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Alternate Quotes

We’ve collected the best Alternate Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Bo Bennett, Ma Jun, Kriti Kharbanda, Simon Bird, Kate Atkinson. Use them as an inspiration.

Not being in tune with your customers is like living in an alternate reality; the way you think your customers feel about your product is not always the same as what your customers really think about your product.
We can’t go to courts in China, so we have to find alternate ways, like working with brands to try and create a level playing field by identifying the most obvious polluters.
I make sure I use, like, a hair mask, and I try not to spend too many days at a stretch with product in my hair, which is difficult ’cause then I have to wash it every alternate day – being an actor is not that easy, because everything you use has chemicals.
I enjoy watching sitcoms where the team behind it have successfully created a whole alternate reality that you can enter into for half an hour every week.
Simon Bird
Alternate history fascinates me, as it fascinates all novelists, because ‘What if?’ is the big thing.
I refuse to be part of an effort to legitimize an alternate narrative that the Ukrainian government is a U.S. adversary, and that Ukraine – not Russiaattacked us in 2016.
In the ‘Dreamblood’ books, I’m focusing more on what I like about epic fantasy: the layering and depth of tension; the chance to really delve into the minutia of an alternate society and its politics; a large cast of characters to love and hate.
I think it is important to make sure that I have my real life as well, because Hollywood can certainly seem like an alternate reality sometimes.
We are accustomed in England to chalk in rolling downs, except where bitten into by the sea, but elsewhere it is riven and presents cliffs, and these cliffs are not at all like that of Shakespeare at Dover but overhang, where hard beds alternate with others that are friable.
I hate when there’s a deleted scene on a DVD with no explanation, or you have to go out of your way to find an alternate audio track.
Peyton Reed
Looking back, I feel very fortunate to have had such a long career. Many skaters end their careers in their early 20s. I had the opportunity to go to two Olympic Gamesalmost three after being the alternate in 1994 and then in 2006 being injured.
It was hard being an alternate for the third time. But for me, it was OK because I made the World team and looking back five months ago, I didn’t think I’d have that opportunity.
The alternate domination of one faction over another, sharpened by the spirit of revenge natural to party dissension, which in different ages and countries has perpetrated the most horrid enormities, is itself a frightful despotism. But this leads at length to a more formal and permanent despotism.
My mantra is, ‘Don’t be afraid of color.’ What did it do to you? Do a color testing in alternate kinds of light you desire in the room because the pigment will change. And I refuse to believe that pale pale or white colors in a small room will buy you more square footage. Go with color all the way.
Actors can lose their jobs easily, so we need a back-up plan, an alternate business to fall back on.
In the alternate universe of conservative talk radio, the killing of Bin Laden coincidentally happened on Barack Obama‘s watch. He had to be kicked dragging and screaming into authorizing it, and even then he made lots of mistakes.
Imagination is very important to having vision and trying to find things that are different, alternate ways.
If you ask me, I alternate between truly bizarre, what you would call ‘Hollywood’ movies and truly bizarre, what you would call ‘arthouse’ movies.
Secular cycles are the long periods – as long as decades – that come to define each market era. These cycles alternate between long-term bull and bear markets.
There’s no reason why the ‘Lost‘ alternate reality game had to be officially made by the ‘Lost’ production crew.
Going international is my game. I’ve always wanted to do it, and after ‘Aadukalam,’ I got to meet Anurag Kashyap, the face of alternate Indian cinema to the world.
We don’t attempt to have any theme for a number of the anthology, or to have any particular sequence. We just put in things that we like, and then we try to alternate the prose and the poetry.
The reader feels as if he is in Chongjin, where starving people ate the bark off trees; or atop Mount Taesong with the elite of Pyongyang, whose existence is a mix of sadism and whimsy; or with the masses who are bombarded day and night with the propaganda of North Korea‘s alternate reality.
Adam Johnson
I don’t believe in ghosts, but I believe in aliens and alternate dimensions.
I have a shower first thing in the morning and I’ve got an array of products I like to alternate using depending on my mood!
When you don’t have money for marketing, you explore alternate ways.
I have been long associated with British music. I have favoured it as my alternate music next to American.
Time is our ultimate scarcity. Isaac Newton can give us more electricity, but he can’t give us more than 24 hours of the day of time. And so we’re constantly having to sacrifice alternate activities to get the one that pleases us most.
Support for alternate languages will largely depend on the underlying OS.
Bill Hayden
I used to write in school a lot; I always liked it and used to write on my own, comic books, come up with alternate story lines to the stuff I watched and read, a lot of books and TV, episodes of ‘Twilight Zone.’ I didn’t think about it.
In the alternate reality where I wasn’t involved at all, and I’d been like, just, sweating my way through, trying to have a music career for years? And then my sibling had one and I wasn’t involved at all? I think I’d be very tortured by it. But the fact that we’ve had one in tandem makes a lot of sense.
Fan fictions are an alternate universe.
As we begin to have landings on the moon, we can alternate those with vertical launch of similar crew modules on similar launch vehicles for vertical-launch tourism in space, if you want to call it that… adventure travel.
I alternate between a few scents. I love ‘Oribe Cote d’Azur Eau de Parfum’ and both the ‘Wild Bluebell’ and ‘Wood Sage & Sea Salt Colognes’ by Jo Malone.
The point of essays is the point of writing anything. It’s not to tell people what they already think or to give them more of what they already believe; it’s to challenge people, and it’s to suggest alternate ways of thinking about things.
‘The Others’ books take place in an alternate Earth where the Earth natives have been the dominant predators throughout the world’s history, and humans are nowhere near the top of the food chain. But humans are clever and resilient, if not always wise, and have made some bargains with the Others in order to survive.
Anne Bishop
Moving back to New York is perhaps what I’m most excited about. Alternate side of the road parking. Flip flops on the subway. And any food I want, delivered. Sometimes more than once a day.
I attend dance class every alternate day, and it works like a cardio workout for me. I also do weight training in the gym every alternate day.

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