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Availability Quotes

We’ve collected the best Availability Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Tae Yoo, Doris Burke, Martin Seligman, Kristen Stewart, Ash Sarkar. Use them as an inspiration.

I certainly don’t think we’re past the point in history where a woman‘s physical appearance may play some part in job availability or job acquisition.
High taxes on guns and strong restrictions on their availability are the only realistic hope for avoiding many more Sandy Hooks.
There are things that directors know about me that people shouldn’t know. But everyone‘s really different. I’ve worked with women who I’ve never wanted to tell anything about myself to, and I’ve worked with guys who have been pouring wells of emotion. So emotional availability is not a gender-specific thing.
Study after study has shown that the availability of stable employment, reduced income inequality and post-imprisonment neighbourhood affluence are three of the most significant factors in reducing the frequency of violent offences.
Even if the music industry simply gave away all their music people would complain that they don’t have the bandwidth to download all the stuff – the problem would merely shift from availability to distribution.
Dan Farmer
Today, the biggest bottleneck to the growth of a corporation is availability of good talent.
My personal interest in IVF led me to author two reports into the availability of treatment on the NHS.
When you‘re making under-million-dollar films, it becomes so much about actors’ availability. When you’re using big actors for small films, you’re in second or third position to the big monoliths.
I think the world’s a little smaller these days. With the Internet and the availability of people, the pool of English speaking actors – not just American actors, but Brits, Australians, New Zealanders, Irish. We’re all up for grabs.
Think of the sushi trend that started in the ’80s. It was as much about the Nintendo entertainment system in your living room as it was about the availability of good-quality raw fish. The Japanese food trend rose as the world of Japanese business and culture was becoming a bigger part of American life.
Congress created Fannie Mae in 1938 and Freddie Mac in 1970. For many years, these institutions prudently pursued their core mission of enhancing the availability of credit for housing.
There’s a tremendous amount of rural areas where the constituencies tell me on a regular basis that they are underserved by the availability of broadband.
Research has shown that the availability of mental health care prior, during, and after imprisonment reduces violent offending drastically.
Availability of water is critical for sanitation projects. Without water, toilets can’t be kept clean. Places where there is no drinking water, water for toilets becomes complicated.
In the West, anything that must be hidden is suspect; availability and honesty are interlinked. This clashes irreconcilably with Islam, where the things that are most precious, most perfect and most holy are always hidden: the Kaaba, the faces of prophets and angels, a woman’s body, Heaven.
If you’re doing movies on a set… many times, I’ve shot the end of a movie in the first week of shooting. Because of locations or budgets or actors’ availability.
U.S. economic prosperity is closely tied to the availability of a reliable and affordable supply of energy.
I love San Francisco; it’s very hard to compete with San Francisco when it comes to availability of product, but one thing you can’t replace about Las Vegas or Miami is people are walking in the door and they want to have a good time.
With the growing availability of commoditized encryption, it is becoming easier for common criminals to communicate beyond the reach of traditional surveillance.
We had an interesting thing at that first dinner. It was prior to the availability of several new hotels in Los Angeles, and we were more or less committed to the old Ambassador Hotel that has the famous Coconut Grove.
Lew Wasserman
I’ve worked with women who I’ve never wanted to tell anything about myself to, and I’ve worked with guys who have been pouring wells of emotion. So emotional availability is not a gender-specific thing.
God does not begin by asking our ability, only our availability, and if we prove our dependability, He will increase our capability.
Neal A. Maxwell
There’s not a huge pile of scripts at home. It’s what happens to be on the table at that moment with your availability. And then you have no control over when these things come out.
It’s long been accepted as fact that the availability of family planning services saves lives. Where women have access to these services, children and families are healthier, and society at large benefits.