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We’ve collected the best Awesome Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Lil Uzi Vert, Luvvie Ajayi, Robbie Lawler, Emeril Lagasse, Michael Ian Black. Use them as an inspiration.

I just want to be successful. I’m not going to sit here and be like, ‘I want to win a Grammy‘ or whatever; if that comes, that’s awesome. But I just want to be successful and provide for my whole family and get my family out the hood.
I think it’s important for service to be a part of your life instead of an option. It’s awesome to make it a point to do something that’s gonna make the world slightly better than you left it.
Adidas is one of the biggest companies in the world. To have a company like that, a mainstream company, a major sports company, to say they want me, it’s awesome.
I can’t tell you enough about cinnamon. Cinnamon is an awesome spice to use and it goes great with something like apples in the morning or in a mixture of fruit or in your oatmeal or even in your cereal.
Wish I could, through my own financial prestidigitation, transform a dollar bill into two, or two million. It is an awesome and mysterious skill.
I think it’s awesome to be able to make people laugh.
We’ve got teams and other countries have teams. Right now, we are going to their countries; we’re finding the best athletes; we’re bringing them to our team. We’re training them, we’re making them awesome, and sending them back to beat us. We’ve got to stop that.
I see so many people living in a bubble. They want to be safe, they want their kids to be safe, and they want their friends to be safe. And I get that. That’s awesome and really admirable. But life is not about who gets out the cleanest at the end, or who’s the most well-preserved and healthiest.
Whether I’m making a gluten-free cookie or a lactose-free milkshake, my end goal is always to make it so awesome, clever, and creative that you’ll want to indulge whether you have a sensitivity, dietary nuance, or don’t.
Team U.S.A. is awesome.
Sometimes, I cry because I’m sad, and sometimes, I cry just because it’s just emotional and it’s super awesome.
Betsy Beers
I have a great race team, great grew members, awesome health care team, endocrinologist, nutritionist, and of course family and friends. It truly is a team effort, both when you are dealing with diabetes in regular life and also on the racetrack.
Montreal is my home town – I love it to death – but Toronto, I think, might have to be the best market in Canada. From a numbers perspective, it definitely is. The fans are incredible, and every time we go there, it sells out. It’s awesome, and the fans are incredible.
My favorite subject was either English or History. I had a really awesome high school education.
Jon Bokenkamp is awesome.
I want to fill my life with as much awesome stuff as I can.
It was a dream come true performing with her and just being on the same record. So in my eyes, she was the epitome of a great voice and for us to share together was awesome.
When watching movies, I was always inspired by the performances of the cast. Of course, the story and the direction and all that intrigued me. But what actors would propel themselves to do, and be, was awesome. It was like, how could these people give so much?
Rinko Kikuchi
Everybody that I’ve ever played with is awesome, and I’ve learned from all of them, so it’s all good.
To me, being a role model is awesome. It’s a blessing.
I just love matching sets. Tops and bottoms that are the same color are awesome to me, because you can get them in so many different colors – neon colors.
There’s definitely a couple of people I’ll play stuff to when it’s nearly finished just to see what they think; Mark, our producer, his wife is Australian and just listens to the radio – she’s awesome – and, I guess, is quite a casual music listener.
This idea that you can watch a show like ‘True Detective,’ and it was awesome, but is it really ruined for you if the finale is not your favorite episode of it? It’s just odd to me.
Legal dialogue is awesome, but you can’t ad lib. It’s much more fun to be looser and say things like, ‘Can I work in a Han Solo reference?’ I’m a ‘Star Wars‘ freak.
Diane Neal
When I feel like the day is great? Pasta. When I feel like I want the day to be great? Pasta. It’s just awesome.
Imogen Heap – she was in the baggage claim at the airport and was like, ‘You’re from Pentatonix, right?’ She’s like, I love you guys! I’m like, that’s awesome.
Kids today are smarter than we ever were. And they’ve got computers, too, which is awesome. They’re scary to me.
David Arquette
National Geographic has awesome stuff. I like Court TV. Sometimes I’ll watch Reality Mix because they have some interesting stuff on that.
Erik Estrada
My dad was the guy who wanted to teach a man to fish. He was very, very curious, right up until the day he died. He was insatiable for information. He was the pursuit of awesome.
I like to play the ukulele, but I’m not, like, awesome at it. I mostly play the piano and the guitar.
Los Angeles is a weird mixture of every influence that Europe has dropped in its melting pot. It is hot, arid, picturesque, seething, banal, sometimes plain pleasant, and sometimes awesome.
The first place I went in America was Boca Raton, and I thought it was awesome. It was spring break, and there were tons of young people and cute Americans in Speedos.
The best gift I’ve ever gotten… My grandpa gave me a Polaroid camera when I was younger. It was awesome!
Camren Bicondova
My family is my foundation. My sisters are awesome; they probably taught me everything I ever need to know about girls.
Anwar Hadid
What’s great about ‘Spy Hunter‘ is that we have an amazing title, an awesome car, and a great theme song, and we can use that to launch a new franchise that hopefully will compete with the other ones but just be kind of the more fun, video game version of a spy movie.
Life is a pretty awesome ride.
True revolutionaries are like God – they create the world in their own image. Our awesome responsibility to ourselves, to our children, and to the future is to create ourselves in the image of goodness, because the future depends on the nobility of our imaginings.
Barbara Grizzuti Harrison
I’m not able to make amazingly perfect, precious pieces of content, but I get to make awesome spontaneous content that’s frequently ephemeral.
I told my parents, ‘You’ve taken care of me all my life, helped me through college. You’ve been awesome, but now it’s my turn to be my own man.’
Eric Close
Ariana Grande was on a TV show, and then she started her career singing. If I’m offered a TV show, I’m going to pursue that and then see if I can push my singing. And then if I push my singing, awesome. My biggest goal, though? Be an actress in movies. I would love to have a career like Meryl Streep’s someday.
I wanted to be Carrie Vaughn the awesome writer, not the chick who writes the ‘Kittybooks.
Carrie Vaughn

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