in rural areas.
The once inviolate frame within which programs or commercials were displayed on televisionalways separately – has been violated to a pulp. Program content is seen increasingly as a mere backdrop on which ads are posted like billboards on a fence.
If I die and I gotta couple Grammys on me, more than a couple hits on me, I got some plaques and I got billboards still up and I done touched a lot of people’s souls and I’m viral, once that happen then you can judge all you want.
I get one hour, really 25 minutes in a sermon on a weekend, to combat all the hours of the week that people are told you are what you have through billboards, commercials, and sitcoms, and so forth.
It’s bizarre, that feeling as an actor, at being in the mecca of the film world and seeing billboards for a TV show that you’re in pretty much everywhere.
The reason to do any barkingwell, the reason for me – is that ‘Three Billboards’ feels so off about so many things. It’s one of those movies that really do think they’re saying something profound about human nature and injustice.
Many billboards and magazine ads have resorted to showing isolated body parts rather than full-body portraits of models using or wearing products. This style of photography, known in the industry as abstract representation, allows the viewer to see himself in the advertisement, rather than the model.
I know when I was a kid I saw only one color of beauty, I saw only one kind in all the billboards and all magazines and the video clips. One kind and it was so frustrating.
In this drawing we just let our imagination run wild. We visualized Superman toys, games, and a radio show – that was before TV – and Superman movies. We even visualized Superman billboards. And it’s all come true.
Joe Shuster
When you have a name actor, with a face that people recognise and a name that can go on posters or billboards and be able to appear on the talkshow circuit and tout the film, that’s always a plus.
Kevin Sullivan? He’s Anthony Hopkins. The Prince of Darkness. The devil himself. Against the ‘American DreamDusty Rhodes, the chubby plumber‘s son from Austin, Texas. My God, those billboards go up, and you’re going to want to go see it.
As wild and anarchistic as ‘Deadpool”s marketing was in using the Internet, its viral pieces and billboards, ‘Logan’ was the opposite. We went really analog and old-fashioned, much like the movie itself.
I always thought marketing in general was an interesting kind of thing. I always liked commercials and billboards.
I can go anywhere. In fact, for ‘Three Billboards,’ I was just getting on trains around America. I wrote everywhere from New York to New Mexico. I always write with pencil and paper.
All these interviews I’m doing – this is the kind of stuff that I was dreaming about doing when I was younger. I was praying for people to want to write about me. I wanted people to hear my music. I wanted to perform. I wanted to be on billboards.
I’m hoping that word-of-mouth on the film – people seeing it and liking it – that that will drive more people to the theaters, because I haven‘t seen the billboards or the posters or anything.
Craig McCracken
I’m just excited to see myself on billboards. I’m getting ready to be a star.
I was in Shanghai recently, where Twitter is blocked, and yet there were ads and billboards across town with hashtags on them.
I’ve really gotten into fashion, and ever since I got into the NBA, I feel like players are walking billboards.
Chandler Parsons
I want to see different faces on the covers of magazines, the stars of movies, featured on billboards.
I used to be seriously incognito – without wanting to be. The effect of the magazines, television, billboards – they’ve changed my whole life in terms of having to deal with being a, quote, star.
Fame, for me, is different. Fame, for me, is not seeing myself on big billboards: it is when I go on a street and people connect to me. If I going to walk on the street, I know I can get 100,000 people following me.
I used to wonder what it would be like to see my name on a billboard. I couldn’t even imagine something like that. Then you see it, and, well, it just makes billboards not as special as they used to be. It’s weird.
And just seeing yourself on buses and billboards in even the smallest town of any country in the world, it’s overwhelming sometimes and it’s amazing and it’s unbelievable.
Natalia Reyes
I definitely consider myself extremely blessed to have great partners in endorsing products. It’s not about being on billboards. I endorse something because I believe in it.
It feels great seeing posters everywhere, and bus stops promotingBlack Nativity,’ and billboards in Los Angeles. It’s overwhelming. I can’t wait for everybody to see what I got.
Growing up, Guess always had these amazing billboards and cool affordable clothing. I wore it then, and I still wear it now! It’s come full-circle. When I design the clothes, I have a very good team around me, showing me different pieces and cuts.
Advertisers with their bag of goodies and promotions have entered classrooms and begun to put up billboards and posters inside schools. They persuade cash-starved schools into opening their doors to them by paying for access to classrooms and space for their advertising material and promotions.
Everybody when they’re little wants to be on billboards or on TV.
I’ve come up through art school, through painting, through graphic design, through advertising, through TV commercials and music video. I’ve designed books, built billboards, matchbooks, corporate identities. I continuously paint, I’ve done conceptual art pictures.
Tony Kaye
According to one critic, my works looked like scraped billboards. I went to look at the billboards and decided that more billboards should be scraped.
Mark Tobey
She was green when green wasn’t in. From sea to shining sea, Lady Bird Johnson has left her legacy in a more beautiful America. From millions of trees and wildflowers planted, to interstates free from billboards and replaced with green.
Elaine and I got married in summer 1979, we went on our honeymoon and came back for the premiere of ‘Scum.’ All of sudden my face was on billboards in Leicester Square and people were crowding outside the cinema, going mad about the film. It was a complete shock.
You live in the city and all the time there are signs telling you what to do and billboards trying to sell you something.
The first dance performance I saw was Joffrey Ballet doing ‘Billboards’ to Prince.
Kyle Abraham
What I like about is the simplicity of it. When you can explain it to people, like ‘five-second billboards in front of a link shortener,’ it makes a lot of sense.

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