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Bailey Quotes

We’ve collected the best Bailey Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Pat Metheny, Tyler Oakley, Cara Delevingne, Mort Walker, Maya Angelou. Use them as an inspiration.

The pianist Cecil Taylor is extremely melodic; the guitarist Derek Bailey is extremely melodic, and Ornette Coleman.
In elementary school, I loved the ‘Bailey School Kids’ series. It was about a group of classmates who would speculate whether adults in their lives were supernatural beings. I read literally every single book in the series.
I love Christopher Bailey and Burberry, Mulberry for bags, and Hudson for jeans. I like a little bit of designer with a bit of vintage and High Street mixed in. I love it when you find those one-off key pieces, which end up becoming investment pieces. I always go for comfort, and like feeling confident and casual.
When the war was over and the guys were back to shaving every day, the editor thought the Beetle Bailey strips were hurting their disciplinary efforts to get the guys back to routine.
I think I have had so much blessing – I’ve had my brother, who was brilliant – I think my family came closest to making a genius when they made my brother – Bailey was just all of that. He loved me.
I would love to persuade Christopher Bailey to get even just a section of Burberry that’s, like, organic or free trade. I love him, he‘s a very good person and an amazing designer, and I have a lot of respect and time for him.
When I write ‘Beetle Bailey,’ I can always do jokes about him being lazy, and everyone gets it.
I started with the Target Company in 1993 when their Christmas theme that year was ‘It’s A Wonderful Life,’ and they reunited the actors who played the Bailey kids. So we went all over and really had a blast getting the love from all of the fans and thought, ‘Whoopty-doo, there’s something going on here.’
Karolyn Grimes
I liked Art Linkletter’s way of conducting an interview while still keeping it light and I even admired Jack Bailey, host of ‘Queen for a Day.’ Particularly fascinating was how he could listen to all those awful tales of woe, then smile and slap someone on the back and declare her Queen for a Day.
What was fantastic about ‘Scott and Bailey’ was the opportunity to engage with female characters that were absolutely committed to their working life but also had to cope with all of the outside stress and pressure of their real lives.
I was at UGA playing with Champ Bailey and Hines Wardboth guys who will probably touch the Hall of Fame one day.
I collect many hats, but I do like Bailey’s Hats, and I order them online.
I love Christopher Bailey and Burberry, Mulberry for bags, and Hudson for jeans.
I’ll quit coffee. It won’t be easy drinking my Bailey’s straight, but I’ll get used to it. It’ll still be the best part of waking up.
I love Tim Minchin, Bill Bailey, and Hans Teeuwen, and I’m trying to synthesise elements of theatre into my show a little bit more.
I like naughty boys. I was married to David Bailey, who was one of the naughtiest. I like real men, and I like masculinity.
I’m quite ignorant about fashion and I’m colourblind, so it’s all a tad tricky. My only knowledge of that world comes through Christopher Bailey, whom I first met in 2008 when I did a campaign for Burberry that featured musicians, artists, actors and sportsmen.
I liked the old comic books, especially the funny ones like ‘Popeye’ and ‘Beetle Bailey.’
My marriage to David Bailey ended one morning in 1983, while he was away on a photo-shoot.
Humor strips dominated what were called the funny papers early in the century, but by the 1920s and ’30s, adventure strips had taken over. With ‘Beetle Bailey,’ I revived the funny part of the funny papers, and I’d be proud to be remembered for that.
Can you, in a million years, imagine another female senator – Kay Bailey Hutchinson, Claire McCaskill – reacting to being called ‘ma‘am’ like Barbara Boxer did? This is the kind of sanctimonious self-absorption on the modern left that makes my teeth itch.
Mark Davis
I was Corinne Bailey. I added on Rae, my husband‘s name, when I got married. There’s no hyphen. Stops it being posh!
Beetle Bailey is actually me, in uniform. I’ve got about 20 characters, and they’re all after friends of mine.
Of course my uncle was a giant, but my dad, in particular, had the house filled with these great Dixieland jazz stars, really the best of them: Henry Red Allen, Willie ‘The Lion’ Smith, Buster Bailey, Cutty Cutshall, Tyree Glenn, Zutty Singleton. These are all big names in the Dixieland world.
Glenda Bailey is a woman after my own heart who believes that climbing the career ladder can be overrated, to say the least. After all, why not just go for what you want now?