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Ballad Quotes

We’ve collected the best Ballad Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Bert Kreischer, Luis Fonsi, Johnny Van Zant, Ally Brooke, Gary Moore. Use them as an inspiration.

The first and last song I ever wrote was a ballad I was quite proud of, and one I would play for anyone, anywhere.
My genre is the pop ballad with a touch of R&B.
I kinda feel that my brother wrote some of the best country lyrics ever – ‘The Ballad of Curtis Loew,’ ‘Mississippi Kid‘ and that little hitSweet Home Alabama.’
The main thing for all of us was having a ballad, a slower song. Finally, they get to hear more of a vulnerable side to us! We didn’t really have that in ‘Reflection,’ and that’s something we all fought for.
I mean, if you go to a rock gig and someone plays a ballad it can still really come across, even though there’s a hundred thousand people there.
I have to think that ‘Nessa Dorma’ is the greatest rock ballad that’s never been recorded as such.
I don’t think about whether it’s gonna be a dance record or a ballad or anything when I’m making music. I sit in the studio and I think, ‘How am I feeling today?’ and I write how I feel. It’s really, really simple.
I wanted to bring back that big, ballad type of music that we used to love so much. Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, when they first came out, that’s what I grew up singing.
Like, it’s fun for me to sing ‘I Think We’re Alone Now.’ But when ‘Could’ve Been’ comes out as a single, that’s a ballad and really shows my voice; then people will say, ‘Hey, this girl really can sing.’
I’m a huge fan of ‘Heart On My Sleeve‘ – I think it has a ‘Take That’ feel to it! John Shanks and James Morrison wrote the track, and we spoke to Sony and asked if we could reference a ‘Greatest Day’/’Rule The Worldsound to make that epic ballad. I think it does the job.
When I started writing material, I realised you could take a ballad like Usher’s ‘Nice and Slow,’ sing the same melody over a garage track, and everyone would be up and dancing.
My music is very diversified. I’ll have a rock song then I’ll do a ballad.
In the car on my way to the studio, I was listening to ‘Where Are U Now’ with Justin Bieber and Jack U, so I was like, ‘Wow, this is such a banger.’ I loved the thought of having a ballad at the beginning and then just a massive drop.
We see many sides of her, beyond the ‘Ballad of Mulan.’ We see her as a human being, as a girl, as a young woman. Everybody admires her as a warrior but is there a fragile side to her? Will she sometimes hesitate or be afraid, but still choose to carry on? Yes, and we see that.
A ballad once in a while doesn’t go amiss.
During the ‘ballad’ years for me, the politics was latent; I was just falling in love with the ballads and my boyfriend. And there was the beauty of the songs.
We have dance songs and ballad songs, but Baekhyun’s voice plays a very important role. That’s a really important speciality of Baekhyun.
Now ballads, I can mess around and get up on somebody on a ballad. People ain’t seen it yet, but I can mess around and get up in there. I’ve had Ruben Studdard up in my house, Brian McKnight, Tank. Every once in a while I throw down with them.
Some people will basically just shred all over everything, even a ballad. I’m glad I wasn’t born with that genetic chip – the need to just wheedle-whee all over the place.
Turtle‘ is one of our favorite ballad songs that we’ve written. It is very quiet but also so bright.
As a songwriter, I’ve got a lot of facets, so to speak. When you come to a live show, you get a better sense of that, because you’ll see me performing a piano ballad and some acoustic songs and some not acoustic songs, all in the same set.
You know One Direction do a lot of up tempo songs, but when they did that Ed Sheeran song ‘Little Things,’ that was probably their biggest song off their last album, so it shows you that a ballad never goes out of fashion.
When I first heard that song, it was a ballad but it had a lot more. It felt like a gospel song when I first heard it and it just moved me.
Everyone in the group sang when I joined them. That was one of the problems with L.T.D.: there was no focal point. It took until 1976, or about six or seven years, before I was put into the spotlight as a vocalist. That’s when I recorded ‘Love Ballad,’ and it became a hit for the group.
If I have the chance, I would like to write an emotional, sad ballad.
I love Stevie Wonder for his sense of rapture in the music. He can swing through a zappy tune, lift your heart, or drift into a sad ballad with consummate ease.
Not every song of Lynyrd Skynyrd‘s was a single, but songs like ‘Tuesday‘s Gone‘ and ‘The Ballad of Curtis Loew’ and ‘Made in the Shade,’ ‘I Need You,’ people learned those songs from the radio because radio played albums, not just singles.
I want to experiment with my voice and music because people have type-casted me as a soft ballad singer. I have to break that image.
None of my family had been entertainers. My Grandad liked to play ‘The Ballad of Davy Crockett’ on the comb and tissue paper every now and again but we never had Hughie Green knocking on the front door.
I wrote a song with Kara DioGuardi called ‘What If,’ and it’s a really beautiful song. It’s kind of like a rock ballad. There’s a lot of guitars and drums in it.
So I did ‘Something Happened on the Way to Heaven‘ and the original version is a ballad. The original Phil record is uptempo but we slowed it down and made it a ballad.
We started playingFree Bird‘ in clubs, and initially, it was just a slow ballad.
I always feel on film you have to earn a ballad, because it’s a different kind of pace.
‘The Ballad of Black Tom‘ was written, in part, during the latest round of arguments about H. P. Lovecraft’s legacy as both a great writer and a prejudiced man. I grew up worshipping the guy, so this issue felt quite personal to me.
If a new artist wants to put out some sort of off-the-wall, crazy deep ballad about the sun or whatever, it might be hard to get traction. It’s so much easier for someone established to put out a really heartfelt, deep song and get it played in radio.
In the future, I see me as being my own artist and definitely not a ballad singer!
Thia Megia
The new material includes a Latin-flavoured song, some electric rock songs, and a ballad. Something strikes me, and I follow that. I’m as excited now as I was when I was 15.
When I’m playing live, I’ll rip out a ballad from my album, and I’ll play that solo on the piano, which feels really good because it kind of takes me back to when I was younger.
There is no real way to categorize McLean‘s ‘American Pie‘ for its hybrid of modern poetry and folk ballad, beer-hall chant and high-art rock.
I was known as a ballad singer who sang melodramatic heavily produced ballads. I’m not known as a mid-tempo singer who does fun songs. I’m not going to do a song like ‘Dancing on the Ceiling.’