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Avenues Quotes

We’ve collected the best Avenues Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Mark Tobey, Nate Dogg, Will Hurd, Vince Flynn, Big Show. Use them as an inspiration.

I believe that painting should come through the avenues of meditation rather than the canals of action.
Mark Tobey
A lot of black men get in desperate situations because they don’t see any other avenues to make it. You make a couple of mistakes today, that’s all she wrote. You’re not going to get a good job; nobody‘s gonna hire a felon. You can’t even vote. They just want to silence you.
Nate Dogg
The members of the National Clandestine Service of the CIA are called the collectors of last resort. They are tasked to seek the truth when all other avenues of intelligence collection have failed.
I think the more avenues that open up when people want to publish, the better. Some of the authors that want to jump ship from the traditional houses and go on their own, you know what? Good luck. It’s going to be a lot tougher than you think.
Vince Flynn
I think a natural evolution for me would be to try to transfer over into the film and TV world and start playing different characters. Hopefully, that way, I can keep entertaining my fans that are fans of me, in different avenues and different spotlights. It’s a natural evolution.
The alternative to the corporate media is a renaissance of citizen journalism emerging around world – exploring the different avenues that do exist, like podcasts, to tell whatever story you want to tell.
My father‘s house was on East 55th Street on 1st and 2nd Avenues. I’m fifth-generation Marino in the East 50s – I live on 57th Street. I can’t be more East 50s.
I think people align themselves with my way of thinking when they’re talking to me. They try to create new avenues for me to pursue, so if you want to be a doctor and you have interest in human rights and philanthropy and social equality of medicine and disease, why don’t you think about being surgeon general?
Education, for me, was big. It allows me to have different avenues, job-wise, because basketball is not forever.
Exploring many different avenues, especially setting new challenges, has always fueled my passion for learning something new.
What is a master but a master student? And if that’s true, then there’s a responsibility on you to keep getting better and to explore avenues of your profession.
We are at a crossroads in the music business: with the rise of the internet, the world we live in has changed, and the past is not coming back. But I see the glass as half-full: the internet and social networking are new avenues for the next Bob Dylan to be born on.
‘Slumdog Millionaire‘ has truly opened newer avenues for India.
Life happens fast. You have to have a Plan B, a backup plan and really figure out a way to have different avenues of income and just avenues of happiness. That is what is really important, being at peace and having that happiness.
I’m glad I made business investments, because it gave me the confidence financially to make brave choices. If I hadn’t done that, I’d still have been trying to play 19-year-olds in films. I know there are other avenues for me.
A lot of young girls don’t realise how diverse the career opportunities are in games development. Many think that you need elite math skills and a vast knowledge of all things tech to work in games, and haven‘t thought about avenues like design, producing, art, writing or composing.
I hope we see more avenues for representation. More TV shows and films starring queer people, especially QPOC and nonbinary folks, more mainstream press coverage of our artwork and fashion, and more representation of our interests within politics.
All sport… is one of the few activities where young people can proceed along traditional avenues, where objectives are clear, where the desire to win is not only permissible, but encouraged.
Spiro T. Agnew
The personal contact is a personal thing. The fact that some people don’t know their neighbors, I don’t think that technology is at fault. You don’t lose anything with technology. You gain other avenues of understanding.
John Warnock
I ain’t scared to do another dating show, but I ain’t really trying to. I want to do a talk show or something. I’ve done enough dating on television. I’m ready to spread my wings, and go down other avenues.
It seems that everywhere I go, people want the same thingssecurity, education, family. It’s just that so many people have no avenues through which to obtain these things.
I think everyone has the potential to be creative, but they have to find the avenue or avenues that work for them.
Rather than undermining the Palestinian Authority, it is in Israel‘s interests to strengthen it by… continuing to transfer Palestinian tax revenues and pursuing other avenues of cooperation.
Issues like immigration, police brutality, and other onerous laws put in place by local and state governments are prime avenues for active clergy to work with their parishioners on the issues that affect their daily lives.
I pushed against doing a podcast for so long. I’m a very late comer to the podcast game. But you’re responsibility as a comedian is to get your viewpoints out into the world, and we have a lot more avenues to do that. So it’s a lot more opportunity, but really have to work all the time.
I think if there’s one thing that the history of No Doubt has afforded us, it’s our opportunity to go and do different creative things, and I think we would be remiss not to explore different avenues.
I had sort of exhausted all the avenues playing in Detroit. So again, through the stewardship of my brother, I ended up in California and went to the Musicians Institute in L.A. I wanted to get better as a player.
I think that when I’m telling a story, I’m doing the best I can to tell the story as fully as I can, and if there are various fractures that happen in the story, then that’s just the very thing that the story is as opposed to my looking for avenues of difference in one story. They just really do exist. For me, anyway.
When you create a character, you create it for yourself – you do whatever you want. It’s your job to explore it in as many different avenues as you can in order to make it a fully wounded character.
There’s just a proliferation of blogs and the chattering classes and people talking. More avenues for people to make their feelings known, which is good.
Avenues opened right after I did ‘Ship of Thesus’ but doing films where there is big money involved or has big stars involved is not the reason I came to Mumbai.
I’ve never been much of a craftsman, in an educated way. But I think just the experience of writing makes the avenues I follow a little more efficient in some ways. At the same time, when you’re young, you’re a little more fearless, and there’s less of an internal critic.
For me, it’s always been tennis. I haven’t really explored any other avenues.
A habit leads a man so gently in the beginning that he does not perceive he is led – with what silken threads and down what pleasant avenues it leads him! By and by, the soft silk threads become iron chains, and the pleasant avenues Avernus!
An adaptable company is one that captures more than its fair share of new opportunities. It’s always redefining its ‘core business’ in ways that open up new avenues for growth.
Anyone who relishes art should love the extraordinary diversity and psychic magic of our art galleries. There’s likely more combined square footage for the showing of art on one New York blockWest 24th Street between Tenth and Eleventh Avenues – than in all of Amsterdam‘s or Hamburg’s galleries.
I’m just looking at Twitter like, ‘Ooooooo.’ No, I don’t engage, but it’s great. There’s so many avenues to get your entertainment on; you’ve got so many people invested in this. I love it.
Being in the media is one of those things that so many guys say they’d like to do after they play. But you need to actually try a few different avenues to see if you like it – or if you’d be good at it.
In the long term, expanding and modernizing I-27 through the Texas Panhandle will promote growth by connecting rural areas to the federal Interstate Highway system, strengthen avenues for trade which is particularly advantageous for TX-13’s agriculture industry, increase safety, and save billions in travel costs.
Instead, I think over the years we have cut the strength of marriage and relationships by the law and weakened the institution. We have tried to deal with relationships with no-fault divorce, with child custody, with so many other avenues; and it has not helped.
What was great about ‘Cold Feet‘ is that although it flew off down all different avenues, it was really based on believing the reality of the characters.
Nathaniel Rich wrote ‘Odds Against Tomorrowwell before Hurricane Sandy and its surge crashed onto the isle of Manhattan, well before the streets were flooded and the subways drowned, only the Goldman Sachs building sparkling above the darkened avenues.
It’s nice to know that there are several different avenues I could pursue.
After I was cast in the acclaimed film ‘Khuda Ke Liye,’ I thought it would open up film avenues for me in Pakistan and, maybe, even internationally. When that didn’t happen, I decided to use TV as a means of polishing my craft.
I have never done television, essentially, so the Internet has made me and opened avenues for me.